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“I’m not fragile Keys. I’m not a baby, nor am I a girl.”

I grabbed her hand and kissed it. “I know, but you’re still human. You got feelings and being Mendosa’s daughter don’t change that.”

She pulled her hand away, wiped her eyes and forced a smile on her face. “Tell my mama that.”

Her eyes dimmed again and the smile was gone. Without saying another word she stood up and walked toward the edge of the pool. She dived in and I was left to simmer about what she’d just said. Obviously she had a volatile relationship with her mother. Her father was clearly her ally and she was much closer to him. I wanted to know more, but I was going to wait patiently. So, I just sat there and watched her swim like a majestic mermaid, basking in her radiant beauty.






Chapter 8


My eyes were stuck on her when she finally rose from the water like a goddess. She stood in front of me as water dripped from her fine, sculptured body. I passed her the fluffy, white towel that was draped over the chair that she had been sitting in. She used it to dry off and I just stared at how her hair curled up and water droplets fell from the ringlets.

              “You look mesmerized,” she said with an amused look on her face.

              “I am.” My face was serious as hell because I wasn’t playing no games with her sexy ass.

              As she sat down, I continued, “Uh, about us being soul mates, I…well…”

              “You’re not a man of many words huh?” She proceeded to dry her hair.

              “Well, not when it comes to…my feelings.” I sighed and tried to find the right words to use. “I’m well…I never really cared about a chick. Well, maybe one…but… Uh, don’t get me wrong, I get pussy.” Suddenly I frowned, because that didn’t really sound right since I was trying to get with her on that level.

              “I mean, I’m into women, but I ain’t never really had those real feelings. You know?”

              She nodded and stared at me with curiosity as I tried to communicate the best way I knew how.

              “Damn, ma, all I’m tryna say is, I’m feelin’ something when I’m wit’ you that I ain’t never felt. It’s, it’s new and I like it. I ain’t tryna fight it, ‘cause it’s a reason for everything and it’s a reason that I’m here wit’ you right now.”

              Her eyes were on mine and they were telling me that she was feeling the same way that I did.

              “Now I understand why I couldn’t really get into anybody else. I had to be available for you.” Her voice was low and seductive and I was caught up.

              Sen’s aura was just too strong for words and I was lost in it. The struggle was real and my dick was hard as hell. Then I thought about that nigga Trell and how he was a certified hoe. I’d heard several rumors about bitches he’d fucked that were definitely A-Town thots. When I did hit, I wanted to feel that shit skin to skin, but I didn’t want to have to worry about her giving me anything.

              “I wanna go there wit’ you Sen, but I gotta ask you something.” Being a blunt nigga, I wasn’t going to hold anything back.

              She nodded and there was an anxious look on her face. “Okay.”

              “Uh, don’t get offended by this shit. I’m just bein’ real wit’ mine and I hope you respect me for that. I care about you and I’ll never put you in a fucked up situation. Especially when it comes to your life and shit. I hope you feel the same way about me. That nigga Trell, he, well, how can I put this?” I contemplated about a delicate way to tell her that the man she’d been in a relationship with would put his dick in anything.

              “Just say it…please.”

              “Okay. Trell’s fucked some of the nastiest bitches I know. Bitches most niggas wouldn’t touch wit’ another nigga’s dick. All I’m sayin’ is, before we go there, I gotta make sure you good. Have you ever let that nigga hit raw?” I wanted to know because when I did get up in it I didn’t want no damn condom between us

              She stared me straight in the eye. “Honestly, we’ve always used condoms and I’m not just saying that. Even when he called himself raping me he put on a condom. He said it was just in case I got brave and decided to report it. That nigga don’t even eat pussy, so I’m good. I know that herpes and all that shit can be transferred with condoms, but I just went to the doctor a couple weeks ago and everything checked out. Oh and don’t worry. I ain’t never sucked his dick and I’m glad I didn’t. I told him that would take a while.” She looked a little embarrassed by the conversation, but I was glad it was all out.

              “A’ight,” I nodded believing her. “Now, if we…go there…it’s over between you and that nigga. The sex is cut the fuck off.”

              “Shit, it’s already over. I’m just gonna play it off as best I can until it’s time to go along with whatever we’re gonna do to get rid of his ass. And what do you mean
we go there. We’re gonna go there. It’s just a matter of time.” She licked those thick, luscious lips and I couldn’t help but stare.

              “Okay sexy. I know you gotta do what you gotta do to make him think shit is all good, but you gon’ stay away from his ass. I’d rather you stay at your pop’s crib or here because I don’t want him puttin’ his hands on you again.” My face was balled up into an angry frown and she blew me a kiss to calm me down.

              “No worries. I’m gonna do what I gotta do, but he won’t be fuckin’ me again…”

              “But he forced himself on you before and…”

              “I told him that if he did that shit again I wasn’t helping him. At first he got out of pocket talkin’ about he’ll give the cops the evidence before ending my life. He knows he’ll rather get those kilos than get my pops locked up, or kill me right now. That’s way more worth his while. I just gotta figure out a way to destroy his evidence. We gotta get our hands on his phone and the original video. Then we gotta find out if his boys are really on to that shit.”

              I thought about it. “You’re right. Damn, we really can’t just rush into that shit shawty. It’s gonna take some real plannin’ to pull that shit off.”

              “I know, but I’m glad I found you again. It’s no way I could do this shit by myself. I…I…” Her voice trailed off.

              Before the tears could start again I was on my feet making my way over to her. I pulled her up from her seat and pulled her body into mine. My embrace was crushing as I pressed her softness into my hard chest. Her arms were around my neck and mine were around her waist. Damn, I really wanted to palm that fat ass, but I kept my composure.

