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The Heaven I Found In Hell

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The Heaven I Found In Hell



Ashley Andrews



Ashley Andrews

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This is a work of fiction. All characters, names, places and events are the product of the author's imagination or used fictitiously.



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Chapter 1: Prologue

Chapter 2: Roommates and Model Material Guys

Chapter 3: Supermodels Aren't Porn Stars

Chapter 4: No One Can Perfect Calculus

Chapter 5: Playing Fashionista

Chapter 6: Committed to being Uncommitted

Chapter 7: Making Deals

Chapter 8: Playing Matchmakers

Chapter 9: Learning, Arguing, Bonding

Chapter 10: His, Her, Their Crazy Hearts

Chapter 11: The Jogging Stalkers

Chapter 12: The Worst of the Best

Chapter 13: Confusing Complications

Chapter 14: Mind Games of the Foolish Hearted

Chapter 15: Attack of the Cameras

Chapter 16: Scoring Goals Winning Kisses

Chapter 17: Messed Up

Chapter 18: Not So Messed Up My Ass

Chapter 19: Arguing Is The Best Thing Couples Can Do

Chapter 20: In Need of a Dress for my Big Size

Chapter 21: Meet The Parents

Chapter 22: I'm a Porn Star and He's an Ass

Chapter 23: Since

Chapter 24: Know the Steps

Chapter 25: Epilogue




Chapter 1: Prologue

The curtains were drawn, as the lights centered on the middle of the runway. I heard a 'go' from behind me, and took it as a cue to start moving. Stopping from time to time to pose, I strutted down the elevated platform, as photographers working for different magazines started taking pictures, their flashes blinding me.


I stopped at the end of the runway and showed off the silver Calvin Klein dress I wore. The garment had a very low V-shaped neckline that almost fully exposed my chest. The dress was something you'd normally see in red carpet events, and wearing a gown that was probably going to be bought by some Hollywood actress gave me a good feeling, not a particularly great feeling since I was used to this kind of stuff. I was a Victoria's Secret model, and I also did runways for a lot of top designers, like what I was doing at the moment, posing in a Calvin Klein creation.


After a couple of seconds, I turned back and headed backstage, as I ended my walk with a sharp turn of my head before I joined the other models waiting to walk on the white platform I had just strutted down on.


"Lexy, are you going to the party?" My fellow model, Rebecca, asked the moment the show ended.


She was in the process of removing her dress and changing into a comfortable pair of jeans and a halter silk top, while I on the other hand, took out my Blackberry Pearl, and checked my schedule, just to make sure I hadn't planned anything for tonight.


"Just wait a minute…" I said with my eyes still on my mobile.


I unlocked it and checked my organizer, and when I found the date, I frowned. I forgot about the dinner I was having with my parents. They had planned this a week ago, and I just couldn't cancel on them for the sake of going to a party that was probably going to have most of the same things every event I've been to have.




"I can't Becca. I'm having dinner with my parents."


She looked at me disappointedly, before she took a long stride over to my place. She pulled me in for a hug, before she said, "That's sad…" with an added gesture that showed mock-sympathy.”You'll miss a lot of gorgeous male models, and when I say a lot, I made sure they're a lot." She said with a small laugh.


I laughed too, before I put my mobile, wallet, and iPod back into my bag, and slapped her teasingly on the arm. I slung my Balenciaga over my shoulder, as I made my way outside to my car. I got in my white BMW and headed over to this Japanese restaurant called 'Masa' for some fine dining. Before entering the building and heading over to the fourth floor, I had to find a place to park. When I finally had, I entered the restaurant, and considering that it was a small, but very luxurious place, I immediately found my parents. I went over to where they were, and kissed their cheeks before I took my place on the seat across from them.


A tall Japanese man went over to our place, and greeted us with a simple 'Hello' spoken in Japanese, before he took out a piece of paper and a pen. In English, and with a very good American accent, as if he hadn't spoken Japanese for a while, asked us for our orders. 


"We'll have one plate of assorted sushi, one order of teriyaki, another order of teppanyaki…" My mom trailed off, knowing full-well their menu since she enjoyed eating at this place with her socialite friends.


I rolled my eyes unnoticeably at the person who brought me into this world. We were only three, and I especially didn't have a big appetite. My dad hadn't even ordered yet, and here she was rambling random orders like we were her pets who couldn't make decisions for ourselves, with relation to food.


"How about you two? Do you want to add anything else?" My mother asked, finally taking notice of us.


Being the follower between the two of them, my dad simply shook his head at my mom, while I ordered a simple salad.


"I'll have a shrimp salad only." I said to the man serving us.


He smiled and nodded his head at me, before he wrote my order down. From the corner of my eye, I saw my mom shaking my head, before she turned and looked at my father. My mama-dear then placed her attention to me before telling the waiter, "That's all. Thank you."


The waiter left, and when I sideways glanced to my beloved parents, I saw my mother look at me disappointedly and worriedly, while my father had an expression of nonchalance on his face.


"Why? What's wrong?" I asked my parents.


As usual, my mom was the one who opened her mouth, while daddy dearest just listened to her, nodding his head at every sentence she finished.


"Your father and I have been talking…" She said. She looked like she wasn't quite sure of the things she was going to say. She opened, closed, opened, and closed her mouth repeatedly, and I was getting annoyed. Both of them knew I was stubborn, but like they cared.


"Just say it, mom." I said to her. Mentally, I smacked myself on the head.


I missed a hot party full of gorgeous models to be reprimanded for something I had no idea why? This sucks…


"You say it Jack." My mom told my father. My father let out a deep sigh before he started to explain the end of me.


"Your mother and I have decided to put you in boarding school. Because -…" I immediately cut my dad off.


"Boarding school? But I get home-schooled…" I reasoned out to them as I stabbed the placemat with my chopstick.


"Honey, your home-schooling isn't even consistent…you get home-schooled whenever you're in the U.S., but what happens to your brain when you're in Europe or in Asia?"


"But I'm earning a lot of money…"


I know. I absolutely suck at defending myself...


"Honey, you're seventeen and with your beauty a lot of designers are getting you to be their 'First Face' in their shows, but what happens after a decade?" My mom asked. I noticed my dad had stopped talking, and apparently, I guessed sooner that it was my mother who wanted all of this, and my dad, being a good husband, was just going along.


"I'll be twenty-seven. That's not bad…"


"Think long-term, honey. What will happen to you when your skin starts to age? It's not just about beauty, and have to think of yourself...your mind...girls your age are probably studying Trigonometry while you're out here learning about the 'What's hot's and 'What not's of the world."

BOOK: The Heaven I Found In Hell
7.01Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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