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500 Days

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Jessica Miller

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This book is dedicated to
those who believe in never stopping to reach your




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I would like to thank my
family and friends who continue to support me in my writing
endeavors. A big THANK YOU to Ange for helping me out and getting
the book ready and to all the readers out there who inspire me
every day to never stop writing.

Five hundred days until she is free.

Five hundred days until I can escape the
confines of these stuffy rooms.

Five hundred days until I can have my family

It all seems like an insignificant amount of
time, but in Five hundred days a lot can happen.

In just five hundred days my life will
change forever.

Chapter 1


Every night when I closed my eyes I saw her.
She haunted my dreams and made me want to do terrible things.
Things that most women would never have the courage to allow you to
do inside the bedroom. But not her, not the girl with the ivy
tattoo. She gave me one night of unadulterated sex. The kind of sex
that blew your mind and had you begging for more, but just as quick
as she came, she was gone. She gave me the slip and I never saw her
again. The only thing that let me know it really happened was the
empty condom wrapper on the floor. My friends told me I made her
up, that I was so drunk I would have fucked anyone that night. And
they weren’t wrong. My memory was hazy and it was possible it could
all have been a dream, but every time I closed my eyes I saw that
ivy tattoo that stretched all along her sides down to her hips and
those piercing green eyes.

Ever since that night
girls have come and gone from my bedroom but none have compared.
None of them have lived up to the expectations that I hold
so high. I wasn’t a hard man to please. Any girl
with a short skirt usually got me going, but lately I was having a
hard time getting past the fantasy.

Yo Cas, you

I met Greyson’s sharp eyes in the mirror.
“Give me one minute.” That’s all I needed. Just one minute.

Make it a quick one, you
know how these chicks get,” he said, throwing me a lopsided grin. I
nodded and went back to fighting my internal struggle with reality.
I placed my hand over the tattoo on my chest and took a breath. I
had to get a grip. I stared back at the worn
out blue grey eyes in the mirror. I
managed to convince myself she was just a dream so I could get my
head straight. I was always nervous enough as it was before a
and I didn’t
need some crazy chick clogging my brain. I shook my head and
scrubbed my hands down my face. I adjusted my crazy wide Mohawk in
the front, pulling some of the spikes down and to the side and
pushing a few up. I stood up from the mirror and jumped up and down
for a few seconds trying to pump myself up. When I was ready I met
Greyson and my other band mates by the stage. Colton handed me my
guitar and I strapped up, getting ready for the roar of screaming
fans that were waiting for us.

Don’t you just love
this?” Greyson asked, slapping his hand on my shoulder. He got off
on all the screaming chicks and the attention that came along with
being in a band. I was in it for the music. For the rush you get
when you sing your heart out and strum the strings of the guitar so
hard you think they might snap.

Check out the blonde with
the tits in the front.”

Which one?” Greyson

Who you think? Cas’s
number one fan. The chick that’s at all the shows.” Colton angled
his head to the end of the stage on the left. There she was in all
her glory, wearing a small, gray halter and jeans so tight they
looked like they were painted on. I’ve seen her at almost every
show and each one she wore something tighter than the

Greyson nudged me in the ribs. “You gonna
hit that tonight?”

Wait, you telling me you
haven’t fucked her yet?” Colton fiddled with his

He just didn’t want to
scare off his number one fan by showing her he’s got more talent on
stage then he does in the sack.” I flipped Greyson off as he took
the stage, followed by Colton and then me. The roar of the fans
pounded in my ears as I stood before the mic. Colton counted off
with his drumsticks…one, two, three. He twirled his stick between
his fingers and then slammed them down starting our first

We were just a small time
rock band – popular on the local circuit. We played gigs all around
town and were booked for most of the summer. We wrote our own music
and sometimes did covers, but most of it was ours that we played.
The crowd loved us and by the end of the night I was always
drenched head to toe with sweat. I always brought extra clothes so
I could change out of the sopping wet ones. The sensation I felt
every time we played was unlike anything I could describe. I was on
a natural high and I never wanted to come down, but when the lights
dimmed and the crowd
subsided I knew it
was time to come back to reality.


By the time the last band
played their last set
I had downed a fifth of Patron and had the cute blonde with
the tight jeans secured nicely on my lap. She was the one feeding
me the shots all night, encouraged by my friends. The tequila was
slowly making it’s way through my system and I knew if I didn’t
seal the deal with this chick soon
I would be too out of it to even function. I
slipped my hand around her hip pulling her tighter against me while
the other hand slid up her inner thigh. She turned to me with a
lazy smile, letting me know she was probably just as drunk as I
was. “You ready to get out of here?”

