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Angel moved closer, towering above him. He lifted his head,
timorously meeting her eyes. She glared down her nose at him, filling her eyes
with scorn and disgust. It wasn’t difficult.

“I hear you have been a very naughty boy.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he replied, his gaze flicking to her feet.

“In fact, I hear you’ve been quite disgusting. You need to be
punished, pig.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he replied once again.

“Climb on the bed and get on all fours,” she commanded him.

Angel found it easier to pretend Gillian was not in the room. Greg
immediately responded, clambering onto the bed, then turning onto his hands and
knees, thrusting his bottom in mid-air. It was as white and hairy as his legs.
His genitals dangled between his thighs and his asshole lay puckered and on
display between his skinny cheeks. Angel moved behind him. His bottom tensed, preparing
for the whip.

She lifted the cat and lashed it down across his bottom cheeks. A
red mark sprouted across his bottom where the whip had landed. Angel allowed
herself to smile. Again she raised the whip and brought it down, forcing him to
lunge forward with the force. A second red mark joined the first.

Next she aimed very carefully between his thighs and was rewarded by
seeing the tip of the cat sting his balls, hanging helplessly. He yelped and
jumped like a cat on the bed, wriggling up the bed away from her.

“How dare you try to get away,” Angel hissed. “Get back here and
take your punishment, dog!”

“Sorry, Mistress,” Greg gasped, crawling backward to return to his
position, and burying his head in his arms. Angel wondered for a second if she
had gone too far, but he hadn’t said the safe word. Angel hit his testicles a
few times, enjoying listening to his cries.

“Is there something the matter?” she said in a harsh voice.

“No, Mistress,” he replied in an anxious answer.

She placed the butt end of the whip on his genitals, running it up
and down. Angel watched his bottom muscles tighten up, obviously apprehensive as
to what her next move would be. She moved around to the side of the bed. Greg
turned his head around to look at her, his eyes pools of anxiety. She narrowed
her lips.

Angel placed the tails of the cat on his spine, trailing them from the
crack of his bottom up to his neck. “What am I going to do with you?” she asked,
shaking her head and going for a disappointed look.

She glanced over to Gillian seeing her sitting and watching, looking
bored. Angel looked back at Greg who was holding position on all fours, waiting
for her next command. She trailed the whip back down to his arse, then pulled
it back suddenly, giving him a hard lash with every ounce of strength in her
arm. He yipped like a whipped puppy as Angel put her wrist into action,
bringing the whip down several times more, as hard as she could.

“Crawl up to the top of the bed,” she demanded when her arm
eventually became tired. He moved immediately. “Lie down on your back,” she
commanded. He obeyed, scrambling to do her bidding.

Angel looked down at his bobbing penis, hard and erect. It was
surprisingly big—the head was bulbous and purple. It looked like a long, thick
mushroom waiting for her attention. Angel grabbed his right wrist, handcuffing it
to the iron bed frame. Then she walked around the bed to the other side to
shackle his other wrist. He lay there, vulnerable, watching her. For the first
time since she had begun working with him, Angel felt a
of arousal. She could at least use that thick cock to
pleasure herself with—she didn’t have to look at him.

Angel reached for a black hood she’d collected from the bondage room
and pulled it over his face. Now he couldn’t see, so he was more vulnerable,
and she didn’t have to look at his ugly face. She smiled to herself then picked
up the cock ring she’d brought, sliding it up his penis and settling it snugly.
She got her leather whip again, placing the tassel on his genitals and running
them up and down his groin. She could hear him moaning through the hood. Then
she raised the whip, swinging it through the air and hit his cock precisely on
the sensitive tip. He screamed and writhed on the bed. Angel repeated her
actions, enjoying the sound of the whip hitting his tender flesh.

Angel moved up his body, lashing the whip against his stomach. She
pulled the mesh shirt up, revealing his naked hairy chest, whipping his chest
as he continued to wail. The tip of one of the tendrils caught one of his
nipples and he flinched. Angel paused for a second, but no protest came. She trailed
her long fingernails along his body. His flesh
and he lunged his lower body into the air. His cock bounced with excitement.
She placed her fingertips between his thighs, opening them, and tracing her
nails along his inner thighs, being sure not to touch his genitals. He thrust
against her touch, and she withdrew.

