True Body Rock (Rockstar Romance) (The Body Rock Series Book 4)

BOOK: True Body Rock (Rockstar Romance) (The Body Rock Series Book 4)
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Book 4

The Body Rock Series

Table of Contents

Title Page

True Body Rock (Rockstar Romance) (The Body Rock Series Book 4)

Prologue | Lola

Chapter One. | Drezden

Chapter Two. | Lola

Chapter Three. | Drezden

Nine Years Ago

Eight Years Ago

Seven Years Ago

Present Day

Chapter Four. | Lola

Chapter Five. | Drezden

Chapter Six. | Lola

Chapter Seven. | Drezden

Epilogue. | Lola

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All rights reserved.

True Body Rock is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

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eeth glided down the inside of my thigh. In the cocoon of my bed, my blankets, only one thing burned warmer than me.


I was still shaking off the mask of sleep, trying to make sense of why I'd gone from dreaming about the man, to waking up to something even sweeter. Curled between my legs, he revealed the danger of lying beside him in the late hours, wearing nothing but some silky blue panties.

I could hardly see him under the covers. Squinting down, I was rewarded with a flare of green eyes—a beast on the hunt—and a rough squeeze of my ass. Gasping, I arched back, cheek to the pillow. “Eyes up,” was his single command.

The whisper burned like pure vodka.

For a man who demanded so much, he had acquired a terrible patience. Gently, he rolled his mouth up my smooth skin. Each inch, he left a simple kiss. The distance felt like miles by the time he got to my knee.
Wrong direction,
I thought in a haze.

No. Drezden knew what he was doing.

Back down he went, slower than before. His casual control tugged at my center. In the blackness of my room, I heard only my frantic breathing. Could someone go insane, being tortured like this?

Will I learn firsthand?

He was on my opposite leg, licking the top of my calf, when I broke. “Stop teasing me,” I hissed.

His body, everything, froze in time. Stubble raked my skin, his chin dragging down until he hovered just over my shaking pussy. I was hyper aware; his words could have been fingers on my slit. “Stop?” I heard him inhale; sharp, precise. “Lola, I haven't even started.”

Biting my lip didn't stifle my whimper.

His hands came down hard on the insides of my legs. He spread them until I was taut; a violin string he could easily snap. The tip of his nose brushed deliberately down the front of my soaked panties, nudging the swelling node of my clit.

Maybe I'm still asleep.
My lashes fluttered, nails curling in the sheets.
Maybe this is my dream.

Kissing my stomach, he glided the hard muscles of his torso across mine. Climbing upwards, his weight settled, the bed creaked. His jaw angled down to kiss me; I met him halfway.

My tongue tangled, danced with his. His hips crushed on mine, made the firm shape of his aching cock plain as day. The heat of it seared my lower belly.
Oh god.
I couldn't keep myself from bucking up against him.

Drezden played his long fingers under me. My spine led the way until he had the globes of my ass in his grip, kneading me, shaping me. I'd lost control already, but the carnal hunger in me became all I knew.

I rocked hard against him, tried to pull him towards me with my fucking heat and need. The wetness down my thighs was audible, every movement of Drezden's stiff cock raising the volume. Still, he didn't give in; didn't slide aside my panties or his briefs, nothing.

Couldn't he tell how much I needed him? Didn't he understand my desperation?

When I reached down, tried to yank his underwear, he chuckled. “In a rush?”

“You keep doing this,” I said, working at the cloth. “Teasing me, making me crazy! Isn't it hard to hold back? Is it just me that feels so—so unhinged?”

My arms were snatched, crushed over my head. I couldn't recover before he bent low, kissed me until my mouth was numb. Everything fled, everything that helped me make sense of my existence. I lost gravity, floated until Drezden let me go.

Green eyes simmered inches from me. “Of course it isn't just you. I fight every minute of my day to keep myself from clawing you to pieces.” I gasped sharply; he'd rubbed his raging erection between my thighs. “I work so hard to control what I do to you, Lola.” His voice dropped, a rock into the sea. “I take my time because anything less... I'd lose myself and just take what I want without being able to stop.”

It should have terrified me.

Hooking my legs around his lower back, I pulled him closer. “Do it,” I whispered, nipping his lip before he could lean away. What did he see in my eyes? I could only imagine. “Fucking lose yourself, let go with me.”

I saw his teeth in the dark. The next sound was my shout of surprise; he'd torn my panties down my ankles in a rush. “You're bold.” He cut off any words I had with a throttling tangle of lips. I dragged in air as he sat up. “I fucking—god. You get under my skin so good,” he said, winding his hand in my hair. “No.
than that. You get inside of

I wanted to touch him, to run my hands over his shirt, under it, scrape at his skin. I almost begged him. The words were on my tongue, even the claim that I
about the scar on his back so just fucking let me see him shirtless already!

The thick head of his dick, rubbing along my silky entrance, shut me up. He had himself in his fist, saturating the smooth tip with my wetness.
No condom.
In one motion, he filled me to the brim.

Biting his shoulder, I knew it wasn't enough. Everyone on that tour bus would hear my cries. That Drezden didn't care... it made my heart turn liquid.

He was stuffing me deep, thrusting like he could go faster with each motion. Groaning in the back of my throat, I met him until I was overcome. He was primal, seeking to find what

It was just coincidence that what he sought also gave me what I was after.

The pressure built in me, hovering on the cusp of exploding. His shaft was buried violently, I thought it should hurt. Instead, I felt the tingles of excitement over just barely fitting him. We were bound together at the root; twisting, sweating, uncaring.

