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She shuddered. By all accounts she should move away from Ramsay, maybe even shove him out of her personal space. Why wasn’t Mack stopping this? Was it making him angry or had they been talking?

“I’m getting the impression that you like my pretty slave. Is that true?” His words were quiet but commanding, as though he had every right to be interrogating her.

Moving the few steps to the wall to try to slip out of his way proved to be a bad idea, since he followed her and pinned her there with his body.

Fuck you, you bastard. You’re not the boss around here. Just because Saya lets you treat her like a starry-eyed sex doll doesn’t mean I’m into that shit.

All of the words crowded to get out of her mouth at once. Angry and horny was a bad combination. It came out only as a quiet, “Yes.”

Damn him. How did he do that?

“If you want to play with her, there will be rules.”

Curiosity and lust outweighed her indignance. “Rules?”

“You’re not vanilla, Winter.” The way he growled her name both annoyed and aroused her. “You know what my relationship is with Saya. I
her. If you want to touch her, you need to ask me first. Every time. My relationship with her isn’t a joke, even if you don’t understand it. She’s my property.” Ramsay traced a finger down the back of her neck under her hair, and she worked hard at not swatting him away.

Mack moved into view, grinning. What was his game?

“Do you think you can be a good girl and remember to ask permission?” Mack asked.

“Fuck you, Mack. You know I’m not into that ‘good girl’ shit.”

Ramsay’s chuckle wasn’t comforting. “You have a hard time being a good girl, don’t you, Winter. Maybe you just need someone to show you how.”

She snorted and turned. Mistake. Having him pressed to her front didn’t make him less intimidating. His eyes were crinkled at the corners, amused, but his hard-on wasn’t joking.

Forcing herself to stare him in the eye, she spat, “I’m not automatically submissive just because I’m a girl, Ramsay. Sorry to disappoint, but not every female responds to that bullshit.”

He stared down into her eyes, a looming, hulking mass above her. Looking for something. It was a struggle to maintain her glare, but she did it, suddenly hyper-aware of how her body ached for someone to touch her.

Why? She’d tried D/s before, on both sides, and it did absolutely nothing for her. Pain excited her, and being bound, but being bossed around? Not her fucking thing.

With her eyes, she told him to go fuck himself.

Instead of throwing his hands in the air and walking away, his brows rose and he looked intrigued.

Bad, bad, bad.

“Mack definitely doesn’t own me, but he sure as shit won’t be interested in sharing.”

“Who said anything about sharing? The only thing we’re talking about is you asking my permission before borrowing my slave. It’s only polite.”

She looked around and saw their significant others standing together nearby, riveted to their conversation. Rather than looking jealous and upset, Saya was rapt, her teeth tugging at her bottom lip. Interested, avid, aroused. And Mack? His impressive erection made it apparent that he wasn’t against whatever Ramsay had in mind.

Why had she ever considered Mack’s open-mindedness a good quality?

Her frustration built. Really, walking away and telling him she’d never lay a hand on Saya again would be the easiest solution. She wouldn’t lose face and she would get to keep all of her control without having to give Ramsay the satisfaction. Without meaning to, her gaze slid back to Saya. The girl lowered her eyes shyly, her cheeks flushed.

She was addictive.

Ever since she’d first kissed Saya, Winter had been fantasizing about her. There was something about her that drew her in a way that other girls didn’t. Her timid submissiveness, her deference, her intelligence – but there was more. It wasn’t only that she sensed the girl was interested in her either.

She was like a drug, and Ramsay was the dealer. Asking permission was one thing, but she got the impression that Ramsay was after more. Before she agreed, she should
make sure of his actual price. Get it in writing.

, she nodded.

is smile widened.

If his price was exorbitant, she could always stop.


Chapter Six

The doumbek rhythm that his hands pounded out came from somewhere deep inside, primal in a way he never managed to draw from modern drums. The connection between the skin and his hands was more intimate than anything he could ever broadcast through a stick.

Saya danced for him, the thong and hipscarf a far cry from anything she’d ever wear on stage or while she was teaching. Real dance was far more modest than what he preferred she wore when they were alone.

Breasts swaying and hips rolling to his song, she improvised her way along, graceful arms never belying the fact that neither of them knew where the music was going or when it would stop. At times he’d change tempo, just to see how Saya would handle it, but she always managed to make it look good.

This was precisely why they didn’t have much furniture in the living room. That and the fact that she preferred sitting on the floor if she wasn’t
on his lap.

After a long while he sped up and she began to spin, spotting to keep him in sight as much as possible. When she was almost to him, he thumped the drum one last time and she fell to his feet in deep obeisance.

“That was lovely, princess.”

“Thank you, Master.”
With her forehead to the floor, her words came somewhat muffled.

Ramsay laid aside the
doumbek and saw she was struggling to contain her anticipation. Usually after her dancing pleased him, he rewarded her. Was he getting so predictable?

“Bring me the plug and the lube.”

She gasped and gazed up at him. “Noo. Please, Master? I’ll do anything you want.”

