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He loomed over her, a huge, golden presence with his hair falling like a curtain around them. She wanted to wrap herself up in that hair and feel the silky soft brush of it against her skin. Her fingers itched with the memory of its texture, and she bit back a groan.

His mouth quirked.“I’d enjoy showing you, Danice .” He settled his weight on top of her, bracing his forearms against the mattress and brushing her numerous tiny braids aside so he could cup her head in his palms. He tilted his hips more directly against her, and she felt his erection pressing against her belly until his heat seared her through the cotton of the sheet. Then he caught her gaze and winked, and all of a sudden, something ripped the sheet away, leaving nothing separating his skin from hers.

Danicegasped, but her legs shifted instinctively, parting just enough to allow his cock to nestle against the warmth between her thighs. She could feel exactly how much he’d enjoy showing her, and the thought threatened to drive her crazy.

She closed her eyes when he lowered his head, moaned when his tongue stroked over the curve of her jaw, danced down the side of her throat and flicked over her collarbone. Then he set teeth to skin and started nibbling, and a violent shudder quaked through her.

“In fact, there are a lot of things I’d like to show you, Danice .” His lips curved against her skin, feathered over lush curves and invaded sensitive hollows. “I’d like to show you the difference between a man and a changeling. Theway subtle magic can make your skin come alive with feeling, or the way it can amplify each sensation until your nerves scream for respite.” His hands shifted, stroked over her shoulders and beneath her body to cup her hips and urge them higher against him. “I want to teach you how to hear the voices of a thousand choirs of fae singing songs of ecstasy and want.”

His tongue flicked across her nipple and the nub immediately swelled and tightened for him. Between her legs, another nub began to swell, this one coated in the thick, sweet honey of her need. “I want you to know that for the fae , arousal is not a biological imperative, but a spiritual one. I don’t need you because I’m hard; I’m hard because I need you.”

His thighs urged her legs to part, and Danice gave up pretending to protest. She spread her legs in wide welcome and wrapped her calves around his lean waist. She hooked her ankles together behind his back and fisted both hands in his hair, pulling the length of it forward over his shoulders. The scent wrapped around her as surely as his body did, redolent of sandalwood and clove, moss and man. She brought a handful to her face, breathing in the scent of him before rubbing the strands against her cheeks like a yard of living silk. He chuckled, but she decided he could laugh at her all he wanted. She was too far gone to care.

His chuckle rumbled into a moan when she rubbed the sole of one foot high against his inner thigh, and became a growl when she untangled one hand from his hair and closed it over one firm cheek of his ass.

She raked her fingernail lightly over the inner curve, and he shuddered, yanking her hard against him and
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positioning himself so his cock knocked against her entrance, trembling for a chance to be inside her. She could almost hear the way he gritted his teeth in a desperate bid for self-control, and it gave her a small sense of satisfaction. At least she wasn’t the only one in this bed who would kill to be fucked right now.

Arching her hips to take the very tip of his cock inside her, Danice opened her eyes into narrow slits and looked up at him with clear demand. “If you want to do all those things to me,” shesaid, her voice raw and low with need, “why don’t you stop talking about them and start doing them!” Digging her heels into the small of his back, she clenched her hands in his hair and thrust her hips up toward him, hard and fast, forcing his cock deep into her waiting pussy.

“Lady!”His hoarse shout sounded as if it had been ripped from his throat, but it didn’t sound much like a protest. The way he threw back his head and braced her for the quick shove of his hips didn’t feel like a protest either. It felt like heaven as he forced every last inch ofhimself deep, filling her until she thought she could feel his cock nudging against her heart.

“More.” She breathed the plea, barely a whisper, but he answered with a slow, intense rhythm that wound her tighter and tighter with every driving thrust. Her hands abandoned his hair and gripped his shoulders for support. She could feel the mattress shaking beneath her and the slick sheen of sweat coating his muscles and hers. She expected to see sparks where their bodies rubbed together, especially where the base of his shaft massaged her clit on each stroke. When he grunted and adjusted his position to slide a fraction deeper, her eyes flew open, and she swore she
see sparks.

She cried out, and he grunted an answer.

