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20 Surprising Tips That Will Give You A Better, Happier, Healthier, Wealthier Life

BOOK: 20 Surprising Tips That Will Give You A Better, Happier, Healthier, Wealthier Life



20 Surprising Tips That Will Give You A Better,
Happier, Healthier, Wealthier Life


C. Weston Bailey


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What are Goals?

An event or benefit you want to achieve as a
result of completing an action. For example, let's take a
basketball player. The goal of the basketball player is to win the
game. In order to win the game, the player must take and complete
certain activities, such as making more baskets then their

On the other hand, a basketball fan, wants
their favorite team to win the game. Is this a goal for the fan?
The answer is no. The fan has no direct correlation to the outcome
of the game. His actions will not determine the outcome of the
game, unless he does something illegal.

What are SMART Goals?

First SMART is an acronym for:






The acronym is used as a guide to write your
goal in a personal, positive and present tense. The first step of
writing a goal is being specific. Here are some tips to help

Being Specific

Goals need to be specific, so that you know
which part of the process you're currently in and the particular
ways on how you will achieve it. Most people have goals to win a
championship, lose weight, earn more money, get married and the
like, but these are very vague and your mind can become confused
about what you truly mean. General descriptions usually do not have
boundaries, so you always leave room for mistakes and compromise.
If you want results that you can be proud of, be

To be specific, you need to include the
details. Include the names, the position, the amount, the date and
everything else needed to train your mind to start working towards
that goal. Write down something like, "I want to get $1 million by
October of this year." Or "I want my kids, Taylor, and John, to
become best friends beginning tomorrow." Or "I want to win the
national football championship two years from my 18th

Being Measurable

Goals need to be measurable to gauge how well
you are progressing. To help measure your paths and goals, you
should include measurable details. For your career, you can include
details such as the number of hours you're working, the amount
you're earning, the staff you're supervising, etc. For the goal of
money you can include details such as the amount you want to have
as a whole, the number of companies or businesses you own, your
contact persons, etc. Always have things and items to be measured
so you can understand how close you are to getting your goals. If
your goal is to earn $100,000 a month, then you know you're halfway
there if you're already earning $50,000 a month.

Being Attainable and

Set goals that can be accomplished. It is ok
for a goal to stretch your comfort zone. Some examples of
far-stretch goals are doubling your salary overnight. Be realistic
about the amount of time a goal may take to achieve. Ask questions,
conduct research, and determine your current abilities and the
resources you need to reach the goal.

Being Timely

Set deadlines to achieve your goals or else
you'll never going to finish anything. Stay specific when setting
timelines and schedules. For example, indicate things like "To
spend an hour with my wife everyday starting tomorrow (indicating
exact date and year)". Setting the exact time and date will spur
you to start working on your goals, instead of putting it off for
another available time. Some goals can take years to accomplish so
it is wise to break these down into smaller objectives.

What are Long Term

Typically a length of time of more than a
year is considered a long-term goal. For example a basketball
player will have a long-term goal of winning two championships. So
the minimum time required to achieve this goal is two years. This
is considered a long-term goal.

What are Short Term

A short-term goal is to be accomplished in a
shorter period of time, typically in a period less than a year. In
addition, short-term goals can lead up to the achievement of a
long-term goal. For example, the basketball player has a long-term
goal of winning two championships. A short-term goal is to win one

Types of Goals to Set?

There are several categories for goals. The
typical categories are: Personal, Family, Career, Household,
Health, Friends, Education, Spiritual, Recreation, Community, and

What is Goal Setting?

Goal setting is an action to achieve a
specific measurable and time targeted event or benefit. Simply it
is the process of asking, seeking, and knocking to find and receive
what you want. Goal setting establishes direction, helps you focus
and determine priorities. Goal setting establishes who you are,
what you like, what is important to you and the areas of your life
that require improvement.

