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Authors: Caryn Moya Block

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A Siberian Werewolf Christmas (12 page)

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Maggie’s eyes widened. “Like in the
romance books I read? What do you become? Mist? Dragon? Not a

“I’m not sure what you’re reading,
although I can change into a wolf. I followed the sleigh in my wolf
form. When I needed to climb down to reach you, I changed back to
my human form. I want to change back into my wolf form to help keep
us warm while we wait for help.”

“Oh, a wolf? Like in the movies? Go
team Jacob. That must be why I saw the wolf in my vision. You were
the wolf. You seemed so sad.” She gripped his hand and his nerves
settled. She wasn’t going to reject him.

“I was afraid I would never get to
tell you how I felt. Right now I feel like parts are going to break
off. I don’t want you to be afraid.”

Slava called the change to him,
keeping his mind connected to Maggie’s. She looked on in wonder.
Lights coalesced around him and fur sprang from his skin and ran
over his body. In an instant, he was a large gray wolf. Maggie
gasped and moved back closer to the wall of stone at her

It’s me. There is nothing
to fear.
Slava quickly reassured her. He
wagged his tail and moved forward to lick her face.

Maggie grabbed the ruff around his
neck and stared into his eyes. “It is you. I’d recognize those eyes
anywhere.” She winced as she flexed her wrist.

Put some snow on it. It
will help with any swelling.

“Snow? I’m already freezing, and you
want me to put snow on my wrist?”

When help arrives, I’m
going to need you to hang onto me. I’ll carry you up on my

“Not naked I hope.”

Don’t you like me

“When I pictured us getting naked, it
wasn’t on a snow-covered ledge.”

I’m glad to hear you at
least thought of us getting naked. You could damage a man’s



Maggie blushed, remembering the times
she had scoped out Slava’s luscious behind. Then he lay down on top
of her and the blankets. His weight and warmth chased the cold
away. Maggie buried her hands in his thick coat. He was a beautiful

Maybe she should be afraid. But was
changing shape any more out of this world than having visions? She
knew the man inside the beast. She had been falling for him for
days now.

“Why didn’t you dance with me
tonight?” It still hurt, that he hadn’t wanted to hold her in his

The wolf licked her face
I tried to be fair to the other
single males. I didn’t realize the mating bond had already appeared
for us. If I had known, then no one would have been allowed to
touch you.

“Mating bond?”

Yes, the golden cord tying
our hearts together. Use your inner vision. You should be able to
see it.

Maggie squinted and looked carefully
at Slava’s chest. A yellow cord of light flowed from his heart to
hers. “I see it. What does it mean?”

It means you are my
destined mate. There is only one for a lycan. I take everything you
are into my keeping and give myself into yours.

“Wow, I’m not sure what to say.”
Destined mates? It was like a fairy tale, or in this case a wolf

Slava’s chuckle sounded in
her head.
Very funny—wolf tale. I like

“You can read my mind?”

Yes, and soon you will
read mine. It is normal for mates to do so. Did Violet never read
your mind? She is a natural telepath.

“If she did, she never told me. I’m
not sure I like the idea. Have you been reading my mind all this

No, lyubov moya. However,
mates need to touch each other’s minds. It is part of the mating
process. I have been having difficulties with my telepathic
ability, and I didn’t even realize it. It wasn’t until I needed to
touch your mind and make sure you were okay that a block seemed to
crumble away. I have to thank you.

“Well, thank me later, once we’re off
this ledge.”

Chapter Eleven


The sound of snowmobiles filled the
air as the rescue party arrived. Maggie jerked awake, still lying
in the sheltered area. Slava had already shifted back to his human
form, and a bag of clothes and supplies were being lowered down
with a rope. Maggie watched him in amazement as he dressed and then
helped her stand. He made a sling out of the blankets and the ropes
in the bag, and then gently tied her to his back. Her swollen wrist
rested on his shoulder while her other arm was wrapped around his

lyubov moya
, hang on,
and I will carry you up in no time.” Slava prepared to grab the
rope hanging down from above. Dmitry and Violet stood at the top of
the ledge to one side, while Kolya helped with the rope.

I know you find this
upsetting, malyshka. Let me care for you and manage
, Slava flooded into her thoughts,
along with warmth that pushed the cold back from unbearable to

He had been doing that for her every
time her teeth would start to chatter. Somehow he could send heat
with his telepathy.

At her nod, he slowly climbed up the
side of the mountain. His spirit brushed up against hers, sending
tenderness and compassion. She sighed and pressed her cheek to his




They reached the top, and Kolya helped
steady them while Dmitry and Violet rushed over. Dmitry started to
untie the ropes holding them together.

“Maggie, thank God you are all right,”
Violet exclaimed hugging her and getting in the way of Dmitry and

“I’m sorry, Vi. I didn’t mean to ruin
everyone’s evening.”

Slava sighed. He wanted to get Maggie
out of the cold.

Suddenly Maggie burst into

“I thought you were my best friend,
Violet. How could you not tell me your husband is a werewolf? I
thought you trusted me,” Maggie said between sobs. “I even told you
that I was falling for Slava. Didn’t you think that might have been
a good time to tell me?”

“Get these ropes off of me now!” Slava
growled, struggling to turn and comfort her.

“Easy, Slava. Sometimes a woman just
needs to cry,” Kolya interjected as he untied the final

Slava turned and scooped Maggie into
his arms.

