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That wasn’t true, of course. It depended on the person, but I knew for myself, I could get tipsy off two of them back in college, especially if I drank them on an empty stomach. This girl was tiny, so I suspected it wouldn’t even take that much to get her tipsy. Of course, I didn’t want her drunk or anything. Just a little... relaxed.

I took a sip of my cooler. “Mmm, coconut and pineapple. It’s heaven.”

She looked from me, to the bottle in front of her, then back to me. “I love coconut.”

“Be my guest,” I said, putting my feet up on the table. “I wouldn’t want you drinking while I’m gone, but with an adult here supervising, what will one little bottle of wine-flavored soda hurt?”

She hesitated, then took the bottle and wrapped her lips around its mouth. I watched closely as she took one sip. “Mmm, you’re right. It’s good!”

“Surely this isn’t your first time having a drink?”

She laughed, as if recalling a long-ago memory. “No, I got in trouble once as a kid for sneaking a sip of my mom’s wine at Thanksgiving. It was gross. So was the vodka I tasted at prom this year. I thought all alcohol was gross.” She took another sip. Then another.

“Not the sweeter stuff, like this. I actually really miss it. I’m not one to get drunk, but a sweet ‘girly’ drink here and there, like this, I enjoy.”

We talked a while, and I asked her about school, and where she was going to college. She told me about her possible soccer scholarship and I could tell that she was really excited about it. It became clear that she was eager to go and escape her controlling parents. She was innocent as a lamb, but definitely ready to find out what the world was really about.

I had a feeling tonight would be her night to experience a little taste of real life.

When her drink was half-empty, I spilled a little bit on my outfit and asked her to grab me a napkin from the kitchen. While she hunted in the wrong cabinet,
(oops, did I tell her the wrong one?)
I took the drink I’d barely touched and refilled her bottle until it looked like she’d only had a few sips. She returned to the couch with the napkin, none the wiser, and proceeded to finish her wine cooler over the next few minutes.

I had one more trick up my sleeve. I imagined that my seven-month-old baby, Jill, was crying for me. That was all it took to get my milk to let down. I’d purposely worn a sheer non-nursing bra, and had put none of those little thin pads in it that I used to keep milk from leaking through. In less than a minute, I had wet spots growing on my dress, right over my nipples.

Emily noticed right away. “Oh my,” she averted her eyes. “Um... Marissa...”

I looked down. “Oh no, look at that! It took me forever to change. Kevin’s going to kill me if I’m not ready when he gets back. Quick! Help me change.” I grabbed her hand and sped down the hallway with a speechless Emily in tow.

We arrived in the bedroom and I shut the door... most of the way. “Unzip the back of this for me. I can’t reach.” I turned my back toward her and lifted my hair to give her access.

“Um... okay.” She seemed nervous, but she complied, unzipping the dress. I shrugged out of it, wiggling my hips as I shimmied it down over my hips, revealing the black lace garter belt and silk stockings that matched my teeny tiny black lace thong. “Will you look at this?”

I held my hands out, pointing at my breasts as I turned and gave her a close-up view of my sheer bra. My nipples stood at attention, and milk dampened the fabric, welling up through it and beading at the tip of my nipples. “I can’t go anywhere like this.

Emily, embarrassed and at a loss for what to do, averted her gaze again. “Yeah... that’s... not good.”

“I’ll have to pick a dress fast. I should have enough time to clean up and change. He’s always so slow at the store. But I should still hurry.” I took a step toward my closet, then froze, grasping my shoulder. “Ow!”

“What happened?” Emily sounded panicked. “What?”

“Ow, ow, ow, ow, I think that muscle spasm I have behind my shoulder is acting up again. Oh man...” I hobbled over to the bed. “I can’t believe I’m ruining my date night like this. I hate to send you home so early.”

“Oh, it’s okay, I understand,” she said, but her voice registered disappointment. I knew she was looking forward to the money.

“Maybe... maybe it’s not too late. If we can massage it out, I might be in good shape soon enough to still make it.”

“Massage it?”

“Yeah, come here.” I laid down on the bed, on my stomach. “Just rub it out. It usually works.”

“Um... I don’t know...”