Angel took a few steps away from the bed looking down at his
pathetic mute pleadings. She did love to be in control of men, watching them
beg and plead for the scraps of pleasure she chose to give them.

She opened the mesh shirt and gripped his nipples, twisting and
pulling hard. She listened to him call out and smiled to herself. She rose from
him, and inadvertently caught Gillian’s eye, seeing her glaring. What
her problem? She was doing what’s
she’d asked her. Angel looked back down on Greg’s defenceless body. She took
hold of the whip and slammed it against his chest and stomach, taking out her
anger on the man. She held a firmer grip of the cat, holding it higher,
slamming it harder down on his chest. He screamed loudly. Angel noticed Gillian
moving, sitting upright in her chair.

Angel rolled the hood up to expose his mouth, then climbed on the
bed, facing his feet, positioning her feet either side of his ears. She lowered
her pussy down onto his face, “Stick out your tongue, you dirty boy,” she
commanded. She lowered her pussy down and felt his tongue press against her labia.
She caught her breath. “Lick it.” Angel widened her outer lips with her fingers,
feeling Greg’s tongue flicking over her inner sex lips, enjoying those first
gentle touches. “Faster!”

His tongue glided harder and faster across her labia, lapping at her
like a dog. She pushed her pussy down, not caring if she was suffocating him. He
could say the safe word if she was really doing it too much. His tongue pushed
into her vagina, then out again. “Lick my clit!” she ordered him, lifting her
pussy up slightly and moving so he could accommodate her wishes. Immediately,
his pointed tongue flickered over her clit, tickling and teasing. She let her
body collapse forward over his chest, closing her eyes and drowning in the
sensations. She almost wished she hadn’t tied his hands—she could do with a
couple of fingers in there right now.

His tongue paused in its attentions to her. Maybe he was getting
tired. She moved her body down and off him, kneeling beside him on the bed
briefly before swinging her leg back over to straddle him again, this time
facing him.

She looked down at her breasts, bulging out over the PVC. She
unzipped the dress so half her boobs were still covered but her nipples were
out. She leaned forward and pushed her cleavage on his face. He widened his
mouth and poked out his tongue.

“No, not yet, you dirty boy,” she commanded him. He pulled his
tongue back in and lay impassive as she pressed her breasts firmly in his face,
swaying her upper body, allowing both her right and left nipples to touch his
lips in turn.

Angel placed her left nipple on his lips, running the bud along his
lips. He involuntarily opened his mouth a touch, then clamped his lips back
together again. Angel smiled. She circled her nipple around his lips, pinching
it to force it to harden so it poked his mouth. She held her breasts in her
hands and pushed them together, running both her buds across his lips. His
mouth quivered.

“Suck it,” she commanded then, placing her right nipple on his lips.

Greg opened his mouth. He sucked like a hungry baby, pulling her
nipple into his mouth. The tip of his tongue ran over the erect bud, causing
her to shiver. She felt light, gentle teeth nipping and she let out a little
moan, pushing her nipple farther in. She lowered her upper body farther down,
watching her breast pillow out over his face. He certainly had a clever tongue.
Reluctantly, she pulled her nipple gently from his mouth, before pushing her
two nipples together and pressing the twin buds against his lips.

“Lick,” she commanded. Again his tongue came out and he licked both
her nipples together, his tongue flicking from one to the other then lapping at
them both. She groaned and shoved her left nipple at him, wanting attention on
both sides. He sucked it in eagerly.

Angel threw her head back as he went to work. Her whole body responded,
as the pleasure he was stimulating in her nipples built in her pussy. Greg
flicked his tongue over her swollen buds, then sucked her nipple in hard,
forcing a wail from her quivering body. She ground her pussy down onto his
belly as he worked on her breasts, but it wasn’t enough. She needed fucking.

