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Emma pressed her fingers to his lips, her heart aching as she realised that he wasn’t sure of her. ‘Of course I love you,’ she assured him softly. ‘I couldn’t have made love with you if I hadn’t felt it in my heart. But your grandfather told me he will only hand over control of Eleganza to you if you marry an Italian bride. I know how much the company means to you …’

‘It means nothing compared to my love for you,’ Rocco
told her passionately, relief seeping through his veins that she was truly his. ‘You are my world, Emma. Silvio can do what he likes with his company—although I suspect he will be very happy with my choice of bride. Especially as he will gain a gorgeous little great-granddaughter, and hopefully more great-grandchildren very soon.’

As his words sank in, joy unfurled in Emma’s heart. She felt as though she had travelled on a long journey but now she was home, safe and secure in the arms of the man who was the love of her life.

‘How soon were you thinking of giving Silvio great-grandchildren?’ she murmured as Rocco lifted her and strode into the cottage.

His tiger’s eyes gleamed with a feral hunger as he headed purposefully up the stairs to her bedroom. ‘I think we should practise making babies right away,
.’ His heart thudded when he stared down into her smoke-soft grey eyes. ‘I love you,’ he said raggedly.

Emma smiled. ‘And I love you. And, as we seem to agree on everything, it’s going to be a perfect marriage.’

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BOOK: A Dangerous Infatuation
4.58Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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