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she murmured. “They should make that a marriage vow, ‘must faithfully give sex
to your partner until death do you part.’”

big hand, knuckle side, found the side of her hip for a light touch and she
realized she was sitting with her legs up, skirt on. Oops. At least no one had
come in to rent a room. Immediately, she put her legs down.

“Damn, I
almost got to see what color panties.”

She did
blush then, with her gaze swinging to Finn, he looked very interested. “Finn,
I’m not ready...” No, that wasn’t it. “Finn, I can’t right …” Nope. “Finn,

he said, stopping her. “I’m getting you’re being jerked around and your head’s
messed up. Just want to get my bid in there.” Her eyes widened as heat spread
through her. “But, Chiquita, you keep looking at me like that ... I might have
to take a kiss to taste.”

Now her
lips parted as she tried to not look at him like that, while really wondering
what it would be like to kiss him.

it,” he cussed with a low rumble, looking over her face, then he abruptly sat
forward, putting his forearms on his knees. “Not taking advantage, man,” he
muttered. He turned to look at her from that vantage point. “What happened to
Vincent?” he asked, and it was like a command.

shook her head. “Can’t talk about it.”

“He dropped
quick,” he hissed, and anger sparked in his green eyes.

finally dragged her gaze from his, not saying anything.

getting you some pizza,” he finally said.

That was
good, she needed to eat before she got really drunk and told him everything or
worse slept with him. But Finn didn’t make a move after that. He made it clear
he was interested, when or if she was ready, then he told her he was closing
the office and getting some shut eye.

stood by the lobby door, which Finn was going to leave from and lock behind
him, then she was going to turn and walk to her room. For the first time.

the lights out and the office closed everything should be cool for you,” Finn

for the beer and pizza,” she said.

you're pretty,” he muttered, then he looked as if he was going to come toward
her, but forced himself back a step.

stepped back too, thinking she should run. Then he said the most amazing thing.
“I’ll be in room two if you need me.”

Before she
could exclaim in amazement, he shut the door and put the key in it, lifting his
chin for her to go and put the lights out like he’d shown her. She moved kind
of in a daze, wondering if he always stayed in room two like that. But she
found her answer soon enough when she got to her room that dead ended in the
hall behind the desk ….
Finn had given her his room

Tess whispered, looking around the room. It was clean, the bed looked fresh and
there were clean towels out. However the obvious not motel furniture, motorcycle
posters still on the wall, and the sign on one closed closet door that read,
“O’Neil’s Locked Storage,” clued her in.

were other small signs that she’d taken Finn’s room from him, which if she was
thinking at all would be obvious. Where else does the manager and owner stay,
but the room behind the lobby desk?

grabbed her temple rubbing. She was so out of it not to realize, and she nearly
walked out to go tell Finn she couldn’t take his room like that. But then she
realized that, yes, she was just that desperate to let Finn do this for her.
Because damn it, she needed it.

some soul searching she let Finn’s amazing gesture rest and she moved her stuff
in. She needed some order and she needed bed, and she found out incredibly
after she took a shower and got into bed that she really,
her vibrator. Why that was, when she was living with a twice broken heart, she
had no clue, but the vibe brought instant images of Vincent and hot sex, which
got her off, but it felt hollow as she drifted off to sleep.

Then she
woke with a scream that was muffled by the hand clamped over her mouth. Her
body whipped up trying to struggle, but someone heavy … a man … pinned her


it was Vincent!
She bucked harder and
really started struggling, basically screaming beneath his hand. “Won’t hurt
you,” he growled. If he could have seen her face in the dark he’d know she was
frantically telling him with her eyes she did not give a shit. Get off her!

he snapped, she’d tried to bite his hand and was gouging her nails into his
chest. “Two minutes,” he hissed. “Give me two fucking minutes. Then I’ll go.”

stilled beneath him, but the second his hand moved from her mouth she started
screaming, until his mouth came down over her lips. One minute later, she moaned
into his mouth and realized with alarm that she was nothing but a slut. Then
her arms wound over his neck.

felt Tess giving him what he wanted … and he took it. He took it hard. They
both did, nipping, biting, and scratching on top of deep, urgent kissing. Then
he found out she was naked under the covers and he exploded.

letting you think until I fuck you out of being mad,” he grated against her
passionately kissing lips as she lifted up to him, harshly moaning his name.

raised enough to tear the covers off her and he had her lush, naked body in his
hands. Fuck, this was in him, cutting deep with this need to feel her curves.
To own them. He growled into her mouth sweeping his hands down her nude body,
until he had her pussy. She was wet and hot for him.

Her nipping
mouth caught his bottom lip as her hands dug under his shirt with her nails
scraping him so fucking good. Her legs curled over his hips as she humped his
hand with needy jerks. He slid two fingers in her wet heat and she arrowed
beneath him with a high-pitched mew in her throat.

He kissed
and nipped down her arched throat, then lower licking her breast, until he
found her taut nipple point.

she cried, when he nipped it, while fucking her deep with his fingers.

like that,” he told her, his voice rumbled with lust, nipping again to her
bucking body.

she cried, scoring his back with her nails.

give you more,” he growled, and he flipped her up until he had the melting heat
of her pussy in his mouth.

