Unbound, a Paranormal Romance (Book 2 of the Spellbound Series) (3 page)

BOOK: Unbound, a Paranormal Romance (Book 2 of the Spellbound Series)
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I marveled at the walls, which looked like they’d been painted by Michelangelo. Baby angels dancing on clouds were scattered all over the sky-blue walls in the round room. The room, the bed, and our white silk attire made us look as if we were royalty,
he was the god of the underworld. But this was not what I would have imagined as his bedchambers.

I let go of Hades' hand and sauntered to the bed to lie down. The pure silk, white sheets tickled my bare shoulders, and I glanced at Hades, giving him a come-hither look. I didn’t have to wait long before he stood in front of me.

“I’ve waited centuries for this moment. I intend on enjoying every second.” He leaned over me.

I took in his handsome face as his lips met mine; I wanted the kiss to go on for a lifetime. The caress of his tongue heated my blood as he mouthed his way down my neck. I could scarcely breathe as he neared my breasts. He paused over the spot where my heart lay.

“I love the sound of your beating heart,” he said reverently. He lay flat on my chest and listened as my heartbeat quickened.

“Why?” I asked breathlessly.

His face looked ashen as he sat up, avoiding eye contact. Confused by his behavior, I sat up too. I didn’t remember Hades ever acting disturbed—and from a simple
question, no less.

“It shows me that you are alive, my sweet, and you are from the earth. You are not made of chaos.” He stood and paced the floor.

I stood and crossed the space toward him. “But you are alive too, my love. You may be immortal, but you are alive and here with me.” I took hold of his hand, as it seemed my words took hold of his heart. I stood on my tiptoes to give him my best bedroom eyes and kissed him once again until he swept me into his arms.

“You are right, my sweet. I am here with you, and that is all that matters.” He cradled me in his arms as we returned to the bed. “I love you, my sweet. No matter what may happen in our future, believe that much is true.” His lips brushed my shoulder as he lay me down on the bed. The kiss surged through my body like an electrical current.

“You’re not how your brothers and sisters think of you.”

His movement froze with lips still against my body; my words caught him of guard, again. He started his kisses again down my arm.

“Antonia, my love, what do you mean?” Hades’ sensual hazel eyes gazed deep into my green ones for answers.

I swallowed hard, wondering whether I should have said anything, then cleared my throat. “Well, I’ve read about your relationship with your brothers, Zeus and Poseidon.”

Hades’ furrowed brow softened and the oh-so-familiar smile crawled across his lips, then he bellowed a laugh. He took my hands in his, and I shifted to make room on the bed as he sat down.

“I do forget you have lived for years, centuries even, before you and I were reunited. You’re speaking of the stories of Homer, I take it?” When I nodded, he said, “Though many of his stories are technically correct, the details are wrong. I am depicted as the selfish, evil ruler of the underworld, but those things are not true. It is just fate that I became the ruler of the underworld. Zeus or Poseidon could just as easily have ruled the underworld as I could have ruled the sky or sea.”

My eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “But—”

He shushed me with a warm finger. “My love, we have an eternity to talk about my life and the tragedy of my family.” He removed his finger from my lips and gently kissed me with a kiss that lingered with love. “Now, where were we?”

I giggled as he pulled away from me with a devious smile. He touched my gown and it melted into the bed, becoming a part of the sea of white as Hades took his place beside me. Now that I was completely naked before him, Hades took in my body. He outlined every inch of the top of my body very gently with his index finger, as if too much pressure might break me. He licked his lips.

“My sweet, be grateful I am not a vampire. I am thirsty just looking at your perfect body, and I would drink every drop of you.” He kissed his way from my toes up my calves and then my thighs, pausing at my apex for a taste.

Despite the passion erupting inside me, my thoughts drifted to Ben. From the moment Hades had said “vampire,” I couldn’t shake the sudden vision of him in my mind. I recalled the moment we met and the rush of emotions I felt. I remembered how Dawn convinced me to have breakfast with him that first morning. I could still taste the syrup from the pancakes that he made.

