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“Do you have a lot to get? I can push the cart for you, if you want.”

She gave him a small smile. “Oh, I don’t know. I’m sure you’ve got things to do. Maybe I’ll just take a basket, after all.”

“No, it’s no trouble, Saya. I don’t pick Winter up for another hour, so I’m killing time at this point.”

“Well, if you’re sure, it’
d be a big help.”

Mack took the cart back and
when he got close, she cringed back. He was used to women doing that around him. Winter thought it was an instinctual reaction to a man who exuded a passion for violence, but he couldn’t figure out how people could tell that by looking at him. He didn’t look that edgy. Winter said it was something about his eyes.

threw his groceries in the section where people sat their babies, wondering if they were going to be babysitting Cross’s kids sometime soon. Levi and Emmanuel had been born within two months of each other and the triple certainly had their hands full during the few months since then. Winter figured it was only a matter of time before they started asking around for help, and there wasn’t much she wouldn’t do for Cross.

As they moved down the first aisle, Saya grabbed apples and celery and put them into the cart. “
Ramsay wants me to pick up one of the big cases of beer, and usually I have to get one of the workers to give me a hand. It’s a little embarrassing. I wish I was tougher, but I’ve never been much of a tomboy. I’ve always envied girls like Winter. I bet no one messes with her.”

Mack smiled.
He messed with her all the time, but there was no need for him to point that out. “Yes, Winter is pretty tough. She can take a lot.”

Her face paled then reddened, and he kicked himself for not being more tactful.

“She’s really into the pain thing?” Saya whispered and glanced around to check that no one was close enough to hear her. With one of her ringlets twirled around her finger, she looked even younger than she usually did.

Ramsay her Daddy Dom? She seemed like such a natural baby girl for that type of dynamic. It wasn’t his kink, but considering what he was into, he didn’t judge.

No tiptoeing around no
w. “I’m really into hurting her,” he murmured. “As for the rest, you’d have to ask her.”

A bag of sugar went into the cart and she nibbled at her bottom lip. “I’d ask, but I get the impression she doesn’t like me very much.”

He snorted. “If she didn’t, you’d know it. What makes you think she doesn’t like you?”

“I don’t know. We don’t have a lot in common. Besides, with my pe
rsonality not many women like me. Feminists tend to find me repulsive.”

“But men like you?”

“Well, they like to flirt with me or make fun of me.”

“Now, why would they make fun of you?”

Her lashes veiled her eyes momentarily as she looked down at her hands. “It’s like Ramsay said the other day. I’m loud. The guys that work at the shop with him can hear me sometimes on his days off, so they tease me.”

“You’re loud? Are you into pain too?”

“What? Me? No. I mean, He corrects me sometimes, but nothing like what you guys are into.” She shuddered as she added cereal to the cart.

A picture of
Saya over Ramsay’s lap, squealing and begging for mercy while he punished her ass flashed across Mack’s mind. He much preferred his victims willing, but the idea of inflicting pain on someone who didn’t enjoy it was interesting in a different way. Pretending to read the label on a can of soup he’d snagged from a nearby display, he tried to think of things that bored him to make his hardening cock behave itself.

When they got to the
beer section, Mack took care of hefting the case Saya picked onto the back of the cart.

“Thanks. You saved me a trip to the chiropractor.”

“Just don’t let me drink with Ramsay again and we’ll call it even.” As soon as the words left his mouth he wished he could take them back. The memory of Ramsay’s sexual threat whispered in his ear, and the hardness of the man’s cock against his ass made him grit his teeth. Had Ramsay told her what happened in the kitchen?

“Oh, I think the two of you need to sort that out – naked and oiled up. I volunteer to referee.”
She met his gaze and her eyes sparkled with mischief.

. He didn’t think he’d been this embarrassed since high school, but there was no way he was going to let this little girl get the upper hand in this conversation.

“No. We did our turn. Next time you
and Winter have to amuse us.”

“Us? And wh
at do you suggest we do, Mack? I’m not good at wrestling. Winter will just kick my butt.”

“That’s too bad. I
guess you’ll just have to make out instead.”

“That’s a pretty big jump
, from wrestling to making out.” A blush had crept up her neck and settled in her cheeks. “Besides, I doubt I’m her type.” The heat in her eyes and her slightly parted lips told him that she was interested even if Winter wasn’t.

