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Authors: Holly J. Gill,Nikki Blaise

Touching Angel's Desires

BOOK: Touching Angel's Desires
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Holly J Gill



Erotic Romance


Secret Cravings Publishing


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Erotic Romance


Touching Angel’s Desires

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Chapter One


Angel stabbed her code into the pad next to the intercom. She sailed
through the foyer, not noticing the pictures on the walls or the tasteful

Bailey and Shannon were working reception tonight.

“Good evening, girls,” she said to them, keeping her voice low as
Bailey was talking on the phone.

“Good evening, Angel,” Shannon replied. Bailey caught her eye and
acknowledged her greeting.

“Any issues I need to be aware of?” she continued to Shannon in the
same low tone.

“Nothing major. I’ve forwarded a couple of emails to you that need
your personal attention, but nothing else,” Shannon replied.

Angel nodded once and headed to her office. She needed to get her
work head on. The day had been spent shopping. Well, she had planned on
spending the day shopping, but in the end had come home empty-handed. Nothing
had captured her eye with that “I want that” feeling to it.

Angel entered her office then walked through to the adjoining flat. She
had lived at Desires for the last four years since taking over the business
from her mother, who offered it to her when she was no longer able to work. Angel
accepted the role, not without a little trepidation, but determined she would
do her best. Now, Desires was her life. She loved the managerial role, ordering
people about, giving commands. Angel gave her all to Desires, and expected her
employees to also, accepting no excuses for slack or shoddy work.

Angel loved Desires, loved what it offered to people whose sexual
tastes were on the outside of the accepted norm. It was a place where anyone’s
sexual fantasies could be lived out, where people could experiment in a safe
environment, knowing that they wouldn’t be judged or made to feel bad for what
they wanted. Provided it was consensual, anything went.

Angel was careful to ensure that the clients got the best for their
money, whether they were regulars or not. Given the not inexpensive rates Angel
charged for the club’s services, satisfaction was vital. Keeping the customer
happy was paramount—Angel wanted them to enjoy their experiences. And if they
enjoyed themselves, the customer would come back time and time again.
Complaints were not accepted. Angel expected perfection. Sometimes a customer
would be unhappy with the entire ethos behind Desires. In those cases, there
was no hope. There were always a few who came out of curiosity and were shocked
at what they found. That couldn’t be helped. Her mother once said that those
kinds of people would probably go to see a horror movie and then complain
because it was scary.

She made her way to her bedroom, pulling off the comfortable jogging
pants and top she had worn to go shopping. She pulled out a pinstriped skirt
suit from her wardrobe and laid it out on the bed. She pinned up her long dark
hair high on top of her head and sat at the dressing table naked, cleaning the
day’s neutral makeup off her face and applying the evening face. Once finished,
she put on her underwear, all black, complete with a suspender belt and
stockings. She thought for a second, then removed the thong, dropping it on the
bed. It never hurt to be ready for action. She pulled on the pencil skirt and
decided to forgo a blouse tonight. The jacket fastened just high enough to
cover her push-up bra, but low enough to reveal a very impressive cleavage.

She dug out a pair of tall black platform heels and put them on,
then stood in front of her full-length mirror, liking what she saw. She gazed
at her chest and pushed her boobs together. She knew she was sexy and it felt
good. Who would be playing with these babies tonight? She began to caress
herself, liking the softness.

BOOK: Touching Angel's Desires
2.02Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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