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              She was pretty as fuck with natural, bouncy, light brown curls, and soft, copper brown eyes. Not only was her facial features on point, but lil’ mama was thick and my eyes were on her in black tights and a gray, work out shirt. She had on sneakers, so I figured she’d came to fight. There was a scratch under her left eye, so I figured it had already gone down.

              “Shit,” I said under my breath.

              Dame’s baby mama Arica showed up at the door with a busted lip, but that time instead of a knife, she had a .45 in her hand.

              “I’m so fuckin’ sick of yo’ bitches Dame!” Tears were streaming down her cheeks and my heart started to beat a mile a minute.

              Suddenly she pointed the gun at him and it seemed like everything was happening in slow motion.

              “Put the gun down Arica,” I said in a soothing voice.

              She looked at me, but her eyes were empty. She was the first baby mama; the one he’d been with him since high school.

              “Keys?” She said my name like it was a question as her bottom lip quivered. “What you doing here?”

              There was a slight smile on her face when she spotted me and I was hoping that I’d distracted her.

              “Put the gun down ma. It ain’t worth it. Think about DJ.” I figured that mentioning their son would give her some clarity about the situation.

              She laughed and that shit not only sounded evil, but it was like she was really genuinely amused.

              “I’m so tired of your boy’s bullshit Keys.” She wiped her eyes with her free hand. “All I do is ride for his ass and all his sorry, trifling ass can do is cheat on me and make babies and shit!”

              POW! POW!

              Arica let off a couple rounds in the air after she stepped out on the porch.

              “Get the fuck outta here bitch, ‘fore I shoot yo’ triflin’ ass!”

              The chick skedaddled to the car that I’d parked behind and I rushed to go move my ride. I was on the street and she was pulling out of the driveway when Arica started shooting again.

              POW! POW! POW!

              She was aiming at old girl’s tires because she wanted to stop her escape. I had counted five shots so far. That .45 had a few more rounds left and I hoped she’d stop shooting before somebody really got hurt. It was a good thing the chick got away and Dame had finally talked Arica into giving him the gun.

              “I should’ve shot yo’ ass!” She yelled at him. “I just wanted to get that bitch, ‘cause I can always get you later nigga!”

              I gave Dame a look and shook my head. It wasn’t out of sympathy. Honestly, it was that “I told you so” look. He’d already been through enough drama and bullshit with Arica and I couldn’t understand why she stayed with him. Damian Jr. didn’t deserve to see his parents fighting twenty four seven. He was four years old, but he knew what was going on. His daughter Damisha was four months old and of course her mother, baby mama number two Deliah, was going through it too.

              I stepped into the house and followed my best friend to the basement. Arica had gone upstairs to keep fuming I guess. All I knew was, I didn’t want to be in that nigga’s position. I’d had my situation with Elena, but it was nothing like that.

              “Wow man, that shit could’ve ended bad as fuck.  Somebody might report them gun shots.”

              Dame shook his head and lit a blunt that was in the ashtray. “I know nigga. You ain’t gotta tell me. Let that bitch handle that.”

              I shook my head at his reference to Arica as a bitch. “That chick was bad as hell though. Who the fuck was that?”

              Don’t get me wrong, Arica was bad too. She was about 5’3, nice curvy shape, with light brown skin, innocent, honey colored eyes, thick lips and deep ass dimples. She usually wore sew-ins or braids, but she had her own hair. Not only was she fine, but she was actually classy and smart. She was always a good student and was going to earn her nursing degree in a few months. Dame wasn’t worth her losing all of that. Her first priority should’ve been her son.

              “That was Denise. She a chick I met at the gas station a month or so ago. That hoe don’t mean shit to me. We fucked a few times and when I stopped callin’ her she decided to start stalkin’ my ass. Of course she found out where the trap’s at, so she followed me here from there and shit.” He took a few pulls of the good smelling bud and passed it to me.

              I took it gratefully and took one long pull after another.

              He shrugged his shoulders and continued. “I’m sick and tired of these hoes man. I’m good to them and…”

              I tuned that bi-polar ass sounding nigga out. He wasn’t good to anybody, not even himself. Then I stopped and thought about it. Who was I to talk? I didn’t sell coke or crack, but I was still living up to white America’s stereo-type of the black man by selling weed. I didn’t gang bang or do drive bys, but I still toted a glock nine. Not only did I carry that shit, but I wasn’t afraid to use it. Did that make me a menace to society too? In my eyes I was just armed to defend myself, not to end lives for no reason at all.

              But still, I’d end a life for a reason.

              “Dame, man, seriously, you need to slow the fuck down. Arica’s a good girl and she’s okay wit’ you messin’ around with Deliah. Don’t fuck up what you got. You gon’ get yourself or somebody else killed and you got kids to think about.”

              He nodded. “You’re right man. My sister wives both fine as shit. I should be satisfied, but I ain’t though. I love new pussy man.”

              All I could do was sit back and try to get comfy on the sofa. Something told me not to get too damn comfortable though. A woman scorned could make a weapon out of anything. As we got high all I could think about was Arica coming downstairs to kill Dame because she was fed up. What if she forgot all about our own friendship and killed me too because she thought I was enabling his cheating ways.

              After the blunt was gone I realized that it was too damn quiet. What if Arica was plotting for real? I stood up and decided to get my ass up out of there. Dame was my boy and shit, but he’d got himself in that fucked up ass situation. I’d filled him in on what had gone down with Elena and I couldn’t believe that he called himself warning me.

“You better watch out for that hoe and her nigga,” he advised me.

              I smirked at him. “Yeah nigga, whatever. You the one who need to watch out.”

