Womanizer (A Standalone Novel) (A Steamy Alpha Billionaire Romance)

BOOK: Womanizer (A Standalone Novel) (A Steamy Alpha Billionaire Romance)
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Nella Tyler


book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and incidents are
products of the writer's imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not
to be construed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual
events, locales or organizations is entirely coincidental.


© 2015 Nella Tyler


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Chapter 1


Her head
moved up and down my shaft in a deliberate attempt to please me. She wanted to
impress me with her skills. I didn’t mind. More power to any woman who wanted
to put out the extra effort to please me, but her
wasn’t anything special. It didn’t feel different from any
number of women who had sucked on me before.

I closed
my eyes and enjoyed her mouth; just because she wasn’t doing an exceptional job
was no reason to turn her away. A mediocre
was still a

My mind
wandered to work and the current market
that’s how I knew it wasn’t a good blowjob. An exceptional sucking would leave
my mind too numb for thought. Instead, I was left
to analyze precisely
the stocks in my head and plan what I would
purchase Monday morning. The stock market consumed me; morning to night I
constantly had the ticker tape of companies in my head.

Her brown
hair seemed to get in the way, so I reached down and held onto it. Not only did
it help her by keeping her hair out of the
of my
cock, but it
also allowed me to
guide her head a little in the motions. I pulled tight on her
and she looked up at me. She probably
wanted to say something about
but decided not to.

I watched
as her red lips made a perfect circle around my cock. Her tight lips pressed
down on
and the pressure was
if only she could get the stroke
down, then she would be much better at giving head.

Her skin
and my hands stroked the
back of her neck as she thrust her head up and down on top of me. She didn’t
have a freckle, mole, or blemish anywhere on her back. It fascinated me.

and I couldn’t help but think about how much she would scream
out when I entered her from behind. It was only a matter of time before I gave
up on her oral sex skills and decided to fuck her to get this
over with

I commanded as I guided her throat to take my cock as far as she could.

Like a
good girl, she did. Her eyes went wide as my cock entered her
and she seemed to be surprised that she
could take it so
. Again and again
she thrust her mouth down and soon I felt the pleasure of my cum building up
for a grand explosion.

sucking sound echoed throughout my
I loved that sound. It sometimes echoed in my mind long after the girl had left
for the night. I purposely kept very minimal pictures and decorations on my
bedroom walls so nothing got in the way of the sound.

I used the
leverage I had on her head to thrust her down hard as I finally released deep
into her throat. She seemed delighted when it was over and moved her mouth to
kiss up my abs.
how I hated this
part. Her lips moved slowly up my
and her dark brown eyes looked up at me. She wanted
the desire filled her eyes.

It was
after the sex when they always wanted to cuddle or talk. None of that was my
thing; I was there to please them. I wanted to show them how hot sex could be
when they got away from their
boring boyfriends. I didn’t cuddle. I sometimes did fall asleep with them
though, but only when the sex was exceptional.

“How was
?” the girl asked as she stood up
in front of me.

Her body
was insane, with curves in all the right places. She had perky breasts and a
tight little ass. I think her name was Mary, or maybe it was Martha; I couldn’t
remember. I reached out and pulled her close to me. My lips moved gently along
her breast until I found her nipple and pulled it into my mouth.

She moaned
with pleasure as I flicked and licked one nipple and then the other. My body
reacted to the taste of her.

“Oh yes,
babe, I like that,” she moaned.

I had
picked a good
I had a feeling she
would scream and
so my neighbors
could hear. I loved it when a girl could disturb the rotten,
couple that I shared the
floor with
. They wouldn’t know good sex if it
hit them right in the head. Constantly the husband was sent to knock on my door
and request I keep it down. He always looked defeated as he obliged his wife
and did as he
was told

I picked
Mary, or Martha, up at the
bar. S
he had
giggled with her girlfriends when they looked at me. I could have picked any of
them, but she seemed to be the most willing. Our conversation consisted of her
talking about her job, something boring I assume since I couldn’t remember it.
Then when I got her away from her
I easily had her full attention. With a couple compliments and a wink, she was
on her way back to my apartment with me.

Women were so predictable.
shouldn’t be that easy to pick up a woman in New York City, but it was. Pay
attention to them, smile, listen and they were yours. These women had spent
years with assholes hitting on them; the second you could appear as a nice guy,
they were ready to spread their legs and let you have them all night long.

They knew
I didn’t want a relationship. They knew I was in it for the night only, but
that didn’t scare them away. Having a one night stand might not have been
something most of these women ever thought they would do. But the second I was
in front of them with my nice guy smile and my custom suit, their panties just
dropped for me.

