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Copyright© 2016 by Amy Davies

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This book is the work of fiction. The characters, names, locations and events are a product of the author’s imagination and used in a frictional manner. Any similarities to any real life event or persons dead or alive is purely coincidental.




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Tracy and Lucy. I truly believe without you both, this book would never have been finished. This book is for you.
Keep being you.




“Come on, Penny. What is the worst that can happen?” My best-friend Jodi says. She dragged me out to see a band that she loves. The band is, ‘Fucking lickable and fuckable’, her words not mine. I am not a huge fan of heavy rock music but Jodi loves it. The concert ended an hour ago and we are walking through the back hallways trying to find the room where the band is holding a meet and greet with fans. Jodi being Jodi flashed her boobs to get us backstage so she can meet the band and do very naughty things to them, again her words not mine. I am the very calm, shy one of the group.

Our other best friends Adrian and Rachel couldn’t make it tonight. Well Adrian didn’t want to come to be honest; too wrapped up in his new girlfriend. The three of us have grown up together since we were babies. Lived in the same town and did everything together. Rachel joined us later in our lives, but she planted herself there and she stayed.

The noise from the room can be heard from down the hall and it grows louder the closer we get. My heart beats heavy in my chest proving that we should not be here, we were not invited and I know that we are going to get kicked out. Jodi lets out a loud squeal making me jump out of my skin. I blink and see her dart into the room in front of us. There are people everywhere; standing by a bar in the corner, standing along the wall, sitting on the chairs and sofas dotted around the room. The room smells of sweat and beer. I stay in the threshold of the door taking it all in. I am not a fan of big crowds so staying on the sidelines is fine with me. I spot Jodi already sitting on the lap of the drummer; damn she works fast. She leans in and whispers something in his ear and he laughs at whatever she said and then he takes her mouth in a hard kiss, making me blush and look away.

At nineteen I have only slept with one guy and that was my boyfriend in high school. He left for college but we parted on good terms. I set my mind on my studies and not much else, so boys were out of the equation. Glancing down the hallway I see a couple making out against the wall which again makes my face heat up, I cannot seem to get away from all the sexual energy that fills this place. Stupid thinking I could get away since I was backstage at a rock concert.

“Are you going in?” A deep voice comes from close behind me. He is so close that I can feel his breath on the back of my neck. My skin breaks out in goosebumps and my breath catches. His voice ripples through me like no other has. Turning my head to the right I see just how close he is standing to me, our lips almost touch as I turn my head. Heat spreads across my face and I quickly drop my gaze to my ankle boots.

“N-not my scene,” I reply, answering his question.

“If it isn’t your thing then, why are you back here?” he asks.

I point to Jodi. “M-my best friend dragged me here so she could meet the band,” I whisper.

“Not much of a rock music fan I take it.” I shake my head no, keeping my gaze averted. “I am done for the night. Do you fancy getting out of here and maybe grab a coffee or something to eat?” His question catches me off guard. Why would he want to take me out for a coffee? He doesn’t know me.

“I d-don’t know. I should really stay with Jodi, plus I don’t know you. My mother always told me never to talk to strangers.” He laughs from behind me, and the sound does something to my lady parts.

Damn the sound is making me hot

I feel a warm hand rest on my hip and I almost jump out of my skin; making me blush furiously again. He moves to the side of me without removing his hand. His other hand comes up and tilts my chin up so my eyes meet his gaze.

Holy shit.

He is hot. Scratch that he is freaking hot.

His eyes are a misty grey colour and they pull you in; holding you captive until he is finished with you. I suck in a breath and he smiles at me knowing the affect he is having on me, and no doubt every other woman that looks at him. His hair is ink black and is short on the sides with a little faux hawk on top. He has some very sexy stubble going on and he also has a labret piercing with a silver stud. His tattoos catch my eye and I am sucked in by the designs.

His voice breaks the lust filled fog I am in.

“If I tell you my name and you tell me yours then we won’t be strangers anymore. What do you say?” I look back into the room and see Jodi and the drummer guy practically eating each others faces off. I look back to the man standing next to me who is causing me to want to do things I would never normally do.

“Okay,” I say.

“Good. Hi, I’m Liam Bradley. And you are?”

“Penny Miller.” I offer a shy smile that he returns.

“Miller? Like the beer?” I nod and smile at him. “Nice. I wonder if you taste that good too. So coffee or a bite to eat?” I shiver at his words of tasting me.

“Umm, I could eat. Whatever you want to do, I’m good with whatever so...” I say and Liam cuts off my rambling by placing a finger over my lips.

“Penny, babe, you pick. I’m easy,” he winks at me.

“I bet you say that to all the girls.” My eyes widen and I slap my hand over my mouth, not believing my boldness. Crap. Liam throws his head back, and laughs a big belly laugh at my words.

Oh. My. God.

That laugh. That laugh is enough to make any woman melt. The hand on my hip tightens a little as he calms his laughing and his face turns serious. His eyes devour me for just a split second before his sexy smirk appears across his face.

“Baby, I don’t ever offer to take girl out for coffee.
. So, do you want to go in there and tell your friend we are leaving, or can she handle a text?” he asks.

I look into the room and back to Liam before taking my mobile phone out of my bag that is draped across my body. Locating my phone, I send a quick text to Jodi telling her that I am going for a coffee with Liam and that I will meet her at home.

“All done?” I nod at him and a triumphant smile spreads across his face.

“Well then let’s get out of here.” Without a second thought Liam wraps his large calloused hand around my own as he leads me out of the arena and into the parking lot. The warm-ish British air coats my skin as soon as we step through the door. Even with no alcohol in my system I still manage to trip over the small step, but Liam catches me before I hit the concrete ground.

“Whoa there Bambi, watch the step.” Liam chuckles.

With his hand now on my hip, Liam guides the way to his car. Without words he opens the passenger side door for me and then he helps me into the seat. Giving me a wink he closes the door and walks around to the driver's door and climbs in. Starting the car Liam turns to me and gives me a knicker melting smile that I am sure has melted hundreds of knickers before mine. I feel my face heat up again and I try to pull my eyes away from his, but he seems to have me locked in.

He bites his bottom lip, and my eyes follow the small action. Liam groans from his seat and in a flash he has a grip on the back of my neck and he is crashing his lips onto mine. His demanding tongue forces my lips apart and seeks out mine. He tastes like beer. I sink into the kiss, but as fast as the kiss started Liam ends it and rests his forehead against mine.

“Damn. You taste fucking amazing, Bambi. But we need to stop before I take you here in my car, and a girl like you deserves so much more.” He takes a deep breath and leans back in his seat before asking me. “So, where is a good place to eat?”

Shaking my head to clear my thoughts of the kiss, I reply to him. “Drive over to Hitchings Road, there is a great cafe that sells the best burgers and pie and mash around.”

BOOK: This Time Around
4.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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