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John felt as if he was ten feet tall. It was stupid for the
approval of one woman to mean so much to him, but there was no changing the
facts. He grunted and dug into his own food. He was hungry and his mind was
busy mulling over the coming evening, and he didn’t look up again until his
plate was almost empty.

Shit, he was supposed to be talking to her, putting her at
ease. She’d finished about half of what he’d put on her plate, but was pushing
it away. “Did you have enough?” Could he ask a more stupid question?

“Oh yes. It was exactly what I needed. The spices in the red
sauce were perfect.” She lifted her wineglass and sipped. He noted that she’d
only drunk about half of what he’d poured. Good, he wanted her relaxed, not

“There are strawberries for dessert.” He stood and removed
both plates, dumping them on the kitchen counter.

She gave a small moan of pleasure. “I love strawberries.”

He knew that from his time with her last summer. It was why
he’d hunted around several grocery stores and paid a fortune to get the ripe
berries out of season. He had to remember to thank his brother for keeping an
eye on both sisters at the hotel while he’d run his errands. He owed Jake,
big-time. “I have whipped cream too.”

“Now you’re just spoiling me.” Topaz got up from the table
and walked to the large picture window, staring out into the darkness.

He wanted to spoil her, but she probably made as much money
as he did, if not more. He wasn’t the type of man to be bothered by that, but
he still wanted to provide for her and give her what she needed.

He pulled the bowl of strawberries out of the refrigerator
and spooned several dollops of cream onto them before taking the bowl into the
sitting area and placing it on the scarred coffee table. He wondered what she
was thinking about, but decided it was probably better not to ask. An intimate
atmosphere surrounded them and he didn’t want to do anything to jar it.

John turned off the overhead light, leaving a single lamp in
the corner lit. The room was wreathed in shadows but Topaz didn’t turn around. He
went to her and put his hands on her shoulders. “Come have some strawberries.”

She looked up at him with questions in her eyes. He shook
his head, took her hand and led her to the sofa, relaxing slightly when she
followed him without comment. He sat and pulled her down onto his lap. She
squirmed around for a few seconds, settling herself into a comfortable

He deserved a medal for not tossing her on the overstuffed
cushions, shoving up her robe and mounting her right then and there. His
control was near the breaking point and having her sweet ass rub against him
was pushing it.

John leaned over and pulled the bowl close so he could
easily reach it. For a brief moment, his mouth was only a hairsbreadth from her
breasts. It took a Herculean effort not to latch on to one of her hard nubs
pressing against the front of her robe.

Instead, he leaned back and carefully selected one ripe, red
berry. Cream swirled on the tip that he brought to her lips. “Taste.”

Chapter Five


Topaz opened her mouth and let John feed her the strawberry.
She bit down on the sweet juicy berry, savoring the flavor of it mixed with the
thick, rich cream. Strawberries always reminded her of a summer day and she
loved them. She licked her lips in anticipation of more.

Every muscle in John’s body was rigid beneath her and his
erection prodded her hip. Yet, he seemed to be in no hurry to get her to bed.
There was no pressure on her to do anything but sit here in his lap and let him
feed her strawberries.

She was relaxed for the first time in months, even with the
low sexual buzz fizzing through her veins. “Dinner was delicious. These berries
are divine.”

She knew he could cook because he’d taken over the chore
several times in the past few weeks while guarding her at her apartment, surprising
her each time with various dishes. He grilled a great steak and fried a crisp
chicken cutlet, but it continued to surprise her that such a big, tough guy
seemed so at home in the kitchen. She supposed she was guilty of stereotyping.

“You’re welcome.” His voice seemed deeper, rougher and she
fought the urge to simply turn and straddle his body. Her breasts ached to be
pressed against the hard wall of his chest, but she wanted this moment to last,
to enjoy simply relaxing with a man who fascinated and rang her bell on every

“My turn.” She leaned forward and plucked one of the berries
out of the bowl and brought it to his mouth. He parted his lips and allowed her
to feed him. His sharp teeth closed around the treat, but not before his tongue
made contact with one of her fingers.

The tiny caress sent shock waves of pleasure careening all
the way to her toes. A sense of rightness came over her. She could let down her
guard with John. He didn’t want her money or her family connections. He was the
kind of man who made his own way in the world. All he wanted was her.

He swallowed and she watched his Adam’s apple ripple. He
wasn’t the most handsome man she’d ever met in her life, but he was the most
compelling one. She pressed her hand against his strong jaw, feeling the rasp
of his five o’clock shadow. Her fingers played over his chin and a low rumble
came from his chest.

He watched her as a tiger might watch its prey, alert and
aware of everything. His pale-blue eyes never left her face.

There was so much they should talk about but, at this
moment, Topaz could think of nothing to say. All her reasons for not getting
involved with John were lost in her growing need. She could have this time with
him before they went their separate ways. Topaz was a realist and knew John
Knight lived on the edge of danger, was accustomed to the adrenaline rush of
excitement, while all she wanted was stability and a family.

