The Falling of Katja: an Erotic Romance (Anam Céile Chronicles)

BOOK: The Falling of Katja: an Erotic Romance (Anam Céile Chronicles)
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It is the Year 1633 in Hungary.

Katja is the beautiful daughter of a peasant family. 
Since childhood she has been best friends with Štefan, the dashing son of a
banker.  As she develops into a young voluptuous young woman, she realises she
has always been in love with him, dreamed her whole life around him.  She has
never imagined another life than one with him.

Then one day, Štefan comes by with some devastating
news for her which drives them into one another’s arms.  In one day, as all of
her dreams come crashing down, Katja is introduced to the pleasure of passion
for the first time with the only man she will ever love. 





was born on Saint Valentine’s Day in the year of
1615.  My family and I, we live in the countryside of Hungary, just outside the
capital city of Buda.  We are mere peasants, yet we do not grumble for our standing
in society.  As for myself, I am a contented girl, for I have a secret…

I am
in love.

two years older than me, Štefan is gorgeous with his tousled sandy hair and
eyes the color of the sky, with the depth of water.  I never tire of gazing
upon him.  Since childhood we have been best friends.  We have passed many days
just frolicking in the meadows together, him dashing after me, the two of us collapsing
in laughter. 

I am with him, there cannot possibly be any girl on earth that is happier than
I in that moment.  All my remaining time I spend anticipating the next time I shall
behold his striking face beaming at me.

was not always that I comprehended I loved him.  Perhaps that was because it
was the only way it ever was.  Even so, I did know that being with him made me
happier than anything else could, he was always the one person I felt I could
be my utmost self with, who I trusted implicitly. 

then, one day while spending time with him it seemed to hit me all at once and
I wondered how it was I never realised it before.  After that moment, there was
no turning back.

were running through the wood and when we came out of it and into the meadow, I
collapsed into the grasses to catch my breath.  Seconds later he caught up with
me and tackled me.  I was so out of breath I could scarcely afford a laugh.  My
chest heaving beneath the weight of his body pressed into me, I felt my breasts
brush against him, and an everlasting spark was ignited.

first, I did not comprehend what it was.  It traveled through me as a speed of
light and took up residence low within my belly, initiating there a subtle
ache.  Evidently, Štefan had no idea of the sudden transformation which had
just taken place in me as he was still engaged in laughing over me.  Suddenly,
my eyes caught his and his bantering ceased as he slowly perceived the change
there within them.

one precious moment, our eyes locked and at once my lips quivered at his face
being so preciously close to mine.  I felt him lean in closer, the warmth of
his breath washing over me and my eyes instinctively fell partly closed.  Yet
before I could realise that which I desired, he leapt off me in one swift

was left lying there upon my back staring up at him, my head in a haze.  He thrust
his hand out to me.  “Come, Katja!  Let us chase each other some more,” he expressed

took his hand, reveling in the touch of it, and he pulled me up so that I was
standing before him, gazing up into his eyes.  “Oh Štefan, I am tired.  Can we
not just walk and chat some now?”

full lips moved into their breathtaking smile, gripping my heart as always it
did.  “Certainly, Katja.  Whatever you wish.”

smiled dizzily at him and he wrapped his hand about mine as we began to amble
through the meadow, though it did not mean anything.  Well, at least, it was
to mean anything.  But it did to me. 
now, I could not help but wonder if it meant anything at all to him.  If it
did, never did he let it show. 

we got close, our eyes beginning to linger, he would promptly alter the mood
with his lighthearted bantering and laughing with me.  Which was one of things
that drew me to him.  Even so, in those moments it was nothing if not

with his larger hand engulfing mine, it seemed as though I could feel all the
energy of him channeled to this one area, creating an array of never before
felt sensations in me.  All of my attention was honed onto this so that when he
finally spoke, I started. 

you well, Katja?  You are acting quite peculiarly,” Štefan asked me lightly.

