A Highlander Never Surrenders

BOOK: A Highlander Never Surrenders

The characters and events in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.

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Seduction in the Mist


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About the Author


“The longer I know you,” Claire said in a voice she reserved for her most scathing sarcasm, “the more I’m convinced that your mouth is not the deadliest weapon in your arsenal against women.”

Graham shrugged his powerful shoulders, a lazy ripple of muscle. “There are many women who would disagree with that assessment.”

Damn him to Hades, but he was probably correct. Every blasted time she looked at him she remembered the way he’d kissed her, so rough and so . . . acutely arousing. Such an uninvited kiss should have enraged her, but instead she had near melted all over him.

“Yer mouth, on the other hand,” he said with an irrepressible smile, “is deadly indeed.”

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Laird of the Mist
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Lord of Seduction



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Lord of Desire
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, then
Lord of Desire
will be a fine addition to your collection. If you have never tried a medieval romance, it would be a good choice, because it is one of the best in recent years.”



Lord of Desire

Lord of Temptation

Lord of Seduction

Laird of the Mist

Daddy . . .

I will love you always.


A special thank you to the wonderful people of Metropolitan Jewish Hospice for all the special, loving care they gave to my dad. It made a difference.

To Chris Capaldi for helping me bring Graham alive, and to Teresa Fritschi of Thistle & Broom for all the great pictures.



Chapter One

t has all gone terribly wrong. What I feared most has come to pass.

The stench of cheap wine and ale filled the tavern like a dense fog and settled onto the table where Graham Grant, first in command of the mighty clan MacGregor, sat watching his friend, the eleventh Earl of Argyll, drain his fourth cup of ale.

“This business with Connor Stuart weighs heavily on ye.”

Robert slapped his cup on the table and raised his heavy-lidded gaze to him. “Why do you say that?”

“Ye’re getting drunk, and ye brood more than I can stand of late.”

“I’ve only had four cups,” Robert countered with a scowl. “I’ve seen you drink more than twice that amount.”

The mocking curl of Graham’s half smile needed no explanation, but Graham gave one anyway. “I’m a Highlander,” he said and raised his cup to his mouth.

“I can drink as much as any of you.” Robert swung around on his chair, teetered, caught himself, and tried to catch the attention of a swarthy serving wench.

He succeeded, but the deep-cleavaged lass’s eyes swept past his and settled on Graham’s. Graham looked her over from foot to crown, thinking what a pity it was to have to send her away, but the last thing his friend needed was more ale. A subtle shake of his head was all it took for her to move on, pretending not to have seen Robert motioning for her.

“Damnation,” Robert swore, then waved to another wench.



“Look at me,” Graham said seriously, and Robert obeyed. “Not being able to find Stuart is naught to be ashamed of. The man’s as elusive as Callum. Find yerself a wench fer the night and ferget yer duty.”

Robert pushed his cup away, raked his hand through his dark hair, and gave Graham a look that said his friend could never understand what he was feeling. “Graham, General Monck commanded me to find him. Since I was a boy I’ve wanted to serve the realm. Now, when I’ve been granted the honor, I have failed.”

“Who have ye failed, Rob?” Graham asked him and winked at a bonny wench who caught his eye. He stretched his long, bare legs out in front of him, crossing his boots at the ankles, and downed the rest of his ale. “Oliver Cromwell is dead. His pacifist son Richard has been ousted from his seat by military tyrants who claim to hate despotism, yet fight fer power to rule the country.”

“But someone needs to lead us, Graham. General Monck was one of Cromwell’s most fearsome warriors of the New Model Army.”

“Aye,” Graham agreed caustically. “So great were his victories over the Royalists in Scotland, the old Lord Protector named him governor over the country he had so skillfully subdued. Yer country.” Graham added, giving his friend a pointed look.

“That was many years ago,” Robert pointed out. “He’s been fair to our people and has refused to support the dissolving of Parliament.”

Graham yawned.

“Besides, the most likely to gain the title is John Lambert. Remember, he commands all the military forces in England.”

A vision caught Graham’s eye, thankfully distracting him from his friend’s tedious passion for politics. The lovely Lianne. The lass had stolen into his thoughts several times since she left his bed the night before. He flicked his simmering gaze over her form as she approached his table, toting a pitcher of ale.

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