Of course you will. Now go.” At the stern words she rose and went to the bedroom, sulking.

The small plug was a recent purchase and Saya had been completely horrified when he’d brought it home. Although they’d never discussed it as a limit, it just wasn’t something they’d ever done. She was so shy about that area of her body that, to be kind, he’d never pushed her. It had been a whim when he was at the sex shop in Felix
looking for a new toy for Saya, but her agitation when she’d seen it and all of the questions she’d had about it made him think she was more interested than she’d ever told him. So it had been sitting in the drawer, silently mocking her.

When Saya came back, her hands were behind her and her cast-down gaze and pink cheeks made him more confident. She was painfully embarrassed and loving every minute of it.

She stopped before him and he slowly unknotted the scarlet hip scarf then let it drop to the floor with a crash of its small coins.

“Look at me. You don’t have permission to look away.”

Her anxious, mortified expression turned his moderate arousal into steel-hard interest. The scrap of matching underwear was drawn down next, and a fearful moan escaped her.

“Are you scared, Saya?”

“Yes, Master.” Her lip quivered and he stroked his hands over her naked flesh.

“Good. I won’t hurt
you. If anything is too uncomfortable, I’ll stop.”

Saya’s head bobbed jerkily – she trusted him, he knew
. This simply wasn’t something they’d done.

“You’re not going to
–” She swallowed and looked like she couldn’t bring herself to finish her sentence.

He let
the moment drag on, enjoying her uncertainty. “Fuck your ass? I will, but not just yet. We have to train your body to accept me first.”

Another whimper escaped her. “O...okay. You’re too big though, Master. I don’t think it’ll ever fit. In there.” She blushed painfully and it amused him that she was still holding the items behind her,
as though he’d forget.

“You let me be the judge of that. If I want to defile your ass, you say what?”

“Yes, Master,” she whispered, struggling not to drop her gaze.

He held out his hand.

The items were handed over with a reluctance that would make passive resistance demonstrators look eager by comparison. He put them on the table at his elbow.

“You’ll let me do this because it pleases you to please me. Right?”

“Yes, it does, Master. Even when it’s disgusting and dirty and makes me want to run away and hide.”

“It’s not disgusting. You used to feel that way about swallowing. You’ll get used to this idea too. Do you think other slave girls get away with dictating which holes their masters can use?” He raised a brow at her.

“No, Master,” she said, grudgingly.

“I spoil you. I know how you feel about this, but it’s been years now. Don’t you think I’ve been very patient with you?”

She bit her lips together. “I just thought you weren’t interested, Master. I didn’t know you were denying yourself something you wanted. If I would have known, I would have tried to be more pleasing.”

“I know, princess. You’re a good girl. You’ll do this for me.”

Her nod came with a few tears, which she wiped away with her palm.

“Come sit on my lap for a minute.” He opened his arms and she clambered up in his lap, the big chair easily accommodating them both. Petting her hair and rubbing her back calmed her after a few minutes, and she relaxed. He hooked a foot under the edge of the stool, dragging it over in front of the chair.

He turned her until she was facing away from him then put his feet up on the ottoman. Although she balked, he parted her legs to straddle his, and pushed her down until her forehead was resting on his shins. To make sure she was comfortable, he pulled her feet up to rest under his arms, so that she was belly down on his legs, with hers parted around him. When he leaned back, she was completely open to his gaze. She squeaked and tried to shield herself from his eyes with her hands.

One smack on the ass stilled her. “Hang onto my ankles and stay put.”

“But please, Master. I don’t want to. Lying on your legs like this is too embarrassing!”

I don’t want to’ isn’t your safeword.”

Saya stiffened. He’d given her a safeword, years ago, which she resented. She didn’t want that kind of veto power in their relationship, but he insisted that it was necessary. That being said, he knew there was no way she’d use it unless she was being seriously injured.

But she always had the option.

Without another word, she got his ankles in a death grip. All her muscles were locked and tense

He stroked the back of her legs, her ass, her lower back in broad strokes, then with only his fingertips. Instead of relaxing her, though, moisture beaded on her sex. Unable to resist, he drew a finger along her slit. She moaned and wriggled, inching her way back in an effort to capture his finger.

“Is this what you want?” Ramsay thrust a finger into her pussy, then a second. How could she still be so tight, considering how often they fucked?

She grunted at the sudden invasion, then almost purred as her body adjusted.
Her clit trapped between two fingers of his other hand, he squeezed and rubbed it until her body grew taut with imminent release. Every so often he’d pause, stalling her orgasm and letting her arousal spiral higher.

Just as her body clamped down, rippling around his fingers, he brushed his thumb over the sensitive skin around her other hole. She froze, whimpered. He did it again and she exploded.

“No! No, please!” She was coming and couldn’t stop even though she didn’t like what he was doing. Didn’t want to like it.

He pulled his fingers out of her, using those ones to play with her clit. Grabbing the lube he squeezed some directly into the crevice of her ass, then threw the tube back on the table.

