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That was amazing.” Said
Adrian as he took a drink from his beer. “I just encountered
someone last night who felt like that; she was a

She must be part Fae. I
can sense hunger, Adrian.” Dorie said as she put her arm around

Yes, but I can’t help but
thinking about someone I wish I could be with tonight. It’s just
not in my nature. I don’t understand this at all.”

Adrian, no matter what
your people tell you, all Fae want to be matched, to find your
other half is the ultimate source of pleasure. Come home with me, I
can help, I promise. You don’t have to touch me, passive only. I
have two roommates I was planning on having sex with anyway; you
can feed on our sexual energy.”

You’re okay with feeding

You’re Fae. I help all
those of my kind, it’s a brownie trait.”

Your roommates are very

They know it, they are
twins. They try and propose to be matched at least once a week,
very sweet but I’m not interested.”

Come on, let’s call it a
night.” Dorie and Adrian left the club together; she didn’t have a
car so he gave her a ride back to her house in his Porsche one of
many cars he owned. It was fast and sleek just like him.

Chapter 4

Adrian arrived in Dorie’s apartment. It was
decorated in Fae fashion — a lot of plants and natural colors. He
sat down on the green velvet sofa. Dorie left the room for a few
moments and came back dressed in a pink silk robe, followed by two
naked male Fae.

These are my roommate’s,
Bran and Duer,” said Dorie as she put her arm around them

Nice to meet you guys,”
Adrian said.

Both were tall and looked exactly alike
except for their hair color. One had red hair one had blue and both
had snow white skin.

Are you joining us?” asked
the twins at the same time.

Not today boys,” replied
Dorie “Do you want a drink, Adrian?”

No, I’m fine.”

My bedroom is this way.”
Dorie said as she led Adrian down the hall to her bedroom. Her room
wasn’t huge but was dominated by a king size bed. Adrian spotted a
chair in the corner and sat down.

Dorie sat down on the bed on the opposite
side of the room and took off her robe. Both men started kissing
her on opposite sides of her neck. She moaned as she lay back on
the bed. She spread her legs and Bran and Duer both reached down
and began stroking her.

Adrian noticed unlike
women nowadays she left herself
natural. The dark curls between her
legs were glistening with moisture. Bran got down on his knees and
began using his tongue on her. Dorie moaned as soon as he began
licking her. “Oh yes, Bran, that feels so good.” Dorie moaned as
she ran her hands through his red hair.
Duer straddled her head. Dorie took his cock into her mouth
and Duer slowly pumped in and out of her mouth as she

Bran continued to give her pleasure between
her legs. Dorie lay back on the bed and moaned as she found her
pleasure and came.

Adrian could feel the surge of energy enter
his body as Dorie reached her orgasm. He suddenly had an erection
of his own. He began stroking himself through his jeans wondering
what Gretchen would sound like coming under him.

Dorie still had Duer’s cock
in her mouth. He continued pumping it into her until he came a
second time; she took his seed into her mouth swallowing it down.
Dorie rolled over on all fours and Bran came behind her, He grabbed
a bottle of lubrication and used it on his cock. He slowly slipped
his cock into her ass, giving her time to accommodate his size. She
moaned as her body turned from resisting to feeling pleasure. Bran
slowly sped up, sliding in and out of her ass. He moaned as her
tight ass was almost too
much for him. He
yelled out his pleasure as his seed poured into her. He pulled out
of her and his brother Duer positioned himself behind her, using
his fingers on her slick pussy. She was wet and ready.

You want more, Dorie?”
Duer asked in a husky voice.

Oh yes, fuck me.” She
replied almost begging for more.

He slipped his cock into her pussy, pounding
her from behind. They moaned together had he sped up his

Oh yes, Duer harder.” She
groaned wanting more. He pounded her even harder grasping her hips
for leverage.

I’m going to come in your
tight wet pussy.” He moaned. He continued pushing into her until
they both groaned out as they reached orgasm together. They all
collapsed on the bed; both men immediately fell asleep.

Adrian could feel the energy begin to surge
after each orgasm; the moaning and screaming made him think about
Gretchen and what her screams of pleasure would sound like. As
Adrian got up to leave, Dorie lifted her head up and looked at


Yeah, it’s getting late. I
left my number on the table — call me.”

It was nice meeting you,
Fae enforcer Adrian,” Dorie said, before she put her head down and
fell asleep.


So what restaurant are we
going to?”

It’s an Italian place
actually, a little out of the way, but very worth it. A friend of
mine owns it.” Tanek moved a little closer to Gretchen, putting his
hand on her knee. She quickly pushed it off.

Look, boss man if you
think I’m going to just sex you up for giving me a free meal,
you’re very much mistaken.”

Tanek started laughing.
“You are so funny. I have no plan to sleep with you
” Tanek took
Gretchen’s hand and looked into her violet eyes. “I asked you out
because you are beautiful, funny, and strong willed.”

Oh…okay, sorry I didn’t
mean to imply you were a creepy vampire,” said Gretchen as she
blushed and looked away.

I do have one confession;
I hope this will be more than a dinner between friends. And here we
are, my dear.”

What do you mean more than
friends, elaborate please?” They pulled up to a small brick
building surrounded by a swamp. A small neon sign read
Gino’s Italian Cuisine.

We should go in now.”
Tanek replied not answering the question. Just then the driver
opened the car door and they both got out.

