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“I’ve called the ambulance, they’re on their way.” A PRIDELESS MAN

Amber Kell


“Don’t leave me,” he pleaded, ignoring his father to focus on his mate. He could almost feel his mate’s pain.

Lou gave him a shadow of his usual smile. “I won’t leave you, love. Don’t be dramatic.” James gave a relieved laugh. A pair of jeans dropped by his knees. Looking up, he saw his father standing over him.

“I thought you might want pants. I called the ambulance.”

“Oh, thanks.” He quickly dressed as the noise of sirens came closer.

He crouched back by his lover’s side. “They’re coming, love.”

“I know.”

The next few minutes rushed by in the confusion of the paramedics. James learned later they were hawk shifters. They ran to Lou’s side and pulled out a box that looked more like a tool chest than medical paraphernalia.

One of the medics pulled out a pair of tweezers and a scalpel.

“What are you doing?”

“We’ve got to get the bullets out before he heals over them.” The other paramedic nodded. “Sherriff’s a fast healer.” James didn’t want to know how the pair knew that.

He stepped back so they could do their job, wincing when they cut Lou again and again to pick out bullets. They removed five before stopping.

James let out the breath he hadn’t even realised he was holding.

They stepped back.

“Aren’t you going to take him to the hospital?”

“What for?” one of the paramedics asked. “He’d heal before we got him loaded.”

“Doesn’t he need blood?”

“Naw, I don’t think most of this is his. We’ll take the lady with us for the morgue but Lou will be fine. He’s a tough old bear.”

James growled, a low lion roar that had the medics stepping back.

“We promise, he’ll be fine.”

The pair grabbed the pieces of Melinda they could find and left.

James went back to Lou’s side.

“You didn’t have to scare them. They only meant the best,” Lou said with a smile that was already gaining his former glory.


Amber Kell


“They need to work on their bedside manner.”

“I’m sure you scared them into improving. Help me up.”

“Are you insane? You’re injured.”

“I’ll be fine.”

Despite his fine words, even with his father’s help, Lou gave a soft gasp as he got to his feet.

“Told you.”

“Hush now,” Lou said in a soft voice. “You’ll make me think it’s worse than it is.”

“You had five bullets taken out of you. It is bad.” Lou wrapped an arm around James, leaning into his body. He noticed the other man didn’t put much pressure on him despite limping as they walked.

“I can take more pressure.” As soon as he said the words he realised he could. His body felt fit and strong as if it belonged to someone else entirely. The pain in his hands and feet, the aches in his knees, were all gone.

He felt great.

A wide smile spread across his lips.

“You all right, James?” his father asked.

“Yeah, for the first time. I think I am.”

As he helped his mate back to his house he knew everything was going to be fine.


Amber Kell


Chapter Seven

“Are you sure you’re ready?” Lou asked his nervous-looking mate. Without his cane, James usually stood tall and proud but right now he looked more like a scared cat than a powerful lion.

“I want to be your mate. I’m not scared about that. I’m scared about the other thing.” Lou tried not to smile, he really did, but damn the man was adorable. “You mean penetration?”

“Yes, that.” James blushed so bright Lou was surprised he didn’t land planes from the glow on his face.

“Are you sure you’re ready for anal penetration?” Lou asked. He couldn’t help himself—his lover was too fucking adorable.

James scowled. “Don’t you want to have sex with me?” Lou jumped in to reassure. This definitely wasn’t the direction he wanted the conversation to go. “I definitely want to have sex with you.” He walked over to enfold James into his arms. They stood silently for a moment, absorbing each other’s touch. A soft sigh filled the air. He didn’t know if it came from him or his mate but it was a shared moment of delight.

“Come on, let’s get you prepared.” They were both already naked but he needed to do something to bring James’ erection back. He wanted his mate to be excited when he was claimed. Lou didn’t want it to be a duty. He wanted this to be something that stayed in James’ head as one of the top romantic moments in his life. Considering his mate’s background it shouldn’t be that hard to top. He helped James onto the bed, not because he needed to but because he knew his mate liked the attention. Now that he didn’t actually need help he didn’t mind the assistance. His lover was a contrary creature.

