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The two men looked at each other and laughed. “Pooky and Ceaser sent us to finish the job and kill your ass. And you need to wipe that smile off your face or we’ll do it for you. We were told that if we get the drop on you, to kill your punk ass fast because you supposed to be some evil, bad ass killer or something.”

“He don’t look like no evil bad ass killer to me,” the other gunmen said then laughed.

“Yea, you’re right. He just some young punk caught with his dick out,” both gunmen busted out laughing.

Michael looked at Envy who was standing naked next to him. On the shower wall that was next to her, Michael had made a hook that held two 9 mm rugers that were made of plastic with silencers on them. When he first put them there, Envy had asked him why and if they hang them in the shower won’t they get wet and rusty then won’t work. But Michael had explained to her that the guns were the new 9 mm Rugers that cops use and being made of plastic they wouldn’t rust, the only thing metal were the bullets. Envy mind raced to everything he told her. She remembered him telling her that this house was his father’s and that he left it to him. So, that means if we stayed there, one day Black Ice will come for him, but they’d be ready.

He hid guns all around the house, in the shower, up under the bed and pillow, in the kitchen, even behind the toilet. He told her that no one would catch them. Envy had laughed when he first told her that, but as she snapped back to reality it all became clear to her.

Envy looked at the two gunmen and was scared, but not for her life, but for Mike and Michael. She knew the gunmen couldn’t see the 9

mm Ruger’s, unless they were standing in the shower.

“Yo, you’re still fucking smirking ass hole!

You think this situation is funny? I’m going to fuck your girl in front of you then kill her and the kid and save you for last.” As the gunmen walked toward Envy and Michael, Michael gave Mike a look he seen before on that night in the Brownsville parking lot and he knew what to do.

Mike dropped to the floor as fast as he could. The two gunmen looked down at him and were shocked by his actions. Envy knew she had no time to waste in one swift move she grabbed both the guns and tossed one to Michael. Before Michael could catch his gun, Envy aimed and fired two shots. The first hollow point bullet went through the gunmen’s neck and the next one through his chest. He grabbed his neck and stumbled backwards. The next gunmen looked up from the floor to stop staring at Mike to only see blood gushing and pouring out of his friend and him stumbling backwards until he hit the wall and slid down it with his hand on his neck.

“What the fuck happened?” he yelled and turned his head to face Michael and Envy as soon as he did Michael squeezed the trigger four times. The bullets flew out of the gun without making a sound because of the silencers and left four large holes in the gunmen’s head. He stood there for second with a confused look on his face until he just dropped dead hitting the floor hard.

Envy’s hand was shaking with her gun still aimed. “Oh my fucking God,” she screamed out nervously and scared at the same time.

“Calm down, baby. You did good,” Michael replied as he noticed tears rolling down her face and her whole body shaking from shock and fear.

“I just shot and killed that man,” she said with tears in her voice.

“You had to baby. You know it was them or us,” Michael replied as he took her in to his arms.

They held then heard a noise that broke their embrace and quickly aimed their guns towards it.

Mike was getting off the floor. Both Envy and Michael almost forgot that he was there. Mike looked at them both and smiled then the three of them faced the first gunmen Envy shot. He was still alive, but bleeding from the hole in his neck and chest. His eyes were open as he held his neck with both hands to try and stop the blood gushing out.

His legs were jerking while he sat on the floor and he knew in his heart it was only a matter of time before he died. His body was getting cold and he felt sleepy. “No, I got to fight it. I must not go to sleep,” he said over and over in his head.

Mike walked up to the gunmen and watched him choke on his own blood. Their eyes met as Mike dug in his pocket and pulled out his switchblade and flicked it open. “You wanted to hurt my family?” he yelled and began to swing hard and fast with all his might. The knife went in and out of the gunmen cutting and stabbing him. The gunmen jerked and shook as his body slid more to the floor. His eyes never left Mikes and his last thought was ‘I’ve been killed by the devil’ as his body jerked up and down and he died. Mike seen the man was no longer moving, but that still didn’t stop his rage. He now had both of his hands locked on his knife and raised it high above his head and was coming all the way down with full force repeatedly. “You tried to hurt my family! Die!

