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Stay that’s
all I ask,

Love that’s all I want,

How do
I live without you,

How do I breathe,

when my life is love and my
love is you?

Don’t leave….


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The New Yorker II

M.O. Kenyan

Copyright ©





New York, twenty years prior….

me your word, Harry!” Ethan McCrery barked at his long time friend.

Henry watched as Ethan held out his hand for him to take. The Irish man was in
a black mood. He claimed to have been betrayed and although Harry couldn’t
understand it, he had to go along with it. It had always been him and Ethan,
they were the old money—the ones brought up in private boarding schools. They
had each other’s backs. If Ethan got into a fight, Harry punched first then got
the details later. He guessed this was one of those times.

would have thought a self-made man like Adrian Ross would fall for a maid.

And who
would have thought Ethan would fall for the same maid? He should have learned
his lesson about falling for women who weren’t tailored for him.

hadn’t bothered dating outside his social level. His father had picked his
wife, his mother had made the wedding and marriage arrangements. He had, as
expected, turned up both at his wedding and in his southern bride’s bed. He
hadn’t failed his family. His first born son, Harry Junior, or Duke, was the
product of his honeymoon as a dutiful son and husband.

watched as Ethan broke into a new rant cursing his college friend, calling him
every profanity heard on Earth or in the fire pit of Hell.

could he do that to me? He knew I was interested in Rosalinda.” Ethan stopped
his pacing and his face took on an awe struck look. It was as if he was in a
dreamy state. “She’s so beautiful, so soft. And her wild raven hair just begs
to be touched. It kills me that I haven’t touched her hair, or kissed her plump
red lips. Dear God, I would have taken in her brat. I would have even let the
little lass call me

Harry cleared his throat. Fear of his friend’s Irish temper deterred him from
asking, but his duty as a friend pushed him on. “What about your wife? How do
you expect to marry Rosalinda when you are still married?”

“Do you
think that’s the problem?” Ethan asked hopefully, a calculating expression
canvassing his face. “I’ll serve the woman divorce papers today if it means I
would get to have Rosalinda. My beautiful rose.”

will not allow it. Her father left everything to you. Everything she owns you
control. And what would happen to Ethan Junior? Think of your son, my friend.”

“I am.
Rosalinda would be such a wonderful mother to him. And as for Elizabeth.” he
waved his hand in the air as if anything to do with her didn’t matter. “I’ll
settle her with a large fortune. She’ll sign Ethan’s custody to us without a

took his phone from his pocket when it rang. When he listened, it was a message
from Dennis, and it wasn’t good. He dreaded telling Ethan, but there was no other
way around it. “Ethan, there’s news.”

Speak up man!”

and Rosalinda—”

about them?”

are married Ethan. It’s done. You’ve lost her.”


took off after his friend as he ran out of the building he worked in. He sat in
the passenger seat as Ethan pushed away his driver and got into his seat.

I should drive?”


pulled out of the drive way like the devil was on his heels. The car’s tires
skidded along the road. Every couple of miles it protested at being abused.
Harry had never feared dying in a road accident until today. Ethan barked at
the other drivers on the road, swearing at the traffic lights whenever they
turned red, picking up a cop car as a tail.

the police.”


took in a much needed breath of relief when they skidded to a halt in front of
Adrian Ross’s apartment building. Ethan left the motor running as he took three
steps at a time, barging into the house. They walked into silence. Not the
atmosphere to expect at a wedding reception.

going on?” Dennis walked in, his toddler scurrying behind him.

is the rat? Where is that slimy excuse of a man? Only a coward would marry
another man’s woman behind his back.”

toddler began to cry, and Dennis cuddled her. His momentary distraction gave
Ethan way to the backyard. They found the party there. Adrian Junior, Dennis
Junior and Rosalinda’s daughter played, as Martha and Rosalinda watched. Adrian
was nowhere to be seen.

Ethan barked as he marched to her. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her behind
him as he headed for the exit.

Rosalinda screamed as she tried to loosen Ethan’s shackling grasp. “Adrian?
Mi amor

Mi amor
?” Ethan sneered as he turned
around to face her. “That man is not your love. I am. Do you hear me? We will
get this farce of a marriage annulled. Then after my divorce from Elizabeth—we
will get married.” He grinned, triumphantly. “Adrian Ross is not winning this

already have—not that I knew there was a contest to win.” Adrian emerged from a
back room, his fingers balled into fists at his sides. His six-foot-four frame
towered over Ethan’s five-nine. The African-American man would be well suited
for the role as the black Hulk if it ever came about. “Release Rosalinda. I am
asking you courteously, McCrery. I don’t want any trouble.”

barked out a sardonic laugh. He pulled Rosalinda against him, his hands
possessively locking her in his grip. “Never. Why would she want you, when she
has me?”

don’t love you.” Rosalinda squirmed to get away, but the more she tried the
tighter Ethan held her.

never gave us a chance, lass. I can love you.”

about Elizabeth!” Issadora shouted as she retrieved her wailing baby from her
husband. “What about your son, your family, your obligations?”

Dennis didn’t even want to marry you. You should be thanking me, or he would be
in Hawaii with that island girl and—”

Dennis warned.

let go of my wife. You are hurting her.” Adrian took a step toward them and
Ethan warned him off with a growl.

“Adrian.” Rosalinda whimpered. “

Rosalinda is pregnant. You are hurting her. She’s scared for the baby.”
Adrian’s desperation etched his voice.

thought it was a good time for him to step in. He rested his hand on Ethan’s
shoulder. What was intended as a comforting gesture only irritated Ethan

can’t believe you did this to me, Ross.”

didn’t do anything. She chose me. Rosalinda and I have been through a lot. Our
pain brought us together, our love for our children and our love for each
other. We are building our family, Ethan. I suggest you go back to yours.”

“I will
never forget this, Adrian Ross.” Ethan turned his rage to Rosalinda as he
pushed her out of his hands. Luckily for her Adrian was there to catch her.
“That should be my baby. You watch your back. I swear I’ll get you back for
this. I swear.”

was chasing after Ethan for the second time that day as they rushed out of the

me something, Harold.”


“Make sure
our paths don’t cross with those two. From now on Adrian Ross and Dennis Kent
are dead to us. Promise me—give me your word of honor.”

promise.” It was a bitter promise to make, but Harold swore he would do his
best to keep it, for, what were the odds they would ever meet on a personal
setting ever again?

BOOK: 9781631052347OnCallKenyan
4.81Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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