My eyes shut tight and the images of Ben began to fade with Hades’ magic tongue. As Hades kissed, licked, and sucked my tight, wet heat, Ben was erased from my mind completely. My body trembled as I reached out and fisted my hands in Hades’ hair, screaming in ecstasy. My body arched with pleasure. I hit the highest note before becoming breathless, still moaning in pleasure. My body throbbed, my nipples hardening as I approached an earth-shattering climax. I gripped the sheet beneath me, feeling like my body was about to fly away.

I screamed once more as his cyclone tongue worked me over. My back arched, goose bumps peppering my body. My eyes opened and found his boring back into mine with desire as he began to kiss down my right leg, tickling my sensitized flesh with every touch.

When he reached the tip of my toes, he smiled up at me. “That was just the appetizer, my sweet. I have plans to make you feel this way from this day to forever.”

My eyes widened as his warm lips brushed my right hip, my lower stomach, and then my left hip. I wrapped my leg around his hard body. He stopped his kisses to focus his alluring hazel eyes on me. The look on his face was enough to tell me how much he’d enjoyed the last few minutes or hours or however long he’d been pleasuring me.

The gown he wore disappeared before my eyes as I gazed at a body most men could only dream of having, and every woman wished they could possess. I ran my hand down his muscle-defined chest, stopping at the trail leading to my treasure. I giggled, still high off the orgasm when my eyes drifted down from his luscious lips, down his chiseled chest, stopping just at his hips. I inhaled the scent of lavender as my hands and eyes lowered to the sunken area just below his ribs making the perfect V and I licked my lips.

“I’m ready for the main course,” I purred.

Hades didn’t hesitate. Even as the words sang from my lips, he shifted his body until he was cradled between my thighs. He began the torturous procession of kisses up my stomach to my breast, caressing my thighs with his hands. As he reached my breast, he took one hand to palm the sensitive flesh before his tongue swirled around my nipple. He sucked harder on my nipple as I moaned, just before he shifted to attend to the other. I panted when he stilled and his hand
descended between my thighs, his finger dipping inside my heat, sending my body into a fever. His lips ventured from my breast to my neck and stopped at my ear.

“I can report you are very ready…and quite delicious, in fact.” He nibbled on my earlobe before he removed the hand between my legs and rubbed himself against me as a tease.

I moaned in pleasure as his warm breath sent chills up my spine. His lips claimed mine as he pushed inside. I quivered as I bit his lip and loudly exhaled all the air in my lungs. I wanted him in me and it took an eternity to get here. Hades moved gently and slowly as he filled me. My teeth released the grip I had on him and my mouth formed an O. I grabbed his shoulders as my nails sunk in, marking him with my passion. He pushed up on his arms, and when I felt his stare, I opened my eyes and saw him look upon my face. We gazed at one another as my body began to ascend yet again. My arms fell at my sides as my shaky legs dropped at the casualty of another orgasm. 

“Antonia, my love, these moments are defining my life.” He slowly moved his body on top of mine so our chests brushed up against each other and his lips met mine.

This is what true love feels like
, I thought to myself. I groaned as his body shifted left, hitting a spot, no man had ever reached before. My rattled legs lay limp as my body arched up. Hades arms enveloped me. Another thrust and my body exploded like the finale of fireworks on the Fourth of July. I screamed in ecstasy, and faintly heard the words, “I love you,” whispered as I came down from my orgasmic high. A tear dropped from my eye, and lips kissed it away. I lay weak, still engulfed with Hades’ body. His movement slowed.

“You love me, Hades?” My limp hand found its way to the side of his face, and a smile touched his lips.

“I have since the moment I laid eyes on you.” His words melted me, making my body become butter in his warm arms. He quickened his pace, and I felt him grow larger and stronger with each stroke—hitting places, a mortal man could never reach. I lay flat on the bed, his fingers intertwined with mine. He rolled his hips, and my body gave him the reaction he desired. My warmth, paired with his jolts of pleasure, had me going back to the place I wanted to stay forever. His ragged breath and words in a foreign tongue were my only clue that he had reached
his climax, because he stayed just as hard as when he began. With a feather light kiss on my lips, he finally lay at my side.

