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The Margarets

BOOK: The Margarets
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The Margarets
Sheri S. Tepper


In fond memory of
my friend of sixty-three years,
J. L
without whose encouragement
I would never have written a word







Human bases on Phobos and in Valles Marineris

Margaret Bain

Louise and Harry Bain, her parents

Chili Mech, a technician



The worldwide Urb, occupying the entire planet’s surface

Dr. David Mackey, Margaret’s husband


CHOTTEM (Human colony planet, partly occupied by the Gibbekot)

Perepume, a continent occupied by the Gibbekot

Manland, a continent partially settled by humans

Within Manland: The city of Bray, a sea city

Stentor d’Lorn, Founder and Tycoon

Mariah d’Lornschilde, his daughter

Von Goldereau d’Lornschilde, a cousin

The village of Swylet

The Gardener, a longtime resident

Gretamara, [a Margaret] foster daughter of the Gardener

Benjamin Finesilver, artist and dreamer, husband of Mariah

Sophia, his daughter

Grandma Bergamot, Grandfather Vinegar, and other herbal persons


CANTARDENE (Mercan planet, occupied by the K’Famir)

Om-Bak-Zandig-Shadup (Crossroads of the Worlds) freeport
Bak-Zandig-g’Shadup (Street of Many Worlds) pleasure district

Ongamar, [a Margaret] bondslave, seamstress

Adille, a K’Famira, a pleasure-female, Ongamar’s owner

Bargom, Adille’s patron

Lady Ephedra, K’Famira, owner of House Mouselline

Progzo, Adille’s father

Draug B’lango, Adille’s clan leader

The Hill of Beelshi (site of unspeakable rites)


THAIRY (Human colony planet, also occupied by the Gibbekot)

Town of Bright

Naumi, [a Margaret] foster son of Rastarong

Mr. Wyncamp, school manager

Mr. Weathereye, elderly, odd personage with one eye various citizens and louts

Fort Point Zibit (site of the academy)

Captain Orley, commandant

Sergeant Orson, in charge of first-year cadets

Grangel, cadet and lout

Jaker, Flek, Poul, Caspor and Ferni, cadets and Naumi’s friends


TERCIS (Human colony planet, divided into “Walled-Offs”)

Hostility (a Walled-Off )

Rueful (a Walled-Off ) Contrition City

Repentance (a large town)

Remorseful (a small town, site of the school, also a river)

Deep Shameful (a hamlet)

Crossroads (a village in The Valley)

Grandma Mackey [a Margaret]

Dr. Bryan Mackey, her husband

Maybelle and Mayleen, Margaret’s daughters

James Joseph Judson ( Jimmy Joe), Maybelle’s husband

Til and Jeff, their twin sons

Gloriana, their daughter

Falija, Glory’s fosterling

Billy Ray Judson, Mayleen’s husband

Joe Bob and Billy Wayne (twin sons)

Ella May and Janine Ruth (twin daughters)

Benny Paul, son, twin died at birth

Trish, daughter, twin died at birth

Sue Elaine and Lou Ellen, twin daughters

Orvie John, son, twin died at birth

Little Emmaline, daughter, twin died at birth

[At time of story, Billy Wayne has gone off to the army, Ella May has joined the Siblinghood of Silence, and Janine Ruth has moved to Contrition City.]

Pastor Grievy

Abe Johnson

Bamber Joy, Abe’s foster son

Others mentioned in passing


FAJNARD (formerly Gentheran planet taken over by the Frossians)

The Fastness—where Gentherans still live

The Grasslands—occupied by

The umox farm

Medicines sans Limites. Volunteer doctors, human


Mar-agern, [a Margaret] bondslave, herdswoman

Umoxen, wool-bearing animals, or perhaps not

Ghoss, humans, somewhat modified

Deen-agern, a Ghoss

Rei-agern, a Ghoss

Various Frossian slave drivers and overlords

Howkel and Mrs. Howkel, hayraiders

Mirabel and Maniacal, two of their children

Gizzardiles: inimical creatures


HELL (distant, little-known planet with a tragic history)

One buried Gentheran ship

Wilvia [a Margaret]


(Human colony planet)


(Human colony planet)


(Human colony planet)

The prairies, temperate zone

The Siblinghood

The Tribes, former bondslaves of violent disposition

Dark Runner, a tribal boy and man

Wolf Mother, a shamaness

M’urgi, [a Margaret] her apprentice

Fernwold, M’urgi’s lover, a member of the Siblinghood

The icelands, an area of severe winters

B’Oag, an oasthouse keeper

Ojlin, his son

G’lil, a young woman rescued at the last moment

Ogric, a worker



Ghyrm, a deadly parasite

Mr. Weathereye

Lady Badness

The Gardener

Dweller in Pain

Flayed One-Drinker of Blood

Whirling Cloud of Darkness-Eater of the Dead

Sysarou, Gentheran Goddess of Abundance and Joy

Ohanja, Gentheran God of Honor, Duty, and Kindness



Baswoidin: ancient, secretive, superior

Elos: Omniont race, graceful, sneery, arrogant

Frossian: Mercan race, boneheaded, vaguely humanoid, malign

Garrick: related to the Gentherans

Gentherans: mysterious, beneficent

Gibbekot: humanoid, furry, small

Hrass: Omniont race, tapirlike, unassuming, dirty, cringing

K’Famir: Mercan race, four-legged, four-armed, vicious

K’Vasti: Mercan race, distantly related to K’Famir, less vicious

Pthas: ancient, very wise, now presumed extinct or departed

Quaatar: Mercan race, ancient, prideful, arrogant, vengeful

Thongal: Mercans, hireling spies and killers

Trajians: a very ancient itinerant race, famous as entertainers



Siblinghood of Silence: a secret organization including humans and Gentherans

ISTO: Interstellar Trade Organization. A regulatory organization of all races engaging in interstellar trade

IGC: Intergalactic Court. The final arbiter in conflicts among races

BOOK: The Margarets
13.01Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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