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The Heart of Revenge

BOOK: The Heart of Revenge
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Jamaica’s Most Outrageous Author


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ISBN 978-976-95365-2-4

Excerpts from “Climaxes” copyright 2011 Richie

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Richie Drenz

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Table of


Chapter 1 - Heartburns & in-Deceptions

Chapter 2 - God in her Heart

Chapter 3 - It Started When I Was Fourteen

Chapter 4 - Heart Forgives but After I Revenge

Chapter 5 - Busted Or Not?

Chapter 6 - Jacket Or Abortion

Chapter 7 - Daddy Wishes Son Dirt

Chapter 8 - Death, His Final Supper, Served As a Hearty

Chapter 9 - Vance Has A Big Heart

Chapter 10 - Vance Has A Good Friend

Chapter 11 - Ice cream for Pinky?

Chapter 12 - Before I Touch it

Chapter 13 - A Clean Heart, Muddy Hands and Who

Chapter 14 - I’m Building a Mansion On

Chapter 15 - Picture-woman Munchy

Chapter 16 - An Heartfelt I Do

Chapter 17 - My White Gold Wedding Ring

Chapter 18 - Braveheart, I Won’t Run

Chapter 19 - Do This For Me

Chapter 20 - The Heart of War

Chapter 21 - The Broken-Hearted

Chapter 22 - Full Heart Attack

Chapter 23 - Emergency, Just Pick up

Chapter 24 - What Now?

Chapter 25 - It’s in a Nissan Sunny

Chapter 26 - Use your Head

Chapter 27 - Vodka in My Heart String

Chapter 28 - Dig Up in Mi Mother’s Business

Chapter 29 - Pack Your Belongings

Chapter 30 - What Kind of Secret Between Them

Chapter 31 - Pay Me or Get Shot

Chapter 32 - Be Warned

Chapter 33 - Keep Trying Till Never

Chapter 34 - This is the Plan B

Chapter 35 - Got To Go

Chapter 36 - Who Dead

Chapter 37 - Persuasion

Chapter 38 - Mr. Willie Hold the Keys

Chapter 39 - Back to the Warehouse

Chapter 40 - Heart in My Mouth

Chapter 41 - Black Heart

Chapter 42 - Balancing my Heart

Chapter 43 - The Heart of Revenge


About the Author




All characters in this book have no existence
outside the imagination of the author and have no relation
whatsoever to anyone bearing the same name or names. They are not
even distantly inspired by any individual known or unknown to the
author, and all incidents are pure inventions of fiction.




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gigantic support of my literature, moral support and encouragement,
without you this book would still be at chapter eleven. Likewise
Shanice Steve you have been such great support. Tadreen
‘Bossybratz’ Segree, I swear your support knows no bounds and I too
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Dedicated to - Melissa Roye



The Jamaican Ninja

Release Date - 30 Sept. 2012

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Release Date - 31 Nov. 2012

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The Heart of Revenge 2

Release Date - 31 Nov. 2012

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Heartburns & in-Deceptions

by: Leelia Lexings

Like seriously, it all began out of REVENGE.
And the problem was all because the door wasn’t shut. As in, it was
pushed closed but the lock wasn’t secured. It wasn’t safe. I
could’ve and should’ve latched it but I didn’t, and it wasn’t that
I was too caught up here either, just wasn’t sure I was really
going to go through with this or not. It’s summer, June 11, and
lord did I need this three months break from UWI. I was so charged
up about it until I threw myself into this situation I’m in right
now. I planned it, but sitting here face to face with it right now,
I‘m not sure how I should feel inside or what I was feeling. My
age? Nineteen. Just turned nineteen in April, and believe it or
not, today is probably the biggest day I’ll ever have in my life
already. And for sure the most important day in my brother,
Vance’s, life. I nervously looked towards the lock on the plain
white door. Don’t judge me, - BUT - today, this was happening in
the bathroom.

“Hey, take our picture. Just like we are

I instructed him, while sitting in his lap.
My arms hugged around his neck, both of us were dressed in formal
clothes and sitting in the bathroom. My breasts were outside the
cups of my strapless satin dress, and my nipples still wet from
just slipping out his mouth.

“Of the two of us?” he asked tilting his
head, shocked and puzzled, looking straight into my eyes. His pants
zipper half-way open. It made no sense to him, but to me I knew
exactly why I wanted him to do it.

I barely mouthed, “Yeah sweets.” Raised my
bosom up, and brushed my nipples against his face, my nipple rubbed
above his opened mouth, grazing it. “You don’t have to make your
face show in the pics.” I freed one of my arms from around his neck
and quickly glanced back at the lock, turned back around and
lightly petted the side of his cheek. “I don’t want you to get in
any trouble boo, but make sure my face is showing ...

Pretty please...,” I lowered my face close to
his as I said ‘pretty please’ and continued to speak with my lips
almost touching his cheek and close to his ear, “And show exactly
what we’re doing. OK?”

He girthed around my slim waist with both
hands and eased me off him a bit. “Like this!” He panicked. He knew
if a word of this ever got out and this shit ever hit the fan, it
would be a very nasty tailspin. His eyes were searching all over my
face, trying to see if I was sure. He asked, “Half-naked? You

I was. As serious as a heart surgery on

“Yeah. Email me them.” I pampered my hand
seductively down the chest of his white long sleeve shirt, rubbing
with pressure, so I could feel the sexual raise of his huge erected
nipple through his shirt.

“Ping me when you send them off boo.” My palm
was pressing over the roundness of his nipple, I slithered my hand
down his muscular chest and back up to his nipple, twinged it
between my thumb and index finger, pinching and pulling it hard.
Rolled it between my fingers and he licked his lips, licked them
again, slowly, his teeth biting on the underside of his lower-lip.
I clawed his nipple playfully with my manicured nails. His penis
twitched upward.

His face changed; a hint of anger painted his
eyes. He grabbed my hand, held it steady. “Mad woman, suppose Qwan
see them?” He was looking in my eyes as if I were a person on some
cheap, wholesale crack.

I became aware of where I was; anyone could
walk in on us at any minute. Lord knows I wouldn’t want that. With
no smile on my face, I answered him in a hushed tone,

“Don't you worry about it, umm ... Nate. It’s
Nate right?” he bobbed his head agreeing and said,

BOOK: The Heart of Revenge
10.6Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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