She bit her lip and nodded
her head as she stroked the back of my neck with her long finger
nails. I gave her thigh a squeeze before patting her on the behind.
“Just gotta pay my tab first.” She stood up, allowing me to stand.
I made my way over to the bar and waited to get the bartender’s
attention. It was last call so I knew I would be here for a bit. I
took a seat on one of the stools while I waited. I watched the
girls as they rushed back and forth trying to
fulfill everyone’s orders. One of the reasons I liked this
place so much was because all the bartenders were girls and they
all had to wear very small uniforms that showed a lot of skin. Half
the girls were either dressed in black or red leather shorts that
just barely covered their asses with matching halter tops. Others
wore tiny white dresses that were cut so short that if they bent
over you got full view of everything they had going on underneath,
but most of the girls wore shorts. Everyone one of them had a
different color wig on and so much makeup you didn’t know what was
real and what was hidden behind the mask of colored

Hey sweetie!” I turned my
head to the sugary sounding voice.

I smiled at the cheery face before me. “Hey

She leaned in for a quick kiss on the cheek.
“Do you need something?”

Just you.”

She rolled her big blue eyes and pushed on
my chest. “Save it for the white trash you got waiting for you over
at the table.”

Declan I’m hurt. Really I

She gave me another eye
roll before setting her tray of shots on the bar. “When are you
going to stop taking home all these skanks? I can tell you
once she
scrapes off all that war paint there will be nothing left but a
whole bunch of ugly.”

I pinched her chin between my thumb and
forefinger turning her head back and forth. “You’re one to

She slapped my hand away. “I have to, it’s
my job. That clown does it because she knows she ain’t got nothin’
going on but a pair of tits and a tight ass.”

I raised my brows at her. She swatted my arm
and narrowed her eyes at me. I laughed, putting my arms up in
surrender. “I never said I was picky and you know I don’t take them
to my house.”

I know. You make them
take you to their place or the fraternity house so that way you can
sneak out on them or get one of the guys to get rid of them for
you.” I shrugged my shoulders. She wasn’t wrong. “You know you’re a
real class
piece of shit.”

Yeah, but you still love
me.” She crossed her arms over her small but perky chest, making
them pop up even more in her low cut dress. I gave her my pouty lip
causing the corner of her mouth to twitch slightly.

Stop it,” she growled. I
grabbed her and pulled her close to me. She squealed and tried to
shove me away. “You’re going to get me in trouble.” I stole a kiss
on the cheek before I let her go and caught a glimpse of the blonde
who was waiting for me. Her eyes were narrowed into slits as she
glared at me from the table. Shit.

Hey, can I get my

Yeah, just give me a
sec.” She dipped underneath the bar and searched through the pile
of receipts. Declan was the only girl who put up with my shit –
besides my sisters – and gave it right back to me. I met her our
freshman year of college and spent the first month trying to get in
her pants. She’s a cute, tiny redhead, with killer legs, and smile
that could bring any man to their knees. She’s beautiful and smart
and the only girl I haven’t slept with. Declan claims she never
slept with me because she was too smart to fall for my bullshit.
But we both knew, given time, it would have happened. It almost
did. The only thing that stopped me from bending her over my couch
was because Colton, my best friend, pulled me aside and told me he
had a crush on her. So out of respect for him I backed off. Now
Declan is more like a sister to me and I would do anything to
protect her.

I felt a hand slip across my shoulder. “You
ready soon?” It was the blonde. I really should have gotten her
name. She might have given it to me earlier in the night but by
this stage she would be lucky if I could remember her face in the
morning. With her this close up I was starting to think it was
probably better if I didn’t.

This might take a minute.
Why don’t you go have another drink at the table and I’ll be there
in a few.”

Hey Cas, who is the tab
under?” Declan turned around with several papers shoved in her
hands. The blonde looked over her shoulder at Declan and gave her a
nasty look before she turned back around to me. The look on
Declan’s face told me if I didn’t get rid of this chick she would
do it for me and I knew Declan was one broad you did not want to
piss off.

I stood up and reached behind the bar,
grabbing two beers out of the cooler. I handed one to the blonde
and pushed her in the direction of the table with a warning that if
she kept it up she would be going home alone. I cracked open the
second beer and took a swig while Declan continued to search for
our bill. “Try under Greyson,” I suggested as I took another

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