“Please, Emily? I don’t want this night ruined for all of us. I’ll pay you extra if you’ll just massage my shoulders for me. Does $50 sound good enough?”

She hesitated, but I could tell that the mention of money piqued her interest. “Alright.”

I heard her soft footsteps approach the bed, and felt the mattress sink a little as she sat on the edge of it. Gentle hands swept over my shoulders as she moved my hair aside. I resisted the urge to tremble under her touch, forcing my breathing to stay even. She started working just over my right shoulder blade.


“Yeah. And a little lower, too. Ow... ow... ohh... yeah, that’s good. Right there.”

She massaged my back, trying to work around my bra strap.

“I think you’re having a hard time getting it with that strap in the way. Maybe I should... ow!” I gasped as I reached up with my right hand, pretending to reach for the bra strap. “Can you... just... undo my bra and help me slip my right arm out of it?”


I could sense her growing nervous. Was she on to me? Or was she just feeling awkward?

Her hands trembled as they unfastened my bra, lifting the band away and slipping the strap down over my arm. Then she resumed her massage. She was no expert, but it felt nice, and just having her hands on my skin felt amazing.

“Mmm, that’s good. Keep going. I’ll be better in no time. You’re a natural! I don’t suppose you’re studying massage in college?”

“No. I haven’t decided on a major. But...”

“But what?”

“But I was thinking about sports medicine,” she said. I could practically hear her blushing behind me.

“Well, it seems like you're a natural already. I’ll bet you’re eager to go off on your own. I remember my freshman year at college. I had some wild and crazy times. It was the most exciting year of my life.”

“Really?” Her hands eased up on the pressure, and moved more into gentle rubbing. “I’m worried it won’t be any different than high school. My mom and dad are pressuring me not to live in the dorms.”

“Oh, you have to live in the dorms. That’s where all the fun happens! Besides, how are you going to meet cute boys if you’re home alone with your parents all the time?”

She sighed. “I know, that’s what I said. But they said college is about classes, not boys.”

I laughed. “That’s because they’re your parents. They want to pretend they didn’t do anything naughty or fun in college, because they’re being overprotective and they’re worried something bad will happen to you. But you seem like a smart, sensible girl. You can tell the difference between a bad situation with a creepy guy, and a situation where you’re just a young woman learning how to have fun... right?”

She perked up. “Yeah. I think so. I really can’t wait to go.” She hesitated. “You sound like you know what you're talking about. But what if no boys like me?”

I rolled onto my side, looking up at her. I saw her eyes drop to my exposed right breast, then revert back to my face. “Emily,” I murmured, laying my hand on her thigh. “You are a beautiful, sexy young woman.
would give their right arm for five minutes with you! And you have a soft, sensual touch...” I caressed her thigh, my fingers edging under the hem of her skirt, tracing slow circles on her silky skin. “In fact, I think you’re so beautiful, you could be with anyone you want.”

Her breath caught as my wandering hand stroked in slow, steady circles, moving higher and higher up her leg. “I... I don’t know about that. No one has ever shown an interest in me before.”

“That’s because you hide under baggy clothes and soccer uniforms. But I can see past them, Emily.” She shifted her hips slightly as my hand inched higher, moving her soccer shorts up with it. “I can see how beautiful your body is. And that silky hair...” I looked up into her eyes, my face inches from hers.

Her chest heaved as my finger crept toward her panties. I traced a finger over her cotton-sheathed mound, and at the same time I let my milky breast brush against her thigh.

“I don’t...” Her voice trailed off and she closed her eyes as my hand moved even higher. When her eyes opened, they were riveted on my breast.

I shifted toward her some more, giving her a full view of my voluptuous tits. I took great pride in them—when I was young, they were a small handful. But now, they were round and full, and sometimes leaked milk when I was aroused.

“That feels good,” she whispered in a shaky voice.

“It’s supposed to.” I began to massage her pussy over the shorts. “If you think this feels good, you should see what else I can do. I can do things that will make your eyes roll back in your head, it will feel so good.”

“But... I shouldn’t... I’m not supposed to...” She closed her eyes.

“Honey, ‘not supposed to’ and ‘don’t want to’ are two different things.” I scooted up into a sitting position and reveled in the way she openly stared at my body. “If this doesn’t feel good then just say so.”