              “Oh yeah.” There was a thoughtful look on his face. “I got some shit to talk to you about my nigga. What happened earlier threw me off.”

              I agreed with a nod. “Oh yeah, that proposition that you mentioned. That shit threw us both off.”

              Dame’s eyes drifted over to the sofa. “Sit down nigga. Let’s talk.”

              The skeptical side of me wanted to get the hell up out of there, but he was my boy. “A’ight.” I sat down. “This shit better be good man.”



















Chapter 5


That ignorant ass nigga wasn’t trying to hear anything that I was trying to tell him. All he wanted to do was get his damn dick sucked. Well, we were not on the same fucking page.

“Go ahead Trell,” I pushed him away. He grabbed

me around my waist and pulled me back into him. “I’m trying to talk to you,” I protested.

              He stared into my eyes and I almost melted, but then I remembered who I was dealing with. “And I’m tryna get some head from yo’ sexy ass.”

              I rolled my eyes in annoyance and fanned him away from me. “Boy bye.”

              Once I sat down on the sofa I thought he’d got the hint that I didn’t want to be bothered. Of course that nigga didn’t. Next thing I knew, he unzipped his jeans, whipped his dick out and held it less than a centimeter from my face. I took a whiff and immediately smelled the offensive stench of another bitch’s fishy ass pussy. He’d just fucked some hoe and had the nerve to put his nasty ass dick close to my nose. My face was scrunched up into a frown less than a second later and he noticed.

              “What the fuck…?” He asked.

              “Your dick smells like some bitch’s nasty ass pussy and you think I’m gon’ suck it! You could’ve at least washed that shit, but nah, you ain’t got one ounce of respect for me! Get yo’ dirty dick outta my face nigga before I cut it off…for real. As a matter of fact get the fuck out! I’m done with yo’ sorry ass!” I rolled my eyes at that disrespectful ass nigga and walked away.             

              He was on my heels, but he didn’t put any fear in my heart. When I turned around there was a sneaky ass smirk on his face that suddenly turned into an angry scowl.

              “Done wit’ me?” He doubled over with laughter and even slapped his knee for emphasis. “You one funny bitch.”

              I just stared at him with my mouth wide open.

              “You must’ve forgot who the fuck my daddy is. You won’t be breathing long, let alone laughing after this…bitch!” I snapped.

              He looked at me and there that sly ass smile that he was infamous for was again. “Oh, believe me shawty, I ain’t forgot a damn thang,” he said.

              I went and sat down again. When he tried to put his used up dick on my lips, I pursed them together and turned away defiantly. My hands were pushing his body away as I moved my face from side to side. I was avoiding the assault of the dick that I used to crave. It took no time for me to see through Trell and I wished I’d seen clearly sooner. Thinking he’d matured and changed over the years had caused me to make a fucked up decision.

              “I’m gon’ tell my…”
              My heart dropped down to my size 7 Red Bottoms when he grabbed me, pulled me up from the sofa and put his hand over my mouth. Hot tears spilled down my cheeks against my will.

              “Shut up bitch! You ain’t gon’ tell a goddamn thang! Now shut the fuck up before I shoot you in yo’ head up in this bitch!” His fingers were around my neck and I couldn’t breathe. “Mendosa ain’t here to help you now. Is he?

              “Stop…Trell…stop…” I choked and tried to gasp for air.

              I felt the cold steel of the gun that he was holding against my neck. That was odd. Anytime I thought of someone pointing a gun I thought of the head or chest, but he was ready to hit my jugular and just get it over with.

              He finally let me go, put the gun in the waist of his jeans and then stared deep into my eyes. “It ain’t that easy to leave me Sen.” All of a sudden he looked dead ass serious again. His eyes were dark and empty, like a serpent. Damn, he was crazier than I thought.

              Instead of warning Trell again and further pissing him off, I made a mental note to finally tell my father the truth about him. That nut case was psycho and I wasn’t going to underestimate him. He knew that my father didn’t play those games when it came to me. There had to be something really wrong with him mentally for him to point a gun at me and threaten my life. I knew that he sniffed coke and did Molly from time to time. Well, that was among a cocktail of other shit that he used to get high. Was he really ready for the war that my father was going to wage against him for fucking with me?

              Once I officially knew that Trell was gone in the head it was already too late. I was a codependent person who felt the need to be needed by somebody. At first that was how Trell made me feel. It was like we were old friends reuniting. I couldn’t trust too many people, so knowing that we’d grown up together gave me a feeling of familiarity. That was over quick, fast and in a hurry.

              “You can’t force me to be with you,” I managed to get out when I finally got my breathing back to normal. “Especially not after this. How you gon’ come in here wit’ yo’ dick smellin’ like some diseased ass hoe and then get mad at me ‘cause I don’t wanna suck it! Sorry ass. Then you gon’ point a gun at me!” I couldn’t believe that nigga. He was brave as fuck.

              He let out a cocky laugh. “Bitch, I’ll fuck whoever I want and you gon’ still suck my dick! I’ll do whatever I want to yo’ ass! You gon’ stay wit’ me too, ‘cause you ain’t got no choice.”

              It was my turn to laugh, but it was full of sarcasm. “Oh, I got a choice muthafucka.”

              He paced the floor and then glanced over at me before stopping to stare. “You’re so fuckin’ beautiful Sen. I mean, I don’t mean to hurt you, but that’s just how I am baby. I’m a fucked up nigga. When I love a bitch, I do what I gotta do to keep her. I been wantin’ you since we were kids and I ain’t lettin’ you go that easy ma. Hell nah”

BOOK: The Plug's Daughter
3.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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