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A Deeper Shade of Bad

BOOK: A Deeper Shade of Bad
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A Deeper Shade of Bad


Ella Price


This book is a work of fiction, and
does not represent real events. Characters, names, places, and incidents are
works of the authors imagination and do not depict any real event, or person
living or dead.


 Copyright © 2013 by Ella

All rights reserved

No part of this book may be
reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any printed or electronic form.

First Edition: June 2013


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was day one of my summer vacation and I was sitting in my grandmother’s book
store like I always did. She was arranging books and I was currently reading
one. I just turned eighteen and graduated high school. I was still debating
what college to attend and if I wanted to attend one at all.

grandmother had owned this book store since I could remember. She loved the
place, and I had been raised by her. The bell on the door jingled and I looked
up. Three men in suits walked in. One appeared to be the leader because the
other two looked like they were following his lead. He was tall and handsome
like a man in charge would be. He had thick black hair and tanned skin. I could
tell he was toned and extremely fit under his suit. He must have been at least
thirty, too old to even consider me.

didn’t even appear to see me; he made a bee line for my grandmother. I was
sitting in a big comfy chair. I was pretty, but I thought I was plain which
made it hard for men to notice me. I had long curled mouse brown hair and gray
eyes. I was wearing a pretty summer dress, and I was sitting with my feet
folded under me. I didn’t wear makeup; I was always told I didn’t need it.

Carrington, I was hoping to have a moment of your time,” The lead man said
smiling a gorgeous white smile.

Price I am not interested in selling my store, I have been over this with you
already. I don’t care how much you are offering it does not match what this
store is worth to me and my family,” She said sounding exasperated.

Carrington, I have doubled my offer. It is far above the market value of the
building,” He said trying to keep his polite demeanor but I could see he was
beginning to fail.

don’t care now if you’ll excuse me,” She said and marched off into the back.

Price cussed and turned to his associates. “This woman is impossible,” He

won’t change her mind,” I said from where I was sitting.

turned and realized I was there for the first time, “I didn’t see you there,
who are you?”

her granddaughter, Amelia,” I said and smiled.

came over toward me. His walk reminded me of a dangerous animal stalking prey.
“I’m Nicholas Price,” He said extending his hand.

nice to meet you,” I said and smiled as I took his hand.

haven’t seen you here before, are you visiting?”

I’m just usually in school,” I said smiling.

am trying to give you grandmother a healthy retirement and she is being
stubborn,” he said as he smiled his mega-watt smile.

shrugged, “Like I said she is more about family tradition and heritage then

noticed his flunkies hadn’t moved to come near us or even moved at all. It was
like they were robots. “What are you reading?” He asked nodding to the book in
my hands.

book,” I said playfully.

smiled, “What kind of book would that be?”

can buy a copy and read it if you really want to know.” It was erotic novel and
I wasn’t about to explain it to the hot businessman.

would love a copy,” He said and gave me his best smile.

got up and went over to the place on the shelf where the books were. “You can
have this one on me,” I said and handed him the book.

anyone ever told you, you look like a model?” He asked as he took the book.

but thank you even though it is a little bit of an overly exuberant comment,” I
said and smiled.

smiled back, “I will read this and let you know what I think.”

do that,” I said and smiled.

evening Amelia,” He said.

Mr. Price,” I said and went back to my chair.

left and I went back to my book. Granny reappeared after a few minutes. She was
probably waiting in the back until he left. “Amy can you run the store
tomorrow? Missy needs me to sit with her mamma while she goes shopping.”

course Granny,” I said and smiled.

was already five and Granny went and locked the door. Granny lived in the
apartment above the book store so it wasn’t difficult to get home. I followed
her up and she cooked dinner. We ate then I watched TV for a while then went to


woke up early and dressed in a pretty off the shoulder gray summer dress and
gray heels. I pinned my hair up and added a little bit of makeup then headed
down to open the store. Granny was already gone. I opened the store then walked
next door and bought a coffee and some breakfast.

of the day went by fast. I had several customers until around three then it
slowed down. It was almost five and I was arranging books when I heard the bell
ring. I looked up and smiled when Nicholas Price came in.

you here by yourself Amelia?” He asked and smiled.

sir I am, Granny had some errands today,” I said and went back to arranging my
books. I noticed he had the book I gave him in his hand but didn’t comment.

book was interesting, not at all what I thought,” He said coming to stand next
to me.

how so?” I asked and smiled.

I took you for a sappy romance type and this was somewhat of a dark sex novel.”

laughed, “Yes it was, and I read pretty much anything,” I said and took the
book he offered back.

was hoping you might be free to join me for dinner,” He said quietly.

suppose I could, let me go get my purse,” I said and smiled. I went upstairs
and gathered my purse and phone then I went back downstairs. He was looking at
a book.

I came back down he set the book on the shelf and smiled. “You guys really have
a diverse selection of books.”

we do, we try to anyway,” I said and he followed me out the door. I flipped the
sign and locked the store up.

walked down the sidewalk to his car. He opened the passenger door of a sleek
black Mercedes. I got in the passenger seat and he walked to the driver’s seat
and got in. “Do you like Italian food?” He asked as he set off down the road.

