A Billionaire's Obsession 3 (BWWM Interracial Romance): Claiming Her Heart

BOOK: A Billionaire's Obsession 3 (BWWM Interracial Romance): Claiming Her Heart
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A Billionaire's Obsession


Claiming Her Heart


Hattie Black


Copyright ©
by Hattie Black. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be
used, reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any form without the prior
written consent of the author.


This is a work of fiction. Characters, names, places, incidents and events are
either the products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any
similarity to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is purely




Renee! Honey, what are you doing here?" Pilar
, Renee's mother comes out her home, excited, and surprised
to see her daughter siting in her car, in the driveway. "I thought my eyes
were playing tricks on me. You hadn't
that you were coming down to visit this

Renee remains sitting still
the driver's seat of the car. She is numb.

"Renee...Renee honey, what's wrong?" He mother
asks. Renee had actually been sitting in the driveway for about
twenty minutes before her mother
realized she was there. "Renee!" Pilar hollers, now standing by
the driver's door, looking into the window. Renee awakes
from her somewhat comatose state.

"Ma, what are you doing?" Renee asks looking at
her mother strangely.

"Why are you just sitting in the car? Why don't you
come in?" Pilar asks her daughter who is a
strangely. Renee rolls her eyes.

"I'm coming Ma. Can you back up a bit?" Renee
at her hovering mother. Pilar looks down, and around her, and then steps back.
Renee exits the car. She wraps her arms around her mother, and embraces her
firmly. Renee's mother returns an equally tight embrace.

"Why are you here Renee-joi? Is everything okay?"
Pilar asks concerned. Renee's parents were somewhat hippies in their youth.
They named Renee, Renee-joi, but
the "joi" dropped off early in
her scho
ol days, when she was repeatedly questioned,
and teased. Her parents tended to return to using it when they sought to
comfort her, or just plain wanted to pamper her. In this instance, Pilar senses
that she will need to do both.

Renee takes a remarkably de
breath. "Mom, I didn't plan on coming home." Renee draws her mother's
attention to her
current outfit. "I began to drive...I needed to
think...and I ended up here." She explains.

Rene's mother knows that something is wrong. She knows her
daughter, oh t
oo well.

"Come inside sweetheart. You're still early enough for
breakfast." Renee is beginning to feel hungry. It is 10:00 am now. She had
been driving for about 4 hours since she left Colin Winston asleep at the
Barboa Hotel in Trojan
City. She drove aro
und aimlessly
for two hours, before she decided to take a long, and slow trek home to her

Renee nods, and follows her mother into the house.


"Renee! It is so good to see you." Her father
says, and wraps his arms around his only child-and
princess" forever in his eyes.

"Hi Dad!" Renee settles into his embrace.
"How are you?" She asks genuinely.

"I am even better, now that I have seen you. I didn't
know you were coming down. Did your mother know...Pilar did you know?" Max
says looki
ng over at his wife. The mother, and
daughter answer in unison.

"Noooo." The entire family chuckles.

"She is going to have breakfast, and then we will
chat." Pilar says.

"Well we can chat while she eats breakfast. I have tee
time at 11." Max

Renee catches up with her parents while her mother fixes
her some breakfast, and her Dad sits across from her at the quaint kitchen
table in the center of the kitchen.

"We are very proud of you RJ." Max tells Renee.
"Your mother tells me about all the gr
eat work
you're doing up there in Trojan. She even shows me your new work on that
BYWINSTON website. Renee smiles politely.
I wonder how proud you'll be when you
learn that I've screwed the company's founder.
The thought makes her sick. She stands,
hes the fridge, and reaches for a cold bottle
of water.

Renee takes two large gulps, and returns to her seat across
from her father. "So you're playing golf today, huh Dad?" Renee tries
to change the subject. "When did this start?"

Renee's Dad begins to r
amble on
about how he fell in love with the sport. He describes the men that he's become
friendly with at the golf course, what they each do for a living, and that
Pilar recommended the men, and their wives come to the house for a potluck
dinner soon. The
conversation sort of soothes Renee.
It frees her mind of her own thoughts, while she concentrates on her Dad's

Pilar also chimes in about meeting the wives of Max's golf
buddies. She cracks jokes about each one of them, based solely upon how he
husband has
described them to her. Renee laughs with her parents. "Oh mom! Shame on
you! That is not very nice." Renee scolds her mother playfully, and
continues to laugh. The laughter feels so good. Renee's mind is free-at least
for the time being. Soon,
an hour goes by-just like
that. Max prepares to leave for his tee time. "Sweetheart, it is about
that time. Will you be here when I return, in the next three hours, or
so?" Max asks.

"I'm sure I will be Dad. I don't have anything else to
do today." Renee
informs him.

"Great Renee-joi! I will see you later." Max
leans in to kiss his daughter on the cheek. Renee feels her father's love wash
all over her. Pilar
is now sitting next to Renee, and is given a huge smack on
her lips as well. Renee chuckles. She i
s overjoyed
for her parents. After 25 years, they clearly still possess immense passion for
each other. Renee's thoughts begin to roam.
I want that! Will I ever have it?