was embarrassed that he had noticed my behaviour.  Then, on the other hand,
would he not have perceived just what it was?  After all, he was two years
older than I and nearly considered a man.  Did he not feel it, too?  Oh, how I
longed to know that he did.  Yet, if he did, he never let on to the fact,
leaving me to feel as though I was all alone in this. 

then there were the times when I was sure I caught his eyes discernibly alter as
they lingered on me.  Yet the moment my eyes attempted to connect with his, he
was always quick to avert them and make light of it. 

what do I say in answer to his question now?  Do I tell him how he makes me
feel, that I want to know the feel of his hands on other parts of me than my
hand, that I dream of feeling his lips upon mine, that his eyes transport me to
a magical world and I want nothing more than to stay there with him always?  Indubitably,
I cannot reveal such things to him, though I wish that I could.  It would not
be becoming of a lady to be so forward.  Thus, even more than that, I wish he
would utter all those things to me.

alas, he does not.  I had not the slightest inkling to whether he even felt
such things.  Still, every night I prayed that he did.

Štefan, I am fine, just a bit dizzy from being out of breath,” I finally
replied in answer.

he exclaimed, squeezing my hand.  “Because I have something to show you1” 

looked to him and his face was full of enthusiasm as he began pulling me

is it?” I queried, intrigued.

shall see!”  He sent a gleaming smile my way, making me feel weak all over
again.  Suddenly I did not know if I could walk anymore, but he was pulling me
along so that I nearly did not have to.

commenced to pulling me to the top of a hill, one which somehow we had never
been on together before then.  When we were at the top, I gasped, for the scene
before my eyes was absolutely breathtaking.  The twilight sky was painting the backdrop
for the rolling hills below us in brilliant shades of pinks, violets and
oranges, the colours becoming deeper and more vibrant with each second that passed
as the lingering light swiftly diminished.

still, as awe-inspiring as the scene is, what affected me more was how Štefan did
not let go of my hand.  Instead, his fingertips lightly caressed over it, leisurely
running up each of my fingers and down again to the insides, exploring it as
though it was a realm in and of itself entirely.  It was amazing how that one
meager gesture could make my whole body sing.

eyes fell closed, nearly forgetting the point of us standing there.  Then I felt
his arms wrap about my waist, his hands still engulfing mine against my belly,
his chest pressed to my back so that his hot breath was warming my hair.  I found
meself thinking on how I would like to feel it elsewhere upon my body.

is beautiful, is it not?” Štefan asked, his tone soft and sensual.

twisted my head around to look up at him.  His pale eyes seemed to be
reflecting the colours of the sky, making them even more beautiful, which I had
thought to be impossible.  Our lips were dangerously close, so close I felt his
breath upon them.  I willed them to meet mine. 

it is.  Thank you for bringing me here.”

smiled down at me.  But instead of kissing me as I hoped, he spun me around
playfully, eliciting me to giggle. 

he took hold of my hand and began running through the grasses.  All too soon
the sun made its fast descent and I had to scurry home before I worried my
mother being out into dark.

after that eve, his lips coming ever so close to mine, all I could seem to think
of was being kissed by him.  Each word which left his mouth playing over in my

Will I ever know what it
is like to hold you close?

Chapter Two



t is late summer, and we were taking one of our customary
walks together.  Afore too long, we came upon a small lake.  It was exceedingly
inviting with the sun is scorching down upon us. 

that looks refreshing,” I remarked longingly.

looked at me, a glimmer of mischief lighting his eyes.  He clutched my hand.

on!” he stated keenly.

I peered
at him strangely.  “What?”

do it!”

I probed, though I was fairly certain of that which he meant.

go into the water!” he clarified.

cannot, Štefan,” I countered, although I wanted to more than anything. 

just why not?” he goaded me.

would get our garments soaking wet.  My mother would have a fit!”

needs garments?” he dared mischievously.  I glanced at him curiously, my eyes
wide.  “We’ll remove them!”

