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Authors: Eden Laroux

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A Glimpse of the Dark Side: Adult Paranormal Erotic Romance Collection (19 page)

BOOK: A Glimpse of the Dark Side: Adult Paranormal Erotic Romance Collection
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"He's only doing this to promote the firm," she
said nonchalantly, and knew she had made a mistake because of the
way Simon was looking at her. "I m-mean, it's part of the
promotional campaign for Christmas. Dad's not really serious about

Simon had been with Raven's father when the
project had been discussed. Raven didn't know it, but a friend's
passing due to a storm while he was out of the country and into one
that had been severely devastated had affected the older man so
much that he'd decided to use his clout to raise funds for disaster
stricken areas in the globe. Had Raven even known about the dead
family friend? It just seemed that she didn't.

"I'm just telling you -- don't cause trouble on
Holli's special day. Do you understand?"

"How can you choose her over me?"

"I'm not choosing anyone here, Raven. I'm just
telling you that if you hurt Holli in any way, you're going to have
to contend with Erick Angell. I mean what I say. If you want us to
remain friends, then you'll stay away from that wedding. Promise

"Okay, Simon, I promise," Raven replied
petulantly as she crossed her fingers behind her back.

She could see that she had a lot of work to do
to get Simon to see her way -- and a lot to make sure her sister
would not be able to snatch him under her nose. She had to let
things go for now to be able to start making plans about what to do
in the next several days. She needed to ensure she would have her
future with this man by her side.

She could not stand by if Dreama gets him! She
absolutely could not!

She would kill before she would let that bitch
get away with taking what's rightfully hers again!


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Holliane Talbot is on a mission. She is one of
the privileged who can see the attraction between her groom's
friend Simon and her friend Dreama. What is a friend to do? There
is no way that she will let a chance pass to get these two
beautiful people together -- even if it means being as manipulative
as Dreama's pain of a sister, Raven.

And her efforts seem to bear fruit. Using
Erick's mansion to make sure Simon and Dreama often spends time
together undistracted, it does not take very long before the sparks
she can already see fly free. Okay, the time for group dinners are

Now it is time for these lovebirds to be
together... on their own.


HER SAD EYES: Wild Hearts 1

by Sandra Ross


Chapter One

RALPH HAD NEVER met her before, as he continued
holding her blue-eyed gaze with his own. The Lazy Egret emblem -
the logo character of this recently debuted club - was in the
periphery of his view. He was in no hurry. He would meet the Blonde

The weather was unseasonably warm outside for
the beginning of the year. But in here it was cool, and....

Her attention was fully fixed on him, her
breathing excited as she squirmed deliciously in her seat, even
though her friends giggled and teased and whispered in her ear
about him, and about the possibilities of her with him.

About would she go with him? Could she really
get him to come over to her.

But, all of this wasn't about her power, like
they believed and she did as well, as she shifted and squirmed a
little more in anticipation laced with fearful anxieties.

The Blond was definitely a pretty girl but she
had little power in this, just the surface of it in her balanced
features and attractive form, and a sweet personality with a bit of
wickedness. Yes, he read all that about her from this distance,
like he was reading her mind, or her aura, or something magically
awesome like that.

In fact, she believed she knew he was into her
and that he could read what she wanted from him, for herself and
her pleasure. She felt her power.

No. It wasn't her own power she felt. But

This was about
power, which lived
within him, while watching her breaths deepen, her eyes opening
wider to see him all the better.

And well, she should.

He was an attractive, healthy man... dark, with
good height and a solid but elegant, well-tended build. But more
importantly, he
exactly what the Blonde wanted, how she
wanted it, and that she wanted it from him. In her eyes he glowed
like a god. Perhaps Apollo or Hermes or whoever made her most wet
and wanting, and tempted.

