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Without Inhibitions

BOOK: Without Inhibitions
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Without Inhibitions

By Eva Hore


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* * * *


Without Inhibitions

By Eva Hore

Julie, my sister, had moved to Australia and even though the distance was far we always kept our bond close. We spoke to each other constantly over the internet and as we’d only been born eighteen months apart we had much in common, probably more than most sisters.

I decided to spend my summer holidays in Sydney this year. It meant Julie could keep working and still show me around when she had time. I’d been to Melbourne when she’d been stationed there for her first job. It had been a fantastic city to visit. Lots to see and do.

It was a great way for me to see the country. I hoped she might get a transfer to Queensland as I heard the weather there was awesome and the beaches amazing but for now I was happy just to see her.

I was looking forward to Sydney, heard a lot from others who had travelled there. I had a list of places to visit. The Sydney Harbor Bridge Walk was on top of the list. Also Toronga Zoo and the waterways, where travelling was by ferry, were a must see. That really appealed to me. You could buy an all-day ticket and go from one attraction to the next at your leisure.

The Blue Mountains and more. There was an Urban Jungle Adventure Park which looked like fun and I was sure there were many places that Julie could recommend.

Julie picked me up from the airport. She looked fabulous. It was summer here and her skin was tanned, glowing with health. I, on the other hand, had just spent my time freezing my arse off at home. England was cold most of the time and in winter it was bitterly cold.

“God, it’s good to see you,” Julie said, hugging me tightly.

“You look amazing. Your new girlfriend must be just what the doctor ordered.”

“Seriously, Rowena is perfect. I can’t believe how lucky I am,” she gushed.

“I’m happy for you.”

“You’ll find someone too, you’ll see,” she said putting her arm around me.

I’d broken up with my old girlfriend six months ago and was still smarting from it. She’d been cheating on me. I hadn’t believed it at first, didn’t want to but eventually she slipped up and I caught her out. It was painful as I thought we’d be together forever.

So now here I was. I hoped the sunshine and meeting new people would make me forget her, even if for a short time. Julie raved about Sydney, there were plenty of gay bars around and people here were more open than in some parts of England.

We hailed a taxi and within half an hour we were sitting in her lounge. Rowena was still at work and wouldn’t be home until dinner time. I unpacked quickly, showered and helped Julie with dinner. I was eager to fit into their time zone as soon as possible. Jet lag was a pain to deal with and I didn’t want to miss any days trying to overcome it.

When I met Rowena I instantly saw how perfect they were for each other. Julie literally glowed in her presence. Rowena was easy to talk to and before long I felt as though I’d known her for years.

“I think I’d better go to bed now,” I said yawning. “It’s almost nine. Got no idea what time it is back home.”

“Who cares, you’re here now,” Julie laughed. “Oh, I forgot to tell you, Mark said hello.”

I stared at her and she seemed to have a slight smirk on her face. As if I’d want to speak with him.

“Who cares,” I said. “I can’t stand the guy. I’m going to bed.”

* * * *

Mark was a friend from England who worked with Julie. He’d come out a year before she did, helped her get the job. He wanted to show me around; she said he insisted on it. I didn’t really know why. Last time I’d met him I found him quite tedious, he was opinionated and at times could be quite rude. He’d tried to pick me up and when I wasn’t interested he made a scene.

“Why did you say I’d go with him?” I asked Julie the morning he was to pick me up.

“He really likes you. He’s been asking me a lot about you since the last time you met him at the New Year’s Eve Party.”

“He was really rude remember.”

“He was drunk that night. He’d broken up with his girl, remember. He was lonely and thought the alcohol would give him courage to ask you out. He didn’t know you were gay too. He’s apologized to you many times, just get over it.”

“He’s not going to try and hit on me again is he?”

“No, don’t worry. I set him straight about that,” she laughed. “He just wants to be your friend. He feels bad about what he did, so please try and have a good time, he’s gone out of his way to find interesting places for you to visit.”

“Really, like what?” I was intrigued now.

“I don’t know,” she said smiling, “give him a chance to make it all up to you. He said he’s got something in mind that you’ll love.”

I could see nothing amusing about last year’s outburst and really didn’t want to go with him. The last thing I needed was him trying to come on to me. It had been a disaster at the party and I was still smarting over some of his remarks which were not at all his business.

“He’ll be fine, I promise. He’s here, now don’t keep him waiting,” she said.

She waved out the window and I saw him sitting in his convertible at the curb.

“Don’t forget your bag now and relax, you’ll have a great time.”

“Hey, nice to see you again,” he said, as I strolled to the car.

“Yeah, you too.”

We made idle chatter and before long I did indeed relax. He was attentive this time, seemed really interested and not at all as obnoxious as he’d been last time.

He took me to lunch at Nick’s Seafood Restaurant in Darling Harbor. The food was amazing. Tasmanian Oysters and Rock Lobster. He really was making a good impression and paid the bill to boot.

The day was beautiful. After lunch and having shared a bottle of Chardonnay I was completely at ease. He pointed out different things of interest and I was really enjoying his company.

“There's a beach I think you'll find interesting,” Mark said.

