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He realized he was staring and tried to look away – to make this exchange look casual to the people that milled around them, but no one seemed to be watching, anyway.

“I’m game for whatever you want to do.”


Mack’s words were said in such a way that made it obvious he was offering himself, as well.

“We need to talk.”

He led the way
toward the exit then stopped and glanced back to check on Saya. She was smiling at Winter, laughing at something she’d said. She’d be okay for a few minutes. His entire body was hyperaware that Mack was behind him, following obediently. Instead of heading out the front door, he took the back exit that led into the loading area. They’d been at Sprawl so often lately that the bouncers just nodded to them as they passed.

The door banged shut behind them and they were alone in the dirty alleyway, aside from a dumpster and whatever vermin made it their temporary home. Alone. How the fuck had this seemed like a good idea?

He was turned on just thinking about the fact that the last time they’d been alone things had gotten out of hand. That pissed him off. How dare Mack make him question such a well-known part of himself? Ramsay Park wasn’t into guys. Not even a little.

So why was this
one driving him crazy?

“Man...” Words jumbled in his head. He was going to have to let him down politely. They worked too well as a band to have this fuck it up. As it was, he was sure that Mack’s priorities were the same. It was just a matter of addressing this now, before there were misunderstandings and tension. He looked around to make sure there wasn’t a drunk taking a piss nearby or something, but they
were really and truly alone. It seemed like a good idea to start carefully.

“I’m...flattered that you’re interested in me, but I don’t swing that way. You know what I mean? No offense to you or anything.”

Mack’s smirk was sexy and Ramsay longed to wipe it off of his face. With his dick.

What the fuck?

“I think you’re lying to yourself.” Mack stepped closer. Ramsay had been so wrapped up in his thoughts that he hadn’t seen him move.

They were almost toe to toe. Mack was only slightly shorter than he was, wiry where Ramsay was thickly muscled. He could overpower him without much effort, now that he knew
Mack fought dirty. The tension between them sang in his ears, like someone had hit a tuning fork and put it between his teeth.

“It’s true, Mack. I’m not into guys. I don’t know what’s going on with this weird energy between us, but it’s probably just from being musically compatible.”

The tilt of Mack’s brow and gleam in his eyes were mocking. Being the one on less stable footing didn’t work for Ramsay. He couldn’t just let Mack have the upper hand in this.

Drawing himself up to full bulk, he backed Mack step by step across to the opposite alley wall. “Don’t fuck with me,” he growled. “We can work around this for the good of the band, but don’t delude yourself into thinking this gives you the upper hand with me.” He stared down at Mack, trying to exude his most impressive alpha male confidence.

In automatic response, Mack averted his eyes and turned his head away, his neck exposed and vulnerable. Ramsay reined in the urge to bite him.

Fuck, his dick ached
, but he was damned if he would adjust himself.

“So what?
You’re going to dom me into not being interested? I hate to have to tell you this, but it’s backfiring.”

“I’m not into you,” Ramsay snarled, his face so close to Mack’s neck that he could smell his soap, his sweat.

The smaller man squeezed his eyes shut and swore. “I didn’t mean for this to happen. There aren’t many guys I’m attracted to, but I can’t stop thinking about you.”

“Thinking about me?”

Mack turned to look at him and their faces were so close that one slip and they’d be kissing.

Instead of answering, Mack grabbed Ramsay’s cock through his jeans.

Oh, fuck.

He felt it throbbing in Mack’s firm grip, the traitorous thing. What was the appropriate response?
Should he deck him?

Mack’s hand was so different than his own or Saya’s. He traced the edge of a short fingernail over the head of his cock and Ramsay groaned despite himself. Being like this with a guy he professed not to be sexually attracted to, in an alleyway, was so freaking perverted.

“Your cock likes me, even if you don’t,” Mack said slyly. He unbuttoned Ramsay’s jeans and started to unzip them before Ramsay could stop him.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Ramsay hissed, grabbing Mack’s arm and pulling him up just as he started to sink to his knees. He looked around
anxiously, but didn’t see any security cameras. This wasn’t exactly a secluded spot. Someone could come out the door any minute.

“You seem uncomfortable. I can fix that for you, if you’d like. Or you can go back in and suffer through the next few hours until you can drag Saya home and fuck her. You’ll feel guilty about using her to work off frustration you have because of me, if you do.”

Shut up, shut up!

In desperation he clamped his mouth over Mack’s. He had to make him stop talking because
he was starting to make sense.

There was no way he wanted Mack to suck his dick. No.

Mack made a helpless noise and his lips started to move under Ramsay’s. He kissed Mack hard, punishing him for all of it. It was his fault. Ramsay didn’t want this – any of it!

Then why the fuck was he kissing him?


It was a dominance thing. He was just showing Mack who was the boss. Admittedly, it was pretty clear to Ramsay, at that point, that his penis was in charge.