“I...” her breath hitched, and suddenly her eyes snapped back open. “I don't want to.”

That was unexpected. I was a little crestfallen, but I knew from the tone of her voice that play time was over. I managed a smile though. “I totally understand. Thanks for humoring an old lady.” I laid back down on the bed face down.

“It's not that!” I heard her protest. “And you're not an old lady. It's just that, well... I don't know... My parents...”

I looked back up at her. “There's nothing to be embarrassed about, sweetheart. You should never feel pressured to do something that you don't want to.” I was kind of disappointed that this wasn't going to work out, but I meant that.

She smiled and said, “You mean it? I hope you're not mad.”

“Not mad at all. Keep working on that knot for a few more minutes and I'll get a new dress on. Thanks a lot for this, by the way.”

“No problem,” I heard her say, then go back to touching my shoulder. She seemed a little more apprehensive about it than before, which I totally understood. It had been a while since I had been rejected, but it was a good wake-up call anyway. Sometimes I had to be reminded that not everything was as easy as I thought.

I reached for my purse and grabbed my phone while Emily continued to massage.


ome on back, it's just you and I tonight.


knew he'd be as disappointed as I was, but I was determined not to let it ruin our date night.


nd then she just cut you off?” Kevin asked.

I finished chewing before I answered. “And then she just cut me off. She looked like she wanted to, but...” I trailed off.

My husband stared off into space, then smiled at me. “Well, good for her. It's always nice to see a girl stand up for herself.”

I looked him in the eye and smiled. “You don't have to pretend. You would have loved to have had the two of us tonight.”

Kevin shrugged. He held his hands across the table, and I reached out and held them. “I'm not pretending. It would have been fun, but I have a lot to be grateful for. I have a wonderful wife, a darling baby daughter, and a great life. On top of that, I'm out having a great meal, one that we probably would have skipped if we had stayed home with the babysitter.”

I smiled. He definitely knew how to warm my heart.

“Besides,” he continued. “My wife is cool enough to have a girl on the side for both of us. She'll be back next week, and I'll enjoy myself then.”

I nodded. “You do have a point. Thank god for Charlotte.”

“I was wondering something. You were going to try and seduce Emily, even though Charlotte told you not to.”

I sighed. “I didn't really think about it. She'd probably think that was basically cheating on her and never see us again.” I smiled a wry smile at him. “I'll have to start thinking with my brain instead of your dick.”

He laughed at that. “I have such a great wife.”

I smiled. “And I have a wonderful husband. We are still going to have fantastic sex when we get home.” I thought about him railing me, cumming inside of me. Then I thought of him doing the same to little Katie, and how hot that would be. “Still...”

“Still...” he agreed with my unspoken statement. We laughed and went back to eating. I was definitely looking forward to this evening.


hen we got home, Katie was on her phone texting. I laughed, because we almost always found Charlotte doing the same thing. She jumped up as soon as we got home.

“The baby slept for the most part,” she started right away. “She woke up at one point and I fed her his bottle.”

“That's good,” I said.

Emily bit her lip, looking adorable as she did so. “Can I talk to you for a moment?” She didn't seem to be able to make eye contact.

Is this it?
I thought to myself. Maybe she decided while we were gone that this would actually be a lot of fun.

“Of course,” I said. “Can you give us a minute, Kevin?”

He didn't need to be asked twice. “I'll be in my office.”

I watched him go, then turned back to Emily. “What's up?”

Emily looked shy. “Look, I was just curious. You seem really cool, and Charlotte seems to like you a lot.”

I brushed my hair from in front of my face and tucked it behind my ear. “I think we're a pretty cool couple to work for, yeah.”
She seems so nervous!
I thought.

“And I really like the baby, what time I spent with her. I was wondering if I could babysit for you guys again some time. Maybe if Charlotte is out with our friends again.”

I couldn't be sure if this was about the move I made earlier or if she was just looking for extra work, but I'd keep the line open for sure. “Of course, sweetheart. You've got your phone on you?” She pulled it out. “Here's my cell number,” I said, rattling off the numbers. “You give me a call if you need any extra work, or anything else for that matter.”

BOOK: We Put the Baby in Sitter 2
7.59Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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