He kissed me as I came, holding me still while I trembled. In my ear, he grunted, almost pained. The way he wrenched himself from me left me hollow. Warm, sticky seed spilled over my belly. Hunching above me, Drezden was gulping air.

I pushed the hair from his slick forehead. “I know how it feels. Getting under your skin, I mean.” His look of surprise told me to kiss him; I pushed my lips gently to his tepid cheek.

It was strange how—right then—things felt so perfect.

Just the two of us, sitting together in our salt and silence, enjoying just being alive.

It gave me hope that things were finally smoothing into place.

What a world, if everything could really feel so perfect...

If only.


he rain was sharp, cutting through my sweater and into my bones. It soaked my jeans; made every step I took harder. And, frankly, I didn't need them to be any harder than they already were.

Three days had passed since we'd left Aspen. We'd played every night for different faces, the screams blurring my brain until I recalled nothing but the heat in my belly and the sweat staining my brow afterward. Each night, I'd tried to seek out my brother.

Each night he'd been a ghost.

Sean had done everything he could to casually avoid me. At every afterparty, he slipped off to drink or dance or fuck or whatever it was he was doing. I didn't need the details; the writing on the wall was clear.

He wants nothing to do with me.

But I was done with being avoided.

The ratty bus waited in the parking lot. In the rain it was a hulking elephant, silent like it was close to dying from age. I didn't knock, didn't take a moment to consider what I was doing. If I did, the chance I'd chicken out would grow.

Shoving against the bus doors was easy. I knew those doors, I'd shaken them apart so many times. They never locked right, but no one cared. All the gear worth any money was safe in the back of another van. If anyone was going to try and steal something—they wouldn't be coming here.

Not true,
I thought as I climbed the short steps. Lifting my head, I stared across the bodies littering the ripped seats.
I'm here to steal time from my brother.
I could see him, those eyes reflecting mine in the dark. He looked... drained. As bad as the bus itself.

Other people were moving, grumbling at the intrusion so early in the morning. Both of us ignored them. I'm unsure if we even blinked. “Come outside with me.” I said flatly.

“It's pouring out there.” Shoving the blanket off of his chest, Sean grabbed for a wrinkled shirt. It muffled him when he tugged it over his face. “You want us both to get sick?”

“Come outside.”

Beside me, a giant lump shifted. Shark squinted at us both, clearing his throat roughly. Like we hadn't gotten his meaning, he did it again. “It's fuckin' early as shit, you guys. Go somewhere else to talk. My head's about to crack, fuck.”

“Go back to bed, Shark.” Sean tried to smooth his hair, but it wouldn't obey.

Droplets of water, cool on my burning skin, drifted down my neck. “Just come on, we need to talk,” I said. Turning on the seat, my brother began digging around on the floor. “Stop ignoring me! This is why I had to come here in the first—”

“I'm not ignoring you.” With an umbrella in hand, Sean stumbled my way through the bus. “I'm just making sure neither of us drowns out there. Come on, then.”

Thrown off by his sudden compliance, I followed him out into the storm. The parking lot was close to flooded, puddles forcing us to walk in awkward patterns. He held the umbrella over both our heads, the nearness reminding me of when we'd walked home together from school as kids.

My mind was already in a strange spot. Nostalgia was doing its best to ruin my courage. When Sean spoke, I visibly jumped. “Lola, why are we out here?”

Lifting my eyes, I watched the edge of the umbrella. Rain fell to its death in rivulets. “I needed to corner you. You've been avoiding me ever since... ever since Drez and I...” My cheeks burned enough to turn the rain to steam.

“That's not it.” He halted in front of the quiet road, the surface shiny from street lights. I felt him looking at me, but I kept watching the edge of the canopy. “I'm not—wasn't avoiding you because of that. I don't care about any of that.”

Burying my hands in my pockets, I looked for warmth and found nothing. “Then it's because we haven't been talking as much.”

“No. Lola, you don't get it.” The edge of the umbrella wavered; rain tumbled in a cascade into the street, melting away. “It's not about any one thing. It's all of it together. It's what it
for me.”

“What does it mean for you?”
What is he...

“It means you don't need me anymore.”

Now I was looking at him. My eyes were frozen on his, searching in the depths of his sapphire-blues to better understand the hurt, the defeat, swimming there. “Of course I need you! Sean, you're my brother. I'm always going to need you.”

I despised how sad his smile was. “I guess I just wanted to be the one you always came to for help... for whatever. I don't know. After everything I've done—well.” He broke the stare, gazing off at the nothingness of the thunderclouds. “I'm just selfish. You're at the top. I wanted to see you there, yeah, but I wanted to be there with you.”

Was it possible for my heart to crumble? I grabbed his wrist where it brushed the umbrella handle. “I—I'm not at the top! You're the one who...”
Who I always looked up to. Who is—was—at the top.
I understood what had put the wall between my brother and I.

His eyes glistened, Sean knew what I'd just grasped. “Yeah. You're where I always dreamed I'd be. Headlining a tour like this, you're better than me. I think you always were.”

“No! No, I wasn't.” A compliment had never dug so deep. I didn't
to be better than Sean. He'd taught me everything, he'd worked so hard. He was the one who should have been in my shoes. “Sean, stop acting like your dream is over.”

He adjusted his grip on the handle; I felt it under my fingers. “You don't get it. There's no way to climb past this.”

'This.' What does 'this' mean?
Watching the tension in his jaw, I listened to the music of the rain around us. “There has to be.”
Life can't be unfair like that.
“It's all you ever wanted, right? How can you even imagine giving up?”

BOOK: True Body Rock (Rockstar Romance) (The Body Rock Series Book 4)
5.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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