Savagely, he broke off the kiss. Walk away. Go inside. As though they had a mind of their own, his hands grabbed Mack’s shoulders and shoved him to the ground. He went willingly.

Leave – just leave.

Mack looked up at him from where he knelt, waiting for direction.

Why was this so hot?

“Do it.”

For a guy
who had seemed gung ho a moment ago, Mack had suddenly frozen. Ramsay finished unzipping and fished his rock-hard erection out of his jeans.

“Shit,” Mack whispered. His eyes were round. “You’re fucking huge.”

“Have you done this before?”


Ramsay grabbed the back of Mack’s hair and guided his pretty mouth to his cock. “I’m sure you’ll figure it out fast, bitch.”

tight grip he had on Mack’s hair made the man’s mouth fall open slightly in pain and surprise. He thrust his cock into Mack’s mouth, not giving him a chance to take the initiative.

Mack choked and struggled, but Ramsay fucked his mouth anyway, the firm handhold he had in his hair reinforced by the brick wall behind. Trapped.

Ramsay pulled back, all the way out, and Mack’s gasping breaths tickled the head of his damp cock.

“You change your mind now? It’s not as much fun in real life, is it?”

Mack’s response was to lean in and lick Ramsay’s cock from base to tip, then let his tongue explore its head and the slit. He watched, fascinated. Mack’s mouth wasn’t the same as Saya’s, his jaw was stronger and he sucked harder. That and Ramsay didn’t feel guilty about getting rough with him. It was Mack’s fault for wanting this, even though Ramsay didn’t. Mack could choose to stop and walk away any time.

hoped he did, because he didn’t have enough self-control to stop him.

Head was head. This didn’t mean he was bi.

When Mack reached up and started playing with his balls, Ramsay flinched, but allowed it. The weirdness of it had his orgasm a hair-trigger away.

A few minutes and Mack had gotten the hang of things, sucking him down as far as he could go, then forcing himself
further until he gagged. Ramsay let go of Mack’s hair and let him do what he wanted, leaning forward and using both hands to brace himself on the wall.

He fucked his mouth hard. Mack moaned desperately and Ramsay clenched his teeth, trying to stay quiet.
The desperate ache built. Come boiled in his balls and exploded, and a strangled cry escaped him as he flooded Mack’s mouth. Should he have given him a courtesy tap? Too fucking late for that.

Mack choked and Ramsay grabbed his head again
and made him swallow – not that he was trying to escape.

When he let Mack pull away, his cock was still semi-hard. Or was again.

He tucked himself back into his jeans and hauled Mack up by the wrist. Mack looked horny as hell.

“I’m not
sucking your dick. You can take care of that yourself or suffer. Up to you.”

Mack nodded, his gaze averted and his cheeks pink. Ramsay assumed he felt used, which was as it should be.

A modicum of guilt crept in. “You need a minute?”

“You go back in. I’ll be along as soon as I can calm the fuck down.”


Ramsay checked his pants again to make sure he’d actually remembered to zip them, then walked around to the front of the building, knowing the door they’d come out was locked. With any luck people would just think they
had gone out for a smoke or something.

He weaved his way back through the crowd, wondering what the hell he was going to tell Saya.

Chapter Seven

The silence didn’t last long after Winter pulled out of the parking lot.



“You disappeared with Ramsay and came back with dirty knees. I’m not an idiot.”

He found the thumb drive and plugged it into the dash. The recording they
had made of their rehearsal earlier in the day blared through the car. Winter cranked down the volume and raised her eyebrows at him. No chance of getting out of it.

“I’ve supported your little experiment up until now, Mack Vincent. If you don’t tell me what happened, I’m officially counting it as cheating and you can move the fuck out.”

Hardass. Mack covered his face with his hands, momentarily reliving the feeling of Ramsay’s domination, then his cold dismissal after the fact. What had he expected? Apparently feeling used wasn’t one of his kinks, but had he really thought that Ramsay would be friendly about it afterward?

He hadn’t seemed unwilling, though. Not when he grabbed Mack by the back of the hair and forced him down on his cock.

There wasn’t a point in the rest of the evening where his dick had actually taken a break. He couldn’t get off in the alleyway after Ramsay had gone – he’d felt exposed and vulnerable. After waiting around for a few minutes wondering what the hell he’d just done, he’d followed Ramsay back inside. After they sat together at the table with the girls for another drink, they’d called it an early night.

Winter knew. He didn’t think Saya had been entirely fooled, either.

He could still taste Ramsay on his tongue. Shifting in his seat, he readjusted his cock.

“Do you want
step-by-step detail, or a summary?” His voice was hoarse.

“Jeez, you blow the guy and now you sound like him.”

Mack groaned and slumped in his seat as far as the seatbelt would allow. “How can you be so flippant about this? I gave Ramsay a blowjob in an alley behind a bar. I feel pretty fucking classy right now.”

