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Authors: Lydia Rowan

Tags: #Contemporary Interracial Romance

When You Least Expect (18 page)

BOOK: When You Least Expect
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Demon’s Plaything-
Playthings Book Two

The things she’ll do for love…

Dr. Shayla Rodgers has dedicated her life to helping people, which is why she never expected to find herself skirting the edges of the law. But her sense of right and wrong is only eclipsed by her love for her family, so when her brother once again finds trouble, she’ll do whatever it takes to rescue him.

Demon is all for having a good time, and the money and excitement that came with the underground-fight scene used to be just that. But things are changing, and he’s willing to admit that the once-good times have gotten pretty stale. Yet when the lovely Dr. Rodgers arrives, his interest is sparked and he finds that the scene might not be quite so boring after all.

Though Shayla struggles to keep her distance, she’s pulled deeper into the darkness—and her desire for Demon—and as she tries to protect her brother, she finds that all she holds dear: her career, her family, and her heart, are at risk…

Elah’s Plaything-
Playthings Book Three

Can love be born of hate and revenge?

Criminal. Business mogul. Saint. Sinner. Self-made billionaire Elah Avakian has been called them all, but labels and opinions are of no consequence to him. All that matters is his lifelong quest for revenge against his hated enemy, a man who happens to be one of the city’s most revered politicians. After decades of planning, Elah is finally ready to get the justice he seeks. His first step? Taking his enemy’s most treasured possession: his beloved daughter.

Lottie Trufant knows that her father is an honorable man, so when Elah threatens to send him to prison and destroy his hard-earned and well-deserved reputation, she can’t believe it. She also can’t believe Elah’s price for her father’s freedom: her hand in marriage. Desperate to protect her father and convinced she can make Elah understand how wrong he is, Lottie agrees to his terms and finds herself married to a stranger who hates her father, a man who only sees her as a means to an end, a man she finds herself drawn to more and more each day…

Devil’s Plaything
Demon’s Plaything
, and
Elah’s Plaything
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Devil’s Plaything

Demon’s Plaything

Elah’s Plaything


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BOOK: When You Least Expect
9.18Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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