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Authors: Marie Medina

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Wolves at the Door (MMM)

BOOK: Wolves at the Door (MMM)
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Steven moves to a new town
hoping things will change for him. Being gay in a small community
where not even his family could accept him has given him nothing
but years of loneliness. He hopes to start over and finally find
someone to love.

What he finds is Patrick and
Aiden, his two very handsome next-door neighbors. They express
their interest right away, which surprises Steven, but the real
shocker is when they reveal that they are both wolf shifters.
Steven doesn’t know what to do. He’s already falling for one man,
while the other one just confuses him. What he needs is time to
think, but it soon becomes obvious Patrick and Aiden aren’t going
to give up easily.


Wolves at the




Marie Medina







Twisted Erotica
Publishing, Inc.




Wolves at the Door

Copyright © 2013 by Marie Medina


Edited by Howard Moore


First E-book Publication: January 2014,


Cover design by K Designs

All cover art and logo copyright © 2013,
Twisted Erotica Publishing.


This literary work may not be
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without express written permission.


All characters and events in this book
are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is
strictly coincidental.






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Wolves at the Door


Chapter One


Aiden really wanted to jump into the
pile of leaves behind the house, but he knew Patrick would be angry
with him for the rest of the day if he did. He stepped off the
porch, balancing two mugs of hot cider in his hands, and walked
over to where Patrick stood. Aiden had to clear his throat to get
Patrick to stop raking.

Hey,” Patrick said
distractedly, reaching for the mug. “Thanks.”

Sure you don’t want
help?” Aiden said as he sat down on the picnic table and propped
his feet on one of the benches.

I’m fine. Just felt like
getting some exercise.” Patrick remained standing as he sipped his
cider, though he did at least prop the rake against the

Aiden and Patrick hadn’t had sex in
weeks. While there was nothing wrong with that, Aiden had started
to worry about Patrick.

Are we okay, Patrick?” he

Patrick met Aiden’s gaze and nodded as
he pushed his wavy brown hair off his forehead. “Yeah, baby, we’re
fine. It’s just me.” He shrugged. “I feel weird lately, I

Because of what our
parents said?”

Patrick stared down into his mug.
“Your parents never talk much with my parents, yet they all show up
out of the blue from opposite ends of the country to remind us our
family isn’t complete yet?” He raised his eyes. “I thought things
would be better once they’d all accepted that we’re

Werewolf packs didn’t live together in
communes anymore. That had gone out in the nineteenth century.
However, they still settled down in packs of three or more. Aiden
had two mothers and one father, as did Patrick. Neither of them
knew which of the women who had raised them had actually given
birth to them, and both of them loved all of their parents equally,
valuing the love they’d been given over biology. It had been a
happy way to grow up for both of them. All six parents had been
surprised to learn Aiden and Patrick were gay, and they had
expressed concerns about grandchildren.

Do you feel incomplete?”
Aiden asked.

At times, but I don’t
want what they think we should want. I don’t want to bring a woman
in and breed with her. I want our lover to be a man.” Patrick put
his mug down and sat beside Aiden. “Your mothers took that better
than mine did. Mine looked insulted, as if I’d said I hate women or

Deep down, they know you.
They would never think that you hate women.” He put his cider aside
and touched Patrick’s hand. “I want a man to complete our pack,
too, so don’t worry about that.”

I know. You’ve made that
clear, but I worry at times, baby. I don’t want you to regret
choosing me. You know, not having children and

Aiden put his arm around Patrick.
“Between the two of us, we have nine nieces and nephews already.
Our lines will carry on, just not directly through us. It’s seen as
odd because we’re both the firstborn, but it’ll be

Patrick leaned into Aiden’s shoulder.
“I don’t want you to wake up one day and think you’ve missed out on
something. You dated lots of women before discovering you were gay,
something I didn’t do. I never envisioned children, but I have to
imagine you did.”

Aiden kissed Patrick’s forehead. “I
love you. There is only one thing I want: a hot guy who gets us and
wants to fuck us both senseless the moment he sees us.”

Patrick laughed. “Oh, is that

Aiden sighed, visions of exactly what
he wanted making him smile. “I want to go inside and make love to
you. You’ve been distant lately.”

