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We Put the Baby in Sitter 2 (6 page)

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he smiled, and returned her attention to Kevin. Her body relaxed as he slowly pumped into her. She wrapped her legs around him, giving a signal that she was ready for more, and he picked up his pace.

I lay beside them, playing with Charlotte’s hair, stroking her skin, while my husband fucked her. As he thrust harder, her small tits bounced, and I loved watching him watch those delicious little tits jiggle.

I heard Kevin grunt as he strained to hold himself back. At the last moment, he pulled out, shaking and barely hanging on. When the urge to come had passed, he collapsed on the other side of Charlotte. “You are stunning,” he panted, touching her face.

She looked confused. “You didn’t come.”

“I’m not done.” He grinned. “But first...” he looked at me, “my lovely wife has waited long enough. It’s time she got some attention. From both of us...”

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he Nanny's First Time

I love being the nanny at the Brand household, even with all the strange looks I get from Mr. Brand. One night, when Mr. Brand came home late, I knew there'd be trouble. However, I was unable to get away, and you know what they say: You never forget your first!

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y 18th Birthday Present

Today's my birthday, and I'm having a big party. Cake, balloons, flowers, all courtesy of my mother's new husband, Mr. Bell. However, there's only one thing I want for my birthday this year, or rather one man. The only man that is forbidden, the only man that is taboo. And I want him to be my first...

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y Two Men of the House

The man of the house, Mike, had been taking care of me for years now, ever since Laura left us. I was his princess, and I had always loved him, but recently I had been feeling more and more lust for him. I was inexperienced. and I wanted him to be my first. However, I couldn't tell him how I felt without feeling like it would drive us apart.

When Mike's identical twin Kevin came to town, I was really torn. This wasn't the man that had always been there for me, but he was still oh so sexy. When Kevin saw me checking him out after Mike had already stepped out to work, he quickly began to treat me like the brat I acted like. Would I let him ravish me, hard and without protection?

My Two Men of the House 1: Kevin

My Two Men of the House 2: Michael

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hy Pull Out?

When my wife Ava got a promotion to partner at her law firm, I began to see less and less of her. I even ended up nicknaming her “Absent Ava”. That was alright with me, though, because her little brat moved in with us shortly afterward. Every night, we watched a movie together, and lately the movies had become more and more racy. One night, when the two of us were leaning against each other as we watched the movie, I was finally brave enough to make my move. When she confessed that this was her first time, I barely even slowed down. When I took what I wanted, hard and without protection, she only had one request:

“Pull out...”

But why on earth would I do that?

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he Little Brat

Every day that goes by, the little brat grows up a little more. In fact, Kelsey's starting to look a lot like my wife Lynn did when I met her years ago. She has worshiped me since the day she met me, and lately, she's been trying extra hard to get under my skin.

The other day, Kelsey came over to ask my wife how her prom dress looked. I tried to tell her that my wife wasn't home. When the little brat wouldn't leave me alone, I decided to give her the attention she craved, hard and unprotected...

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Deflowering My Wife's Sexy Little Sister

Breeding My Wife's Bratty Little Sister

Shower Sex With My Wife's Wet Little Sister

Defiling My Wife's Adorable Little Sister

Threesome With My Wife's Bisexual Little Sister

Anal Sex With My Wife's Pregnant Little Sister

Threesome With My Wife's Cute Little Sister


y Coworker's Little Princess

You know that guy who works at your office? The one with the perfect life who seems happy in his job while you remain miserable? When his little bratty princess comes to the office after getting in trouble, now is your chance to finally get back at him... hard and without protection!

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My Coworker's Little Princess 2

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Our Fertile Wet Nurse
by Cassandra Zara!

“It’s a nursing bra.” She flashed me a sly look. “You’ve seen how it works, Cynthia. Why don’t you show him?”
Ever since I graduated college, I had plans to be the youngest CEO in the industry. However, when I had an unexpected pregnancy with my husband, I realized that I couldn't let my family life completely derail my plans, but I also couldn't give the baby up. I took the minimum amount of maternity leave, then hired a nanny who also doubled as a wet nurse, as archaic as that seemed. Still, she grew on both my husband and I, until I started to see her as more than a friend. Every time I saw her open her bra and let out those massive tits to feed the baby, I began to feel a strange feeling.
Soon I realized it was lust.
When she confided in me that she was losing the ability to produce milk, I reassured her that it would be okay and that we wouldn't fire her. Still, she insisted that she get pregnant again as soon as possible. She didn't know it, but that set the wheels in my head in motion. If my husband got her pregnant, taking her hard and unprotected, she'd be a part of the family.
And there was no reason I couldn't enjoy it as well...
This 8000 word story includes a married couple welcoming a new member into their family, as well as having a menage with their sexy nanny and wet nurse. It features cunnilingus between women, plenty of delicious milk, and a fantastically impregnating creampie!

About the Author

It's often said that reading erotica is mostly for women, but look closely guys: The girls in my books act in ways that you will NEVER see a girl act in a porno.

Cassandra Zara is a young woman in her 30s who has wanted to write the kind of fiction she'd like to read for a long time. It may sound cliché, but she really does love long walks on the beach with her husband. Her new baby keeps her plenty busy, but she's overjoyed to have people who enjoy her work.

Thank you for supporting an indie author. Anything you can do, whether it be writing a review, or even simply telling a fellow reader that you enjoyed this, helps keep my baby in diapers. Thanks!

Please tell me what you think and send me ideas. My email address is [email protected] and I'd love to hear from you!

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BOOK: We Put the Baby in Sitter 2
2.39Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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