“Oh,” I said, not really paying much attention. The wind was swirling through my hair around my face and I was enjoying the scenery.

“It's at Watson Bay Cliffs,” he said. “Ever heard of it?”

“No,” I said.

“Really? I thought perhaps Julie might have mentioned it to you.”

“No, she didn’t.”

“I’ve got to scoot back to the office for a few hours.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. You should have told me you’re busy.”

“No, that’s okay. No trouble.”

“Just drop me somewhere and I’ll get a cab home.”

“No way,” he said. “I’ve got a cooler in the boot and a blanket. You could spend a few hours there just relaxing.”

“How thoughtful of you,” I said. “I’d love that.”

I was surprised at his thoughtfulness. Julie had said he really wanted to make amends and today he was being nothing more than a really good friend and companion. A few hours to myself to reflect on things was just what I needed.

So, after retrieving the cooler and blanket he dropped me off at the beach, telling me he’d pick me up later. He said I’d really love it and, to be honest, the blast of sea air was intoxicating as I made my way down the sandy dunes. A woman sat at the edge of the sand demanding I pay two dollars.

“What? Why should I pay?” I complained.

“This is a private women's beach,” she said. “No men allowed. All women have to pay a nominal fee.”

No men allowed. Well that was certainly worth more than two dollars. I paid my money and sauntered down. Wow. It was a nudist beach. Every woman here was naked. My mouth dropped open. Was this why Mark said I’d really love it? Was this his way of making up to me, by accepting the fact that I was gay and bringing me here where I could be myself with no guys around?

Of course he hadn’t needed to tell me he was bringing me here. There was no need for bathers and he’d brought the cooler, towel, and blanket for me. I couldn't wait to slip out of my clothes and relax. It was truly the most perfect of places to be.

I spread out the blanket and folded up my clothes. It was fantastic to be out here, naked and free, not worrying about some creepy guy ogling me. I lay down on my back, opened my legs to the sun and relaxed completely. I didn’t have sunscreen and hoped I wouldn’t get too burned. The last thing I needed was sunstroke.

I glanced about to see if there was any shade anywhere, a tree or shadow from the dunes, but most of those areas were taken. After a while it became quite hot so I decided to go for a quick swim, keep my body cool.

I was a bit tipsy from the wine and combined with the sun I found it heavenly in the water as it caressed my warmed flesh. The water swished in and out of my folds as I treaded in the sea. Over my breasts it was like magical fingers lightly drawing over me and focusing on my nipples, tantalizing them until they became hard and erect. The waves soothed and relaxed me.

As I walked along the sandy shore water dripped off me. I spied an older woman who'd laid her blanket not far from me. She'd put an umbrella up and had it resting on its rim, hiding her from prying eyes. She watched me walking up and smiled as I picked up my towel.

She was stunning.

As I dried myself I felt her eyes watching my every move. It titillated me, knowing someone as hot as her found me at all interesting. I took my time and then finally kneeled down on my blanket.

From the basket I retrieved a small cooler bag and took out some water. I allowed some to trickle down my chin and onto my breast. The cold water caused goose bumps to appear on my skin, even hardening my nipples. I shivered slightly, totally aware of my nudity. Pleased, I lay down on my stomach to relax.

I allowed the sun to penetrate and warm up my body. Meanwhile I was finding my nudity quite a turn on and the fact that the woman was in such close proximity to me had my pussy throbbing with anticipation. I was imagining her staring at my rump from behind her glasses and I found it difficult then to relax.

“Would you like some sunscreen?” a voice asked.

Turning my head I saw it was her, the woman from under the umbrella.

“Thanks,” I said attempting to roll over.

She pushed me back. “Allow me,” she said.

She squeezed the lotion and spread it lavishly over my back and all the way down to the cleft of my arse. My pussy throbbed further as her hands roamed over my buttocks, caressing and rubbing in the cream. She squeezed another amount and it dribbled down the crack of my arse.

I couldn’t help but gasp as it trickled slowly down.

“Oh, sorry,” she said as her fingers smeared the lotion into my crack.

Now I couldn't help but sigh. Her fingers were teasing me as they slipped over my puckered hole. I wondered fleetingly if this sort of behavior would be frowned upon but after another few strokes of her administering the lotion and all other thoughts left me.

“What about the back of your thighs?” she asked.

“Yes, please,” I said, loving every second.

Her fingers rub the lotion in, every inch of my legs, over my calves and even onto the soles of my feet. It was like a massage in a parlor and my body was tingling all over when she finished.

“Roll over,” she said throatily.

As I did I shaded my eyes with my hand. She was towering over me, having straddled my waist. Her luscious breasts were swaying as her hands rubbed cream over my arms. Then on to my breasts where she stayed longer than necessary, her pussy lips lightly grazing my skin as she went. Her hands rubbed gently over my abdomen and then just into my mound stopping at my pubic hair.

I was in heaven, this gorgeous woman was coming on to me and I couldn’t be more flattered.

“Spread your legs,” she whispered.

I watched as her long hair fell over her shoulder and down her arm to tantalize my skin as the hairs wisped and swirled over my body electrifying me everywhere they touched.

BOOK: Without Inhibitions
6.77Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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