Why is Goal Setting

Goal setting will assist you in turning your
dreams into reality. The purpose of goal setting is to organize
your dreams into a plan of action that will bring your dream to
reality. As an example, a basketball player has a dream to win a
championship. Goal setting is used to guide the direction and
determine the actions required to achieve a championship.

Do Successful People set

Yes. Napolean Hill who spent 20-years
of studying successful people published his results in the book
called "Think and Grow Rich". In this book Mr. Hill discusses the
secret Mr. Andrew. Carnegie used that helped over 500 people become
exceedingly wealthy.

"First comes thought:
then organization of that thought into ideas and plans; then
transformation of those plans into reality."
Napolean Hill

Successful people know goal setting is the
right process to align your desires, determination, and skills into
an achievable result. Great leaders and entrepreneurs such as Henry
Ford, Theodore Roosevelt, Wilbur Wright, William Howard Taft, John
D. Rockefeller, Thomas Edison and many more have admitted that they
accumulated wealth through the aid of the Carnegie secret.

Benefits of Setting

The benefit of goal setting is a happier
you. You will avoid depression, feeling emotionally dejected or
withdrawn. You will come out of poverty, have better relationships,
more energy, increased self-esteem, a better leader, a clear
purpose in life, positive attitude and more fun and adventure. The
benefit is truly up to you.

What are the Goal Setting

  1. Find your Passion

  2. Write your dream as a goal

  3. Take Action

  4. Make yourself accountable

  5. Visualize yourself enjoying your goal

  6. Measure and report your progress

  7. Celebrate

What is the Difference between
SMART Goals and Goal Setting?

A SMART Goal is just one step
the entire goal setting process. Goal setting is the entire process
to accomplish your goals. Once you decide on a goal there is much
more to do.

How many Goals do I

How good are you at multi-tasking? The
number is up to you, but in the goal-setting book "Give Your Kid A
Fighting Chance" you will focus on 12 goals. The goals are grouped
into categories with time periods from one to ten years.

How Successful is the Goal Setting

Goal setting is hard work. It is not easy,
especially if you are working on a dream that is stretching you
outside of your comfort zone. All successful people have
experienced problems that, at more than one time, de-motivated them
enough to quit. Hindrances are inevitable in every successful
person's life, so you should always expect several challenges to
come your way as you try to achieve your goals.

December of 2007 a Psychology Professor, Dr.
Gail Matthews from the Dominican University of California published
his goal setting research results. His research proves people that
write down their goals, take action, make themselves accountable,
measure and report their progress frequently achieve at least 76%
of their goals. Compared to those that do not write their goals,
only have a maximum potential of achieving 43% of their goals.

The goal setting method that achieves at
least 76% of your goals is taught in the book "Give Your Kid A
Fighting Chance".

Who orders Goal Setting

Goal setting has no age
limit. Parents order
Give Your Kid A
Fighting Chance
for themselves and their
children. Teachers order it to teach their students how to become
successful in life. If you can read at a 7th grade level, you will
benefit from Give Your Kid A Fighting Chance. If you tried goal
setting in the past and failed, you will benefit from the structure
presented in the book to implement and achieve your goals. If you
do not achieve at least 76% of your goals, your money will be
refunded. There is a 365-Day Guarantee.

Can Adults Use Give Your Kid A
Fighting Chance?

Yes, and it is recommended for adults to use
it. You are never too old to start. I encourage parents and
children to use it together. Parents and children can learn one
from another. Other adults can use it as well such as uncles or an
aunt use it with your nephew and nieces. This book is for anyone
with an opportunity to mentor or guide the healthy development of
children such as teachers.

Why is Give Your Kid A Fighting
Chance Unique?

It is the only book that promotes:

"Child, follow your dreams
and get the necessary education to achieve it and grow it."
- C. Weston Bailey

Give Your Kid A Fighting Chance was written
to teach children and adults how to take ownership of their dreams
and education. In addition the vision is to improve family
communication and values between parents and their children.

Why should I Buy a Goal Setting

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