Violet followed Slava as he moved to
one of the snowmobiles. “Mags, please don’t be mad. Of course I
trust you. But it wasn’t my secret to share. You’ve got to believe

Slava got on, holding Maggie on his
lap. He started the engine.

Maggie will be at my
house. You can visit her tomorrow after she has had a chance to

Slava, you know why I
couldn’t tell her. She’s my best friend

Tomorrow please,
. Slava gunned the machine and took
off with his mate in his arms. Maggie soon quieted and leaned
against him. Luckily his house was close. Would Maggie be happy he
spirited her away or angry?




She was such a mess. Maggie rested in
Slava’s arms. He must think of her as a damsel in distress. Of
course, she had been distressed. In fact, she was still distressed
and now she had yelled at her best friend. Violet should have told
her the truth.

There might be a little part of her
that liked being saved by a big strong man—not that she would admit
it. It helped that Slava made her feel so cherished. Like she was
the only woman in the world.

Lyubov moya, I can hear
your thoughts, and even though I appreciate them, we are here.
Welcome to my home

Maggie sat up straight and looked at
the structure in front of her. The stone and wooden building looked
like it was from another time. Light from the windows spilled out
on the snow.

Slava gathered her close and lifted
her off the snowmobile.

“I can walk, you know. I hurt my
wrist, not my ankle.”

“You are not wearing boots, and the
snow would get into your shoes. Besides, I like having you in my

Maggie’s face flushed. This man
affected her on so many levels. Too bad she didn’t feel well enough
to do anything about it.

Soon, lyubov moya, first
let me get you inside where it’s warm

Damn. She needed to build a shield or

Slava trudged through the snow to the
front door. He pushed on the lever handle, and the door swung open
to reveal a comfortable sitting room. A roaring fire danced in the
fireplace, and warmth surrounded her as Slava carried her to a
chair sitting next to the fire.

“Sit here a moment while I get a bath
going for you. After your soak, I’ll wrap your wrist.” Slava
hurried from the room.

A bath? “Slava, I don’t think…” Maggie
looked down at her legs. Dirt spattered the ripped and ruined
stockings. Maybe she should wash up.

She slipped off her down jacket. At
least her velvet dress was still in one piece. She held her hands
out to the fire. Finally she began to feel warm again.

A twinge of pain made her put her
right hand back on her lap. She sighed and bit her lower lip. How
long would she need to baby her wrist?

“A sprain normally takes a few weeks
to heal,” Slava said walking into the room.

“Dammit, are you always reading my
mind?” Maggie glared.

, your face is very
expressive. You were looking very pensive and staring at your
wrist. It was an easy assumption.”

“Oh, sorry.” Maggie lowered her

Slava reached out and
caressed her cheek. “Come,
. Let’s get you in the bath.
You need to warm your core.”

Maggie stood and wavered. Her muscles
screamed in protest. Slava slipped an arm around her waist to
support her. She nodded her thanks.

“This way.”

Slava escorted her past a kitchen to a
bathroom that was surprisingly sumptuous.

“My father remodeled the room for my
mother as a gift for their last anniversary.”

“It’s beautiful, Slava.” Maggie gazed
in awe at the marble floor and countertops.

“The Putyatinov men like to spoil
their women. Do you need help undressing?”

“I think I can do it.” Maggie’s cheeks
flushed. Why did this man make her so nervous?

“The towels are here, and a robe is
waiting here.” Slava pointed out the different

“I won’t take very long.”

“Nonsense. Take as long as you wish.
I’m going to make some tea for when you are finished.” Slava
started out of the room.


lyubov moya

“Thank you for coming after me

He stepped forward, his eyes staring
intently into hers. Her heart started to pound

“Nothing could have kept me away. You
are my mate, Maggie. I take care of what is mine.”

As he spoke, the air whispered over
her lips. A shiver ran through her. He looked at her as if judging
her reaction. Then his lips touched hers. The touch was so gentle,
soft as butterfly wings. An electric charge rushed up her spine.
She gasped, and Slava slipped his tongue inside. He licked her
mouth, and Maggie couldn’t resist covering his tongue with

Someone moaned as a fire of desire
swept over them. The kiss deepened as they each tried to taste the
other. Maggie buried her hands in his hair to hold him to her. A
sharp jagged burning ran through her wrist. She cried out in
surprise and dropped her arm back to her side.

“Forgive me,
. I got carried
away,” Slava apologized and stepped back from her.

Maggie was both glad and sorry for the
distance. “We both did. I forgot my wrist was injured for a
moment.” She couldn’t let him take the blame. If her wrist hadn’t
stopped her, right now their tongues would be dueling.

Slava smiled, and his face lit up. She
couldn’t breathe for a moment. All she could do was

“Into the tub, and then we will wrap
your wrist.” Slava winked at her before turning and walking out of
the room.

Maggie closed the door. “I have it
bad.” She shook her head and then started to undress.




Slava shook his head and walked into
the kitchen to put the tea kettle on. His hands worked at the task
as his mind kept playing the kiss over and over in his mind. The
touch of her soft lips, the way her pupils dilated and she looked
at him with such longing. The rush of desire. His body reacted
immediately. If not for her wrist, he would have taken her right
there in the bathroom. Not the most romantic spot for their first

BOOK: A Siberian Werewolf Christmas
6.26Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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