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BOOK: Zombie Evolution: Volume 1 No Man Left Behind
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After watching the men that had been outside of the warehouse go back inside the building, Carla counted down,“Five, four, three, two, one………. Let's go people”.


Her team’s assigned entrance was at the back entrance of the warehouse.  When they reached the door, Jason went in first, since he was the most experienced in combat.  A second later, Jason waved his group in behind him.  Carla went in last and was waved over to a pile of crates that were lined up against the wall. As soon as she caught up to the rest of the team, Jason proceeded to the next pile of boxes.  Carla watched as her group moved to the new hiding spot, one at a time.


It was her turn to dart out to the next spot, when she saw a man walking through the building.  She stopped immediately after seeing the thug.  He was walking her way!  She had nowhere to go.  What was she going to do?  She pressed her body up against the boxes as hard as she could.  Holding her breath was all that she could do.  If the man turned in her direction as he walked by her, he would definitely see her.  Carla’s heart pounded hard in side of her chest, as the man got closer.


Carla gasped as her eyes met the man’s.  After seeing the girl, the man started to pull out his gun that he wore on his side.  Carla’s eyes shut as hard as she could close them.  It was over.  This was the end.  This is how she was going to die.  At least it was in a heroic act.  A few seconds had past, but she was still alive!  She was afraid to open her eyes, but after a while, she had to know what her enemy was doing now. 


Her eyes opened slowly.  First one eye and then the other.  When she looked were the man had been standing, Brian was standing there, with his knife held in mid air.  He had a pale tint to his skin.  Carla could tell that her friend was in a bit of shock.  On the ground, at Brian’s feet, there laid the thug.  Brian had cut his throat.  Carla could still see the blood oozing out of the man’s neck.  A couple years ago, she would have probably thrown up a little.  The cold hard world had toughened her up, and she was glad about that.


Jason waved his hands at them furiously, to get their attention.  Carla snatched Brian’s arm and pulled him towards his dad.  They had to speed this rescue up now.  As soon as the men found their friend, they would be looking for them.  The army would lose the advantage of a surprise attack.


Carla pointed in the direction of the rooms that she had seen Calvin and his son imprisoned in.  The teamed moved swiftly towards the doors.  The rest of the army was in sight, by the time that they had reached the middle of the building.  When Jason tried the handle of the door that held the prisoners, it was locked.  Why didn’t they think about this.  Carla was not even thinking about the door being locked on the outside. She felt incredibly stupid. 


Jason went back into hiding with his team, when he heard some men coming his way.  The thugs had found their murdered friend.  The men were running through the warehouse.  Carla could barely make out what they were saying.


“Jim is dead. Everyone keep your eye out.  Somebody is in here and we are going to find them.  Where is Cliff?”, said Chris.


“I don’t know, I haven’t seen him in an hour or two.  I will check in the prisoners rooms.”, said Rusty.


Chris, T-Bone, Shawn, Buster, and Jim followed Rusty to the back of the warehouse.


Carla did a quick count, and apparently there was only seven men.  That was counting the dead one.  So that leaves six left to deal with.  The odds were definitely on their side.  Jason motioned to his team and hoped that the rest of his army would see his command, as well.  The six men started down one of the isles, towards the prisoner rooms and Jason stepped behind them.  The rest of his team started coming out of hiding one at a time, to stand beside their leader.


“Hold it right there,” demanded Jason, in a strong overbearing voice.


The five men turned quickly, but before they could pull any weapons, they realized that it would be hopeless.  They were outnumbered.  Brian was right, only three of the men had a gun.  Jason motioned for his men to close in on the thugs. 


“Put your weapons in front of you and take five steps back,” said Jason.


The three weapons hit the floor, almost simultaneously.


Chris cleared his throat and said, “Um, we don’t want no trouble here.  What can we do for you fine people?”

“Just get on your knees for now and we will talk about our demands in just a second,” commanded Jason.


The men all dropped to the floor.  Jason had six of his men to tie up the captured men.  After tying them up, he started asking questions.


“What is your name,” Jason said, as he pointed to the leader. 


“My name is Chris.  This here is Rusty, T Bone, Shawn, Jim and that fella, at the end there, is Buster.”


Jason kneeled down on one knee to get eye level with Chris.


“Just what are yall about here?  Shall we call you good guys or bad guys?”


Chris spoke in an over excited voice.  “Well, we are the good guys, I assure you.  Please let us go so that we can show a little hospitality.”


Jason knew better than that.  Carla’s story about Calvin and Trent told him that these were definitely bad guys.


“I’m not so sure that you are telling the truth about…………..”


Jason was interrupted by a scream.  Everyone's eyes veered in the direction of the troubled Carla.  Brian screamed out to his friend, when he saw the knife that was held at Carla’s throat.  The last man that was accounted for had waited for the right moment to retaliate. 


Chris smiled an evil grin when he realized that they had the upper hand in the situation. 


“Good job Cliff,” Chris said to his buddy.


“Untie my friends and I will let this pretty lady live,” said Cliff as he kissed Carla’s neck.


Carla squirmed from the evil affection that Cliff was giving her.  Brian and Bobby could not watch someone doing this to the girl that they loved.  Jason stopped them before they could get more than two steps towards Carla.  Jason started to untie Buster first.  Before he removed the man’s restraints, Carla had kicked back at her capture.  The heel of her foot landed right square in the man's penis.  The man went down immediately .  Carla turned around and grabbed the knife out of his hand.  When Jason saw what had happened, he tightened the rope back up on Buster’s hands.