“Does he have a big dick?”

“Winter! I’m not even dignifying that with an answer.”

She was laughing at him.
“Quit being prissy and answer the fucking question.”

He gazed out the window as the city slipped by and wondered if Saya would dare grill Ramsay like this on their own way home. Unlikely. Lucky bastard.

“I’d say he’s thicker than me, but not as long, maybe. Hard to tell since I’ve never sucked my own cock. Maybe you could go down on us one after the other and let me know.”

“Yeah, that’s not going to happen. I know you have the hots for him, but his attitude fucks me off.” She turned off onto the freeway and headed toward Cobalt Harbor.

“He’s a Dom. You work around enough of them, between Cross, Malachi, and Jude hanging around the store. It’s not like he’s more alpha.”

“Oh, I beg to differ. He acts like he owns me. Other guys don’t try that shit with me.”

“He’s got a serious hard-on for you. He’s probably not like that with other people.”

So I’m supposed to be flattered?” They fell silent for a few minutes, then Winter snorted. “If he’s that big you’re going to have a hard time when he fucks your ass.”

He felt the blood drain from his face. Somehow, seeing how well Ramsay was endowed
, had helped him decide that he wasn’t game for that.

“I’ll help you out. The next time we go to the sex shop in Felix, we’ll buy graduated sizes of butt plugs and we’ll have you all ready by the time things go that far. Although this spontaneous
back-alley blowjob leads me to believe we should probably hurry up.” She passed a car going under the speed limit and chuckled to herself.

He knew
she was teasing him, but the insinuation that he was a whore still bit. “No. Fuck off. Can we please change the subject?” Winter was still amused, but Mack plunged on. “So what did you and Saya talk about?”

“Other than speculating what you two were up to? This and that. She’s a sweet little thing. Smarter than I thought she was
, too. We talked about philosophy for a while, actually.”

“The philosophy of watching your
men get it on?”

Mmm...yeah. That too.” She looked at him and winked then turned back to the road. “I fished around to see how she felt about the fact that I’ve been hitting on her. If you’d been five minutes later coming back she might have been in my lap.”

“Well, that answers that question. It’s not the booze.”

“Yeah, Ramsay asking her to be the designated driver made that easier to figure out.”

Ramsay’s name coming from Winter’s mouth made his heart race. He’d admitted what had happened, but parts of it – the details – were rolling around in his head. There wasn’t part of it that he didn’t itch to draw, but he knew that no drawing would ever capture the swamp of feelings he was still wading through.

“That and her giving me the big eager eyes all night. She’s fascinated by my cleavage, even though there’s not much to look at.”

Mack refrained from swatting her while she was driving. “You’re perfect, Winter. Not every woman has to be curvy with big tits.”

Her tongue poked out and licked at one of her lip rings, which was always a sensual thing to watch. Between Ramsay and now Winter, he was going to end the night with a serious case of blue balls.

“She’s a sex goddess compared to me, but she’s too meek to take advantage of it. Good thing, too. It would suck to have a boner for a total bitch.”

“The last I checked, you didn’t have the equipment to get a boner.”

s get them too, they’re just more...polite.”

Mack leaned back in the seat and slid his hand onto Winter’s thigh. Automatically, she shifted her legs
further apart and tipped her hips toward his hand when he reached towards her core.

She groaned and ground against his hand before he pulled away, not wanting to distract her from driving.

“Did that girl get you all horny again?”

Winter made a sound of protest then subsided. They had mutually agreed upon rules regarding sexual contact while driving. “Mmm. Yes. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea for me to get closer to her
, though. She makes me think terrible, terrible things.”

“What? Like you want to defile her?”

“Yeah, but there’s more than that. I get all weird and bossy with her. I can’t seem to help it.”

“Are you having dommy feelings, Winter?” Mack mimicked his high school guidance counselor in a
syrupy falsetto.

“Yes, ma’am. Is that normal?”

“How about I’ll interrogate you when we get home and see how serious you are?”

She bit her lip and stole a glance at him. “
Interrogate me? With needles and knives?” To any other observer she might have looked nervous, but he picked up on the subtle excitement in her voice.

“It’s been a
while since I took out my police baton.” he mused.

The tiny whimper that escaped her went straight to his cock.

“But it hurts,” she whispered.

“Yes. Yes it does.”


The stir-fried beef hissed in the pan as he sliced peppers to throw in when Winter walked through the door. Getting supper done early gave them more time to hang out in the evening, even if tonight’s date was all about doing laundry.
It seemed like ages since they’d been alone and he wanted her to see he was making an effort.

Sharing each other with another couple was weird and made him hyper-aware of Winter’s every expression when they were together. He’d been the one to take the first big step into that situation, but his interest in Ramsay and Saya wasn’t worth messing up the good thing he had going with Winter.