Whoa. He’d been joking, but he wasn’t about to mention that if she was into the idea.

“Why don’t we feed her a few drinks after practice tonight and see what happens?” Knowing Winter, she might find Saya an amusing enough piece of fluff to play with. It would be well worth watching even if things stayed vanilla.

For a few moments she didn’t respond and Mack wondered if he’d shocked her. He shouldn’t have been trying to lure the poor girl without talking to Ramsay about it first. It was
bad form from a kink perspective, but he was so used to Winter and her independence that it was difficult to remember that submissives had Dominants to answer to. There was just something about little Saya that made him want to defile her when he wasn’t protecting her. It made him feel dirtier than he did when he cut into Winter’s lovely skin.

“’Kay,” she said, fiddling with a button on her dress. “I don’t think Ramsay will mind. I’ll ask him to make sure.”

They arrived at the checkout just as his brain started straying to fantasies of the two women naked together. The ensuing bustle of paying and bagging helped him push the sexy thoughts to the back of his mind.

He checked his watch. Winter would be
finished work in fifteen minutes. Now he had to think of how to explain this whole thing to her in a way that wouldn’t piss her off. He’d just set her up to potentially be wank fodder for him and Ramsay. She went on sometimes about the objectification of bisexual women, but she hadn’t had any problem with gawking at his wrestling match with Ramsay. It had degenerated into sexualized groping so fast that she and Saya had seen what they were interested in seeing, more or less.

Fair was fair, right?

Chapter Four

The bass, the drums, Mack’s voice,
all thrummed through her. They’d practiced the same three songs all night, trying to get everything nailed down. Songs Mack had written – beautiful, primal pieces that Master was quickly getting the hang of, adding to, making his own. Mack’s singing was usually a deep growl that gave her shivers and made her think of the painful things she imagined he liked to do to Winter.

When the throbbing pulse of the last song ground to a halt, she slowly came out of her haze. The violence of the music made her space – like subspace, but without being touched. The drumming was inside her and muscles twi
tched and rolled, trying to give physical expression to the rhythm. Keeping it in almost hurt. Her mind and body hummed. She wished Ramsay would drag her outside and fuck her to give her some sort of release.

This time there was no huge discussion
as they stopped. When she could bear it, her eyes fluttered open. Her face rested against the side of the scratchy tweed couch. The carpet was plush and cradled her bottom. Comfy floor in this room. If they’d been alone, she would have been happy if Ramsay took her right there. She glanced over to see what they were doing. At this point they were usually discussing the fact that there was something missing, although she couldn’t ever hear what it might be – she wasn’t a musician. Why were they looking at her?

“Was I dancing, Sir?” Saya whispered. She hadn’t meant to, but sometimes it just
sort of slipped out.

“No, princess. Well, maybe a little
, but you

Heat crept into her face and she dropped her gaze. “I’m so sorry I interrupted. I didn’t
even realize I was doing it.” Could she have been ruder? Sir never, ever interrupted her when she was dancing, and here she had not just interrupted Him, but their friends, too. Her eyes burned and she blinked rapidly, trying to clear the swimming tears before they spilled.

booted feet were before her then. Fingers touched under her chin, the usual signal to look at Him. As she did, a tear trickled out of the corner of her eye. He wiped it away with His thumb. “No one is angry, Saya. It sounded...interesting with Mack.” Ramsay’s gravelly voice reminded her of the need that still throbbed between her legs.

“Interesting, Sir?
Because I can’t sing?”

“You have a sweet
voice, Saya.” Mack sat on the couch, a small distance away and from the corner of her eye Saya saw him pull Winter down to straddle his lap. She was better trained than that, and didn’t take her eyes off of Ramsay, whose sexy smile desperately made her want to please him.

“It’s true,”
Winter agreed. “It’s a really creepy counterpoint when you put it together with Mack’s. Sweet virginal voice paired with a menacing male voice. Maybe that’s what we were missing. It’s chilling.”

“Virginal voice?”
Master chuckled. “I guess her voice is an unexplored frontier. The rest of her hasn’t been virginal in a while.”

