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He ran his hand down her arm. “Shh. It’s your birthday. I’m man enough to put my ego aside and let you enjoy yourself. If you need to prove something to yourself, I’m here to support you. But only if it’s what you want, too.”

Lexi stiffened. “I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

“Look, why don’t you start with a dance? I’ll join you in a few minutes.” Enzo started to urge her onto the dance floor.

She clutched his arm. “No!”

He raised his brow. “Wanna go back downstairs?”

“I…” Lexi’s gaze strayed back to the dancers and she bit her lip. If she didn’t grasp this opportunity, she’d forever wonder if deep down, she was a prude.

He kissed her on the cheek, then his mouth drifted to her ear. “It’s all right, baby. This is your night. We’ll do whatever you want.”

“Y-you sure?”

“Sure, I’m sure. We both know you need to do this. Besides, what red-blooded man hasn’t dreamt of his woman giving him a sexy floorshow?”

Still, she hesitated. Then, heart hammering, Lexi took a tiny step forward.

Enzo grabbed her arm. “Hey, before you go.”

She turned her head toward him. His mouth took hers in a forceful kiss, his tongue delving between her lips. His other hand came up and curved over her back, his possessive hold bolstering her confidence a little. Entwining her arms around his neck, she gave as good as she got. A long while later, he lifted his head.

“Was that for you or for me?” she murmured, shaken.

His grin flashed like lightning. “Definitely for me. Because I want to kill every man in here who will be watching you dance. This tells them you're mine. That they can look but they can't touch.”

With a sharp pat on her bottom, he stepped away.

Lexi felt lost. Summoning her willpower, she took a step down. And another. Until she stood on the edge of the floor. This was what she’d always wanted. A chance to prove to herself and all the men who’d hung the label on her that she wasn’t a prude, that she could be adventurous outside the bedroom. Someone bumped into her. She steadied herself and realized she'd moved onto the dance floor.

“Would you like to tango,
? You’re certainly dressed for it.”

She looked up in the eyes of a tall, dark-haired man who stood beside her. Hastily she shook her head. With a shrug, he melted into the crowd. Her heart hammered as the music changed into a slower beat. A glance over her shoulder showed Enzo at the top of the stairs, a drink in his hand, which he raised to her. She smiled. She could do this.

Turning to face him, she looked into his eyes and swayed her hips. He gave a small nod of encouragement. She moved again, her hip movements more pronounced. Her arms rose from her sides and curved above her head. Against the mesh of her top, her nipples tightened into painful buds. The sensation felt unbelievable. She spun around, the fever in her blood rushing through her senses.

She felt Enzo’s eyes on her as her torso and shoulders swayed in time with the music. Raising her head, she stared straight at him, lowered her hands and, with slow movements, unbuttoned her vest to reveal the see-through top. When it fell open, warm air rushed over her breasts, tightening her swollen nipples further, as molten heat shot through her pelvis. Feeling bolder, she reached up, shrugged off the vest, and threw it at Enzo. He caught it and raised it to his face to inhale her scent, before tucking it in his back pocket. When he glanced back at her, the passion in his eyes made her breath catch.

Starved for air, she inhaled deeply, then lifted and sank both hands into her hair. The action caused her nipples to graze once more against the mesh. His gaze dropped to her breasts and his jaw tightened. A passing waiter took care of Enzo’s glass and he descended the stairs to her. The music pumped through her blood and the sweat of the dancers made her nose tingle, but she only had eyes for her lover.

He grasped her hand, spun her round, and slammed her back against his front. “So, you come here often?”

Her smile at the cheesy line quickly melted when she felt the hot slide of warm lips against her neck. “No. This is my first time.”

“Hmm, an exhibitionist virgin. I like that.” One hand caressed her midriff, passing dangerously close to the curve of her breast. Her breath hitched.

“So you do this all the time, do you?”

Warm lips tugged on one earlobe. “No. It’s my first time too.”

“And how’s the experience so far?” She reached up and traced a red-tipped fingernail down his taut cheek. He gave a helpless jerk against her ass.

“It has its bonuses. But I’d like to explore further, before I make up my mind.” Lean fingers drifted down to toy with her waistband, setting the bare skin on fire.

“What d’you have in mind?” she panted.

