What I Do With Vegetable Glue (2 page)

BOOK: What I Do With Vegetable Glue

didn't eat sprouts,

Now I've no special glue

No goodness inside me,

Like other kids do.

hile others are playing,

I can't even cough.

If I sneeze or I burp,

Then something falls off.


ops, pardon me

I've made a rude sound.

My bottom's dropped off

And is now…

…on the ground.


ow here is my granny

To give me some more.

She's looking quite good

For a hundred and four.

he'd like you to know

Why she's so fit and able.

She ate all her greens

Before leaving the table.


he ate all her greens

And I hope you do too,


you'll never need…

            … any vegetable glue.

For Chris and Ted

S. C.

For My Mothers

E. O.

Copyright © 2012 by Susan Chandler and Elena Odriozola

Text copyright © Susan Chandler 2004

Illustrations © Elena Odriozola 2004

Published by arrangement with Meadowside Children's Books

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Chandler, Susan, 1971-

[Vegetable glue]

What I do with vegetable glue / Susan Chandler ; illustrated by Elena Odriozola.

p. cm.

Summary: Illustrations and rhyming text introduce a little girl who only eats cake and, lacking “good stuff” inside to keep her body together, must use her grandmother's vegetable glue to reattach parts that fall off.

ISBN 978-1-61608-661-9 (hardcover : alk. paper)

[1. Stories in rhyme. 2. Food habits—Fiction. 3. Nutrition—Fiction.] I. Odriozola, Elena, ill. II. Title.

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