Die!” he screamed.

Michael and Envy stood there mesmerized at what they were seeing. “Mike stop! Stop!” both of them yelled, but it was as if he was in another world and couldn’t hear them. Michael jumped out the shower followed by Envy. The more he stabbed the more blood splattered on him and everywhere else. Michael grabbed him from behind and lifted him up. “Stop, Mike, calm down! Stop!” Mike continued to swing and wiggle around almost stabbing Michael. Michael had to drop him.

“Mike, stop now!” Envy yelled as loud as she could. He turned around and looked at her and Michael with a deranged look in his eyes with the knife in one hand and breathing hard. Then the look vanished as fast as it came.

“I’m sorry Envy. I couldn’t help it. What’s wrong with me?” he said with tears in his voice and he dropped the knife and began to cry. “You and Michael are mad at me now and you’re going to send me away now,” he started to cry even harder looking at them both.

Envy didn’t know what to make of the whole situation. She had two dead men on her bathroom floor and a ten year old child that was now covered in blood from stabbing a man to death and now crying.

Michael threw Envy a towel and she wrapped it around her body as he did the same with another towel. He bent down and looked at Mike in the eyes. So much of the boy reminded him of himself, even from the way he just blacked out and lost control. “Don’t cry we’re not going to send you away. We are your family now,” Michael replied as he hugged Mike and he hugged him back.

He picked him up and walked out of the bathroom and his room and down the hall to Mike’s room. “Listen, stop crying, Mike. Everything is alright now. You did good. You have to learn how to control your anger and yourself from blacking out.”

“But I can’t. I don’t even know when it’s happening. I just don’t feel like myself or it feel good. I can’t stop,” Mike replied with tears in his eyes rolling down his face.

“I understand. I black out the same way.

But I recently learned how to have some control over it. You have to think of everyone you have and all the good things in life and all the good you have to do.” Mike began to shake his head up and down.

“I’ll try.”

“Do more than try. Do it every time it happens.”

“Do you think Envy is mad at me?”

“No, she’s not mad at you. She just not use to all this. But she will be ok. Now, I need you to wash up and get some clean clothes and put them on. Put the bloody clothes in a black garbage bag and bring them to me. I would ask you for the knife that you always carrying around, but I have a feeling that you won’t part with it.” As soon as Michael said those words, Mike put his hands behind his back to hide the knife. “I see I got my answer. Ok, you can keep it. I have a thing for a knife too. But clean it up with some bleach really good. I’ll be back in a half an hour. I’m going to tend to Envy alright.”

“Ok,” Mike replied and wiped his tears that was mixed with blood.

Michael went into the bedroom. Envy was fully dressed with her hands buried in the palm of her face sniffing and sobbing. He sat down on the bed next to her and wrapped his arms around her body. “Stop crying, it’s ok, it’s over now?”

“I know Michael, but it’s just too much to handle. I can’t believe what just happened. I think I need to go to my sister’s house for a while.” Envy stated.

“What you’re leaving me now over some bullshit?” Michael couldn’t help what happened he said feeling hurt with the thought of Envy leaving him.

“Oh baby no I am not leaving you no matter what happens. I just need a break from this house for a while to clear my head. You know me once I go shopping for some shoes that will make me feel a little better. Besides what are we going to do about the bodies and this mess? Well, we sure can’t call the cops after Mike done stabbed one of them up so bad if he hadn’t done that we could have said they broke in the house. It would’ve been self defense if only it was a gunshot wound.”

“Yea, but Envy the cops will still try to hold us for gun charges and ask where did the guns come from at least no one heard the shot cause we put those silencers on them. So I’m going to dump those bodies somewhere.” Michael said while looking her in the eyes.

“You realize that we can’t live here anymore? This place will never be safe between Pooky and who ever that man is that’s helping him and my father knowing my where about. We will never be able to sleep in here it’s not safe anymore.

This will continue to happen. I have to worry about your safety and Mikes. One thing that I learned from Black Ice is how to save money and have more than one place to rest my head. That is how that nigga survived. He had many houses and apartments that no one knew about. So, we will always have a place to hide until he was ready to strike again.”

