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Then Came You

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Copyright ©2011 by Vanessa Devereaux

First published in 2011

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Then Came You

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Vanessa Devereaux
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Good Things Are Worth Waiting For...

Connor O'Riordan had his heart set on Gillian Matthews the first day she stepped onto his ranch but the only problem was she had a boyfriend. He'd made her promise that if the two of them ever broke up she'd tell him.

Gillian is a woman of her word and when Connor finds out she's now available he'll do anything to woo and romance the lady of his dreams. The best way to start...invite her to spend Thanksgiving at his ranch.

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In memory of dad...thank you for getting me hooked on reading.
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Chapter One
* * * *

"What's the weather like in Chicago?"

Gillian closed her eyes and soaked in the richness of his voice. Whenever she listened to Connor O'Riordan talk it sent shivers down her spine...
the good kind

"It's turned a lot colder these last few days. We had some snow last night,” she said while doodling on the notepad on her desk. He was her last sales call of the day.

Save the best to last

"Yeah, we've had some too but nothing that stuck around for long."

She wondered if he'd taken her call in his office. Gillian imagined him sitting at the desk, leaning back in the leather chair that most people would have thrown out or donated, but he'd told her he'd hung onto it because it had belonged to both his dad and his grandpa. His cowboy boot-clad feet were probably resting on it...hat, also cowboy, pushed back away from his forehead.

"So when are you coming back here to show me all the new drugs you have for my animals?” he asked.

The sexy voice had jolted her out of that train of thought.

"It won't be until after the New Year. Jensen Pharmaceuticals has cut back on trips for all its sales reps."

"Shit, this bad economy...not even a pretty lady can pay me as many visits these days, damn."

She laughed. Biggest flirt and flatterer she'd ever met. Had been since the first time she'd introduced herself to him two years ago. Not that she didn't love all the attention he bestowed upon her. She'd thought he was like that with all women until she'd taken him out for a meal on the company's expense and he hadn't batted an eyelid at one lady all evening. A few, including the female bartender at the restaurant, had been drop-dead gorgeous but he'd kept his eyes and attention only on Gillian the whole time they'd dined together.

She put her fingers on her lips.

Connor had kissed her on the last visit to his ranch. She'd been packing away the new vaccines she'd been showing him when he'd grabbed her, pulled her in close to his body and his very hard and ready-for-action cock had pushed into her belly. She hadn't found it inappropriate because the sexual tension between them had been brewing for well over a year. She knew it and he'd obviously sensed it too.

It had been oh so tempting to get lost in the moment and take things to the next stage. Gillian had imagined him picking her up, carrying her to his ranch house, them ripping off one another's clothes, kissing non-stop as they headed up to the bedroom. The only thing that had prevented that from happening was the image of Davey, Gillian's boyfriend of three years, popping into her head as Connor eased his tongue into her mouth. She very gently pulled away so as not to offend him. She hadn't been tactful just because he was her best customer but because he was an all-around nice guy and she had a soft spot for him.

"You're thinking about him... I mean, your boyfriend, aren't you?” he'd asked as he'd stroked the edge of her cheek with his pinkie as they'd gazed into one another's eyes after the kiss.

"Yeah, I'm afraid to say I'm not the type of woman who cheats."

He'd tapped her on the nose. “I can appreciate that. In fact, I like that quality in a woman. The problem is now you've told me what a loyal lover you are it makes me wish you were my lady more than ever."

She'd given him a quick peck on the cheek in response to that very nice compliment. Under any other circumstances she would have gone ahead and let him kiss her, undress her, make love to her or whatever he had planned for the two of them. It could have been an awkward moment for them but in no way had she felt embarrassed by what had happened between them. In fact, she'd been flattered because Connor was a hell of a nice-looking guy. A little over six feet in height, baby blue eyes, dark hair that sometimes had a wave to it—on some of her visits to the ranch she'd even seen some cute curls sneaking out from underneath his cowboy hat.

"If I don't leave now, I'll be sorry and I'll also miss my flight because I need to return the rental car first,” she'd told him.

"If you and your boyfriend ever break up will you promise me you'll tell me, right?"

Not that she ever saw her and Davey going their separate ways. In fact, she guessed the whole marriage, white picket fence and babies thing was in their future but she didn't want to deflate Connor's hope that one day she'd be free to sleep with him.

"Sure, you'll be the first to know."

He hadn't. That had been Gillian's sister.

And now with the sales call she'd just made to him, it was the first time since she and Davey had ended their relationship that she'd had a reason to speak with Connor. She'd assured him she'd let him know if they broke up and, as well as being a woman who didn't cheat on her man, she kept promises too.

" boyfriend and I broke up six weeks ago.” It had come out quickly before she could think about the consequences. Now he'd know she was a free woman again. She'd have until January when she travelled to Wyoming to think about whether or not she wanted to pursue their obvious physical attraction. “I promised I'd tell you,” she added. Shit, now she felt embarrassed. Maybe he'd forgotten about their conversation and the promise she'd made him. It had been eight months ago and just maybe he was seeing someone now. Gillian felt herself getting flushed in the face.

"Sorry to hear that...okay, I'm not. Well, maybe sorry for you. How you doing? I know you'd been together for a while."

She knew he genuinely meant what he'd said because out of all her customers he was her favourite and not just because of his looks. He'd always been very polite and always the perfect gentleman. He'd held open the car door for her, pulled out a chair and dusted it for her to sit on as she'd showed him all the drugs and vaccines. He'd even carried her across a large puddle when it had rained one time she'd visited. It might have been 2011 but women still loved chivalry. Well, at least she did.

"I'm doing fine. In fact, better than I thought and the best thing is we're still very good friends. Only problem is Thanksgiving's going to be tough. My parents are heading to Florida early this year and my sister and her husband are going to Vermont to visit his folks. I don't think I've ever spent a holiday all by myself."

"No other relatives to hang out with?"

"Sure, a few cousins, not sure what their plans are. But I'm hoping a friend will invite me to Thanksgiving dinner or at least for a drink."

Now she'd told him all this she was starting to feel down in the dumps. Gillian hoped she hadn't come across as downright depressing because he was always so upbeat with a smile on his face.

"Jeez, if I didn't have to look after this place I'd fly to Chicago and keep you company."

"That's very sweet of you."

She heard a male's voice calling to him.

"Hey Gillian, I have to get going because one of the horses is about to give birth."

"Okay, and it was nice talking to you and I'll keep in touch before my next sales call."

"Look forward to seeing you. Now you take care, okay?"

"Will do and you too."

She pressed the end call button. Her stomach did a flip. She didn't usually get excited about sales calls but she was already looking forward to January rolling round.

* * * *

"You think we can handle this without calling the vet out here?"

Connor should have been paying attention but right now all he could think about was Gillian Matthews, prettiest sales rep...cutest woman he'd set his eyes upon and the fact that she was now available. Pretty blue eyes, dimples on each cheek, gorgeous blonde hair that hung around her shoulders like spun gold shining in the sunlight.

He pushed his hat back further on his head. Shit, if he didn't make a move soon some guy would nab her and he'd be left out in the cold again. Could even be another rancher who would sneak in there before him when she made the rounds in January. He couldn't have that because he'd had his heart set on romancing and, okay yes, he was an honest guy, getting her between the sheets too, since the first time he'd met her.

"I said do you think we should call a vet?"

A man's voice jarred him out of his current train of thought. Shit, he hadn't been paying attention.

He rubbed the horse's belly. “How long has she been in labour?” asked Connor.

BOOK: Then Came You
8.3Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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