It wasn’t
a coincidence that I liked to hang out at Edward’s, the bar on the corner of
street near my condo in downtown
New York City. The bar was a magnet for business professionals and the women
were always
, which made them ripe for the

As we
entered my building, the doorman and entryway always impressed them. It was a
lavish building for sure; Donald Trump had built it with the intention of
people from the moment they walked
in. It certainly did do that. Women got wet just from the mirrored elevator
ride up to my apartment. Of
helped entice them with a long and seductive kiss as we made our way up to the

When we
exited the
it always surprised
them that there were only two apartments on my entire floor. That alone showed
the grand size of my condo and I could hear the dollar signs ringing in the
women’s heads when they arrived. This particular girl tried to pretend like she
wasn’t impressed, but I knew better. Everyone knows how much real estate costs in
New York; some people pay over $1 million for a small one bedroom apartment.

My condo
cost me a cool $13 million dollars and its worth had grown to almost twice that
in the last five years. My investments continued to grow, and as much as I
wanted to continue to invest and grow my money, a new condo had been on my mind
for awhile. I wanted the penthouse somewhere. Having half the floor wasn’t good
enough for me anymore; I wanted the entire top floor of a building. I needed to
keep hustling and growing my portfolio of investments if I was ever going to
make that dream happen.

When I
opened my
there was no way the
women didn’t drench themselves. My apartment was styled by a professional and
looked straight out of architecture digest. Even though I hardly spent more
than a couple hours a day in my apartment, it still looked well lived in and
adequately appointed with all the necessities.

professional kitchen would often be the first thing to draw the women into a
conversation. Their hands would run along the smooth granite and their eyes
widened at the sight of my floor to ceiling
refrigerator. One person couldn’t consume enough food for such a large fridge,
but it was always stocked with the random necessities that any woman who came
by might want to try. Strawberries, yogurt, champagne, vegetables, and many
other female friendly foods were always available. Women love a man who eats
, so I stocked it with colorful foods
that enticed them and made me look like a health nut.

As much as I hated to let a woman actually stay overnight, it did happen
every now and then. I had found that the best way to get them going in the
morning was to feed them and rush them out the door.
On the special
occasion that I might want to see the woman again, I would let her sit to eat
her meal. If I didn’t want to see her again, I tried to give her some grab and
go foods as I hurried off to work.

As Mary,
or Martha, stood in front of me, I could see she wanted more. She wasn’t
satisfied to have given me head; this girl wanted the fun to continue. I didn’t
answer her question about how I enjoyed the oral sex she had given; instead, I
just bent her over the bed.

I reached
over and grabbed a condom from my drawer and slid it on with a quick ease that
I had gained through my many encounters. The best way to keep a girl from
talking is to make her scream.

loved to be fucked. They longed for it and most of them never had a
fucking in all of their life. They
spent their time looking for the man they would marry instead of a man that
could fuck them unconscious.

I didn't
always fuck them until they passed out, but man oh man did I love to hear them
scream with pleasure. There was something primal about the way a woman
when she orgasmed—there was nothing
like it in the world.

Martha grabbed my black satin sheets as I slid into her. I started off slow,
just to get a feel for her and how she would react. My hands held tight to her
delicate hips and I pressed hard into her.

“Oh God,
Evan. Yes, just like that,” she moaned.

I kind of
wished I remember her name. A twinge of guilt hit me as she called out my
but I couldn’t remember hers.

My thrusts
continued long and hard and she stopped talking. Instead, she was consumed by
moans of pleasure as her body enjoyed my deep
I grabbed her hair again and pulled her body up. The leverage was nice and I
put my other hand on her shoulder to ensure I could press her body tight
against mine.

she screamed out.

how I loved it when they said that. It was
like an invitation to plow into them with all my force. It was a girl saying
she liked a little rough thrusting to help get her to the orgasm of her
lifetime. I happily obliged the command.

My hands
held onto her hair and shoulder and I plowed my cock into her as hard as I
could humanly thrust. Her moans were deep and primal and soon I felt her body
start to stiffen up. I let out the last couple thrusts just in time to see her
entire body tighten up as she was rocked by an intense orgasm.

Her legs
started to shake as she collapsed onto the bed. I gave her a couple gently
thrusts and then pulled out of her. A quick stop at the bathroom and I climbed
into bed next to her. I could tell she was exhausted and wouldn’t be able to
walk anytime soon. I guessed Mary Martha would have to spend the night. I
didn’t mind, I was exhausted myself and would be asleep in only a matter of

BOOK: Womanizer (A Standalone Novel) (A Steamy Alpha Billionaire Romance)
5.45Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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