I do,” I said smiling.

there is a really good Italian place not far from here.”

good.” The type of food didn’t matter to me, I liked him, and he wasn’t bad to
look at.

are you going to college here?” He asked.

don’t know yet, I am looking at several colleges, so far I am undecided,” I
said and smiled.

do not live here, I am primarily here for business.”

pulled into the parking lot of a small Italian place. He came around and opened
the door and helped me out. I held his arm and he led me into the restaurant.
The hostess smiled and batted her eyelashes at him. We followed her to a small
private booth and we took our seats. He looked at the wine list. “Do you like
wine?” he asked.

but I am not twenty one.”

doesn’t matter, I will order us some,” he said and smiled.

waitress came over he ordered a bottle of wine. I was annoyed at the waitress.
She seemed to be making sure he knew she was open for any invitation he gave

is good here?” I asked.

the chicken Marsala is really good.”

will try that then,” I said smiling.

the waitress came back with the wine he ordered for us. “So do you have a
boyfriend?” He asked.

do you have a girlfriend?” He had to have a girlfriend. He was to good looking
and to nice not to have one.

I don’t do the girlfriend thing,” he said looking serious.

then what do you do?” I asked.

smiled, “I have friends.”

do you keep yourself from getting attached to these friends?” I asked.

smiled, “I remember how busy I am.”

you saying you can’t be in love and busy?” I asked.

am saying love distracts you from doing what is important like work,” He said
matter of factly.

you ever been in love?” I asked. He seemed so formal and closed off to even the
idea of love.

I don’t let myself get that close to anyone,” He said quietly.

haven’t either, but I do not have the same reasons you do. I just think when I
am supposed to fall in love I will,” I said and smiled as I took a sip of my

seem very practical; you don’t think love will stand in the way of what you
want to do?” He asked.

shrugged, “I never thought about it besides at this point I do not have many plans
to do anything.”

laughed, “You are still young.”

you are getting old if you want children at any point you may want to consider
starting soon,” I said smiling.

am not so sure I want kids” He said quietly.

you seem like the type that would be a good father.”

looked at me surprised, “Why would you say that?” He asked.

don’t know; you seem strong, smart, and confident. You would definitely pass on
good traits,” I said amused.

laughed, “I have never had anyone say that,” He said smiling. He obviously
liked the compliment.

waitress served dinner and we ate in relative silence.

do you plan on taking over your grandmother’s bookstore eventually?” he asked
once the waitress cleared the plates.

not sure, I might it just depends on what I am doing. Why are you trying to buy
it?” I asked.

is in a lucrative location, just a good business deal,” he said.

so is that what you do, buy and sell things?” I asked

smiled, “Yes and no, I work for my brother and he is the CEO of several
different companies,” He said as he put his credit card on the table.

that does sound like you are busy,” I said smiling.

looked amused, “My point exactly.”

waitress came and took the card momentarily distracting us. She gave him the
slip to sign and I was slightly annoyed at how close she was standing to him
but he didn’t seem to care.

stood and offered his hand. I took it and he helped me up, and then guided me
out of the restaurant to the car. “I thought we could park the car at my hotel
then we could walk back to your place since it is such a nice night,” He said
as he set off.

sounds fun,” I said and smiled at him. I watched him as he drove; he seemed
very at ease and confident.

pulled into the parking garage of a huge expensive hotel that was only a few
blocks from the bookstore. He got out then opened my door for me. I got out and
he was standing close to me, “If you aren’t ready to go home you can come up to
my room for a drink,” He said seductively as he touched my hair.

smiled and looked down, “I don’t think I am what you are looking for,” I said.
I wasn’t a one night stand kind of girl. I didn’t even look like that type.

is that?” he asked as he made me look at him.

don’t do this with guys,” I said quietly.

smiled and leaned in. His lips covered mine and his tongue touched mine. He
broke the kiss and I looked at him not sure what to do. “I can make you feel
pleasure like you never imagined,” He said quietly.

sounds very tempting but I don’t know anything about you. I’m not going to just
go to your room,” I said and smiled.

told you I don’t do the girlfriend thing. It’s this or nothing,” He said

sighed and brushed his hair out of his face which seemed to surprise him, “I
would rather have nothing then spend time with you because I will only want
more; now walk me home.”

looked genuinely surprised but nodded and we set off for the book shop. “I like
this time of year” I said making conversation in the awkward silence.

looked at me from his trance, “Yes, it’s beautiful here especially at night,”
He said quietly.

didn’t mean to hurt your feelings I just know what I want, and I don’t want one
night stands,” I said trying not to hurt his feelings.

smiled and looked down, “You didn’t hurt my feelings, I have just never been
rejected it was a shock.”

I asked.

never; it is normally me that does the rejecting.” He wouldn’t look at me. His
pride was obviously hurt which I found slightly amusing.

had made it to the book store and I could see the light on in the apartment
above meaning Granny was home. “Well I am sorry I turned it around on you. I
still had a lot of fun” I said and smiled.

to,” He said. He leaned in and I let him kiss me gently. He broke the kiss and
started backing away. “It was nice, Amelia, maybe I’ll see you around.”

you will,” I said and waved then went inside.

walked upstairs and Granny was watching TV and doing a crossword puzzle. She
looked at me over her glasses and smiled, “Fraternizing with the enemy?” she

smiled. “A little but not too much,” I said and sat next to her.

are too good for him, it doesn’t matter what he owns,” She said haughtily.

smiled, “I know maybe that will change.”

tiger won’t change his stripes,” She said matter of factly.

know; I am going to bed. I’ll see you in the morning Granny,” I said and kissed
her head then went to bed.

BOOK: A Deeper Shade of Bad
8.76Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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