“How did you not see that coming, you idiot,” screamed Chris.


Buster did not say a thing.  He could only bow his head in shame.


After Buster was lined up with his mates, Maggie and Carla searched the men for keys to get into the locked rooms.  Maggie found the keys on Rusty.  She handed the keys to Carla and they walked over to the two doors.  Carla said a little prayer to herself as she got closer to the rooms.  She did not know how she was going to react if things did not go well.  She would probably blame herself, if Calvin did not make it.  She should have tried to save them last night.


After opening the first door, which is the door that Carla saw the men put Calvin in, relief came over both of them to see that both of them were still alive.  Calvin was leaning against the wall, with his son's head on his lap.  When Trent realized that his big sister was the one that walked in the door, the little boy jumped up and ran to her.


“Maggie, dad’s hurt real bad.  You have to help him,” Trent said with excitement in his voice.


Trent was relieved to see friendly faces, but he was devastated by his father’s condition.  Calvin was conscious, but both of the girls wondered about how well he could move.  When Calvin tried to stand up, he fell, almost immediately back to the concrete floor.  How were they going to get him all the way back to the ranch?  If there was anyone that could figure this one out, it would be Bobby.  Bobby could create anything out of anything.  He had came up with a lot of stuff to help people on a day to day basis.


When Carla went to find Bobby, Maggie heard another voice through the wall.


“Hello, there.  Are you here to help us?”, the voice said, faintly through the cinder block wall. 


Maggie looked close around the wall, to see where a sound might have been coming through,  Finally it was clear to her where the sound was coming from.  There was vent in the bottom of the wall.  Maggie bowed down to talk the man. 


“Who are you?”, Maggie asked.


“My name is Justin.  I am a doctor.  I could be of use to you in many ways.  Please don’t leave me here.  These men are evil and they have tortured me for weeks.  Please, help me.”


Maggie looked over at Calvin for some kind of sign, that saving this man would be the right thing to do. 


“Dad, what she would do?  Should we save him?”, asked Maggie.


“He has been tortured, just like me.  He has been talking to us through the walls.  He seems like he is a good man.  He has calmed Trent down, quite a few times.  I also believe him about being a doctor.  He has instructed Trent and I on how to care for my injuries.”, Calvin replied.


“Ok, Dr. Justin, you can come with us.”, Maggie said through the grates.


After telling her father that she would be right back, she went next door.  The doctor was being held in another room.  The room door was next to Calvin and Trent’s cell.  Assuming the other key on the ring belonged to the other room, she tried it in the lock.  With a twist and a click, the door popped open.  Dr. Justin met Maggie at the door.  She was a little uncomfortable with the tight long hug that the doctor had given her, but she understood the gratitude.  This also made her feel better about the man's character.  A man that was up to no good, probably wouldn’t be that passionate towards his rescuer.  This put her mind at ease with the stranger coming into the ranch.


When Jason noticed Maggie freeing a stranger out of the second room, he ordered Brian and Bobby to gather the thugs and lock them up in the room.  This would assure that the men could not follow them back to the ranch.  Jason only hoped that his choice of not killing the men wouldn’t come back and bite him in the ass one day.  If there was a good tracker in the bunch, they might be able to find them later.  He argued with himself about what the right thing to do was.  He was not a killer, but if they did reach the farm some how, they would have no choice but to kill them.  As of right now, it was not necessary.


Before too much time had past, Bobby and a couple other fellow army members had returned with ten freight dollies.  The team went to work right away.  Bobby instructed his pears to lay the dollies down, so that the handles were parallel to the ground.  He then showed the how to lap one handle over the other.  In completion, with a little bit of wire to bind the two dollies together, they had a long flat stretcher with two wheels on the front and two wheels on the back.  The wheels were made for all terrain, so they would glide easily over the ground.  They had enough supplies to build five of these contraptions.  One would be for Calvin and the others would be for food and supplies that they had found in the warehouse.  The army had not just been successful with a rescue, they had hit the jackpot with supplies and food, as well.

                                                 Chapter 7

After the team loaded down their homemade trailers, they started the journey back home.  It would take more time to get back then it did to get to there.  The cargo would slow them down.  The team had four hours to get to the gates, before the monsters would start  coming out of the woodwork.


The army’s curiosity for Dr. Justin, kept the man talking, non-stop, for the first hour.  The people that the doctor had been with, were all dead.  After listening to the man tell his story, Carla was glad that she and her army had went back for Calvin and Trent.  Death would have been inevitable for both of them.  The thugs were just plain evil.  Dr. Justin’s story confirmed this. 


Dr. Justin’s group consisted of ten people.  Him, his wife, his son, and a neighbor started his group.  After they had traveled a while, six more had joined them.  Not finding a safe place to make a home, the group had just wandered around, during the day and found a different hiding spot every night.  They were trying to find a place to call home, or maybe some hope of a government shelter for survivors. 


The problem was, they had a couple of nights where they did not find good shelter.  These are the nights that started the decrease in their numbers.  The first unsheltered night took two of them.  One of those two included Dr. Justin's fifteen year old son.  The other person was his neighbor, Steven.  They were staying in an old barn, outside of a house that had been burned to the ground. 

BOOK: Zombie Evolution: Volume 1 No Man Left Behind
4.27Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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