"So!" Pilar interrupts Renee's thoughts.
"It's just us girls. Wanna move over to the l
room so we can have some girl-talk?" Pilar cunningly suggests. Renee tries
to stall her mother. She can't handle being brutally honest with her just yet.

"I'm going to wash the dishes. You out did yourself on
breakfast Ma. I should do the rest." Ren
ee leaps
up, gathers her empty dishes, and heads for the sink. Her mother follows her.
Pilar takes the dishes out of Renee's hands. She gently opens the dish washer,
and begins to pile Renee's wares into it. "Mom! Let me do it! I've got
it...I have got it!
" Renee begins to play
tug-o-war with her mother. The two women laugh. Renee has always had more than
just a mother in Pilar. She has also always had a big sister, and a friend.
Renee completes stocking the dish washer, adds soap, and switches the machine

Pilar pours coffee, prepared earlier from the coffee
brewer, into two cups. She locks arms with Renee who has towered over Pilar
since she was seventeen. "Now we can talk."

Pilar sits comfortably on the grey cotton, linen, and wool
couch accented wit
h pink, and white floral cushions.
Pilar pats the cushion next to her. "Make yourself at home Baby."
Pilar says. Renee chuckles quietly, and sits next to her mother. "How's
your coffee?" Pilar asks her daughter, and friend.

"It's pretty good. I should com
e here more often." Renee jokes. Pilar laughs uncontrollably.      

"That was a good one daughter." Pilar says in
between her belly laughs. Renee smiles satisfactorily. She is always happy when
she can make her mother laugh. She is very afraid that she may mak
e her cry soon.

"You know that we are always glad when you are here,
right?" Pilar assures Renee. Renee nods in response.

"Yes Ma...I know...I know" Renee says suddenly
becoming overwhelmed. Tears stream down her face like a fountain.

"Oh Renee-joi...Oh
Baby!" Pilar places her coffee cup
quickly onto the wooden coffee table in
front of her. She encircles Renee with her arms, and draws her close. Renee
weeps on her mother's shoulders. She is unable to speak, and currently appears
inconsolable. Pilar holds
her tighter. She doesn't
say a word.

Renee cries openly for about five minutes. Pilar hurriedly
grabs a glass of water from the kitchen. "Drink this Baby." Renee
takes one large gulp, and gives her mother the glass. Pilar sets the glass on
the coffee tab
le, and sits next to Renee again.

The room, framed with gigantic windows, is silent. Pilar is
not willing to force Renee to share before she is ready to. Renee reaches for
the tissue box on the end table, and blows her nose.        

"Mom, I've done something ve
stupid." Renee says crushing her tissue in the center of her palms. Pilar
smiles. There is nothing that Renee-joi could do that her open-minded, and
evolved parents will not forgive, and/or help her through.

"What is it Baby?" Pilar says calmly. Renee k
nows that her mother is not like many other more
traditional mothers, but it still scares her to the core, to tell her mother
about her unwise decision. That is exactly what it was, in Renee's estimation.
unwise, stupid, dumb decision.

"Um...I...I had.
" Renee
speaks slowly. She swallows extremely hard. "I had...I had sex with Colin
Winston." She eventually blurts out, and begins to cry again. Pilar is
surprised. Her eyes enlarge. She is taken aback that her usually quiet,
bookworm of a daughter would ma
ke a decision like
that. Still, there is no judgement.

"What has happened as a result? Have you been
fired?" Pilar asks rationally.

"Well...not as far I know. I left right after...well
at least this morning, while he was still asleep." Renee divulges. Pi
lar listens patiently, and intuitively.

"Ok. Have you heard from him?"

"No...well, I don't know. I turned my phone off...It
is still in the car. I had several messages from Melaine Nordstrom - my
immediate boss - since last night
though. I can't bear to
confront her right now. She has done so much for me."
Renee explains. Pilar listens, and sighs softly. Renee turns toward her.
"Mom, I know it was stupid. I tried to stay away. I tried to
resist..." Renee stops talking, and resumes crying.

hugs her immediately.
"It is okay Renee. These things happen. It is all a part of growing up. It
is all a part of life." Pilar consoles Renee. "You can stay here as
long as you need to Baby." Pilar informs her. "Still, I strongly
recommend reaching out to
Melaine once you have
calmed down, and thought everything through." Pilar advises. Renee nods in
between sobs. She grabs hold of her mother, and squeezes her, not wanting to
let go.


Renee eventually releases her mother. "Thank you Mom.
Can you please
not tell Dad just yet?" Renee
pleads with mother.

"Well I will have to let him know you're staying over,
if you decide to stay." Pilar says emphatically.

"I understand. Please just spare him the details for
now. Please Mom!"

"Of course sweetheart. Of c
Pilar assures her daughter. The women embrace once more, then Renee climbs the
stairs to her childhood room. She cries herself to sleep, and sleeps
comfortably for the next four hours.

BOOK: A Billionaire's Obsession 3 (BWWM Interracial Romance): Claiming Her Heart
4.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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