“How do you feel, my sweet?” His voice was soft but still heavy with desire and longing.

“Like I am in heaven.”
Considering the room we were in, I decided that it must indeed feel like this. 

He put his arms around me and kissed my shoulder. “That is where I want you to stay.”

Facing each other, we lingered in the love we’d just experienced. When he moved slightly to shift his weight, a jolt hit me from his movement. I dropped my head, exposing my neck, and my heart began to ache, coupled with a pain in my head shortly thereafter.

“Are you in pain, my sweet? Am I hurting you?” Hades asked as I rested my right hand on my chest and my left one on my head.

The transformation spell and events of the day began to affect my body. My life had changed with a magic spell but now my memories slowly returned like a computer download. It was as if everything was being transferred from a flash drive to a server. Suddenly it hit me—a throbbing in my heart that prompted Hades face to wash in alarm. I didn’t know if I was having a heart attack but the pain was sharp and jagged. The reason escaped my lips before I could stop it: “BEN.” 

Hades’ eyes widened. A hesitant knock at the door came as he formed the words to question me. The next knock was firmer and more confident, and from the irritation on Hades’ face, I had a feeling the wrath from my mistake was about to be
toward someone else.

“You will be beheaded if this is not an emergency of significant magnitude.” Hades’ voice was breathless and low as he lifted his body to hover over mine. I was not ready for
pleasure to end even though my body and mind played a sick trick on me. He
the same, but a discussion loomed about Ben and my reason for saying his name during the afterglow of sex. 

“I am sorry to interrupt you, Master Hades, but you have a visitor from Mt. Olympus.” The voice belonged to the man who had been in Hades office earlier, the short man with a tail that I saw in a vision.

Hades bowed to me apologetically. He sat up in bed and ran his hand down my paralyzed legs as he stood up. In a flash, his gown covered him. I wrapped myself in the gown that still lay under me, my mind still consumed with the love we’d just made and on the pain: a tight aching pain that I felt for Ben.

Hades made his way toward the door, looking over his shoulder at me. At his glance, the curtains that encircled the bed closed, just as the door opened. I couldn’t make anything out visibly, but I could hear a voice.

“Who is here? Is it Hermes?” Hades asked, as if he was bored.

“No Master, Helios' daughter Circe!”

“Circe?” Hades questioned.

“Yes, she said it is of great importance that she speaks with you. She waits for you in your office, Master.”

“Very well,” Hades said, dismissing the man. The door click closed, and the curtain reopened as Hades returned to me. “My sweet, I am sorry to have to stop so abruptly before one of our many main courses, but I don’t have very many visitors from Olympus. When I do, they tend to be very important. If you would please excuse me, I must visit with Circe to comprehend the means of this social call.” Hades took my hands to help me to my feet. The dress I had self-wrapped awkwardly a moment before began to fall as I stood, but somehow the cloth wrapped around my body and adjusted perfectly into place.

“Of course, my love.
I actually am a bit famished,” I said with a sly smile. “I will need to eat before we continue anyway, and we have centuries to catch up on.” I would never get used to this new voice or the way I spoke but the change in my hair from ginger to brown and eyes from brown to green were the only physical changes that happened to me.

Hades smiled and kissed my fingertips as he walked me toward the door, his hand in mine.

“Of course, my sweet, you are mortal.” We stood in the doorway, lingering in our love.

Hades summoned his servant, the man from earlier.

At least I knew his name now. When Bion approached us, he bowed and looked at the ground.

“You are to give Antonia anything she desires,” Hades instructed, “and if one creature touches her, you will suffer for it,” he said, his voice calm despite the threat he’d just issued. 

BOOK: Unbound, a Paranormal Romance (Book 2 of the Spellbound Series)
6.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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