Patrick pulled away enough to look at
Aiden. “I know I have. I’m sorry.” He took Aiden’s hand. “Let me
make it up to you. We’ll go out to dinner and then I’ll let you do
anything you want to me.”

Aiden smiled. “Anything?”


As the alpha in their relationship,
Patrick typically took the lead in the bedroom, which made it even
more thrilling for Aiden to be given free rein. “You don’t make
that offer too often.” Aiden leaned in to brush his lips over
Patrick’s. “Actually, I want to be claimed again. I want you to
chase me through the woods and pin me down.” He moved his lips over
Patrick’s cheek, noting his lover’s sexy smile. “And I want a good,
hard fucking on the forest floor, exactly like our first time.
Tonight, I just need to feel like I’m yours.”

Patrick pulled him closer, kissing his
cheek as well. “I remember scenting you so well. I was awe-struck
by your beauty as you transformed back into a man and rolled over
in submission.”

Aiden sighed again. “I was so happy to
become your mate. No male wolf had ever responded to me in that way

Patrick’s fingers played teasingly
over Aiden’s knee. “Yes, you seemed happy as I pounded into you. I
fell head over heels for those sounds you made.”

Aiden ran his hands over Patrick’s
thighs. “I want to fuck now.” He moved his hands up to see if
Patrick had an erection.

Patrick stopped him and pulled away, a
playfully taunting smile on his face. “I’m the alpha, baby. You’ve
made your request. We fuck when I say, especially if you want it to
be like our first time.” He yanked Aiden to his feet. “Go shower
and change. I’ll finish this and then get ready.”

Aiden groaned in frustration. When
Patrick asserted his power as the alpha in their matehood, Aiden
became overwhelmed by the need to submit. Now, his wolf wanted to
please the alpha by obeying. At the same time, he longed to be

If it’s that bad, jerk
off in the shower.” Patrick took another sip of cider and then
picked up his rake again.

Aiden cupped his aching erection. “I
want you to make me come.”

Patrick watched Aiden rubbing himself.
“Go get in the shower now,” he looked up and licked his lips, “and
I’ll consider it.”

Aiden obeyed, knowing Patrick would
suck him off when he joined him in the shower. He loved being able
to read his mate so well. Aiden wanted another lover to enhance
their love, but for now he was simply happy to know the man he
loved still wanted him.




Steven groaned as he hoisted himself
onto a log. His ankle throbbed, and he shivered from the rain and
the wind. His car had broken down only a couple of miles from his
new home, but he’d fallen and twisted his ankle two feet from the
car. He’d also managed to smash his cell phone in the fall. The
only way to get help way out here would be to get to his house and
use his work phone. He cursed himself for taking it out of his
jacket and putting it on the counter.

As the rain slackened up, he noticed
that he was only a dozen yards or so from his nearest neighbors’
driveway. A glance down it, however, revealed no lights on. One
outside light burned over their garage, but the house itself was
dark. Would they be home soon? He’d only seen one of them working
outside the house since moving in, and though the real estate agent
had told him their names, he couldn’t remember them.

Steven pulled the right leg of his
jeans up to look at his ankle, which had started to swell and show
a large bruise. The rain stopped, but the wind did not. He began
shivering as he pushed his jeans back down. He had decided to try
to get to his feet again when he saw the headlights. The car slowed
down by his, probably worried it might belong to a burglar or
something. Steven pushed to his feet and waved at them.

And fell flat on his face when his
ankle gave out.

Something jabbed at his cheek, and he
rolled away from it. He heard running, and soon two guys with dark
hair looked down at him. A flashlight shone in his face, and he put
his hand up.

Sorry,” one guy said.
“Are you okay?”

Not really. I’m Steven.
Just bought the Collins property a week ago.” He tried to point to
his car. “My car broke down, and I twisted my ankle because I got
tangled up in the jumper cables when I was looking for tools in the
trunk. I’d taken them out and put them on the ground to search for
other stuff and just forgot I’d put them there.”

The other guy began dabbing at
Steven’s face with a handkerchief. “I’m Aiden, and this is Patrick.
And you, Steven, are bleeding.”

BOOK: Wolves at the Door (MMM)
4.3Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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