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122 Rules

BOOK: 122 Rules
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122 Rules

Book One of
The 122 Rules Series




By Deek Rhew






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or the tenacious:
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122 Rules











Monica and the three goons in the death wagon drove for what felt like an eternity. A man with the chest and shoulders of a linebacker and a face chiseled out of granite sat opposite her on the backseat. Clad in a three-piece suit and dark sunglasses, he had first captured then belted her into the large SUV. But now it seemed the fun for him had ended, and he only glanced her way on the occasional mile.

The man in the passenger front seat with the broken nose ignored her, giving his full attention to the road ahead. The hood of his sweatshirt had fallen back, revealing the bristles of a crew cut as sharp and squared away as the Super Bowl field on the morning of game day. He wiped his sleeve across his upper lip, leaving a trail of blood on the dingy gray fabric. After their altercation earlier, his groin and ribs had to be aching as well. A thin smirk of satisfaction played across her lips. If only for a moment, she’d had the upper hand.

Monica’s smile faded as her thoughts returned to her predicament. She sat directly behind the driver. Maybe a chop to the neck or a blow to the temple would disable him? Would that cause him to lose control of the vehicle? Could she grab the wheel and yank it? If they crashed into oncoming traffic, would she be able to escape the twisted metal and broken glass? Though she hadn’t seen the driver’s face, the thickness of the man’s shoulders beneath his suit jacket rivaled Granite’s. This man could swat her off as easily as an annoying spider.

She couldn’t out-muscle them, so surprise and distraction were her only allies. Surely these meatheads carried weapons. Could she startle one of them—maybe scream in Driver’s ear since he was focused on navigating the busy city streets and would be less able to react—and grab his gun? She would hold the barrel to his neck, forcing him to pull the car over, and blast anyone that tried to stop her. The idea had merit. But Granite sat only inches away; he would enjoy subduing her.

Though the idea made her nerves cringe, she could dive out the door. They did that on TV all the time. Fall and roll, right? Looked simple enough. But she doubted it worked in real life. In the movies, no cars ever trailed behind the hero as she made her escape. Most likely, she would be mowed down by one of the insane taxis that prowled the boulevards. At the very least, she’d break a leg or twist her ankle, and they would recapture her.

But the closer they got to wherever these brutes were taking her, the faster her viable options dwindled. Seeing no alternative, she tensed, fingers wrapped around the door’s release handle. Steeling herself, she took a deep breath and pulled the lever.

The door didn’t budge.

Child locks.
Of course these guys would have thought of that. She looked up to find Crew Cut watching her.

He pointed at her lap. “You forgot to unbuckle your belt too.” Her eyes dropped to the buckle.
The corners of his lips curled up, then he turned away to watch out his window, uninterested.


No one said anything for a few miles. Finally, Monica turned to Granite. “Look, before you kill me, can I at least call and say goodbye to my family?”


* * *


As time and distance slipped past, Monica ran and reran each scenario in her head. Each new option of escaping these men seemed even less likely than the last.

They surprised her when they turned into an underground garage. Driver handed a plastic card to the stern security guard who met them at the gate. Another guard stayed back but kept his hand on his holster. He hadn’t drawn one of the several weapons hanging from his belt but looked competent and ready to go to war at the slightest provocation. The first guard, who looked like he drank from the same steroid-laden stream as Granite, examined the embossed card, made a call, and waved them through.

These were not rent-a-cops.

What the hell? She hadn’t known what to expect, but certainly not a military-like fortress. Maybe an abandoned warehouse—her mind refused to imagine what they had in store for her there—or a deserted pier, followed by a swim in the Hudson. At least they hadn’t made her ride in the trunk.

They parked, and, in unison, the three men got out. Evidently only she required a child lock. Granite came around and opened her door, but she didn’t budge. After a few seconds, he unbuckled her belt and lifted her out of the car with the same odd gentleness he had used to deposit her into the seat.

Learning from the mistakes Crew Cut had made earlier, they surrounded her as they marched to an armored, unmarked door. The entrance had no handle; instead, Driver swiped his card and typed something into the inset keypad. He looked into the lens of a nearby camera mounted in the rough-hewn rock wall. A second later, the door buzzed and clicked. Driver opened it. She glanced about, desperate for any opportunity to escape, as they ushered her inside then down a long, dimly lit, colorless hall. Granite pushed through one of many indistinguishable side doors into a narrow room. The small space, empty save two chairs and a table, had a can-it-be-more-obvious-that-it’s-a-one-way-glass mirror covering half the far wall.

Granite took a position in the corner, perhaps to ensure her cooperation, perhaps for intimidation. Monica turned from him to the rail-thin woman who trailed in his wake. Her severe features were exacerbated by a bun so tight it pulled the corners of her eyes back, as though a discount plastic surgeon had arrived intoxicated to her facelift. She wore a crisp white shirt, creased blue slacks, and no makeup.

As the woman began to thoroughly pat her down, Monica grabbed the woman’s arm and twisted it around. “Get your hands off of me,” she growled.

The unmistakable click of a gun next to her ear made her blood freeze. Swift and silent as the wind, Granite had stepped forward to protect his coworker.

Bad Facelift yanked her arm free, giving Monica a knowing, satisfied glare. She finished the frisk, even taking Monica’s watch and plucking the ring off her finger. Then she waved a wand over Monica, searching for telltale bits of metal. Granite had taken Monica’s phone, purse, and satchel bag when he had first apprehended her. The stern woman had them in a large plastic sack and now added Monica’s jewelry to the haul. Then both Granite and Bad Facelift left, closing the door behind them.

Monica tried the knob, but of course it refused to turn.


She pressed her face against the one-way glass, cupping her hands around her eyes to block out the light. If she stared hard enough, she might be able to see who watched her from the other side.

Only her own reflection stared back.

She banged on the glass. “Heeeelllllooo, anyone in there? You can’t just lock me up. I get a phone call.”

When no answer came, she examined the door. She’d seen a movie where the hero had escaped by punching the pins out of the hinges. But Monica had no tools and tore off part of her fingernail after a few minutes of fussing and grunting. She rapped her knuckles on the entrance’s surface, but it felt solid and heavy. The handle seemed the most vulnerable to her efforts, but she had nothing with which to jimmy the latch open. Cursing, she kicked the door and began to pace.

The windowless room had no clock, so she had no way to know how much time had passed. At this rate, though, she would not be attending tomorrow morning’s Legal Ethics class. She stopped and looked around at the small space. Maybe not the one after that either.

She went back to the window and searched for gaps in the frame. Having found nothing, Monica pressed her ear to the space between the bottom of the door and the floor. Only the sound of air moving through the ducts greeted her.

She tried banging on the glass again. “Hey, anyone home yet? I need to pee. Keeping someone from urinating is considered cruel and unusual punishment. I go to law school and know about such things.” She pounded again. “Hello?”

Still no reply.

BOOK: 122 Rules
10.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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