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The Priestess (The Way in marked cards #1)

BOOK: The Priestess (The Way in marked cards #1)
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“But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy.”

Tiago, 3;17



or a few years of my life, I'm studying the tarot and other mystical tools. The urge to looking for answers and the hidden mystery always fascinated me.


I have always believed in the existence of a higher intelligence, greater than our human understanding. The Intuition is a channel of communication between us and the infinite, and, if were be listen with attention, may serve as a valuable ally. Meditation allows us to get out of universe bounded by the five senses and see the future clearly and lucidly. In tarot, the meditation and intuition must be aligned.


I don´t belive there is a predestined path, but the tarot can guide us toward from a special way on the cosmic relationships as well as in everyday situations. It gives us many possibilities, for the past interpretation, understanding and integration of the present signals, and the signals into the future. It can also serve as inspiration in dialogue with others and with himself.


Centuries ago, many people considered the tarot as the work of evil, and in many places forbade its use. But the humanity has evolved, gotten rid of some "truths" and began to think for yourself. So, with the intense spiritual quest, and the search for new ways, today the use is wider and affordable.


Their symbols was begin both of the esoteric wisdom, in the numerology, mythology as the observation by the everyday life. With its infinit of ancient wisdom and the magical symbols, it serves as a guide in a turbulent world, thus offering, with its dynamic concept, a ray of hope.


In each of its blades has a group of symbols, that viewed as a whole, represent an energy system in which humanity is present, with his eternal ideas and thoughts.


There exists a division into four suits: Cups, the element symbolizing water, the world of feelings, Clubs, symbolizing the element of fire, the world of energy, Spades, symbolizing the element of air, the world of intellect and Diamonds, symbolizing the earth element , the material world.


The letters help us to see what lurks behind the curtain of smoke caused by the vibration of our feelings. These vibrations need to be detected so that we can find balance, and so make the right decisions. They can be an ally in showing ideas, options, alternatives, a source of inspiration for new thinking. What we feel at seeing the cards is a confirmation response. They reflect the current situation and indicate the best ways for the present moment.





t was six o'clock. Isadora leaned in the window of the 15th floor of the building where she lived. The sun was setting between the buildings, on the streets the cars were lined up with the trumpets, that announcing the slow and nervous transit. In the bars, tired mouths talking, chewing and drinking around the tables. On the streets, pedestrian trampling each other, with the rush. As she watched the life outside, her thoughts was torturing her mind. Something must being done, one decision must be made.

In the silence of the apartment felt the force of a voice trying to express an orientation. She thought of the tarot cards. It was toward the closet where she kept his old letters.


Am I ready to accept what they have to say about this prison that torments me?” - she thought.


She ran her hand through the hair, took a deep breath and took the tarot cards. Pressed them in her chest, asking them to be gentle in your responses. Knew that the answers could hurt her , but needed a divine guidance.


Lit an incense, sat in the chair and mused, emptying the mind so that could feel the messages. She was serene, lucid and concentrated. She shuffled the cards, and finally stopped.


It is time to face the anguish of my answers” - said to herself.


She spreaded them on the table and pondered the situation where it was living, asking to universe give to her the serenity to accept the things could not change, courage to change the things that could, intelligence to recognize the need to do it and the wisdom to distinguish one from the other, examining herself. She felt herself safe. Turned the first blade. Courage!




In your heart the feeling of

sadness is predominate.

But this state is transient.

The disappointment, however bad it may seem, could be a good greater.

After the storm comes the sun,

the rays coming back to light the life,

and new flowers spring up.

Isadora smiled and
through her hair,
while looked at the screen that was being sold.
Your eyes
were large
even more brilliant
when she was
. Was proud when people had praised her work, and bought her paintings to decorate their environments. She knew she could somehow contribute to people's lives, and that they somehow understood what which expressed in her paintings.

In that night she was happy with the exposure, almost all the paintings had been sold and her work was being recognized. She feeling accomplished. Flavio, her friend and organizer of the exhibition, call Isadora to present a co-worker.


Hi my dear, I want to introduce you to Mark, one of the biggest advertisers in this country.”


Nice to meet you, Mark! I hope that you enjoy yourself in the exposition.” - Isadora said, shaking hands with Marcos.


Congratulations on your work. It's wonderful!” - said Marcos as he held the hand of Isadora, looking into her eyes.


Thank you!”


While talking with the guests, Marcos asked the attention of Isadora. She gave attention to all, while Marcos admired her.


It was a beautiful woman, blonde, elegant, in the prime of her youth, charismatic and happy. While she smiled, her eyes shined like the sun. Flavio and Mark were not friends, just acquaintances in the profession. Mark was a young man, handsome, smart...and ambitious.


Mark and Isadora soon became friends, exchanged phones, and after much persuasion on Mark part, began to go out to dinner, walk, talk on the phone, and meeting each other with more frequency.


He showed be a lovely man, and Isadora believed that could really be love, then they pledge on a more serious relation, until they began lived together.


Marcos was romantic, thoughtful and fun. In the first months Marcos was the perfect partner. He encouraged Isadora in her work, in her exhibitions, and she helped him in his projects, in his travels and in his the business dinners.


Months later, the individual trips of Mark began to be constants, and Isadora was stay home alone, sometimes working, sometimes immersed in the solitude of that apartment. The void caused her to become more dependent on that love, until she perceived that something was wrong, but she don’t knew what.


Each screen that Isadora painted, Marcos
in a manner
and heavy


felt less able to create and manifest the expression of her art. The exhibitions have become less frequent and her work was decadent. One day the phone rings. It was her friend Flavio.


Why you are not exposing your paintings?” - Flavio asked, intrigued.


I'm not able to create!” - answered sad.


I can´t believe it! What is happening?”


I do not know, just do not believe anymore that I can painting something good! I don´t feel me inspired, and I think that...that my work is not so good ...” - said Isadora, with one sad tone in her voice .


Not is possible! Your work always been amazing and people wanting your pictures! But before long you will fall in forgotten. You must back to work! I have an exposure in two weeks...I can put your name? You need to give for me the paintings in one week.” - Flavio said, with a firm voice.


I do not know if I can ...”


What is happening?” - asked Flavio, insistently.


I don´t know ...”


Mark has something to do with it?”


I'm not happy ...”


I want to see you tomorrow. What time is better for you?”


We can have lunch, what do you think?”


Perfect, see you tomorrow. At 13hs.”


The next day Flavio meeting Isadora in front of the building. She was thin, haggard and with a sad smiling. She entered in the car, hugged Flavio and went to a quiet restaurant where they could talk. Flavio began to question about the reason that situation.


I need that you to be honest with me, so I can help you!”


I don´t know what's going on, I can´t paint, and nothing that I do seems pretty or good enough ...”


You are a great artist! And with a great self esteem. Where is this woman? Where's the sparkle in your eyes?”


I can´t paint.”


What Mark is doing with you? Where is he?”


He is in Rio...”

BOOK: The Priestess (The Way in marked cards #1)
13.1Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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