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A is for…

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A is for…

BDSM Checklist, Volume One

L Dubois

Published by:
Farm Boy Press,
Los Angeles,
United States of America.

First electronic edition August 2013

Copyright © 2013 L Dubois, all rights reserved

Proofread by Sharon Muha

Cover by Lila Dubois

ISBN: 978-0-9889107-3-7

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Publisher’s note:
This book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the writer’s imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, locale or organizations is entirely coincidental.

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A is for…

BDSM Checklist, Book One

“A darkly sensual look into the BDSM lifestyle that melted my e-reader and my heart. I’m thankful there are twenty-five more letters in the alphabet.”

New York Times
bestselling author, Jayne Rylon

Do you know your

The overseers of LA’s most exclusive BDSM club have a sexy new game that all members must play, and experienced sub Anna has no choice but to participate, despite the fact that she’s is only months away from being bonded.

Master Jensen knows who, and what, he wants—Anna—but when he’s assigned the first letter of the alphabet he must prove to himself, and the lovely submissive, that he’s willing to push them both to their limits, and maybe beyond.

When Anna and Jensen are forced to face the depth of their desires, and the painful origins of their relationship, they’ll learn that the worst pain comes not from a whip, but from the heart.

Table of Contents

A is for…


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

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Chapter One

Pain or pleasure. In the end it didn’t matter. She craved both.

Anna kept her breaths slow and even, trying to make as little noise as possible. Drawing attention to herself right now would be like a mouse squeaking in a room full of hungry jungle cats.

The submissive kneeling beside her shifted, wincing a little. Anna’s legs hurt too—they’d been waiting here for over half an hour, and the concrete was hard against her knees and toes. She wanted to raise her head and look around, but she didn’t dare.

Slaves and submissives knelt in various states of undress in the center of the large open space. Some sat back on their heels, others were kneeling up, their bodies straight from head to knee. Still others sat cross-legged with their hands laced together behind their backs.

The Masters and Doms lounged on couches or in chairs along two of the walls. More were in the seating area in the converted hay loft, leaning forward to look down at the bounty of flesh on the ground floor. Some prowled the edges of kneeling men and women like predators circling a heard of prey.

They were assembled in the barn, the only space in Las Palmas large enough to house everyone. To outsiders it might seem like nothing more than an upscale adobe-style barn, built to match the massive, sprawling mansion a hundred yards away. Las Palmas was a beautiful property north of Los Angeles, named for the twin rows of palm trees that lined the drive and circled the mansion. The barn was only one of the many outbuildings and, despite its name, was nicer than most people’s homes, with brushed concrete floors, air conditioning and teak doors on the ten large stalls. It had been built to house finicky purebred horses, but both the barn and the mansion served a darker purpose.

Wood groaned as the heavy double doors opened. Anna caught her breath and dropped her chin to her chest. She stared at the top of her own breasts, exposed to just above the nipple by the black corset she wore. Matching stockings, panties and a garter belt completed her ensemble. Outside Las Palmas the lingerie would have been exciting and racy. Here it was the equivalent of a t-shirt and jeans.

Footsteps clicked on the concrete—two pairs of boots and a pair of high heels. She’d been a serious submissive for several years now, and after spending that much time with her head down, she’d become very good at identifying the sound of footsteps.

“Masters, Mistresses, thank you for joining us. Subs, focus on us.”

Anna raised her head. Around her the other subs and slaves shifted to obey, rearranging themselves and focusing their attention on the three people standing in the center of the assembly.

Master Leo, Mistress Faith and Master Mikel drew the eye and commanded attention. Each was tall and slim. Master Leo and Mistress Faith wore half masks. Master Mikel did not. He had a narrow, strong face and dark eyes, which regarded the submissives with a sort of lazy pleasure.

They were the owners of Las Palmas, and overseers of
Las Palmas Oscuras
—The Dark Palms—the name they’d given to the exclusive and secretive BDSM club housed on the estate. Referred to simply as Las Palmas, anyone who overheard a member talking about it and went snooping would find a website detailing the architectural and cultural history of the property.

“We’ve called you here for a very serious reason,” Mistress Faith said, her voice cool and clear. She was in her early fifties and favored trim, tailored dresses instead of leather pants or latex gloves. She radiated power like a fire gave off heat.

“We’ve become complacent,” Master Leo added. “Each of us has found pleasure and pain, often both, within these walls.”

“And yet,” Master Mikel continued, “we do not push ourselves. Comfort and safety is for the mortals out there.” He threw out one long arm, his dress shirt pulling back to expose his strong brown wrist. For a moment Anna thought she could see bruises, like those left by a cuff, but that couldn’t be. “We are gods, gods who are growing lazy and stupid in our complacency.”

Anna’s heartbeat raced. Though the subs and slaves remained still, she saw the Masters and Doms straightening, some who were seated rising to their feet.

“If you want to play the same games, if you want the safety of the known, then we invite you to leave. The contract you signed when you joined will remain in effect. Any discussion of who we are or what we do will be met with swift, harsh retribution.”