A hot blush burned Saya’s
cheeks and she looked away without permission. There was a time where she would have smacked him for saying something like that to other people, but he’d taught her better. A warning finger tapped under her chin and she brought her gaze back to his.

Besides, her ass was virginal, but she wasn’t about to say that out loud.

His broad smile made her warm inside. Master was pleased. Saya’s annoyance melted away. Even if he made her demonstrate for them that she was his whore, she wouldn’t complain in the slightest.

Will you sing for us and see how it works?”

Sing? In front of strangers? Couldn’t she just suck his cock? “I guess so, Sir
, but if there’s a stage involved someday, I don’t think I can do that.”

“If we put you
in a Lolita dress and threw a blindfold on you so you couldn’t see the audience, it would make us pretty fucking popular.” Mack laughed.

ter snorted. “The mosh pit would get full of spooge. Nasty.”

Sir dragged
Saya up by the hand and led her to the equipment. He sifted through some milk crates found another mic then plugged it in.

“Why do I need a mic? You heard me without it

“Barely. We need to hear what it’ll sound like when we’re performing.
To see if it works.”

a dug her toe into the carpeting, not pleased. She nodded anyway. A moment later Winter handed her a glass.

“What’s this?”

“Courage with ice in it. Don’t worry though. It gets easier.”

“Drinking hard liquor?”

“Yeah, that too.”

aya smiled and Winter grinned back, catching her off guard. It wasn’t that Winter had been unfriendly, she’d just seemed uninterested in getting chummy until now. Although watching the guys wrestle had been a weird, hot shared moment.

She hated
straight liquor, but she tossed it back and tried to pretend that her mouth and throat weren’t on fire. Her eyes watered but she struggled to catch her breath. To her mortification, she started to cough.
Smooth, Saya.

Winter chuckled and patted her back. “I’ll put mix in the next one.”

During the next hour, Winter fed her mixed drinks between songs, until she was far more relaxed than she ever expected to be. She was used to performing for the public when she was dancing, but this singing thing wasn’t going to be easy after the booze wore off.

It was like being at a
metalhead karaoke night, if there was such a thing.

Her voice and Mack’s wove around each other, sometimes harmonizing, but often discordant. Sounds they produced prickled her neck, and made her skin crawl. She felt her way along the music, often singing a moment off beat to give Mack’s words an eerie echo.

When they stopped for the night, Mack grabbed another round of drinks and they all kicked back in the living room. Saya sat by Master’s feet, and Mack moved the coffee table against the wall and sprawled out in the space he’d made in the middle of the floor. Winter got up to call for pizza, then sat next to Saya when she returned, leaning back against the couch.

“Well done, baby doll
,” Winter commended. “Who knew such a creepy effect could come out of such a sweet-looking girl?”

Saya turned toward Winter then froze. When had Winter’s face gotten so close to hers? She held her breath, stared into Winter’
s eyes, then nervously licked her lips.

“Uh... Thanks.” She
shifted back a little but Winter tilted her head slightly and leaned in, like Saya was an interesting little thing that had just caught her attention.

“Do I make you uncomfortable, Saya?” Winter’s smile was threatening somehow, making Saya feel

She dropped her gaze and fiddled with
her half-full glass of alcohol. “I’ve never been one of the cool girls, Winter. I don’t know how to play games and I’m not the kind of person that has clever things to say all the time.”

Winter laughed and moved her face back a few inches. “
Look at me, Saya. I’ve never been one of the popular girls and I don’t expect my friends to be like me. Everyone is their own kind of weird.” There was a slight slur to her words.

Was Winter drunk? Saya smiled and nodded
. Her own head was swimming and the combined alcohol on their breath was probably sufficient to pickle anything reckless enough to walk between them. Not that there was enough room to walk.

Her gaze roved back up to Winter’s bottom lip and the two
rings there. The stainless steel piercing the soft flesh was a sensual violence that kept drawing her eye. Up close she saw small circular scars here and there on Winter’s face, where other piercings had healed over. Now there were only the two in her bottom lip, one in her septum and one eyebrow pierced. She’d had more metal at some point.

“What are you looking at?”
Winter smirked.