“I like the feel of your hands on me. Feel free to explore some more.” His hands slid down her sides to anchor on her hips. Together they swayed as she reached around his nape to scrape her fingers through his hair. When he pressed her closer to his thick erection, she purred with satisfaction.

Her eyes drifted shut as the music took over. This was good. She felt fabulous.

When one long leg slotted between hers, she arched her back, and pressed her needy heat against Enzo’s thigh. The pressure caused even more bittersweet pain to ricochet through her.

“Damn. For a novice, you’re a natural. No, don’t pull away. I love it.” His hand drifted from her hip until it reached the hem of her shorts. “I love your pantyhose. I’m getting even harder wondering if it’s crotchless.”

“You’ll just have to keep wondering.”

He spun her around and clamped her close. “Keep dancing like that and I might have to take control of this...situation.”

“So, you’re here to drag me off to your lair, caveman-style? Fuck me until I beg for mercy?” The feel of his chest against hers caused her to lose her footing. Lexi clutched his shoulders and felt his muscles bunch in reaction.

“Maybe. First time for everything.”

Indeed. All around them couples danced without inhibition, some more than others. The scent of sex filled the air. And she wasn’t freaking out yet.

She rose on tiptoe to trace her tongue across his lips. A harsh breath rushed through his teeth. The grip on her ass tightened.


The deep rasp of his voice saying her name evoked such excitement, she felt wetness pool between her legs. Anticipation heated her blood to fever pitch. Her hands convulsed over his biceps. Their gazed locked; heat arced between them. Without breaking eye contact, he danced them backward, his hands sneaking under her top to explore her flesh.

Lexi didn’t know, or even care, where they went. All she wanted was to feel his hands on her breasts, caressing her, moving up to play with and pinch her nipples. When her feet left the hardwood floor of the dance area, she registered carpet underfoot, but not enough to wrench her attention from the dark green gaze holding hers.

Only when she felt soft velvet at her back did she look around her. They were in an alcove, half hidden from the other dancers, but with enough isolation to continue their private dance. A gold pole-dancing rod gleamed invitingly from the middle of the space.

On the far side, handlebars with leather straps poked from the walls. Their unashamed presence plagued her with misgivings and she turned away. A few feet away other dancers swayed, lost in their own world. No one watched them, but still she felt…exposed.

Enzo continued to gaze at her. There was a silent question in his eyes, but with it was a need that made her want to sing for joy. He’d brought her here to live out her fantasy; and he’d stayed with her. Could she take it all the way? She pulled his head down. “Yes.”

His nostrils flared and a shudder pulsed through him. A few clavé steps moved them deeper into the alcove, but still within sight of the other dancers. 

The heat in his eyes hypnotized her. With slow movements, he lowered his head and captured her mouth in a deep kiss. Her excitement soared, taking on a life of its own as her tongue licked and flicked against his. Enzo’s hands cupped her breasts, expert fingers pinching her nipples. His tongue snaked out to lick her lips, at the same time as he pinched her nipples harder. Every atom inside her fired up and she was unsure which action caused the sensation rippling through her. Lust-heavy lids started to drift shut from the wild feelings ricocheting through her body. A couple looked their way. The envy in their gazes turned up the blaze of her passion another notch. Drowning in bliss, she whimpered.

Hot power surged through her at the lust in Enzo’s eyes as he looked down at her body.

“God, baby. You look so hot.”

“Pinch my nipples.

He complied with a kiss that seared her every nerve.

Unbelievably, he tasted even more incredible. She opened her mouth wider as he delved in, letting their tongues snake around each other. Warm, slippery, exquisite.

Hot darts of desire shot to her sex. Pulling back slightly, she gasped. Slumberous eyes looked into hers. Wet lips invited her back. Lexi went for a second dip as one hand strayed from her nipple, over her stomach, to her fly. Fingers skated over the zip, grazing her mound. He cupped her through the hot satin of her shorts. They both shuddered.

Lexi’s hands moved down, caressing the tense muscles of his back, then ventured lower. A firm ass encased in expensive linen clenched under her ministrations. Needing more, she made her way to the front and grasped his rigid cock.

“Hmm, that’s it. God, you have no idea how good that feels,” he panted into her mouth.