              Resting her head on my chest she said in a soft, sweet voice, “You know exactly when to hug me.”

              I thought about that and it made me smile. “You used to say that when we were kids.”

              I felt her nod. “I know.”

              For a few minutes I just held her in silence and there were no tears in sight. That let me know that the moment of sadness had passed for now. I also knew that it would be back. It was clear that Sen was damaged, but she was beautifully damaged to me. Shit, we were all fucked up in a way, but I wanted to help her for some reason. Like an unfinished jigsaw puzzle, there were pieces of her that were out of place, but once she was whole, the result would be a stunning picture.

              In the midst of my thoughts I felt her soft, warm hands on my face. I looked down at her and her eyes were full of the same longing that was in mine. My head dipped down to meet her waiting lips and then our tongues joined in a heated tango. It was like once we’d started we couldn’t stop kissing.

              “Damn,” she whispered when I finally released her sweet mouth.

              It felt like sparks were traveling all over my body and I was about to combust at any second. Shit, I had to adjust my hardness because I knew that my boy was stabbing her in the belly. He wanted to poke her somewhere else, but I wasn’t going to rush her into anything.

              As I licked my lips, she tightened her grip around me. “My body is literally on fire right now,” she whispered.

              “Shit, tell me about it,” I agreed breathlessly. “You got me feelin’ like I could do some real nasty ass shit to you right now.”

              She visibly shivered as my hands traveled up and down her back. It took everything in me to keep stopping at the slope of her ass. Mmm, I knew it was soft as hell. All I wanted was one little squeeze. I let my hand drop, since she’d let me kiss her. Without doing too much, I let the soft, silky material of her bathing suit linger under my touch. Damn, she felt so soft. I couldn’t wait to touch her bare skin.

              “Well, since we’re askin’ questions. Have you fucked any bitches raw?” She peered up at me.

              “You the only woman I wanna hit raw ma. I slipped up in the past once or twice, but a nigga’s good. I ain’t one of them mufuckas who don’t go to the doctor and shit. I make sure I’m straight. I strap up now for sho’. A nigga done seen some shit.”

              “Okay. Well, in that case what’s stoppin’ you from doin’ the nasty shit you wanna do? Not me.” Her voice was low, sexy and inviting.

              “You sure?” I asked with my eyes glued to her face for a reaction.

              Knowing that nigga Trell had raped her made me wonder if she’d be okay with me making love to her. I had no clue if she was emotionally, or physically fucked up behind it.

              “I’m positive. This…is different. I want this.” She knew exactly what my reservations were about.

              The fact that she seemed to be able to read my mind made me kiss her fine ass again. That time I let both of my hands cup her ass cheeks.

              “Mmm,” I moaned in appreciation. A nigga was ready to take that bathing suit off of her.

              There was also a gazebo in the back yard with a cushioned bench, so I grabbed her hand and led her to it. She sat down, but I wanted to see her body when I undressed her.

              “Stand up,” I coaxed. “I wanna see all of you.”

              She blushed and it made me wonder why she was being so bashful. It was not a secret that she was confident as hell, so I didn’t know why she was acting all shy now.

              “Believe me, it’s just you. I’m nervous for some reason,” she spoke up suddenly.

              “Wow, can you read my mind shawty? Don’t be nervous. Relax baby.” I kissed her collar bone before removing her top.

              When her perfectly round C cup breasts spilled out my mouth watered instantly. The big, brown nipples and dark areolas were begging to be touched and tasted. I did both. Her hands softly caressed my face as I suckled on each of her nipples like I was a new born baby.

              “Damn, that feels so good.” Her voice was raspy and sensual.

              It turned me on and sent a sudden wave of shivers down my spine. I’d never been so physically into a woman before in my life. Foreplay was my thing, but I couldn’t wait to get inside of her. It felt like I would explode with anticipation I was so anxious.

              My tongue danced all over the soft, warm flesh of her flat stomach. I slurped her little innie belly button as my fingers slipped inside of the waist band of her bathing suit bottom. As I slid it down she helped me remove it by stepping out of it one foot at a time. Once it was off my eyes were glued to her thick, curvaceous frame. Bucket naked. Oh my God...

              “You are everything,” I said as if I was in a trance. “Turn around.”

              When she did my eyes took in every single inch of her. My breath caught when my vision’s focus landed on that juicy ass. Finally, no clothes to obstruct my view. I shook my head, trailed kisses down her back and then got down on my knees. Without even thinking twice my mouth was on her ass, sucking, kissing and licking those cheeks.

              “Uhhhh…mmm…Keys…” she moaned in satisfaction.

              Yup, I was about to eat the booty like groceries. Besides, she smelled so damn good. The sweet aroma that was permeating from her body was making me yearn to taste every single inch of her. Even her pedicured toes were pretty as hell and they were going to get sucked on too. I was not going to leave any part of her sexy ass body untouched. Every single square inch of her frame was going to get some attention.

              I gently spread her ass cheeks and got a good view of that fat ass pussy. My desire to release my hard dick and go ham on that shit was undeniable, but I kept it at bay. She needed to be loved and so I was going to show her that it was all about her. I wasn’t going to be selfish like I was sure most men were.

              I buried my face in it and used my tongue to tease and lick. My hands groped, caressed and massaged that soft ass as my warm, wet tongue teased her mercilessly.

              “Fuck Keys…mmm…damn…” She sounded like she was out of breath already and I’d just gotten started.

              Shit, I had to make myself stop, because I was enjoying it too much.

BOOK: The Plug's Daughter
7.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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