When they’d met three years ago in line at a comic book signing, he’d been a bit of a dork. Winter, on the other hand, was the kind of girl he’d always dreamed about – self-confident, sexy, badass. The line had been so long that striking up a conversation had been inevitable. She’d been kind, but it was all too obvious that although she had thought he was worth talking to and they had a lot in common, she wasn’t even slightly interested in him. Mack had pursued her for months, nonchalantly. They’d grown closer. Eventually, because he made himself available to her anytime, he’d become the go-to for relationship advice, even though all of his own relationships had been short.

’d had another failed relationship with a Dom who’d tried to dom her, when all she wanted was pain. Talking it through with Mack had been inevitable. Out of frustration, she’d asked him if he would hurt her – no sex, just pain. It had evolved into so much more.

In essence, he was her Frankenstein’s monste
r. She’d trained him and something inside him had clicked. Hard. Now, if she ever left him, he didn’t think he could turn it back off.

Winter took pain in a way that made it art. Beauty in ugliness. But she was so beautiful that anything around her was made more beautiful
in relation. Like him. Now people often told him that he was gorgeous, but no one had ever noticed him before she had. His own beauty was about her.

The love had come later, as did her lust for him. No romance novel there. However, they were proof that love could grow out of anything, even relationships built on convenience. He’d loved her enough for the both of them, until she’d felt it too. Now, when she looked at him, it was with more depth and meaning than he’d ever hoped for.

Things with Ramsay and Saya weren’t worth jeopardizing what they had together, if she wasn’t into it. She liked Ramsay’s little submissive well enough, but the Dom was going to be the issue. Maybe if he didn’t get so dommy with her?

The door opening drew him out of his thoughts. He threw the vegetables into the pan then stirred them. Keys dr
opped on the table in the entryway. She came into the room and their gazes found each other. He grinned like an idiot, as always. Her eyes lit.

How did he even deserve her?

“How was work?”

“Slow day. We did a lot of restocking, but we got a call that a tour bus of teenagers are coming in from Felix in the morning. It’s happening way too often lately. The buses are exhausting.”

He chuckled. “You just get tired of little boys asking you on dates.”

“And girls. There are always a few of those.”

“You’re cool and sexy. You’ve always had a line-up.”

Winter slid her hands inside his t-shirt
and let her fingers trace the ridges of the muscle he had there now instead of baby fat. Even her healthy eating habits had rubbed off on him.

Everywhere she touched, the skin awoke, sensitized, longing for more.

Mack tipped his head, offered his lips, and she kissed him like she’d been affection starved for a year – sweetly, the way people kissed in old movies instead of in porn.

A horror movie scream erupted from Winter’s back pocket and they broke apart.

“You seriously need to change that ringtone. It makes me hit the roof every time.” He turned back to stir their food as she fished her phone out of her back pocket.


He grabbed two plates from the drying rack and turned the burner down to keep their dinner warm while she got rid of whoever it was.

While he waited, he made her tea with the water he’d already boiled, and fixed it the way she liked.

Behind him, Winter had started pacing the kitchen, the wooden floor boards creaking underfoot. Her noises were mostly acknowledgements that she’d heard what was being said, and she gave him no other clues.

“I’ll talk to them,” she finally said. “Bye.”


She accepted the teacup he held out to her, and followed him to the breakfast nook.
It took two seconds to dish food onto their plates. He set the plates down in their spots and scooted in beside her. When he’d settled, she shifted closer so that her thigh was pressed alongside his.

“That was Lawson.”

His spirits sank. “Really? Is there something wrong with the gig on Friday?”

She grinned. “No! He
and Luther were listening during our rehearsal, and they like us so much they want to add us to the show on Saturday.”

“What? Shit! Ther
e are two kickass death metal bands playing on Saturday, along with one of Law and Luther’s favorites from Felix. We’re just starting out – we’re not that calibre. We’re also not quite heavy enough to be considered death metal, at least not with Saya singing with me. We’re more...dark metal. Or BDSM metal, if there is such a thing.”

Winter skewered stir fry onto her fork, then put it in her mouth and chewed, a crease
forming between her brows. After she swallowed, she nodded. “I know. I keep going back and forth about that in my head. I mean, our first real show is Friday night and we don’t even know if it’ll be well attended. We’re nobodies. To get thrown into such a big show the next night seems like we’re skipping a few steps, right?”

He took a bite of his own food and realized
he’d gone too heavy on the soy sauce. Oh well, that’s what he got for winging it. “Yeah, it does. But you know what? The guys have seen a lot of bands come through there. They like us, sure, but they’re businessmen. If they didn’t think we were good enough to be in the show, they wouldn’t have asked. Did a group bale on him last minute?”

BOOK: The Dom with the Kink Monsters (Badass Brats)
6.89Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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