“So Michael, what are you saying? You’re saying we have to move, but where and how.”

“It’s easy, baby. I have another place in Roosevelt Long Island that’s where we going to be staying for now on,” Michael replied.

“What? You mean to tell me you have other houses all this time? I thought we were staying here because we had no other place to go. And be together, but you been here because your waiting on your father?” she screamed. “I can’t believe you.

Your ass is crazy.”

“I am sorry Envy, but like I said. I’m ready for my father no matter what house we’re in or where. I need to know and be ready for when he comes for me. Shit, my mother is a church woman now and she got guns all over her house in places just like mines. There’s not a room you walk in that she’s not ready because she knows we have to be ready when the devil as she call him comes.” Then Michael’s mothers words ran though his mind, ‘you have to be ready my son and armed. Always stay on point because he is the devil in the flesh.’ His mind stopped racing and he looked back at Envy.

“Stop yelling, baby, you knew what you was getting into when you became my woman. So, it ride or die baby.”

Envy took a deep breath. She knew what he was saying was true she knew. Shit everyone knew the stories of Black Ice. They were told in every hood over and over like he was the boogeyman.

Sometime as you get older you have to wonder were the stories real or maybe just stories to keep You in check and afraid of the dark and weird looking men. But people don’t believe in the boogeyman or what they said about Black Ice until You saw it with your own eyes. “Ok Michael, I am down with you cause you know that I love you until death do us part.” They kissed deeply and passionately. “But, baby, I still need a day away from here and I’m going to my sister’s place. That will help me think.”

“Well ok love, just call me when you get there and call when you want me to pick you up to go to the other house. Or if you want to follow me there later it’s up to you. It does not matter as long as you’re happy. Now, you have the other house to decorate,” Michael said with a smile. He knew that Envy loved fashion.

Envy laughed out loud and smiled. “Boy, you know my weakness don’t you, but first I’m going to buy me some shoes. So shopping here I come. Got to go release some of this stress.”

“But, you have over two hundred shoes,”

Michael stated.

“You know women never have too many shoes. We need shoes for every pocket book, jeans, dress, and lip stick and sometimes the color of our nails and hair.” They both started laughing.

Michael stopped laughing and went under the bed and pulled out a hunting knife with a purple handle and a holster that strapped to the leg. “My mother gave you the 3.57 with the holster to strap to your right thigh and I feel you need a knife. You never know when you need it. I know you have three guns already. The twin 40 caliber guns that go around your shoulders and the 3.57 magnum on your right leg, but I want something on your left for me just to feel safe.

“God damn, I feel like I’m going to war,”

she stated.

“You are. Bullets may run out and you still have a knife to work with. You have to be able to handle yourself for whatever comes your way.

Trust me everything I teach you and everything I tell you to carry will come in handy someday. And you’ll be more than able to handle yours,” Michael stated.

“Ok, I’m only taking it because the handle is my favorite color.” Envy replied and strapped the knife to her thigh under her jeans then pulled them up and put on her leather jacket to cover the two guns she was carrying. It was October so it was easy to hide all the weapons under her clothes.

Everything she had on matched down to her shoes as always. She thought about the knife on her thigh and her mind flashed back to Mike stabbing that man to death. It kept running though her head like a movie. Black Ice always uses some type of knife or blade on his victims and from what I heard about Michael he chopped up anyone who was beating or abusing women or who were selling drugs around the community center that is why they called him Evil. I don’t know how true that is, but he always kept a knife strapped to him. I never seen him black out in front of me and hurt anyone. But I always know he has it and somehow Black Ice passed down his demon ways to Michael and Mike. I don’t know how I’m going to tell Michael that Mike is his brother she thought for a moment. Now is not the time or the place and this wasn’t it. I’ll have to let him know the truth about Mike soon. “Michael, I’m going now,” Envy said as she stopped her mind from wandering and grabbed her purse. “I’ll call you when I’m ready for you to come and get me to take me to the new house. We need to have a talk about something as well.”

4.33Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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