“Please, Master! No!” Her orgasm wasn’t subsiding, and she squirmed and moaned piteously but didn’t try to get away.

Ignoring her pleas, Ramsay coated his index finger in lube and pressed the tip against her tight hole. She was begging him to stop, but there was no menti
on of her safeword, so he let the desperate sounds feed into his excitement rather than spoil it.

“Relax your muscles. Push out,” he barked, swatting her thigh with the hand that had been stroking her clit.

Saya settled, and when he tried again her body slowly admitted his finger up to the first knuckle.

“It’s too big
! It’s too big!” she complained.

“No it isn’t. Quit being a baby.” Playing with her clit changed her plaintive noises to moans. He pulled his finger out and gathered more lube, then pressed in again. The second time, her body received him a bit more easily, and he slowly fucked her ass with his finger until he got to the second knuckle.

“It hurts!”

He stopped. “It hurts? Honestly?”

She stayed very still and seemed to think about it for a moment. “Well it doesn’t hurt. It’s just uncomfortable and it feels –”

Ramsay moved his finger again, slowly, and she gasped.

“Is this mine?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Do I own this?”

“Yes.” She groaned.

“Say it.”

When she failed to comply, he pinched her clit hard.

Saya screamed as another orgasm wracked her. She clawed at his legs, not really coherent enough to know what she was doing. His cock throbbed, aching for relief.

Sometimes being the Dom was both a power trip and the worst possible torture.

While she was centered on her orgasm, he slid his finger in the rest of the way into her ass. Her babbling made no sense, but the gist was she wanted him to stop and the orgasm was too intense. When he tried to coax a second finger into her, there was too much resistance. Admittedly, his fingers were huge.

Her ass was so tight he wondered how he’d ever manage to fit, even with taking the time to loosen her up. Getting his dick into her pussy the first time had been challenge enough. Patience was going to be key, and it sure as hell wasn’t happening right then.

Instead, he withdrew his finger again, picked up the plug then lubed it up. It was slightly bigger than his finger – he’d try, and if she couldn’t take it, maybe they’d wait for another day. While playing with her clit, he worked the plug into her ass. The fascination of watching her body take it, inch by inch, almost set him off. Gritting his teeth, he fucked her with the plug until it was all the way in and she came again.

By the time he was done, she was a whimpering,
wrung-out mess. He grabbed her under the arms, kicked the ottoman out of the way, and put her down between his feet. It only took a moment to free his throbbing cock from his track pants, and guide it into her mouth. She was barely with it, but in that moment his need took over and he didn’t care if she wasn’t totally aware of what was going on.

Like the good girl she was, Saya latched onto his cock, sucking the way he’d trained her. Mouth and tongue, suction and the vibrations from her moans. Pressure built, barely reined in. He thought of the plug in her ass, of her taking it to please him, and didn’t last long
. He lost control of himself far sooner than he wanted to. Stars burst behind his eyes and he came hard, thrusting deep and hitting the back of her throat. She choked on his flood, gagging and gasping for breath as he controlled her head with a handful of hair.

When she’d cleaned him off, he pulled her into his lap
, cuddled her for a moment then carried her into the bathroom. He set her on the edge of the tub, chuckling when the base of the plug meeting the hard surface made her hiss. It was short work to start the bath, and he gathered some towels while they waited.

“Master?” she wheedled. “I feel all dirty. Can I please take the plug out before we get in the bath?”

“You don’t like my present?” He worked at looking stern, but she was so obviously embarrassed and uncomfortable that it was difficult.

“You’re laughing at me, Master.” The pout that punctuated that accusation was adorable. “It’s...responsible of you to push my boundaries, but I really don’t like this.”

All he had to do was stare at her and she was a desperate little puddle of girl.

“I don’t, Master.”

Ramsay tweaked one of her still-hard nipples and gave her a skeptical look. “This isn’t about your pleasure, slave, it’s about mine. Besides, just because you’re embarrassed by something doesn’t mean you don’t like it. I know you better than that.” He pulled her to her feet and leaned her over with her hands braced on the tub. “You came so many times just now, I know your body loves this even if your mind is having a hard time accepting it.”

Grabbing the base of the plug, he fucked her with it, then slowly started pulling it out. She was panting and horny all over again. “Your
ass is mine, like the rest of you. It’ll get used to this in time, and it won’t seem so dirty and wrong to do. If this is what I want, you’ll allow it. Understood?”

She was panting, her pussy slick. “Yes, Master.”

“And you’d better get used to it soon. After your body learns to take me there, maybe I’ll get Mack to fuck your pussy at the same time.”

“No!” she moaned. “No, I’ll die! Please, Master, no!”

His cock was half hard again and, as he pulled the plug all the way out of her ass, he was very temped to lube himself up and see how far he could get. The idea of defiling her with Mack and Winter involved was heady. How could she still be so innocent and easily surprised by his twisted lust?

BOOK: The Dom with the Kink Monsters (Badass Brats)
3.84Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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