It wasn’t wrong for them to want different things but it did
make any kind of relationship between them a temporary one. It saddened her to
think so, but she shoved the unwanted thought out of her head. It had no place
between them tonight.

His hand closed around her hip, his fingers flexing. His
chest expanded as he took a deep breath and slowly released it.

Her body was on fire for him. Her skin tingled and felt
over-sensitized, as though all the nerve endings were exposed. She wanted his
large calloused hands on her, touching her, caressing her. His hands were rough
and capable, the hands of a hardworking man.

“John.” His name was little more than a whisper on her lips,
but he heard her. She leaned toward him and he lowered his head. Their lips met
and she could taste the sweetness of the berry she’d fed him.

His tongue stroked over her top and then her bottom lip. He
caught the lower one between his teeth and carefully nipped. Hot, molten
pleasure shot downward and her core went moist. Her nipples ached so she turned
and pressed one of her breasts against his chest.

He ripped his mouth from hers and lifted her as though she
weighed nothing at all. His biceps rippled as he settled her on his lap so she
was facing him, her legs straddling his. Her slippers slid off her feet and
dropped to the floor with a light thud. The new position pressed her mound against
his heavy erection and she wiggled against him, wringing a moan from them both.

“It’s been making me crazy all night wondering if you have
anything on under that damn dressing gown.” John pulled at the tie at her waist
and spread the ends of the material back to reveal her nightgown. A slight
smile tugged at his lips. “I might have known.”

“What does that mean?” She couldn’t tell if he liked it or
was disappointed.

He pushed the bathrobe down her shoulders and pulled it
away, draping it over the sofa beside them. His hands slid up her bare arms to
her shoulder, leaving a trail of goose bumps in their wake.

“You’re the most damn coordinated woman I know. Last summer,
your panties matched the dress you were wearing.” His fingers toyed with the
thin strap of her nightgown. “It’s sexy as hell.” He drew one finger down
toward her cleavage and her nipples became more pronounced against the silky
fabric. “I play a guessing game with myself every day, wondering what you’ve
got on beneath your clothes. Makes me crazy.”

His deep voice was pure seduction and his touch was setting
her skin on fire. She reached down, grabbed his hand and placed it on her
breast. He squeezed and plumped the mound even as his thumb circled the
straining nipple through the fabric.

“Oh yeah. This is what I want. You’re so damn sexy.” He slid
his hands back up to the straps and slowly pulled them down to her elbows and
then lower, exposing her breasts. The top half of her nightgown pooled around
her waist. “You’re perfect.”

He moved her back slightly on his lap and leaned forward.
Her eyelids half closed in anticipation of having his mouth on her. But he
shifted to the side and reached into the bowl of strawberries, plucking one
out. The berry was mounded with cream. She shivered in anticipation, wondering
what he would do.

John brought the berry to her breast and circled her nipple
with it, leaving a dollop of cream on the tip. Topaz moaned as the cool berry
came in contact with her heated skin. Then he went on to the other one and did
the same.

“Your nipples are even sweeter than the strawberries. Red
and ripe and ready for me to taste.”

No man had ever said such things to her. Her pussy ached for
his touch. She was empty and aching for him, wanting him to fill her, take her.
Her entire body was alive, nerve endings firing, straining, waiting for his
next move.

“I never did get enough dessert. Did you?” He brought the
berry to her lips. “Taste.” She took the strawberry into her mouth and bit into
the succulent treat. John leaned down and circled one taut nipple with his
tongue, licking off the surrounding cream.

“Mmm.” I think my treat is better than yours.” Her head fell
back as he closed his mouth over the cream-covered bud and sucked. Her thighs
tightened around his and she grabbed his shoulders for support.

He released her nipple, circling it with his tongue. “Can’t
miss any of the cream.”

“No,” she agreed, her voice hoarse with need. “Can’t do
that. It would be wasteful.”

His low laugh made her pussy clench and she grabbed his head
and drew him to her other breast. He plumped the mound in his hand and lapped
at cream covering it. He stroked and licked, teasing the rigid bud at the tip
with his tongue until she thought she might go crazy.

She touched his chest and realized, while she was half naked,
he was still totally dressed. She yanked at his shirt, needing to feel his
warm, hard flesh beneath her hands. He leaned back and let her pull it over her
head. She tossed his shirt aside and skimmed her hands over the rigid muscles.
There was not a single ounce of fat on the man. He was all rippling muscles and

“Let’s get this off you.” John gathered the fabric of her
nightgown and pulled it over her head. She raised her arms, helping him to
remove it. Naked, she sat on his lap and let him look his fill. She was tall
and slender with minimal curves. Her build was more lanky than curvaceous, but
her breasts were a decent size and well-shaped.