I had the chance to protest, he was untying his shirt and peeling it over his head. 
My eyes were powerless to avoid taking in the sight of his bare form, the shape
of his muscles creating mountains and valleys on his chest, then leveling out
to form the ripples of his abdomen like the water which lie waiting before us.

eyes were finally dissuaded from his chest when he briskly stepped out from his
trousers and was standing before me in all his glory.  I swallowed hard as my
eyes grazed down his body and rested to feast upon his manhood.  

my God!  Does this man know how beautiful he is to me?

my eyes travelled back up to his face, they found Štefan smirking at my
reaction to him.  I instantly flushed with embarrassment.

I could think of what to say, his hands were around me, unlacing the back of my
gown.  Him standing naked before me had caused me to lose any ability to
protest, or apparently, to even speak.

is he doing?  What am I doing?  I cannot allow him to disrobe me… can I?

I was preoccupied with deliberating over the matter, he made fast time in
removing my gown.  Suddenly I realised I was standing there in only my
skivvies.  He lifted his eyes to mine as though to assess whether he may
proceed.  Evidently he gained consent there, for with his eyes still locked
upon mine, his hands moved to my camisole, his finger curling delicately about
the thin strap.  

sucked in my breath as he gently moved the strap over my shoulders, causing the
garment to inch down from my chest.  Štefan lowers his eyes to there as with
his fingers gathered around them he peels the fabric down, exposing my ample
breasts.  The light breeze brushing past my naked skin elicited my nipples to
stiffen instantly under the gaze of his eyes.  His hands rested upon my upper

searched his eyes, certain I would perceive a change there.  However, just as I
did, he raised his eyes and smiled playfully, concealing the evidence of
anything else.

dropped his hands from me, seeming to have lost his nerve to continue so I
determined to finish what he had begun.  My hands at my waist, I pushed down my
pantalets till I was standing before him, my just recently developed womanhood
bared to him.

my dismay, he strained to avert his eyes, refusing to drop them, to look upon
me.  At that moment, I did not value his honour.  I wanted his eyes upon me,
taking me in, devouring me greedily as a rake.  Instead his eyes were respectfully
glued to my face.

upon each other, my eyes looked deep into his, beseeching him to see me as more
than the childhood friend I had always been—
more.  To my chagrin,
he could not seem to manage to maintain that sort of eye contact with me and at
one point he even burst out laughing.  I did not join him in his chuckling, for
I found nothing amusing.  Rather, I was hoping for things to take a more significant

a twinkle in his eye, Štefan grasped my hand.  “What are we waiting for?” he
exclaimed as he commenced to dragging me towards the lake.

feel of the cool, wet water splashing onto my naked body as we tromped into it acutely
reminded me of how exposed I truly was. 

I wanted him to realise it, too. 

he turned about to face me and scooped his hands through it, mischievously
splashing me all the more so that my hair and face were now wet, as well.  I felt
his eyes drift to my breasts.  The sudden chill from his splashing had them
quite taut, the peaks pointing at him, little bumps dotting across my flesh.

eyes turned up and were met with his gorgeous roguish smile, making it
impossible to be cross with him.  A slow smile developed upon my face and
suddenly I scooped my arms through the water and heaved it back at him,
drenching him in turn.  I could not help but stare at his torso, his physique deliciously
emphasized by the droplets of liquid clinging to his skin.  My core tightened
in response.

turned my eyes up just in time to perceive the next move playing out upon his
face.  Štefan commenced to chasing me.  I screamed and attempted to run.  However,
I failed to escape— not that I really wished to— as I fast discovered that
dashing through water was rather difficult, though he seemed to have an easier
time of it than did I.

he caught me, I rejoiced at feeling his arms wrap around me, clutching me tight
to his body, my back against his chest.  As my laughing wound down, I realised
I could feel the plump flesh of his manhood pressing against my backside. 

