The Mates Who Gave Him Salvation [Feral 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour ManLove) (8 page)

BOOK: The Mates Who Gave Him Salvation [Feral 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour ManLove)

Their witch was in something that looked like a dark vortex. The light ended at the very edge of the vortex, as if sucked in by the pure blackness. G’aladon floated in the middle, as if immobilized by invisible shackles. His eyes were open, and he gazed at them as if he couldn’t believe they were really there.

“You truly came,” he gasped out, his voice rough, full of emotion. “I…It’s not safe.”

For a few moments, Roarke didn’t reply, since he was too busy looking at the witch. He could indeed see the resemblance between G’aladon and Hewitt. They had the same black eyes and hair, and their facial structure was also similar. But while Roarke had been attracted to Hewitt in a sort of distant way, he felt drawn to G’aladon like a moth to the flame. No, like the moon to Earth.

G’aladon was completely nude, and under normal circumstances, Roarke would have been all over him. The only problem was that he could not focus on arousal, not when G’aladon’s beautiful body was covered with lacerations, old wounds seeping with blood and newer ones appearing with each second that passed. Some looked like they had been caused by knives, others more like whip marks, and some of the rest like burns or even frostbite. In the real world, G’aladon would have long ago died, either by infection or by blood loss. A body, even that of a paranormal being, simply wasn’t designed to withstand such an assault.

In this sterile environment, G’aladon had continued living, unable to succumb to his injuries, but unable to fight them, either. But no longer. Now more than ever, Roarke was convinced he’d do anything to free G’aladon. Unlike the moon that could never fully pursue its gravitational attraction, he would reach his mate.

He nodded at Quinn, and Quinn gave him a tremulous smile. Tears flowed down the human’s cheeks, but neither of them made any move to brush them away. Roarke would have wept as well, but the tears wouldn’t come. Instead, his claws emerged, painfully digging into his palm.

Drops of blood fell on the golden path, along with Quinn’s tears. It was somehow fitting, tears for G’aladon’s sorrow and his heart, blood for his pain and his physical body. As it turned out, the astral realm seemed to agree with him. Bright rays emerged from the pathway, solidifying into threads of pure light. They reached for G’aladon, drawing him out of the vortex and toward Quinn and Roarke. The dark whirlpool closed, and G’aladon landed in Roarke’s arms, looking dazed and exhausted.

“This cannot be,” he said. “You cannot free me. I will destroy your world and your friends.”

“You will not,” Quinn said in a tremulous voice, caressing G’aladon’s face. “Roarke and I trust you.”

Roarke summoned the image of his perfect place for a mating, just like he had remembered it earlier. Obediently, the astral realm morphed for him, becoming an old forest that watched over them with benevolent eyes. A soft, gentle breeze caressed Roarke’s skin, teasing his nostrils with the scent of spring and flowers. Nearby, a clear river whispered its cheerful song.

Murmuring a word of thanks, Roarke deposited G’aladon in the grass. The witch appeared to be in awe at what was going on. “How is this possible? Am I dreaming?”

“You know you’re not,” Roarke replied. “Now relax and let us take care of you.”

This was it. This was the moment when the three of them would come together. Whether G’aladon knew it or not, this was the first day of the rest of their lives.


* * * *


When G’aladon had conceded to the Spirit Mother’s idea, he had not truly expected it to work. A part of him had still doubted, wondered, questioned. He couldn’t bring himself to believe that he had earned such affection from Quinn and Roarke.

After all, what had he ever done to deserve their love? He’d ended up imprisoned because of his own wickedness. In his pain, he had reached out to Roarke and nearly driven the wolf insane. He had plagued Quinn’s dreams and might have shred the human’s mind into pieces had Quinn’s psychic abilities not been uncommonly strong.

And still, they wanted to help him. They wanted to care for him. G’aladon had wished for this for so long, so now, even knowing that he had no right to their affection, he couldn’t help but be greedy for it.

They didn’t seem to mind. If anything, they were as greedy as him. As soon as he lay down in the soft, sweet-smelling grass, Roarke and Quinn began to fuss over him, carefully inspecting his injuries. G’aladon braced himself for pain, but it never came. Wherever their hands touched, his wounds healed, leaving behind unblemished flesh.

Sensation engulfed G’aladon, sweet and true, like a feast to a starving man. After being denied any sort of touch for centuries, after having a reality where only pain existed, his body was oversensitive, deprived, and needful for the affection and lust the other two men showered him with.