Before she could stop herself, Saya reached out and brushed a finger over a few of the other girl’s
tiny piercing scars then realized what she’d done and wrapped the rogue hand back around her glass. “Do you have a lot of scars?”

didn’t look angry. Instead, her body had thrummed with tension under Saya’s hand. “A few. More piercings than scars though.” Her voice deepened and she inched closer. “I don’t think you’re prepared to see them.”

“No?” Saya whispered. “Why not? Are they really extensive, or
...just in sensitive areas?”

She was closer yet, their faces almost touching
and her breath tickling Saya’s cheek. “Wouldn’t you like to know.”

Saya couldn’t think of anything to
say, so she just stared back into Winter’s eyes, the pale, eerie blue seeming to see right through her.

You’re very pretty.” Winter’s voice was hushed, hypnotizing. “Have you ever kissed a girl, Saya?”

She shook her head minutely. “No.”

Winter leaned toward her and in a panicked moment Saya tried to move back. A familiar hand tangled into her hair and gripped her firmly, the dominance of it making her nipples instantly hard.

Master growled.

Saya whimpered but stopped fighting. She’d never kissed anyone other than him. What if she didn’t really know how to kiss?

Winter brushed her lips against Saya’s then withdrew. Saya started to tremble. For a giddy moment she thought it was done. Instead, Winter moved closer and kissed her in earnest, using her mouth to coax her into reciprocating.

Oh fuck... I’m kissing a girl. A hot girl!

Before her thoughts could get further, Winter had slipped her tongue into her mouth. So much softer than kissing Master, and so different. Master always reminded her of her place, even when they were just sharing a kiss, but with Winter it was pure sensuality.

And a tongue ring.

She’d forgotten about that. Her own tongue bumped across it a few times and she started to wonder if Winter used her tongue the same way in other places. Heat flared between her legs. Winter’s fingers slipped upward and traced horizontal lines on her belly, just under her t-shirt. Saya gasped into her mouth, simultaneously wishing they could kiss like this for ages, but also aching for Winter’s wandering fingers to slip upward.

Winter stopped and gasped for breath. “Fuck!”

Ramsay’s hand untangled from her hair.

No! Was it over already? She didn’t want it to be over yet.

Immediately, Saya slipped into sulky sub mode. She pouted a little and gave Winter her best innocent look.

“What?” Winter’s brows drew together.

Great, did she expect her to beg for it?

“I think she liked that and she wants more.” Helpful Dom
to the rescue. She’d have to bake him cookies tomorrow.

Winter’s mouth twitched upward in a crazy half grin and she leaned in and kissed her again. A smooth hand – not Master’s – spanned the side of Saya’s neck, the thumb resting on her jaw. There was a subtle, hot dominance in the placement of Winter’s hand on such a vulnerable part of her body. Her other hand found Saya’s bare knee
at the edge of her skirt, and toyed there, drawing small circles. Winter’s mouth moved to her neck and she bit down, sucking and nipping slowly lower to where her nipples were poking at the front of her t-shirt.

watched, aghast, as she thrust her chest toward Winter’s mouth. It hovered over her nipple and she felt her breathe warm air through the thin fabric. Then she did the same to the other one.

cried out, half with desire and half embarrassment.

Had she
acted like such a slut the first time she’d made out with Master? She hoped not. Right then she couldn’t seem to help herself.

Winter straightened
, looked at her face then smirked. Saya snapped her mouth shut, feeling like a dork.

“Did your Master let you wear panties today, little slave girl?” Winter’s tone was gentle mockery, and her fingers slipped up past the hem of her skirt,
as though she was going to check for herself.

!” she gasped. “But don’t check. Please!”

Fuck, why did she stop her
? Her body wanted this so bad.

Winter stroked her knee. “I won’t rush you.”

Rush her? Did that mean Winter wanted to play with her again? Or was she expecting to get a lot further tonight?

The hand went from her knee
and slid up under her shirt again. By the time Winter reached her bra, Saya was considering safewording it taking so long. Was there a safeword for hurry up instead of slow down? Maybe if she yelled “green!”

Instead, s
he arched her back, thrusting her breast into Winter’s palm. She chuckled at Saya’s impatience then bent down again and closed gentle teeth on Saya’s nipple, through her t-shirt. A desperate moan escaped her lips. So much heat! She felt like she had a fever, she was so horny.

BOOK: The Dom with the Kink Monsters (Badass Brats)
11.96Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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