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et her go

Odhran grinned at him.

"How about you make it worth my while, huh?"

"I know what you want. Let her go. I'll tell you what I know. If you hurt her..."

"We'll torture you until you tell us what we want to know anyway."

"I'll die before telling you a word about it. Harold might be trained in advanced interrogation techniques, but I was raised in foster homes."

Odhran raised a single brow. He motioned towards the container with his head. One of his thugs went inside to check the container. He emerged a minute later with a nod and stood outside of the door.

Odhran stroked his chin.

"Let her go."

The thug holding Phoebe let her go. She ran straight for Andreas. He couldn't hold her, not now, but he felt a lot better with her by his side. They weren't out of the woods yet.

"You're bleeding. You have blood all over your pants."

"Baby, don't think about it. Can you go for a walk? Wait near where we parked the first time."

She raised her eyebrows.

"Please have faith. Everything will be fine. This is about business." He knew that Odhran was watching their exchange.


They watched as Phoebe walked away.


hoebe headed
towards where they had initially parked when she was pulled behind a storage container with a hand over her mouth. She tried to wiggle away, but she couldn't.

"It's Bill. You should've stayed in the truck." Phoebe relaxed immediately. "Please get into this container. This is where the guys are staying right now. You should've let us get your father to safety." He finally let go of her mouth.

"I heard a shot and panicked; I felt like I should run."

"You need to trust us, okay? We know what we're doing."

She bristled because he implied that she didn't know what she was doing. Drawing in a deep breath and trying to center herself, she went into the container with all the guys. Her heart thumped when she heard the door close, cutting her off from her husband.

All I Know

here is the Crucible
?" Straight to business.

"The FBI destroyed it." Yeah, it was a lie, but they weren't going to get their hands on the thing. Odhran would need to accept it eventually.

"Bullshit." Andreas blinked at Odhran, who looked like he never cursed. He looked extremely proper, despite the overly shiny quality of his suit.

"It's gone."

"I know for a fact that it's not gone." Odhran pulled out a small .22-caliber gun. He took off the safety.

"Don't toy with me, boy. I want to know where it is."

Andreas grinned and said, "I only promised to tell you what I knew. That's what I knew. Scout's honor." Andreas held up his other hand, the gun-free one, in a mockery of the Boy Scout's motion.

Unimpressed with Andreas, Odhran squeezed the trigger of his gun.

A shot rang out from behind Andreas. Odhran fell before he completed pulling the trigger. His thugs pulled out their weapons and exchanged fire with the rest of Andreas' crew. Andreas crawled low to the ground to get out of the crossfire. He saw that Harold was near him. Harold was not in any shape to get into a gun fight.

"Sorry, Andreas." Harold headed towards the container.

"What the hell? Where are you going?"

Harold took the safety off of his gun. "Got something to do." He shot his guard in the head.

Andreas swallowed hard. It was cold to kill an unconscious man, but he probably deserved if Harold Kaine was delivering death. He'd chosen the wrong man to follow. They stayed on the floor of the container until they couldn't hear anymore shots.

They slowly walked up when all the thugs were down. Some of the crew stayed behind for cleanup -- that's what the truck was for. The other guys got into Andreas' SUV. Harold took over the operation as he got into the car.

"We're going into an FBI medical center."

"Is that a good idea? You realize what we are, right?"

"Doesn't matter. I'll call you my CIs and tell them that you helped me catch Odhran. Close enough to the truth for my report about this whole ordeal."

"They know that you disappeared."


Phoebe was sitting in the passenger seat. Andreas knew that it wasn't all that safe to hold her hand while he was driving, but he didn't give a damn.

"Where are we going?"

Harold Kaine gave them turn by turn instructions until they were in front of a nondescript business building in Herndon.

Medical Center

? Really?"

"Don't knock it."

Harold got out of the car. Andreas could see from the way that he was walking that nothing was broken, but he'd definitely been worked over.

“Just get inside before anybody can notice us.”

Andreas and the rest of the crew got inside of the building.

As soon as the doors opened, Andreas understood why Harold had taken them there. It smelled like a hospital.

“Harold Kaine,” Harold told the receptionist. “I need clean up.”

“Right away, sir.” The receptionist tapped his name into her computer and checked the photo that came up her screen. “I’ll have a team come downstairs.”

Andreas was suddenly conscious of the enormous amount of blood soaking his slacks. He immediately walked over to a chair and nonchalantly sat down. The adrenaline had masked the fact that it hurt to walk.

“Andreas? Are you okay?”

“I got shot in the leg, babe.”

“I know. And there’s a hole in the front of your shirt.”

Andreas looked down. There was a hole from when they shot him the first time.

“It’s okay. I’m wearing Kevlar.” Or something slightly better.

There was a nurse with grey hair who came down to look at the whole crew. Most of them were unscathed, but Harold was in pretty bad shape, and Andreas knew that he had lost a lot of blood.

“Harold is going first, then you, then you.” She pointed at Andreas and Phoebe.

“Me? I wasn’t shot.”

“You’re pregnant.”

“How can you tell?”

“The way that your hand is on your stomach. No arguing.” She pulled Harold towards an examination room. Andreas could see him wincing. He might have bruises on his arms.

Andreas waited until he was checked out. They helped stop the flow of blood and quickly extracted the bullet before disinfecting the wound.

“You’re going to need a wheelchair for a few days.”

“Fuck that.”

“Language!” Phoebe said. “What about the baby?”

“I don’t think that the baby can hear me in utero, babe.”


“You’re pregnant.” The second nurse, the one who checked Andreas, looked at Phoebe. “Would you like a little ultrasound?”


She went out the door and came back pulling a cart.

“The gel is a little cold, but I think that you can handle it.”

She motioned for Phoebe to get on the bed. She climbed up next to Andreas. Andreas got off and limped to a chair.

“Shirt up, please.”

The nurse smeared gel all over Phoebe’s stomach before putting the ultrasound device on her. There was a monitor on the cart.

“Andreas! Do you see our baby?”

“Yes, I do.” He had to clear his throat, which felt choked up.

Phoebe was crying happy tears. He limped to the bed to hug her.

“I’ll just wipe off the gel and then leave you two alone. A doctor will be in shortly.” The nurse grabbed paper towels from a dispenser, wiped down Phoebe’s stomach, and left the room.

“We’re going to be okay, babe. I know that I let you down, but…”

“You kept your word.”

Andreas locked his eyes with her.

“You kept your word. My father is just fine. All of this would’ve turned out very differently if you weren’t….you. Exactly you. I’ll just have to relearn who you are. Your training saved us all.”

Andreas could tell that she was still turning all of it over in her mind.

“You’re my miracle, Phoebe. I love you with everything inside of me — everything that I have.”

Smiling, she said, “I know. Me, too.”

Andreas knew that they would be just fine.

“Let’s start from the beginning. I’m Andreas. I grew up in the Nelson Hill Houses. I was made more than I was born…”


ass the peas
, please.” Harold grinned at Andreas as he asked it. He had become a lot warmer after Andreas saved his life, but he still loved to give him a hard time.

Andreas handed him the peas, which were mixed with gooey cheese. They were the best peas that Andreas had ever had in his life.

“So, is there anything else that you’d like to get off your chest before you’re properly initiated? Family? Friends?”


“Answer the question.”

“Uh…no. I can’t think of anything.”

“Splendid. You’ll do the dishes tonight.”


“You heard me, son, unless all those gun shots impacted your eardrums. Take you initiation like a man.”

Harold winked at him before shoving the serving spoon under the peas and getting a big helping.

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BOOK: The Hitman's Pregnant Bride: A Baby Romance
2.28Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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