His hands closed around her hips and he slid them over her
waist. His thumbs trailed over her abdomen, stopping beneath her breasts. “You
are so fucking sexy.” He cupped her breasts, molding them with his hands. He
caressed and teased them, plucking at her nipples with his thumb and

She moved against him, pressing her lower body against his jean-covered
erection. Not satisfied with that, she tugged at the zipper.

Every cell in John’s body screamed at him to take Topaz.
Now. He could taste the combination of sweet berry, rich cream and warm woman
on his tongue, could still feel the tight bud of her nipple. Her skin was like
the cream he’d put on it—soft and rich and addictive. Her nipple was sweeter
than any berry he’d ever eaten.

Having her naked, sitting on his lap was a fantasy come
true, but he wanted her to find her pleasure before he sought his. It would
make the entire experience even better for both of them.

Topaz began to tug at the zipper of his jeans, letting him
know she wanted him. He sucked in his breath, waiting in anticipation. Her
capable hands had his jeans open in no time and she pushed his boxer briefs
aside. His cock, free from its confinement, bobbed between them. The head was
dark and slick, the shaft heavy and engorged with the blood that pumped through
the dark-blue veins that ran up and down its length.

She closed her fingers around his dick and he almost lost

Knowing time was short, he trailed one hand down her slender
torso, over her soft belly and into the nest of tight curls covering her mound.
She gasped when he went deeper, letting his finger stroke over her clit. Her
hand tightened around his cock and he groaned, his entire body clenching. His
balls pulled tight to his body, a tangible reminder that he had to hurry.

Her slick folds met his questing fingers and he reveled in
the fact that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. He stroked her once,
twice, before slipping one thick finger into her tight channel. She quivered
beneath his touch and he wanted to yell his pleasure.

His thumb found her clit and he rubbed it lightly. Topaz’s
breathing changed, getting quicker as she panted for air. Her hand released his
cock and rested on his shoulder. He wanted to yank it back, but didn’t,
figuring it would give him more self-control.

She began to move her hips, undulating against his hand,
finding a rhythm that she liked. Her pussy was hot against his hand. He loved
that she was so wet, so fucking ready for him. He pressed another finger into
her slick passage to join the first one, stretching her, making her ready to
take his cock.

“John.” His name fell from her lips like a plea and he
didn’t disappoint her. He worked his fingers in and out of her core. He felt
her inner muscles quivering around him, felt the tension thrumming through her.

He leaned forward, captured one pert nipple in his mouth and
bit down gently. Topaz threw back her head and screamed, her hips pumping
frantically against his hand.

He pressed his thumb firmly against her clit and thrust his
fingers deep. Her pussy clamped down hard around him as spasms shook her. She
cried out again, riding out the storm. John wanted nothing more than to lift
her onto his cock and fuck her, but held back. He was in this for the long
haul, not just for a one-night stand. He had a strategy and he was going to
stick with it, even if it killed him.

And he wasn’t sure it wouldn’t.

His balls ached as they never had before and the tip of his
cock was leaking constantly now. It wouldn’t take much to shove him over the
edge, but he wanted Topaz to find as much pleasure as possible, needed to show
her what it could be like between them before he came.

When she finally collapsed against his chest, he caught her
and nestled her head on his shoulder. She fit there perfectly and felt
incredibly right.

Her damp, hot mound was pressed against his shaft and John
found himself naming countries and world leaders just to get his mind off the
bundle of soft, hot woman snuggled against him. But he wouldn’t change this
moment for anything. Having her in his arms and knowing he’d satisfied her was

Topaz felt sated and relaxed. John’s body radiated more than
enough heat to keep her warm, even though there was a slight chill to the air.
The orgasm she’d just had was off-the-charts amazing. As she recovered and got
more of her wits about her, she realized that every muscle in John’s body was
tense. His cock flexed against her mound and she felt a stirring deep within
her once again.

John had given her an amazing experience and she planned on
returning the favor.

Topaz raised her head and smiled at him. A muscle twitched
beneath his eye and his face appeared strained, but his eyes were soft and he
smiled at her. “Feeling okay?” He brushed a short strand of hair off her cheek,
tucking it behind her ear. The tender gesture made her heart ache.

“Perfect, thanks to you.” She used his chest as leverage to
push herself to her feet.

“Hey, you don’t have to go anywhere.” He gave her butt
cheeks a squeeze and she almost settled back onto his lap before she remembered
her plan.

“I’m not going far,” she reassured him. She leaned down and
plucked at the laces of his boots. “Help me take these off.”

John stacked one heel against the toe of his other boot and
pushed. Topaz pulled and the boot came off. Then he did the other one. She
pulled off his socks and then went for his jeans. “These next.”

His face looked hard and his body seemed even bigger as he
raised his butt off the couch and shoved his jeans and briefs down his thighs.
She tugged then down his legs until he was naked. She stood between his
slightly spread rock-hard thighs and stared down at him.

BOOK: TouchofTopaz
2.44Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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