He was, for her, a man of bright silver or gold
in the midst of a crowd of filled with tarnished pewter men. And,
he that that was what she truly felt, while hooked into their
electric and magnetic intimate connection. It was also what she'd
dream, later, in her dreaming remembrances of these astonishing

He smiled, just a little, and her pretty lips,
rouged so perfectly, mirrored his own.

A sign she was hooked.

He smiled, in his power, because he already knew
the very core of her deepest sexual and emotional fantasies, and
knew what to do them, how to fulfill them.

No. He hadn't met her yet and yet he knew he had
that power over her. But, he also knew that she wasn't The One,
that someone whom more and more a deep part of him yearned for and
sought. Meanwhile, big eyed Katy Perry with laid back Snoop Dog
cheerfully blared over the numerous, over-sized speakers decorating
the entire club calling all to have sweet, playful adult fun

He could feel the beat pulsing through the
place, feel the high variety of people all around. The beat was
addicting, the tune capturing bodies and souls while hinting at so
much more. This crowd - they were plainly nuts and all kinds of
horny! They all felt the throbbing beat, their bodies sliding
against each - up and down and around in between.

While hot, seeking hands diddled their questing
way into accessible, yet otherwise, hidden, private parts.


They gasped, all breathless and humid and
desirous in the intermittent dark and light of the club's lighted
dance floor, as many sought out-of-the way, secret places to
investigate those private parts.

Even with the gigantic air-conditioning units,
the place smelled of sex, filled with sweaty bodies in hundreds of
colognes - the many scents of attraction - as each woman and man
bristled with carnal desires and the promise of fulfilling them.
Each and every one of them was seeking to fulfill their yearning
and aching desires tonight.

He wasn't that blindly optimistic, nor
desperate, and was the only one not having any fun. It wasn't
because he didn't lack confidence. He was sure to score, in fact.
But ... he was fucking bored.

Despite being jaded he played the game anyway,
because he was a renowned master of it, and he knew of no activity
to pass his nights. He continued eyeing this girl from his own
corner table for about ten minutes, his deep and intense dark
browns intensely locked for a few moments more to her fair and wide
blues. The Blonde was licking her partially open luscious lips, her
eyes twinkling, her breasts heaving.

It was time. She was ripe and ready for him so
he crossed to her, leaned into her space, and gently asked, "Would
you like to kiss me?"

"Yes." She licked her lips again. Yes... very
ripe, and nearly ready to burst.

But, he was still bored. He'd already known her
answer before she'd uttered it - like he knew that her sex was wet
and hot, all swollen and ready for play with him. He didn't smile
in return and concern wrinkled her pretty brow, because she'd
thought she'd felt sexual tension between them. The hot sexuality
radiating from this handsome man.

That wouldn't be quite how he'd describe it. It
certainly wasn't what he felt.

Chapter Two

HE GENTLY HANDED the tall, curvy blonde with her
fake lashes and fake nails up by the hand, then deftly wrapped both
her arm and his behind her back. She gasped at the intensely
physical body contact before he towed his willing captive, with
light, controlled dance steps, across the crowded dance floor to a
semi-private nook with which he was quite familiar.

They sneaked behind the decorative curtains and
therein, tucked out of direct sight, away from the blaring lights,
they started with their private business - a transaction between
strangers in a public place.

She licked her lips again.

"You really want to taste me, don't you?"


"You can kiss me now, but only once. So, you
better give it your best mmm-" The Blonde's luscious lips had
pressed upon his. She tasted of mint, and strawberry... and the
heady sweetness of arousal.

She was aggressive in trying to pry his lips
open. But he was in full control and made her work before finally
relenting and letting her tongue quest inside his mouth - and,
thus, the seductive and crude tongue-fighting commenced.

Hmm, strawberry colada,
he thought.
She's so eager to get me.

He didn't want it like that. He didn't want her
that way, despite her mental and emotional fantasies. He had much
higher standards of performance, with proven standards of being
able to deliver the sublime.

