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Authors: Crystal Jordan

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A Girl's Best Friend

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A Girl’s Best Friend


Crystal Jordan


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A Girl’s Best Friend


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Chapter One

Sacramento, California


He’d waited years to get inside her.

Her sweet pussy wrapped around his cock so tight that he had to grit his teeth to keep from coming. Sweat beaded on his forehead as his hands bit into her soft, round hips. He ran one palm down the curve of her ass before smacking the supple globe. Hard. She choked on a moan and her sex fisted around him. The scent of sex and Lorna filled his nose as he thrust into her from behind. Their combined wetness coated their thighs, and the sound of skin slapping against skin echoed in his bedroom. He watched her fingers curl around the wrought iron whorls that made up his headboard, her body arching back to match his hard, pounding rhythm.

She was worth every minute of the wait.

The bed creaked underneath their knees as they grew wilder, more ferocious in their movements. Light from his bedside lamp made her red hair gleam as it bounced against the creamy skin of her back. When she glanced over her shoulder, her wide emerald eyes sparkled with wicked pleasure, and a promise of more to come. They hadn’t slowed down all night and still he was ready for more of whatever she wanted to give. One of her hands reached between her legs to cup his sac. “More, Tyrone.

“I’ll give you all you can take, baby.” He groaned deep in his throat as she rolled his balls in her fingers. His breath rasped out, his chest bellowing.

How many years had he watched her and known she wasn’t for him?
. Fifteen long years. Since the day her family had moved in next door to his when they were both sixteen. He moved his hand around to slip down the curve of her belly and into the wet heat between her legs. He rubbed the lips of her sex where his cock stretched them with each thrust. She shuddered in his arms, moaning loudly. God, he loved the sounds she made. They turned him on, made him burn.

He’d always burned for her. From the moment he met her it had been that way. She was pure, fiery temptation, and the chemistry between them was something they’d acknowledged and agreed to ignore. She was a forever kind of girl, and since his last relationship blew up in his face, he’d been a one-night stand kind of guy. Add that to the fact that they were best friends, and it was a temptation he had had to resist. A few glasses of wine at a surprise birthday party for his mother had loosened them both up enough to forget about all of that.

She was willing to spend one night with him, and he intended to make the most of it. He pressed the heel of his hand down on her hardened clit and let his thrusts move her on his palm.

Her hips pushed back against him, shoving him deeper. “Yes, Tyrone.

“Lorna.” Her name was a growl on his lips, and he gave her what she asked for. Slamming forward until his balls spanked against her pussy, he ground his hips downward. She sobbed out a breath, and the headboard shook as they moved together.

“Come for me,” he demanded. “Now, Lorna.”

,” she screamed, and her pussy fisted tight around his cock, again and again until a groan ripped from him.

Jesus, this was perfect. It had never been this good for him. Not ever. Not with any woman. Some unnamable emotion banded tight around his chest, cutting off his breath.

Want burned in his gut, and the drag of her wet flesh on his dick was almost more than he could handle. He pulled out until the head of his cock caught on the lip of her sex. He didn’t want to come yet. This was worth savoring every single moment.

Her head bowed between her forearms, resting against the wrought iron. Pulling free of her luscious body, he flipped her over onto the mattress. The flame red of her hair contrasted with the navy pillowcase, the same way her creamy skin contrasted with his darker complexion when he ran his fingers over her naked flesh. He plumped her full breasts in his hands, pushing them together so he could suck her nipples into his mouth. He nipped at the beaded crests, licking the areolas. Her fingers slid against his shaved scalp as she tried to hold him closer.

He was about to get much closer. He smiled, brushed his lips down her torso, and swirled his tongue into her belly button. Biting the lower curve of her stomach, he kissed his way down to the soft thatch of hair between her thighs. He inhaled her hot fragrance, meeting her glazed eyes before he dipped his tongue into her pussy.

She cried out and her back bowed, her knees flattening to the mattress as she spread herself wide for him. The musky flavor of her burst over his tongue. He flicked his tongue over her clit and pulled back for a moment. “God, you taste good, baby.”

“Oh, my God, Tyrone.” Heat and embarrassment filled her gaze, flushed her high cheekbones.

He grinned. “No one’s ever told you that going down on you is sweeter than candy?”

“Please.” Her hips squirmed on the sheets. “I need you. Touch me, kiss me. Don’t stop.

She clutched at his shoulders, her fingernails biting into his flesh. The sting only fired him further. His own need to come roared through him, made his jaw lock. He pulled in a deep, calming breath only to have the scent of her passion fill his nostrils. Her passion for
. He wanted to feel her come against his mouth.

Oh, yeah.

Groaning, he pressed his lips to her wet pussy. He pushed his tongue into her channel, thrusting into her until she cried out. Her knees lifted to clasp around his ears, and his hands pressed her thighs wide open for him. His own need rode him hard and his hips jerked, rubbing his hard cock against the soft fabric of his sheets.

He wanted to push her harder, faster, deeper. Now. He shifted one hand to swirl a finger against the dark pucker of her anus. She gasped, wriggling nearer as he pressed the blunt tip into her ass. Her hips twisted while he shoved his tongue and finger inside her in a tandem rhythm. Her moans grew louder and more frantic, the muscles of her thighs flexing as she strained toward him. He could feel her building toward another orgasm.

“I’m coming, Tyrone. I’m coming.” Her cream slid over his tongue as she shuddered against him. He worked her with his fingers and mouth, drawing it out for her as long as he could.

