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Trace's Temptation (RARE Series, #3)

BOOK: Trace's Temptation (RARE Series, #3)
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Trace’s Temptation



Dawn Sullivan

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Published by Dawn Sullivan

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o my Street Team, Dawn’s RARE Rebels.  Thank you for all that you do.  I appreciate all of the time and effort you put into sharing my books on all of the Facebook blogs and to other readers.  You all rock!

Also, a special thanks to all of my beta readers-Karrie, Tabitha, Kathy, Charmarie, Jessica and Marie.


RARE: Rescue And Retrieval


Angel:  RARE Alpha, wolf shifter, strong telepathic

Nico:  Angel’s right hand man, wolf shifter, telepathic, has the ability to see glimpses of the future

Phoenix:  Human turned wolf shifter, telepathic, complete badass, loves anything that goes boom 

Rikki:  Human, kick ass sniper, touches objects that others have touched and gets visions of the past, present, and sometimes the future 

Jaxson:  Wolf shifter, telepathic, RARE’s technology expert

Trace:  Black panther shifter, telepathic, badass sniper

Chapter 1

eering through the scope of his sniper rifle, Trace Killion silently watched the men guarding the massive estate below.  He was camouflaged high up in the branches of a tree approximately 50 yards from the mansion’s front gates.  The house had 12 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, a large kitchen and a full basement that was aptly called ‘The Dungeon’.  The Dungeon was filled with several jail cells where men and women were held captive and tortured.  Trace would know; he used to oversee what happened in that basement on a daily basis.  He’d even been required to take part in the torture sessions on several occasions.  There was a tall, black, wrought iron fence surrounding the estate with numerous guards spread out in various positions on the property.  It had originally been more, but Trace was gradually picking them off one by one. 

As Trace watched, the man he had been stalking for the past three months stepped through the balcony doors of the master bedroom.  Trace felt the tension fill his shoulders as he lined up the shot.  He was going to rid the world of the bastard standing in his line of sight, Philip Perez...his father. 

Trace felt the anger roll through him as he thought of all the reasons he had to kill Perez.  For his mother, for his sister, for the chance at a life with his mate. 

Trace’s mother, Sophia, was a beautiful African American woman.  She was tiny with delicate features, long black hair that hung to her waist, beautiful dark brown eyes, and a smile that lit up a room.  Sophia had grown up in a large, loving family.  She’d been the Cordell princess; doted on by her father, spoiled by her mother, and adored by her two older brothers.  Sophia had become a largely sought after cover model at the age of 14.  At the age of 15, she caught the eye of Philip Perez, a notorious drug lord and leader of a Colombian drug cartel.  When she was just 16 years of age, Philip Perez had broken into her home, killing her parents and brothers and taking a young, terrified Sophia home as his bride.  After three months of beating her into submission, Philip had the meek and mild wife he wanted.  One year later, after a very hard pregnancy, Trace was born. 

Philip Perez had wanted several sons, but Trace’s birth had been hard on Sophia’s small body.  The doctor urged Philip and Sophia not to have any more children.  He said Sophia’s body could not handle it and it could kill both Sophia and the baby.  Philip did not listen, and Sophia had no say in the matter.  A year later, she became pregnant again.  She lost the baby and almost lost her own life after four months.  The doctor had to do an emergency hysterectomy which meant Sophia could no longer have children.  Three months later, Philip moved Sophia out of the master bedroom and moved his mistress into the mansion and into his bed. While he lavished his young, coldhearted bitch of a mistress with beautiful clothes and jewelry, Sophia hid in her room.  She considered herself blessed when Philip visited her only once or twice a month to take what he considered was his.  Those nights were hell.  She normally could not get out of bed for days after he beat and raped her. 

When Trace was four, his father’s mistress became pregnant.  Philip was ecstatic.  He was finally about to get what he wanted, another son.  Nine months later, a baby girl was born.  She was so tiny and perfect, with darkly tanned skin and a dark brown tuft of hair on her head.  When Philip saw his mistress had given him a daughter instead of a son, he took out his gun and shot her in the head.  Taking the baby, he gave her to Sophia and told her to either raise her or kill her, he didn’t care which.  To him, a female child was useless.  Sophia accepted the child into her life, naming her Starr.  Sophia used to gaze out the window at night, watching the stars and wishing she was anywhere except with her brutally cruel husband.

After that, Philip turned his entire attention to Trace.  Being born into the Colombian drug business, Trace was groomed from an early age to eventually take over his father’s position in the cartel.  He was taught not only the ins and outs of the drug business, but how to torture and kill to get what you needed at any cost.   