“Now!” he roared, as his big body tightened above her, and Danice happily obeyed, her own muscles spasming , pussy clenching to milk the cock that poured a flood of heat inside her.

His weight settled on top of her in a hard, sweaty heap, but she surprised herself by not caring in the least. The man might be part of the weirdest experience of her life, but he made a damned good blanket.

She could have fallen asleep right there, if not for the naggingly familiar voice that shattered her peace.

“Well, I see we’re not the least bit unhappy with where we’ve landed, now are we?” Chapter Five

The voice, male and mocking and very faintly accented, startled Danice out of her relaxation and left her more than a little grumpy.Especially since it didn’t come from the man currently draped half-on and half-in her bare-assed naked body. She and Mac both turned toward the window, wearing matching scowls and each other.

“Who the hell are you?”

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Danicewinced. The idea that she’d asked that same question of two naked men in the last two hours left her feeling about half a step from Slutsville .

Jack Green smiled and shook his head. “Ah, how soon they forget.And so ungrateful, too. After all I’ve done for them.”

Daniceshoved Mac aside and yanked the sheet up to cover everything that needed covering. “You’re that weirdo from the bar!”

“Now that’s not a nice thing to call someone, fair Danice ,” Jack said.“Especially not someone who had your best interests at heart. Didn’t I give you exactly what I promised?” She took in the pointy ears she thought had been prosthetics, the long, long pale hair, the too-pretty looks and swore. Then she looked again and swore some more.Louder.And more creatively.

Mac frowned. “What’s going on? Seoc , what did you promise her?” He turned back to Danice and caught her by the arm. “What did he do to you?”

She shrugged him off and batted his hand away. “What did you say? Do you
this guy?” Her eyes narrowed as she watched him weigh his response.

“Yeah,” he sighed. “I know him. He’s fae .”

“Friend?Relative?Drinking buddy?”

Mac snorted.“None of the above. More like notorious pain in the ass. I said I knew him, not that I liked him.”

Jack/ Seocclutched his heart and put on a wounded expression. “I’m cut to the core,McIntyre, that you would so cruelly deny me.”

Daniceraised an eyebrow at Mac, crossed her arms over her chest and pursed her lips.

“Give me a break,” Mac said. “You can’t take him seriously, baby. He’s just trying to make trouble.

Again.” He paused to glare at the fae , and Danice’s foot began to tap impatiently on the carpet. “ Seocis the nephew of the Queen of Faerie. He’s a celebrity. Everybody knows him. Just because I know who he is doesn’t mean I’m involved in whatever stunt he’s pulled. That would be like me assuming you know Prince Charles personally just because you mentioned his name.” The foot stopped tapping, but her arms stayed crossed. “So, do you routinely address royalty as if you know them? And have the right to scold them?”

Mac snorted even louder. “When it’s Seoc , I do. The Queen herself has encouraged people to call her nephew a moron. She thinks it might help it sink in if she’s not the only one calling him that. Well, as long as you don’t do it in front of her. Then she feels like it’s her duty to defend him.” Danicerolled her eyes. “Sure.Great system.”

“Hey, don’t blame me. I didn’t make it up. I don’t even live in Faerie, and I’ve only ever been a couple of times. Traveling between the worlds is…discouraged. You need more than just a passport to get
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“Then what is
doing here?” She jerked her chin at Jack/ Seoc.

“That’s exactly what I want to know.” Mac glared at the blond fae . “So why don’t you explain what you’re doing unsupervised in Ithir , Seoc . I’d really love to hear it.” Seocwidened his eyes and tried to look innocent. For some reason, even Danice could see through the act.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, McIntyre,” he said. “Technically, I’m not in Ithir . I’m in limbo, which is not restricted at all.”

“Start talking before I restrict your airflow,” Mac growled, pushing off the bed and stalking toward Seoc with a decidedly malicious glint in his eyes.

He got about two steps before Seoc jumped backward and waved a graceful hand in front of him.

Before Danice’s disbelieving eyes, Mac froze in place, still in mid-step, with one big foot hovering a few inches from the floor.