He made
her come crying his name, then before she could clear her thinking, he tugged
off his clothes in the dark, and slid his cock into her with one solid, deep
plunge. She gave a cutoff gasp of his name. Her arms and legs clamped around
him as he began thrusting.

he urged her, and her mouth came up to take his mouth, feverishly. He made her
come, fucking her so deep the old bed they were in sounded as if it might
collapse any second.

Vincent!” she careened, kissing his jaw, his throat, and then nipping him as
her hands groped his ass. He was still planted deep. Hadn’t come yet. He
grabbed her hair, arching her throat until he could slowly lick her Adams

“On your
knees,” he rasped.

pulled her off his rigid cock and she flipped over in the dark. So eager. His
hands filled with her curvy hips and he dragged her back to him. “It’s
pussy. Say it.”

Vincent,” she panted. He thrust and she cried out in pleasure.

The last
time he took her standing against the wall, her legs wrapped around him, her
big breasts plastered to him, his tongue deep in her mouth.

needed her to come with him. “Touch your clit, beautiful,” he commanded,
between heavy thrusts. He felt her hand move between them and her panting moans
told him she’d come within a minute.

He hiked
her up, one hand braced on the wall, one under her ass and he drove harder.
“Want your sweet pussy to come on me.”

she cried, and he felt it.

felt Vincent let loose deep inside her as he held her against the wall, just
the fact he finally let himself release made her climax longer and harder.
Pleasure wrenched through her as she cried out burying her face in his neck.

later, she was on the bed and her senses were starting to return. Then she knew
deep down with horrible finality. “I’m just a slut,” she uttered hoarsely.

hand swept her back, fondled her ass, then rolled her until he pulled her deep
into his body, holding her facing him. “So fucking sweet.” His voice sounded
growly and deep. Then his voice whispered against her ear. “Had to know.”

wanted to beat him up. But she knew she was the problem. Just a slut for
anything Vincent. His mouth, his cock, and his use.

whined. Vincent’s hand grabbed her hair, tugging and biting her skull. “Don’t
fucking think. Just feel what is real.”

What did he mean? “Vincent,” she whispered brokenly. His mouth covered hers and
the passion and intensity told her about impossible things. Like he cared.

Then he
was gone, leaving her empty and alone in the bed. “How did you get in here?”
she demanded. Sitting up in the darkness and seeing his shadow moving around.
Getting his clothes, she knew. To leave.

you anywhere,” his disembodied voice rumbled, then incredibly he said, “I’ll be


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Their Ex's
Redrock (Texas Alpha Erotic Romance)

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013


Their Ex's
Redrock (Texas Alpha Erotic Romance)

Thursday, January 10th, 2013



Their Ex's
Redrock (Texas Alpha Erotic Romance)

Vincent had to leave Tess in the dark. But she lingers on
him in ways he thought a woman never would again. The mob wants in at Redrock
casino and they think they’re going to use Luna to get there through Vincent.
They also have Tess in their sights and Vincent’s not letting that happen. But
he has friends like Cabe and unexpected help from Finn, who might not be who he

Tess has unexpected feelings for Finn too, and then there
is Cabe, looking too smoking hot, but Vincent’s ex threatens her and Tess has
to try to stand up and learn to defend herself.

Then she’s back at Vincent’s hideaway ranch house with the
promise he won’t stay there. Until he calls her in the dark, asking her to let
him in.

All the way, until they admit they have a thing for each
other so strong they need to back off the bedroom antics to see what their
“real” together is like.

Next, Vincent’s showdown with Luna and the “big” concert
that never was...  


Their Ex's
Redrock (Texas Alpha Erotic Romance)

How bossy does Tess like Vincent? Not bossy enough to stay
away from the concert their cheating spouse are putting on. Where both their
cheating ex’s finally learn Tess and Vincent are together and their marriages
to them are history.

Then Tess and Vincent see about piecing together their own
happily ever after. But first Vincent’s got to see Tess in that freaking hot
dress one more time ... just for him. Will he be able to keep her out of his
bed like he vowed, until they can figure each other out and where what they’ve
got is going...

Probably not.


from the third
Their Ex's
, Redrock serial;

looked down her body. “Never been this way before,” he said lowly. “Don’t wanna
lose it.”

hand squeezed the back of his neck where she’d been playing with his hair. “I
don’t wanna lose it either,” she said, pressing against him. Then she pressed
harder up on her toes trying to put her mouth near his ear. “I worry we don’t
know each other.”

he muttered. They had fucking fantastic sex, but how one sided was that. He
wondered how this bossiness he had to give her would play out in everyday life
against their personalities. He thought Tess was a sweet, giving woman … but
was he sure.

don’t want to mess anything up, Vincent,” she murmured against his ear. “But
we’ve gone so fast and our marriages are such a mess.”

pulled back and grabbed each side of her face. “First, I’m not fucking losing
you. You get that in your head. I’ll grant we need more time. Don’t fucking
like it. But I get it.”

kissed her lightly, then pulled back to grasp her hand. “Let’s get you dress
for the rest of this conversation.”

squeezed his hand with a small smile and followed him, as he wondered what he
wouldn’t give to keep her.

BOOK: Their Ex's Redrock Two
9.69Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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