“Do you think father can help find Dennis’ sister?”

“I don’t think I care right now!” Lou growled. He was definitely doing something wrong if James could focus on other people.

James laughed. “Sorry.”


Amber Kell


“So you should be.” He crawled on the bed, pressing his body alongside his lover, making sure not to put his weight on top. James might be fit and healthy now but he was still about fifty pounds lighter than Lou.

He ran his hands up and down his mate’s body, pleased when James responded by sliding his hands through Lou’s hair and kissing him. James’ kisses were as strong as any drug. Lou’s body hardened tighter than ever before. The idea of being inside his lover made him ache with need. Wrapping his arms around James he rolled until he was resting on top.

He loved the feel of his mate on top of him.

James lifted his head, breaking their kiss.

Lou growled.

“I don’t think we can do it like this.”

A wide smile spread across Lou’s face. “This is the perfect way to do it. Come on, mate, grab the lube out of the drawer.”

Flashing him a dubious look, James pulled open the drawer and grabbed the tube. “I hope this works.”

Lou laughed. “It will work. Trust me. You do trust me?”

“Of course I trust you. Don’t be an idiot.”

Relief rushed through his body. They’d had enough of a rocky start to their relationship. Lou didn’t want trust to be one of their issues.

Lou took the lube from his lover and coated his cock thoroughly. James’ body took interest in his actions, rising to the occasion.

“Feed me your cock.”


“You heard me, come up here and feed me your cock.” There wasn’t a man alive who would refuse a blow job. James proved that axiom true by sliding up. Lou sucked on the tip, absorbing the flavour of his mate. Humming his enjoyment he slicked up his fingers and slipped one inside. Concentrating on what Lou was doing James barely reacted to the invasion, only moving deeper into Lou’s mouth.

Intent on sucking his mate, Lou slid in another finger, spreading them apart as he twisted and turned inside his lover.

James’ movements became frantic. Lou grabbed his hips so he couldn’t plunge too deeply.


Amber Kell


He pulled off James’ cock. “Easy, mate. I can’t get you ready if you choke me.”

“I’m ready. Enough.”

“Slide down slowly. Take your time. There’s no hurry.” James gave a choked laugh. “Maybe for you. I’m dying for you to get inside.” Lou smiled. These days he could barely contain his happiness inside. His mate was whole and healthy and his mate’s father accepted their relationship and had come to terms with James’ shifter half. If only they could find the missing shifters, life would be complete.

As it was, life was pretty damn good.

James was hot and amazing as his body slowly swallowed Lou’s cock. When he said for his lover to take his time he hadn’t counted on the insane urge he would feel to fuck his mate and claim him as his own.

He watched his lover for signs of discomfort but all he saw was bliss.

James’ head was thrown back, exposing the long line of his neck as he moved up and down on Lou’s cock. He’d never seen anything more beautiful in his life. In that moment of distraction his bear slipped the leash. He rose up, flipping James beneath him as his fangs slid out. Unable to stop his beast, he bit his mate on the throat, marking him by pumping his mating pheromones into the man beneath him.

James’ body convulsed and the smell of spunk filled the air. Urged on by his mate’s completion, Lou pumped his lover full of his fluid, binding them together forever.

After a moment his fangs retracted. He absently licked at the remaining fang holes.

“You are now mine forever.”

Sweat beaded his forehead as James gave him a loopy grin. “I was yours when you first smiled at me.”

Lou laughed, pulling his mate close until the other man rested his head against his heart. “And I will be yours until the last. Sleep. We’ll get cleaned up in a little bit.”

“Okay.” The rhythm of his lover’s breathing mirrored his own and for the first time in his life, Lou felt complete and utter contentment.

About the Author

Amber is one of those quiet people they always tell you to watch out for. She lives in Dallas with her husband, two sons, two cats and one extremely stupid dog.

[email protected]

Amber loves to hear from readers. You can find her contact information, website and author biography at

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BOOK: A Prideless Man
4.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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