“What the—?!”She watched while Mac’s face furrowed in a frown before it smoothed out into an enraged glare. “You little bogle -lover,” he hissed, looking ready to rip Seoc limb from limb, even as he balanced frozen on one foot. “Release me.

“No.” Seoc scowled and threw himself down into the room’s single armchair. “If I let you go, you’ll try and hurt me.”

“You’re damned right I will,” Mac growled. “I’ll make you hurt in ways you didn’t think were possible.

And then when I’ve calmed down, I’ll hurt you some more.” Danicecleared her throat. “Um, Mac, I don’t know if that’s quite the best way to persuade him to, uh…let you go.”

His eyes shifted sideways to include her in his line of fire. “And here I thought I was being so diplomatic,” he said, his voice going dangerously silky. “After all, I didn’t tell him what I’d do with his worthless little dick afterI —”

“You see!” Seoc threw his hands up in the air and turned to Danice . “You see what I have to deal with?

This is why I’m always leaving home and skipping out on Faerie!Because I get absolutely no respect. I am the nephew of the Queen. I’m a prince! But does anyone ever treat me like a prince? Nooo-oooo.

No one even calls me prince, and it’s my bloody title!” Daniceblinked at the sudden burst of frustrated anger and took a wary step backward. “Um, wow.

That… er, that is tough.”

“You bet your extremely attractive ass it is,” he groused. “It’s intolerable! Even my aunt treats me like an irresponsible fool, and I won’t stand for it!”

“The Queen treats you that way because that’s the way you act,” Mac growled.“Maybe if you’d actually grow up and start taking an interest in doing something constructive, your aunt would start to treat you like a grown fae .”

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Seocsneered. “What would you know about it, changeling? You’re not even of pure blood. You might as well be human!”

“Hey!” Danice snapped. She might be in way over her head, but that didn’t mean she didn’t deserve a little respect, damn it!

“Sorry,” Seoc mumbled. “It just gets me so upset. Imagine how you’d feel in my position. Every time you turn around, someone is there, just waiting for you to make a mistake so they can say, ‘I told you so.’”

“Have you tried not making any mistakes?”

Daniceglared at her petrified lover. “Mac, everybody makes mistakes. Be fair.”

“Exactly!” Seoccried, bursting into a grin so charming, Danice felt her own mouth begin to curve. “Is it any wonder I wanted to give you something special? I knew as soon as I saw you that you were the sort of human who might be able to understand things greater than yourself and your humdrum little human life. That’s why I offered to give you your fantasies.” The smile slowly morphed into an expression so opposite that she even saw Mac’s eyes widen in the periphery of her vision. “That’s what this is about?” she asked carefully. “You used some sort of freaky magic power to whisk me out of my apartment and strand me in limbo in bed with a man I’ve never met and who could have turned out to be a rapist or a serial killer or something, and you think you did it because you liked me?As a favor to me?” She could feel herself shaking with the power of her anger.

“Are you out of your teeny, tiny little faerie mind?” And he even had the nerve to look shocked. “What? How can you say things like that?” he asked, practically whining. “I saw your fantasy when I was sitting next to you in the bar. You wanted a lover just like McIntyre. All I did was make your dreams come true. You should be thanking me!” She drew a deep breath and waited for her rage to dull. It didn’t, so she took a menacing step forward.

“The day I thank you will be several lifetimes after I rip your entrails out of your stomach and use them to tell the future. You are beyond stupid. How dare you presume to poke uninvited into my mind!” Seocpaled and drew back a hair. “But I gave you your fantasy!”

“No, you played an irresponsible game with my safety and my psyche, you nasty little imp.” She heard Mac’s low whistle. “Ooh, that’s low, baby. Imps are second-class citizens in Faerie.

Actually, they aren’t even that well liked. They’re more like slug slime.” She smiled grimly. “Good. Then I made a fitting analogy.” She took another step forward. “You know nothing about humans, except for your own prejudiced opinions about us, and you presume to tell me you were giving me a gift? What if I never wanted that fantasy fulfilled? What if you read mewrong, and I had actually been thinking of something I found personally distasteful? What about that, huh? Would you have cared? Would you have even noticed?”

BOOK: 0286054001339292639 3 faer fetched
9.42Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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