There were several long minutes of silence. No one moved. Membership at Las Palmas was limited to a very select few—wealth, beauty and depravity were all required to even be considered. Anna suspected that many of the people in the room were like her—they didn’t just enjoy this place, they needed it. It soaked up and exercised a darkness within them that otherwise might have run rampant.

“I warn you,” Mistress Faith said, “the offer will not be made again. By remaining here you consent to the…activity.” The syllables of the word “activity” rolled from the Mistress’s mouth, as if she’d been savoring them before speaking.

There were a few chuckles, some muttering from the Doms and Masters, but again, no one left.

“Very well,” Master Leo said. “Let’s explain the rules.”

Master Mikel went to the door of the tack room. He wheeled out a large board draped in black cloth, and positioned it against the wall.

“My friends and companions in debauchery.” There was a hint of amusement in Master Mikel’s voice. “Prepare yourselves.” He pulled off the cloth.

Four neat rows of silver letters were revealed—the alphabet, A to Z. Anna looked from the board to the overseers and back. She didn’t understand.

“When you joined us you completed a sex, kink and fetish checklist. Some of you have updated it as your tastes evolved, others have only one on file.” Master Mikel dropped the drape to the floor.

“Of all the hundreds of delicious sexual things on that list, many of you have only tried a few,” Mistress Faith scolded. “We will no longer allow that.”

Anna swallowed. What did that mean?

“Each of you has been assigned to a letter, and with it, every kink and fetish in that part of the alphabet.”

Now even the subs were shifting nervously. Anna couldn’t remember much about the checklist except that reading it had made her crave a Dom’s touch.

“You have one month to try your letter’s items.”

“Wait a minute, you can’t expect us—” A Dom in the hayloft started to protest, but it was cut short when Master Leo held up a hand.

“We’ve also become complacent in our playmates. Those subs who are bound to a Master will be assigned to their Master’s letter. Those of you who aren’t formally bound or whose file says that you are willing to share or be shared, may be partnered with someone new. Possibly more than one someone.”

Anna’s stomach twisted. She was tempted to look around and find the tall, strong form of Master Jensen, but she obediently kept her gaze on the overseers.

“Not every pair or group will be able to complete all items under their letter.” Master Mikel started wandering between the subs, touching heads and shoulders as he passed. “Masters will be limited by the sub’s checklist. The game does not give anyone the right to override a sub’s limits. You may not do anything the sub has not indicated a desire or willingness to try.”

He picked up a lock of Anna’s hair and let it slither between his fingers as he passed. She shivered as he walked away. His footsteps stopped and he let out a little laugh. “Don’t worry, most of these pretty little things were quite liberal with their limits.”

“Masters! Come pick up your envelopes.” Master Leo motioned and Gabriela, a pretty Hispanic sub, rose and disappeared into the tack room. She returned holding a box, the tops of the envelopes within scraping against the bottoms of her naked breasts. “Each of you will receive your letter, the names of your assigned partner or partners, the list of associated activities, kinks and tools, and your partner’s checklist. Those of you who have reserved space in the mansion for this weekend are expected to begin your checklist activities tonight. The rest of you should begin planning and make reservations.”

The subs were dismissed as the Doms formed a line in front of the overseers. Anna followed the others out the double doors and along the path that led from the barn to the mansion. When the walkway split, Anna and the other subs took a smaller pathway that led not to the front doors, but to a side entrance. The mansion was designed around a series of gardens and courtyards. There were over ten different playrooms, and at least that many bedrooms. Occasions like this, where attendance was mandatory for all members, were rare. She wondered if everyone was staying the night, or if members who hadn’t reserved play and sleeping rooms would be leaving.

Anna and the others went to the Subs’ Garden—a small courtyard circled by two large living rooms, three dressing rooms and two bathrooms. It was the submissives’ safe haven, acting as both a lounge and waiting room. Anna sank down onto a chair in the smaller living room and checked the knees of her stockings for rips.

“What do you think?” Sarah, a lean, athletic blonde wearing only a pair of high-waisted leather panties asked as she took the chair opposite Anna.

“I don’t know.” Anna wasn’t sure what to think—mostly because she was both aroused and terrified.

“Are you and Master Jensen bonded?”

Anna took a shaky breath. “No. Not yet.”

Sarah winced. “You think he’ll be okay with someone else playing with you?”

Anna let out a choked laugh. “No. Not in the least.”

“Then you better prepare to have your butt beat black and blue when he gets you back.”

Anna licked her lips at the thought. That would almost be worth it. She pictured Master Jensen’s face and her heart clenched.

“What do you think, should we have a girls’ night?” Mae slid onto the arm of Anna’s chair. She was in her early thirties, about five years older than Sarah and Anna, and had beautiful red, curly hair and full breasts. She wore a short zebra print robe belted loosely with a pink sash. One shoulder slid down her arm, revealing a breast and lots of creamy skin.

“Girls night?” Sarah raised one brow. “A bit risky.”

“Hardly. If they didn’t want me to have champagne they wouldn’t stock the good stuff.”

BOOK: A is for…
10.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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