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A Kiss for Cade

BOOK: A Kiss for Cade
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A Kiss for Cade
Western Sky [2]
Lori Copeland
Harvest House Publishers (1997)
Tags: General, Fiction, Romance, Love Stories, Christian Fiction, Christian, Foster Parents

Bestselling author Lori Copeland shares another marvelous romantic Western full of God’s grace, the beauty of redemption, and second chances.

Famous bounty hunter Cade Kolby is forced off the trail to decide the fate of his late sister’s orphaned children. He’s not just returning to his hometown and nieces and nephews, but also to the fiery redhead he loved and left 17 years ago.

person Zoe Bradshaw wants to see is Cade. She tries to be cool and polite, even as the attraction between them flares up again. Only this time, Zoe is determined to not let Cade get close to her heart.

But the townsfolk have other ideas. They want to see the little orphans with a mother and a father, and they form a plan that includes the possibility of a kiss...
Formerly titled
The Courtship of Cade Kolby
, rewritten for the inspirational market.

About the Author

Lori Copeland is the author of more than 90 titles, both historical and contemporary fiction. With more than 3 million copies of her books in print, she has developed a loyal following among her rapidly growing fans in the inspirational market. She has been honored with the Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award, The Holt Medallion, and

A Kiss for Cade







Scripture quotations are from the King James Version of the Bible.

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Published by Harvest House Publishers

Eugene, Oregon 97402

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Copeland, Lori.

[Courtship of Cade Kolby]

A kiss for Cade / Lori Copeland.

    p. cm.—(Western sky series)

Previous title: The courtship of Cade Kolby.

ISBN 978-0-7369-2763-5 (pbk.)

1. Foster parents—Fiction. I. Title.

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About the Author

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Winterborn, Kansas 1885


oe Bradshaw walked into the sweltering bedroom, dread filling her heart. Addy and her husband lay on the bed, their nightclothes soaked with sweat. “You rang the bell?”

Addy whispered, “John’s gone.”

Zoe’s hand flew to her throat. She stared at the middle-aged man, lying still as death. “I just checked him a few minutes ago. Why didn’t you call—”

“He took a long, deep breath and stepped over.”

Moving closer, Zoe gently closed the deceased’s eyelids, whispering, “Rest in peace, John.”

“He’s in God’s care now.”

Zoe still remembered that cold Kansas winter morning when John had accepted God’s gift of salvation. She and Addy had been young girls. Kneeling beside her best friend, Zoe held tightly to her hand. Addy was more sister than friend. They had walked to school every morning, carried each other’s books and lunch pails, shared their dreams. Addy knew everything about Zoe, and Zoe knew everything about her. The dam burst and tears rolled down Zoe’s cheeks. John and Addy only had the fever a few days. How could such a small sickness take John? Addy would be brokenhearted, and her four children devastated. Addy’s hand tightened in Zoe’s. “You have to do something for me.”

“I’ll take care of the services, the wake—”

“No. Send for Cade.”

The mention of Addy’s brother stopped Zoe’s tears. She lifted her head. “Don’t bring him back here, Addy. Please. I’ll take care of everything. I’ll look after the children and you.” Zoe had finally gotten Addy’s brother out of her heart. Six years ago she had married Jim Bradshaw, the mercantile owner. Jim hadn’t brought out the same giddy emotions that Cade could, but they had had a good life. A gratifying life. Together they had run the mercantile. When Jim was shot and killed a year ago in a senseless robbery, she had been able to go on. Addy had seen her through the first few months of grief. Zoe had begun to look forward to what each new day had in store, before Addy and John both took ill with the fever.

“I need my brother, Zoe. Cade was young and restless when he rode out of here fifteen years ago. He’s a different man now.”

Perhaps, but Zoe didn’t want him back in her life. Not ever. Stepping to the open window, she called Brody, Addy’s oldest son. The boy came running.

“I need you to go into town and get some help—”


She shook her head. “Just tell Gracie I need help right away. Ask Holly to keep Will and Missy outside until you get back.”

The boy left at a run.

Turning back to Addy, Zoe forced a normal tone. “What possible good would it serve to bring Cade back? I’m widowed. Together, you and I can raise the children. They’re already like my own.”

Addy’s feverish hand sought Zoe’s. “I want Cade to decide who’ll raise my children.”

“You’re talking nonsense. You’re not going to die—John was weaker. You’ll be fine soon.” Her gaze avoided John’s lifeless body lying next to Addy’s.

“Tell Cade…” Coughing, Addy sat up and Zoe spoon-fed her drops of cool water. When the spasm subsided, her friend dropped back to the pillow and closed her eyes. “You must do this for me, Zoe.”

“Of course.” When the crisis passed and Addy felt better, the promise would be moot. “If anything happens, which it won’t, I’ll send for him.” Curiosity made her wonder why Addy would even ask such a thing. Cade was a bounty hunter, a man with no roots and, if you asked Zoe, no heart. Addy’s children were like her flesh and blood, and Addy knew Zoe could never have children of her own. The fever must have addled her reasoning.

Zoe sat quietly beside the bed in the airless room. Outside, darkness closed in around the small log house. Gracie, the mayor’s wife, would feed the children supper. Winterborn took care of its own.
Please, Lord, don’t take Addy. I’ve made it without Jim, but if I lose Addy too…

BOOK: A Kiss for Cade
10.71Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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