When Roarke kissed him for the first time, G’aladon almost thought he truly had died and gone to heaven. That was impossible, however, so G’aladon surmised this must be real. Roarke’s mouth pressed against his, at first gentle, but then, more possessive, more demanding. G’aladon wrapped his arms around Roarke, pulling the wolf closer and parting his lips for Roarke’s assault.

Roarke’s tongue slipped into the wet cavern, claiming him, exploring him, taking G’aladon’s breath away. In the meantime, Quinn licked down G’aladon’s chest, his gentle, more innocent touches making a striking contrast with Roarke’s assault. He stopped over G’aladon’s nipple, sucking it into his hot mouth. G’aladon’s moan was swallowed into Roarke’s kiss. He forgot about his questions and his misgivings and lost himself in the passion.

He would have liked to keep kissing Roarke forever, to hold onto the moment and never let go. But the touches of the two men were too good, too addicting. Their scents, their warmth, and just the thought that they cared about him mingled in a cocktail of emotion and sensation that G’aladon couldn’t hope to resist.

When Quinn’s caresses grew bolder, finally venturing beyond G’aladon’s waist, G’aladon could feel his climax approaching. And then, the human slowly crawled down his body and tentatively lowered his mouth over G’aladon’s cock. He was obviously inexperienced and shy about it, but that only aroused G’aladon more. One flick of that sweet, pink tongue, and G’aladon lost it.

His first orgasm in centuries washed over him, so intense it almost brought tears to G’aladon’s eyes. It was only by some miracle that he managed not to lose consciousness. Or perhaps it was the astral realm. It had always prevented him from falling asleep and finding solace in the oblivion of slumber. This time, G’aladon felt thankful for it, and not even the memories that lingered at the back of his mind could ruin the absolute bliss.

Roarke broke their kiss while Quinn pulled away, looking shocked and a bit embarrassed. G’aladon’s spunk had landed all over his cheeks and his hair. He was the most beautiful sight G’aladon had ever seen in his life, a ravaged angel there to grant him salvation.

Even so, G’aladon surmised the other men might be disappointed that he’d ended the moment too soon. “Sorry about that,” he apologized. “It was just too much.”

Roarke smiled at him, and in spite of the heat lingering in his gaze, his voice was gentle. “We’re the ones who should be sorry. We shouldn’t have pushed you, not right now. You’re probably not ready.”

G’aladon might have argued with the other man, but then, Roarke pulled Quinn close and started licking the cum from the human’s face. G’aladon’s mind just about melted. The feral seemed to be enjoying the taste of G’aladon’s spunk a lot, and Quinn was responding quite beautifully to Roarke’s ministrations. Small whimpers of pleasure escaped him, and every sound had a direct effect on G’aladon’s cock. Yes, he had always boasted great stamina in bed, and it came as no surprise that, in spite of the earth-shattering orgasm he’d just experienced, he yearned for more.

Roarke immediately noticed his excitement, and G’aladon arched a brow at him. “I think you’re underestimating my need for you. I’ve wanted both of you forever.”

“Well, I wouldn’t dream of disappointing you,” Roarke replied. He shared a look with Quinn. “Isn’t that right, baby?”

“Oh, God, yes.” Quinn’s voice was breathless. “I just…Fuck…”

G’aladon realized that for a human, the attraction between the three of them must be confusing. As a feral, Roarke might have a different mindset, but Quinn had been brought up with the idea of a slow dating process. G’aladon was fairly certain Quinn’s family had warned him away from romantic entanglements with paranormal creatures.

His heart warm with affection for the courageous human, G’aladon cupped Quinn’s cheek. Throwing all caution to the wind, he pressed his mouth to that of the younger man’s.

Whatever uncertainties Quinn might have had paled when faced with the passion between true mates. Much like Roarke had done earlier for him, G’aladon took possession of Quinn’s mouth, his tongue twining with that of the human.

Quinn climbed into his lap, rubbing his body against G’aladon’s. The clothes covering the human created a frustrating barrier, preventing G’aladon from touching Quinn. His hands tore at the buttons of Quinn’s shirt, pulling on the material, not caring in the slightest when he heard seams rip and cotton tear.

Thankfully, Quinn had a more efficient method to disrobe. Briefly breaking the kiss, he took a few deep breaths and closed his eyes. G’aladon’s hands itched to grab Quinn again, but he could tell the human was attempting to focus.