Oh, but she did, because he felt glorious. Their kiss intensified. His movements became frantic. Lexi’s zipper gave way.

“Ah, no panties...and crotchless hose. I've fucking died and gone to heaven.” Eager fingers pushed inside her shorts as the music increased in tempo. Blood rushed through her veins, firing anticipation to screaming pitch. He found her clit and flicked one finger against her nerve-filled nub. Convulsions weakened her knees. The friction on her clit increased. She parted her thighs to accommodate the sensation. Swollen flesh closed around his fingers.

Above Lexi’s head, two bars poked from the wall. She grasped them and stepped out of her shorts. Firm hands lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around Enzo’s waist.

“Fuck me, Enzo. I want you to fuck me, hard. Right here.”

“Anything you want, sweet thing.” With his gaze on hers, he freed his engorged shaft from his pants. Teeth ripped open a condom as soulful Latin music pulsed around them. With a guttural cry, he surged into her.

“Oh!” His first thrust filled her to the hilt. The hands that grasped her waist held her still for the second thrust. Passion-filled eyes held her prisoner. Her breath fractured as deep sensation flowed through her veins. Pleasure exploded with each thrust, bringing her ever closer to the edge.

The music pounded their senses; the beat in time to their ultimate search for ecstasy.

“Enzo, kiss me. Oh please…I—I…need…”

Dark red light strobed over them. He kissed her, their foreheads almost touching as his cock pistoned in and out of her. Tension gripped her skull. His hand crept up, cupping her breast. Breathing became impossible. 

Blue light strobed. Her legs locked, then shook.

Blissful orgasm exploded over her. A tight scream, which she realized came from her, echoed through their private space. Squeezing her eyes shut, she felt the head of Enzo’s cock touch the deepest part of her. She pulsed around him as rapture washed over her. Prying open her eyes, she sought the object of her desire. He stood still, his gaze on her face. One last shudder raked her body and she sagged against the wall. Enzo supported her as her hands fell limp to her sides. Feeling weak as a kitten, Lexi moaned and closed her eyes again.

Gradually she noticed he was still buried inside her, hot and…unspent. She looked up and frowned. “You…”

He shook his head and pulled out of her, leaving her empty.


Something had changed. He wouldn’t meet her gaze. “Don’t worry about it. Watching you come was enough for me. I’ll get mine before the night’s through.” The grin he flashed didn’t quite reach his eyes.

Gentle hands replaced her shorts and waistcoat before he zipped his trousers into place. Confused, Lexi stepped away from the wall. Had he not wanted this? Oh God, was he ashamed of what they’d done? But…he’d been with her all the way.

“You okay?” he asked.

okay? “Sure. Fine.” She couldn’t summon more than that.

With a kiss – on her forehead – he led her out of the alcove.

The couple she’d seen watching them earlier came toward them. Lexi tried not to curl up in embarrassment.

“Hey, Enzo.” The guy winked at Enzo. His partner just smiled.

“Hang on to this one, Enzo. We saw her dancing earlier, she’s incredible,” she said.

“I intend to.” Ruthless possessiveness echoed through his voice.

Lexi stiffened. She barely acknowledged the other couple as hasty introductions were made and they left.

She rounded on Enzo. “You know them?”

He nodded. “Johnny owns some nightclubs around LA. Club owners tend to know of each other. Good to know the competition, you know? So, you wanna stay here or go back downstairs?”

She felt disjointed, out of sorts. Something didn’t add up. And the music was beginning to give her a headache. “Did you set this up? I mean to have them watch us?”

“No, but I knew they’d be here. They’re regulars.”


“Let’s just say I wasn’t prepared to come into this thing blind, so I asked around, made sure it was safe.”

Her heart missed a beat. She didn’t know whether to be touched or insulted that Enzo had inadvertently engineered their audience. “I want to go home.” 

For a moment, he didn’t say anything. Then, he nodded. “Sure, if you want.” Sliding a hand over her waist, he guided her through the crowd. At the door, he exchanged a few words with Diego, who nodded and held the door open for them.

The air-conditioning in the foyer, after the heat of the dance floor, sent a shiver racing over her skin. By the time they got to the bottom of the steps, Rita stood with Lexi’s purse and Enzo’s jacket.

BOOK: Wreckless
7.76Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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