With his athletic body, he backed her softer
form against the wall, pinning her between it and himself. Making
her gasp...


The first time.

Staring into her eyes, into the very soul of
her, he slowly raised her skirt until he could feel the smooth and
warm insides of her thighs. He saw her approval in her eyes and
heard it in her breathing as he stroked the warm softness of her
inner thighs. Then he stroked higher.

He smirked and she smirked back -

Then, he touched her humid, well-lubricated

The Blonde was good - she didn't pull away but
maintained eye contact, without glancing away or closing her eyes,
even when her breathing became irregular with the intensity of her
anticipation to be fucked. Her eyes unfocused but didn't completely
glaze over with lust. She held firm and didn't break their locked

She didn't even blink, less for her own control
than for her being fully under his power.

"You are aching for this, aren't you, gorgeous
girl?" he asked just to distract her attention.

She blinked.

"You naughty, naughty girl," he accused her just
as his fingers parted her swollen cunt lips and brushed against-and
lightly flicked-her little gumdrop-sized clit. It blossomed with
needy anticipation at his little touch, or at every little

"Ahh!" her second gasp.

He teased her there, and she wiggled on his
Tickled fish,
crossed his mind. He didn't press her
hot and swelling flesh wherever she'd expect it but just brushed
across them. The Blonde was sighing, breasts heaving, even, as he
lingered upon the areas of her most private, most secret place. His
touch shouldn't generate such need, but he was getting an even
better reaction from her by ignoring the most intimate spot.

"Ahhh...!" Gasp three.

They were coming quicker, as the Blonde's mouth
would go wide when he stroked her here and there with varying
touches, both soft and firm, and maddening fingertip swirls, yet
she still didn't break eye contact with her puppet master.

She really wanted to see him get her off.

His other hand groped her bountiful mounds, her
natural breasts waxing weightier and needier with every circling
fingertip, every pinch and even flat-palmed touch upon her, through
the thin fabric of her top. She arched her spine to push white
breasts with their eager, rosy pink nipples into his hot hands.
They'd peek out at him, as he used them and she rubbed herself,
like a lush wanton engulfed in sexually concentrated, mindless
desire, against his clever hands.

she felt heat like sunlight's
kiss upon her nipples and breasts, and where he masterfully
fingered and diddled her. She pushed her sex into his capable hands
while panting for more. Sheer lust plagued her, driving her mad
with the nearly mindless desire to moan loudly, to shout her
pleasure with a hedonist's boldness and make herself heard all the
way across the packed dance floor.

"Fuck it-!"

Every time she made an attempt to say something,
lips were on hers sealing them, his tongue stealing the
strength from her voice with every sensational stroke. Each time
their lips parted, she was out of breath, needing to refill her
lungs with his scent.

Her expression declared,
This man is a

He also saw the flash of guilt cross her face,
the dying flicker of cautionary left-over advice from her mother
and dad chased away with what felt maddeningly delicious for
herself because of his skillful touch. He ... intensified his touch

"Ahhh... oohhh..."


There'd been little gasps in between, but he was
only counting the big ones.

He was flicking his fingers below and encircling
his fingertips above, making her lingering good-girl-guilt
evaporate away. He
her. He
where to touch
her, exactly how long to linger with the perfect pressure, too much
and he'd lighten his touch, too light and-

"Ahh... ahhm..."

He was handling her just right and losing

Five and six?

Or was it eight and nine...?

He was her potent and irresistible god and she
was a pleasure to watch, in her pleasure receiving, on her path to
cumming, as she grabbed tight of him and held on to his shoulders.
The tiny expressions of guilt flitted away faster from her pretty
face. He was in control and the Blonde was only a mere mortal,
while he remolded her however he liked.

She'd soon be ready to do anything for him, do
anything he wanted, and especially let him do anything to her.

BOOK: A Glimpse of the Dark Side: Adult Paranormal Erotic Romance Collection
2.52Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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