Are you sure I’m dressed
appropriately?” asked Gretchen as she looked down at her work

You are correct; what
you’re wearing may not be
suitable for
this occasion.” The driver walked over with a gift bag and handed
it to Tanek. “I thought this would be more fitting.” He handed the
bag to Gretchen. She opened the bag and smiled looking at the
dress. She pulled out a tastefully low cut red silk dress. “I don’t
know what to say Tanek, this is too much, — I couldn’t.”

Well my sweet, if you do
not you will have to continue to wear your uniform into the

You are impossible.”
Gretchen stalked over to the car to change. “Tanek! Block the
window while I change and no peeking!” Tanek put his back to the
window and he instructed his driver to do the same on the other
side. A few minutes later Gretchen emerged wearing the red
dress and a pair of black strappy high heels.
Gretchen walked over to Tanek. “Happy now?”

More than words can
express, you almost look good enough to eat.”

Watch it fanger, let’s go
eat,” she laughed.

Gretchen walked past him into the
restaurant, Tanek couldn’t help but admire the view; she just
looked so good walking away. The hostess seated them across from
each other at a table in a private room. Gretchen looked into his
blue eyes, noticing for the first time how lovely they were.

So you want to date me.”
Gretchen blurted out as she sipped her water.

Tanek burst out laughing. “You are quite
direct aren’t you?”

I need to know if this is
a date or not.” Gretchen said plainly.

I’d like it to be.” Tanek
looked at Gretchen, hoping she would feel the same.

I can’t promise anything
but I would call this a date.” Gretchen said with a smile.
He must really like me to look at me like

The waiter came by and
Tanek ordered for both of them. Normally Gretchen would not be very
happy about such a move, but she thought it was sweet. She decided,
however, that
would order the wine and just picked the most expensive thing
on the list.
Tanek didn’t say
a thing about the two thousand dollar price tag,
just smiled.

So, Tanek, do you have a
good story about how you became a vampire?”

Not really. Pathetic and
sad is what it is.”

okay if you don’t want to talk about it.” Gretchen could see the
sadness in Tanek as he had a faraway look in his
. She took his hand in hers and
looked in his eyes, she could sense he wanted to talk about it but
didn’t want to push. “We all have a past, if you ever want to talk
about it, it may make you feel better.”

Tanek released her hands and put on a fake
smile. “We won’t talk about unpleasant things tonight, just happy

Chapter 5

After dinner Tanek and Gretchen drove back
to her house in the town car. They pulled up to her house, Gretchen
was nervous. She hadn’t been on many dates and the thought of the
goodnight kiss always made her nervous.

Gretchen I want to kiss

I’m not sure if I’m ready
for that.” Gretchen never dated much while she was living at home.
Her Dad and brothers always made a point to scare the crap out of
anyone who even looked her way. That was one of the reasons she
wanted to get her own place. She wanted to be able to actually have
a real boyfriend

What if I start slow and
you can stop me if at any time you become

I think I could handle

Gretchen began trembling as
Tanek brushed his lips against hers lightly, barely touching.
Gretchen leaned in indicating she wanted more. He pressed his lips
against her a little harder; she opened her mouth inviting him to
do more. He tasted her with his
she could feel that his fangs had
descended. She pressed into him as he continued kissing her.
His hands stroked her body feeling his way toward her breasts,
cupping her soft mounds. She was a little shocked at the feel of
his hands on her; no man had ever touched her there before. She
moaned into his mouth as he continued stroking her breast through
the silky fabric of her dress. Gretchen felt this had gone far
enough and she pushed him away. She was a virgin and didn’t want to
lose it in the backseat of a car, after one date. She was out of
breath and liked the way it felt with his hands all over her but
wanted to go slowly, Tanek was her boss and this had
bad idea
over it.

I had a
good time tonight.” Gretchen said. Tanek
noticed her violet eyes started glowing.

Tanek could sense her arousal, but didn’t
want to scare her away by being too aggressive. He knew she was
young and probably only had a few lovers.

Would you be okay with
going out with me again?” Tanek asked as they got out of the

I think that would be
fun.” Gretchen smiled as they reached the door to her home. She
gave him a small kiss on the cheek and
said goodnight. Tanek
waited until
she was completely inside the house before he turned around to

Gretchen kicked off her
shoes as she
entered her house. She
plopped down on the sofa she recently bought at a thrift store. It
was an old sectional covered in red velvet material, Gretchen loved
the feel of the velvet and how she had plenty of room to stretch
out. She was lying on the couch when Monroe came down the hall
padding toward her, putting his head under her hand so she would
pet him. She started
stroking his fur and
thought a run would be nice. She stripped all her clothes off and
transformed into a
cat; her fur
was a dark grey color and she still retained her
violet eyes. She loved that in cat form she could actually
communicate with her pet cat.

Wanna come for a run with
me, Monroe?”

Yes, but we are going to
talk about the vampire stink you have all over you?”

Come on.”

Gretchen ran out the back
through the cat door she had installed for this purpose. They ran
down the street until they
were out of the
subdivision and in the woods. They ran through the woods until
Gretchen was exhausted. She lay on the ground for a moment enjoying
the woods. Monroe came running up to her and lay next to

Ready to talk about the
vampire?” Monroe asked as he started grooming himself.

BOOK: Werecat Avenue
4.3Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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