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Authors: Pet Torres

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Valkyrie - the Vampire Princess 2 (8 page)

BOOK: Valkyrie - the Vampire Princess 2
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“And why have you never told me anything?” I asked,

“I thought it was not necessary for you to know I was aware of
it,” he explained.

“It would have made
things easier ...I would not have lost so many nights of sleep trying to find a way to tell you this,” I revealed.

“It would have been worse.”
His voice was insensitive.

I frowned at him as I was confused.

“You would not only lose your sleep at nights ... but also would have lost your taste for life!” His voice sounded aggressive.

“What do you mean?” I asked and negativity came over me.

“I cannot return what you feel for me.” His voice was filled with anguish.

I sensed it hurt him to say those things. He did not want to see me suffer. So he did not let it
show that he knew everything. He, being impartial,  would have been easier for him than trying to convince me to give up that platonic love.

“Why?” I demanded.

Things were not clear to me yet. What was his objection?

“Only humans
are attracted to me,” he answered coldly.

“I was human ...” I whispered unhapp


“Now you aren't any longer,” he replied impatiently. “You have to forget me!”

All I saw in that moment was
Eros as he made a giant leap  and his body of vampire -man turned into an owl. Then it flew into the sky and disappeared rapidly.

I lowered and crossed my arms over my chest as I was clinging to my despair and my pain.

What I feared had just happened.

I was not in him as he was in me.


Chapter 15


I arrived at my father's room without his consent. I went in the direction of his bedroom door. I was furious. My father was surprised at my presence, and then he rose from his chair in a hurry.

He knew I was not well.


I stopped walking in front of him, in a position to defy him.

“What happened?” he put his hand on his chin.

“You told
me I could have it all!” I mocked him.

He wrinkled his nose.

“Everything I wanted would be in my hands!” My voice became elevated.

“Do you doubt it?”
He asked and took his hand away from his chin.

Then why can’t I have ‘the love of Eros’?” My voice sounded angry at this moment.

“You are angry because of
this!” He smiled at it all.

“You never gave yourself the luxury of feeling it! You’re a monster!” I shouted at him.

love is the compassion of mortals
...We do not need it,” he confessed and sat back on his armchair looking quite annoyed.


“You shouldn’t have done this to me!” I shook my head. “You commanded Eros to come after me.” I lowered my head, crying.

“You ruined my life ... now I'm a monster!” I said between my teeth.

“I had no choice. You're my daughter,” he responded.

“Now I am condemned to this hell!”

I screamed and shook my head from side to side in the manner of denial, as I made my way in the direction of the door to step out. My father stopped me, closing the door quickly, using only his thought’s force. I stopped walking and turned my body to face him. I saw him sitting waiting for me to be calm. I held back my tears. I did not want to cry in front of him.

“That’s how you repay your father?”
He asked, rose from his chair, walked to his open window and looked up at the cloudy sky.

“I gave you immortality!”


“And you took my happiness!” I screamed again.

This made me release all my anger at him.

“Is your happiness
found in a trivial love for a vampire?” He asked sarcastically.

“I lost my mother ...”

“It's not her who you're thinking about now!” He affirmed to emphasize my bitterness.

He looked at me. “You're too y
oung, you'll have many passions,” he confessed.

He turned back and snapped his fingers, making the door open.

“Now go!”

His voice sounded like a vampire master and not like my father's voice.

“One day you will thank me for everything I have done for you,” he said, still keeping his back to me.

I crossed the passage without saying anything. My silence was
the correct attitude on my part.



Chapter 16


Staying at the castle at that time, it was something irrelevant to me. My desire was to fade away and disappear forever from that place and never see anyone
, not even Eros.

My life had lost purpose from the moment Eros told me those things, telling me to forget him, as if that were possible. The only way I found to destroy that love
that was killing me was to leave. I had to leave to exist.

I walked against the lake
. All my despair I deposited there, staring at it. That dark and still life looked exactly like it. 

A strong wind touched my pale face. My hair followed its steps, wildly. I
felt like I was anesthetized. I did not pay attention to what was happening around me.

My first tears of blood rolled down my face and I didn't feel them.

I took several steps forward to dip my feet into the lake water, where I moved on, walking slowly. My body was consumed unhurriedly by the dark water of the lake. It came up to my waist, but I continued walking and it covered my face ... my head…

Afterward I disappeared completely.

Hours passed by and I did not react in the depths of the lake. I wanted it to make me close my eyes forever.

huge snake, seven feet long, came creeping around the lake, entered the water and went to the bottom, moving with agility. It came against my loose body, as I was swaying from one side to the other. The serpent entwined its body around mine and took me back to the edge of the lake where I was dragged back up to the surface. The snake transformed from a crawling animal and took the form of a vampire.

Bizak took me in his arms. I stood with my head down, as I was unconscious.

My loose arms shook with his steps. He could move with such speed. Although he was a vampire,  he preferred to walk without haste and keep me in his arms for more time, enjoying my splendid face. Our clothes were soaked with water. Pasted to our bodies, my dress in ivory was stained. The material had darkened due to the lake water.

Bizak took me back to the castle. The dry trees swayed from side to side and among them was an owl which was watching all our movements.

It watched Bizak walking ahead as he carried my body.

The owl flew up in
the other direction, against the cloudy sky and disappeared into a gray smoke that appeared in the air.




Chapter 17


Bizak took me straight to my bedroom where I was placed under the care of Valeska. She changed my clothes and put me into my bed to rest. I slept less than I was expected to.


When I opened my eyes, I could see her sitting at my side, looking at me. At a glance I had a vision of my mother as if she were there beside me.

“Mom!” I murmured and looked up at Valeska.

“It's me....Valeska,” she said and approached me, put her hand on my head and stroked my hair affectionately. “How are you?”

“...Well...” I responded with difficulty.

“Bizak took you out of the lake,” she said.

“Was he there?” I asked and sat on my bed.

“Yes.” She looked at me. “What did you want to do? Die?”

BOOK: Valkyrie - the Vampire Princess 2
2.96Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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