His patience paid off, as a few moments later, Quinn’s clothes disappeared, and so did Roarke’s. G’aladon could have sobbed in relief. He massaged Quinn’s ass, running his fingers over the crease and reaching between the tempting cheeks to tease at Quinn’s hole.

Alas, Roarke stopped him before he could get any further. The feral pulled Quinn and G’aladon apart, his gray eyes having gone almost black with lust. “Enough,” Roarke growled. “If I watch you two touch for much longer, I’m gonna come.” He slapped G’aladon’s naked ass. “I don’t want to do that until I’m inside you.”

Quinn seemed to shake himself out of a trance and nodded. “You have to relax and let us take care of you.”

G’aladon might have said that he was entirely capable of deciding what he wanted to do and what he would enjoy. However, he couldn’t bring himself to protest the idea of Roarke fucking him. Having been close to the feral for so long, he knew how well-endowed Roarke was, but he had yet to experience it in his own skin.

“It looks like you like the idea.” Roarke smirked. “I knew you’d see things our way.”

With that, the feral flipped G’aladon on all fours. The action took G’aladon by surprise, and he released a startled yelp. Roarke didn’t give him time to even blink. He pressed his naked body to G’aladon’s, making him shudder with lust. Meanwhile, Quinn crawled in front of him, his jutting erection demanding G’aladon’s attention.

G’aladon didn’t even know where to look, what to focus on. Roarke caressed his back with certain, strong hands while Quinn brushed his hair out of his face, all gentleness and innocent lust. A moan escaped G’aladon, and he pushed back against Roarke, demanding the feral’s possession.

Roarke didn’t delay in complying with the request. He spread G’aladon’s ass cheeks, rubbing his thumb over G’aladon’s nether opening. G’aladon whimpered pathetically. Each of his men’s touches seemed more powerful than the last, exploring every bit of his needy body. Everything they did appeared to be designed especially to drive him wild with lust.

He wiggled his ass and licked his lips, telling them without words what he wanted. As always, they understood him. Quinn hesitated for a few moments, giving Roarke an inquiring look.

“Go on, baby,” Roarke encouraged the human. “Fuck his mouth. He wants you to.”

Quinn rubbed his prick over G’aladon’s lips, and G’aladon immediately reacted. He parted his lips, ready to take Quinn’s cock deep. But however inexperienced Quinn was, he also seemed determined to overwhelm G’aladon with his gentle caresses, to kill him with kindness. The human’s hands slipped into his hair, kneading his scalp. G’aladon had never thought he’d have erogenous spots there of all places, but his already hard-as-nails prick throbbed with every move of those fingers. Slowly, Quinn pushed his dick into G’aladon’s mouth, not going too fast, giving him time to adjust.

In a way, G’aladon was thankful for it. He wanted to take his time, to get to know his lovers’ needs and desires, to give them the same pleasure they had already offered him. Supporting himself on a single arm, he reached with the other hand and cupped Quinn’s erection in his fist. The human hissed as G’aladon started directing the rhythm, taking that sweet dick all the way into his throat. The flavor of Quinn’s pre-cum exploded on his taste buds, more addictive than all the magic and power in the world.

Roarke didn’t allow him to move any further. G’aladon lost all pretenses of control when two slick fingers slipped into his ass. Where had Roarke gotten lubricant? Well, everything was possible here, and it seemed that Roarke and Quinn had some sort of control over the astral realm.

The reminder of where they were should have scared G’aladon or at least deflated his arousal, but it didn’t. For the first time in ages, he felt safe, complete. In fact, G’aladon didn’t remember ever experiencing this emotion of fulfillment. Before being sent to this place, he’d never been satisfied with his life, not even when he’d traded his soul for the power that had eventually become his downfall. It still hadn’t been enough. He’d always wanted more. Something had always been lacking.

He needed more of Quinn and Roarke as well, but in a different way. Their touches cleansed him. Their passion purified him. And when Roarke’s talented fingers crooked inside him and hit his prostate, the pleasure he received made him feel like a new man.

Urgency rose inside G’aladon as Roarke continued to stretch him. As much as he liked the skilled way those digits worked him, G’aladon craved the real thing. He wanted Roarke to pound inside him, to make him believe that this was forever, not a temporary dream.

As if guessing his thoughts, Roarke removed his fingers from G’aladon’s ass. Seconds later, the blunt head of his cock nudged against G’aladon’s opening. “Ready?” the feral asked.

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