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And then, last of all, she drove him back to the lake.

Although it was dark, the full moon lit the water. It remained just as it always had: remote and imperious. They stared at it together for some time before Zoe left him, going down to the lake by herself. It seemed right that she was alone here now. She gazed over the still water and took it all in. It held no fears for her now.

Zoe reached into her bag and pulled out the tiny tape that had recorded Helen’s confessions. She ran her finger over it, and then hurled it out into the water. The lake swallowed it whole. The tiny ripples soon vanished, and order was restored.

Zoe watched it all. She saw everything now.

A little later she left the lake behind and drove Sam back to the city, leaving Lullingdale for the last time. Up the steep hills, through the valleys and out again, back towards the electric light of the city.

She sped forward, ready for the fight.


As she drove, Sam stared out at the sky above. Before they had set off, Zoe had called home and told the girls that their father had finished the job, before handing the phone over to him. He had heard laughter and delight at the news of his return. He wondered if it had always been there. He shared the joy and made new promises that he now knew he could keep. He was going home. He stared out of the car window, and for the first time, as his eyes scanned that vast, perfect black canvas, he finally saw nothing but the night.


Huge thanks to Jane Wood and her excellent colleagues at Quercus Books, but especially Katie Gordon whose editing skills finessed the novel at every stage. Thanks also to Jonny Geller and all at Curtis Brown. Last, but never least, my beautiful love, Ceetah, who is my first reader, sternest critic and finest inspiration.

BOOK: A Cry in the Night
3.89Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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