Trace may have been raised to be a killer, but he loved his mother and Starr.  For years, Trace watched the pain and abuse his father had bestowed upon them, until finally he was strong enough and had the means to put an end to it.  Starr had turned 21 and Trace’s dad decided to marry her off to one of his business associates.  The man was a known rapist and pedophile, and Trace was not going to allow his little sister to be used and abused by the sick fuck.  One night while his father was sleeping, Trace snuck Sophia and Starr out of that same mansion that was sitting in front of him now.  He killed any guard that stood in his way.  Once they were safely away and Trace was sure they had not been followed, he took his mother and sister to a remote destination and hid them.  He vowed that he would keep them safe and would not allow his father to hurt them anymore. 

Trace hired two men he trusted to stay with his mother and Starr for protection.  Then he moved on to keep his father’s attention centered on him and away from his family.  He’d been able to save up a large sum of money from the portion of his cuts he received from the drug dealings with his father.  However, it was expensive to keep two full time guards and to travel to see his mother and Starr.  It was also expensive to travel back to Colombia periodically to keep an eye on his father and make sure he was nowhere near Sophia and Starr.  Over the past three years, Trace moved his family every six months to ensure they were never found.  He had not saved them from years of mental and physical abuse just to let his father find them and take them back. 

With his money supply running low, Trace needed to find a job.  After finally getting away from his father and the cartel, he refused to have anything to do with the drug business.  Making several subtle inquiries, Trace discovered RARE was looking for a sniper.  RARE, Rescue and Retrieval Extractions, was a team of mercenaries who found and rescued victims no one else could.  They accepted jobs no one else wanted.  Trace needed money to continue hiding his family from Perez, so he tracked down the leader of RARE, Angel Johnston, and asked for a job.  He wasn’t sure he would make it through the background check, but Angel had gotten back to him within two days to let him know he was hired.  Trace knew she had delved deep into his past, but Angel did not ask questions and he didn’t volunteer any information.  After being hired, Trace found out that every team member of RARE had special abilities.  Some were shifters, some not.  All were telepathic.  Trace hadn’t told Angel about his own telepathic ability, but somehow she had known. 

As Trace watched, his father stepped to the edge of the balcony, talking on his cell phone.  Trace lined up the shot.  He was going to take the bastard out now.  Just as his finger tightened on the trigger, the sound of a gunshot cracked in the air and Trace felt a sharp pain as a bullet struck his shoulder.  Fuck, someone had seen him.  Throwing his bag over his shoulder, Trace grabbed his sniper rifle and jumped off the large branch he had been crouched on to the ground several feet below.  Taking off at a sprint, he jumped over a log, skirted around a tree and came to a dead stop at the sight before him.  Six of his father’s men held guns on him, waiting for a reason to fire.  Weighing his options, Trace decided the best course of action was to stand down.  He needed to live, needed to find a chance to fight back.  Today was not the day to die.  He had to get home to his mate.

“Drop your gun and bag now,” one of the men ordered.  “Hands behind your head.”  Trace slowly lowered his weapon and backpack to the ground, clasping his hands behind his head.  The man chuckled cruelly.  “Mr. Perez has been waiting for you.”  Without warning, he slammed his rifle into the gunshot wound on Trace’s shoulder.  Trace grunted, the pain rolling through him.  He refused to show mercy to these men.  “Fuck you,” he snarled.  

Trace knew where he was headed...The Dungeon.  He had been there before.  Never on the receiving end of the punishment, but that was about to change.  To his knowledge, no one had escaped The Dungeon before, unless it was in a body bag.  Trace vowed to be the first to not only survive, but to destroy everyone associated with his father.  Standing tall, Trace carefully looked each man in the eye.  He wanted to make sure he knew who to kill first when he was free.  Every last one of the arrogant bastards was going to die. 

Strolling casually around Trace, the man who seemed to be in charge laughed again.  “Act tough now.  Soon you will be crying like a baby.  The Dungeon does that to a person.  It takes your will to survive.  Makes you wish you were dead so you don’t have to endure anymore pain.”  Stopping in front of Trace, the man leaned in close.  His black, soulless eyes widened and he rasped, “Soon you will be praying to whatever God you believe in to take your life.  When that time comes, make sure and say my name.  You pray to Titus.  I am your mother fucking God now.  Your future lies in my hands.”  Stepping back with a scowl on his face, the man nodded to someone behind Trace.  Pain swamped him and he fell to his knees after the butt of a rifle connected with the side of his head.  Struggling to rise, Trace blinked rapidly to get the blood out of his eyes.  As his vision blurred, Trace groaned and collapsed on the ground, slowly losing consciousness.

BOOK: Trace's Temptation (RARE Series, #3)
3Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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