Lunging up the mattress, he grasped the length of his cock and guided it to her soaking sex. He plunged into her, deep and hard, needing to feel the tight walls of her pussy spasm around him. He rotated his hips, seating himself to the hilt inside her. She gasped as he began thrusting, her legs lifting to wrap around his flanks. The softness of her skin gliding against his made him groan. He moved faster, grinding into her from a different angle.

She reached up to pull his head down, and their kiss was a wild, animalistic mating of lips and teeth and tongues. She sucked his tongue into her mouth, biting down lightly. Need fisted in his gut, urgent and demanding until he felt like his head was going to explode. He shoved a hand between them until he rolled his finger over her clit. She threw her head back and screamed, her pussy milking his cock. It was enough, more than enough to send his orgasm rocketing through him.

He slammed into her one last time and froze, cum jetting from him in endless waves.

“Oh, God.” He sucked in a ragged breath. “Damn, that was good.”

“No argument here.” A rich laugh rippled from her while she hugged him to her. He dropped his face into the crook of her neck for a moment, his arms shaking as they held his body above her.

Shifting his weight so he wouldn’t crush her, he collapsed on his side. He reached out to turn her until she faced him and pulled her into his embrace. He leaned his forehead against hers as they panted for breath. From this close, he could see the perfection of her skin. She was so damn beautiful.

She sighed, and her eyelashes fluttered as she yawned. “I should go.”

“To hell with that.” He caught her leg, pulled it over his hip, and jutted his still semi-hard cock into her damp pussy. She gasped and shivered, her wetness coating the length of his dick. He groaned, squeezing his eyes shut against that same bundle of emotion that fisted in his chest. “You’re not going anywhere.”

She snuggled against his chest, and something close to contentment unfurled inside him. It was an odd feeling. His job as a SWAT officer was a non-stop adrenaline rush, and he loved it. But this…was foreign and sweet at the same time. Lassitude pulled at him, dragging his thoughts away from anything but slumber. He let himself look as her face relaxed in sleep, watched her breasts rise and fall in a slow, deep rhythm and soon his own breathing matched hers, and he drifted to sleep with her wrapped in his arms.

Perfect. Nothing had ever been this perfect.


* * *


Something wet and cold pressed to the bottom of Lorna’s foot, and she bolted upright to see the dark, damp nose of Tyrone’s dog. She laid a hand over her pounding heart. “Diamond.”

The black and white Dalmatian whimpered, her tail wagging.

Lorna’s mind processed the scene slowly. She was in a bed that wasn’t hers with Tyrone’s pet standing at the end. The night before came back to her in one erotic rush. Her body heated just thinking about it.

And then panic slammed into her as she glanced around and saw Tyrone’s long, dark body sprawled out beside her in bed. Sweat broke out on her forehead, and her heart kicked into high gear. What had she
? She’d slept with her
best friend
. Oh. Holy. Jesus.

She had to get out of here.

Easing her legs over the side of the bed, she scooped her bra off the floor and tucked it against her chest as she tiptoed out of the room and down the stairs. The muscles in her thighs screamed from the workout she’d given them the night before. And this morning. Tyrone had been relentless, insatiable. Warmth flooded her face as memories assaulted her. Her bare feet slipped on the polished wood floor in the living room.

Diamond followed her downstairs, sniffing at her legs and prancing around her. Lorna chuckled and petted her.

“Shh. Don’t wake up your dad, okay?” The Dalmatian’s tail wagged furiously, making Lorna grin. “You wouldn’t happen to know where the rest of my clothes are, would you?”

Of course not. Diamond was a dog. Lorna rolled her eyes before letting her gaze sweep the room.

She heaved a small sigh of relief when she saw her black eyelet dress draped over the back of a chair. Following a trail of clothing she recalled shedding in haste on their way to the bedroom, she collected her panties and shoes. She found her pantyhose in the kitchen and had to toss them because they were shredded.

They’d been drinking wine with his two brothers, Elijah and Derek, while cleaning up after the birthday party they’d all hosted for the guys’ mother. Eli had been called away to the emergency room to see a patient, and Derek had received a booty call text from some girl he was on-again, off-again with. Apparently, they were on-again. For now.

Which had left Tyrone and Lorna alone to finish a very nice bottle of merlot.

Somehow she’d ended up propped on the counter while he tore her stockings off, jerked her panties out of the way, and fucked her hard and fast. Liquid heat flooded her pussy at the memory. God, it had been good. More amazing than she’d even imagined. They’d danced around the chemistry between them for years now. She’d always secretly suspected he avoided doing anything about it because of her weight. That thought hurt, but it wasn’t his fault she was too big to ever be really attractive. He could want her as a friend, but a man as good looking and wonderful as Tyrone didn’t have to settle for the fat girl. She was twice the size of his last girlfriend. And Sherona had been nasty about rubbing that fact in, too.

Suddenly self-conscious to be standing nude in Tyrone’s kitchen, she grabbed her purse and scurried to the half-bath off the backdoor. She winced when she saw her reflection. Too-generous curves showed in the floor length mirror mounted to the wall. She stuffed herself into her clothes to cover up. Thankfully they weren’t too wrinkled. A sad smile curved her lips. Tyrone must have been far drunker than she thought if he’d wanted to sleep with her. It was the only explanation she could come up with for his sudden change of heart.

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