I felt
the bursts of his hot breath upon my neck as he continued laughing.  I sensed
his loosening grip on me and seized the opportunity to swivel around in his
arms.  As I faced him, at last his chuckling ceased, yet he maintained his snug
hold upon me.  The feel of my cool breasts pressed against the bare warmth of
his firm chest sent my mind reeling.

the renewed silence, I lifted my eyes up to his and gazed deeply in an attempt
to capture him, to convey my feelings for him.  I never did tire of staring at
the colours of Štefan’s eyes.  I still had yet to determine just what colour
they actually were.  I suppose that was because they were not just one colour. 
Rather, they were an amalgam of hues, just like the ocean, reflecting blue in
some spots, green in others, and even yellows.

gazing long and deep into the ocean of his eyes did not yield me the desired
results, I found myself gazing unwaveringly at his mouth, as though in attempt
to communicate with his lips directly, willing them to move towards mine to claim
them as his for once.  And then, my eyes perceived them moving closer, the
warmth of his breath blowing upon them and my heart all but stilled in my chest
as I wondered if this was truly happening.

last his face was so near to mine that I could not hold my gaze upon it clearly
any longer.  My eyes floated back up to his inspiring eyes.  I saw no more
signs of teasing in them.  Rather, they were smouldering with a certain

it be?
He has desire for me?  I
can only hope.

I could formulate another thought, Štefan’s mouth was upon mine, claiming mine
as I had willed it to for what seemed so long.  Never having been kissed
before, my fantasies had certainly not given it the proper justification.  It was
worlds better than I had ever imagined!  His lips were upon mine, softly asking
permission to enter.  Heat filled my face.  I breathed in deeply and my head was
bathed in the masculine scent of him.  My head instantly soared to the clouds,
so that my mind was nothing but a haze.

I breathed
out a feathery sigh, parting my lips and felt his smile against them in
response.  His tongue stroked across the inside of my lips, instigating them to
quiver, and his hands grazed over my skin.  A novel sensation travelled its way
through my whole body, leaving goose bumps in its path.  When I moaned lightly
as a consequence, his tongue seized the opportunity to enter further, and began
sweeping my mouth, exploring every corner of it before merging with my tongue
and inviting it into a seductive dance.  Štefan tasted even more delectable
than he smelt, something I had not believed possible!

I could
feel my nipples stiffening as the flesh of my breasts were pressed into the
muscles of his chest.  Then I realised that his manhood was thickening substantially
between us, and I felt the heat of it pressing into my abdomen.  A sensation
shot through me as my mind sent me images of things of which I should have been

then all too abruptly, Štefan’s mouth left mine and the warmth of his body was
pulling away from me, leaving me cold and shivering.  I looked at him
questioningly, wondering why he would sever this wonderful moment we were
sharing just when it was becoming so passionate.  His face transfigured again
displaying his customary jesting eyes once more.

he was brushing his hands over my arms briskly.  “We better get you out of this
water, Katja, you are freezing.  I could never live with myself if you caught
your death as a consequence of my rash idea!” 

Štefan, I am fine.  I was not too cold with you close to me.”  I gazed into his
eyes evocatively, endeavouring to bring back the glimpse I had had of his
tender and passionate side.

rather than the result I had hoped, he grinned playfully and dashed through the
water crying out, “You had better beat me to shore before I steal your clothes,

I did not put it past him to do such an outlandish thing.  Therefore, I had no
choice but to run after him, drawn into participating in his theatrics once

he allowed me to win and I retrieved my clothes securely.

are becoming faster, Katja.  I suppose you are growing up after all.”

seized the opportunity he had presented.  “Yes, I am, Štefan,” I said sweetly,
twirling about to display all of myself for him.  “I have grown up quite a bit,
wouldn’t you say?”

eyes browsed over me, hungrily I believe, for just a moment.  He smiled
heartily.  “Yes, Katja.  You
becoming quite the woman.  You shall
make some man very lucky, indeed!”

words cut through me, piercing into my heart. 
Some man?  Why not him?  Is
he merely playing it safe, or is he trying to tell me he holds no serious
interest in me.

happiness evacuated my face as I began to put on my garments.  He followed
suit, the sudden silence between us deafening. 

after dressing, he made an excuse to dash on home, only leaving me confused and
wanting him more than I ever had before.

that day, all I could think of was feeling his lips upon mine again.  I clung onto
that solitary kiss for years.

BOOK: The Falling of Katja: an Erotic Romance (Anam Céile Chronicles)
10.72Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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