She moved off him and stared down on his body. His cock was hard and
she was tempted to just jump on board, but not yet. She enjoyed stretching it
out, and not only that, she mustn’t forget she was putting on a show for her
bloody Ladyship sitting over there with a cat’s-arse mouth. Instead, Angel knee-walked
down the bed, halting at Greg’s hips. She leaned over and took hold of his
cock. It leapt at her touch and he groaned under the hood. The tip was slick with
pre-cum and she ran her thumb over the purple bulb. His hips bucked and he
thrust into her hand. She should really punish him for that, she thought idly,
but suddenly couldn’t be bothered. She leaned over and slid her lips down his
shaft. She gave a mental smile. She had a surprise for him. She kept going,
taking the long dick all the way down till her lips hit his balls, hearing him
gasp in surprise, then moan with pleasure, thrusting down her throat. Men
really loved that lack of a gag reflex. Angel slid her lips back up slowly, flickering
her tongue all the way, before letting the tip out with an audible pop. She
licked the tip of his dick, tasting his pre-cum. She glanced over at Gillian,
who was glaring at her. Angel wondered if Gillian would have let her suck her
husband’s cock if she knew she could deep-throat him.

She twirled her tongue around the tip, then took him back in again,
squeezing his balls at the same time. Again he let out a little whinny of

Not letting go of his cock, she lifted her leg and pivoted on the
other knee, ending up straddling his chest. She inched back so her pussy was
placed at his mouth. She released his cock just long enough to order, “Eat my
pussy,” although no encouragement was needed. His tongue was already lapping at
her soaking wet pussy, swallowing her tangy juices. She dove once more on his
cock, sucking hungrily, almost losing her concentration at the feel of his
tongue on her cunt. He was bucking wildly under her now, thrusting his cock
down her welcoming throat. She ground her pussy onto his mouth, his rapidly
moving tongue feeling like a car wash, cleaning every trace of arousal,
although the faster he lapped it up, the more she produced.

Angel could feel that tightening of Greg’s body that indicated an
approaching climax. Swiftly she pulled her lips off his dick, hoping she wasn't
too late.

She climbed off him, debating for a second whether to go cowgirl or
reverse cowgirl. Reverse cowgirl, she decided, that way she reinforced the
feeling that she was just using his dick to pleasure herself with, and Gillian
would also get a full view of her fucking her husband.

She stood up by the side of the bed and unzipped her PVC dress, slipping
it off her shoulders and into the floor, showing off her body for the first
time in its glorious voluptuousness. She sat on the edge of the bed and removed
her boots next, leaving on her fishnets. She took a sneaky glance at Gillian,
who was looking at her, her face unreadable. Was she jealous that Angel had a
better body than she? Or was she turned on by her?

She got back onto the bed, snagging a condom from the drawer on the
way, and straddled Greg once more, facing his white bony feet, and positioning
herself so his dick rose tall in front of her smooth pussy. She took hold of
it, running her fingers up and down its wet length before ripping open the
condom and smoothing it on. She lifted her hips, supporting her body weight
with one hand, then rubbed the head of Greg’s dick over her cunt, stimulating
her clit with its soft firmness, then wetting it with her cream. Then, in one
long delicious plunge, she impaled herself upon him, finally feeling that long
cock inside her, filling her. Behind her, she heard him grunt. She lifted her
body up again, and lunged back down on him once more, squeezing her inner
muscles to stimulate him further. He cried out. Angel ground herself down on
his cock, leaning back, feeling his cock press against her tissues. She reached
down and cupped his balls, gently here, massaging the soft pebbles as she rode
him hard.

“Come on, fuck me,” she demanded, as he lunged his body off the bed
stabbing into her as she thrust herself on him.

Greg was helpless, hands tied, eyes covered. The only thing he could
use was his cock, and that only with her permission. She was totally in
control. This was Angel at her best, and she loved it. She took his cock deep
in her pussy, moving rapidly up and down, while he attempted to move his body,
wanting to please her. She sank his cock deep into heaven—he moaned. Angel closed
her eyes, wanting to take him harder and faster. Was it too soon for her to
orgasm? How long did she have to stretch this out for? She put her fingers down
to her clit, feeling it would take very little for her to come. She started to
slap her clit gently and rapidly, feeling the vibrations start to send her over
the edge. She threw her head back losing herself in the feelings.

BOOK: Touching Angel's Desires
10.66Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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