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Authors: Fiona Zedde

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A Taste of Sin (23 page)

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The fingers caught her unaware. They slipped between her thighs to stroke her thick and yearning clit. Her breath hitched. Victoria laughed against her skin. She didn’t have to ask for anything. The long fingers glided over her wet pussy, gathering juice to lave her clit. Each stroke brought Dez higher until she was gasping for breath, her attentions fully claimed by the mouth pulling at her breasts and the fingers strumming a wild flamenco between her legs. She gripped the back of Victoria’s head as her legs fanned wide and flexed against the bed. The syllables of her lover’s name tumbled from her mouth in harsh, separate pieces as she lost every single one of her senses to Victoria. Orgasm tumbled over her like a merciless wave and left her shuddering, gasping, and weak.
When she floated back to earth, Victoria was there, kneeling beside her on the bed. Smiling. She was still dressed.
“You look sleepy.”
“No,” Dez murmured. “I’m ready for round two.” But her eyelids felt so heavy and the sheets were divine under her skin.
Victoria tucked the covers up and around Dez’s shoulders. “Maybe
not ready for round two.” Dez kissed her fingers before they floated away and felt herself begin to slip gently into sleep.
“Thank you,” she mumbled, already gone.
“Claudia is the strongest woman that I know. When my father left her she didn’t lose her shit. I did.” Dez’s voice was a ragged whisper in the warm bedroom. “She made sure that most of our routine stayed the same after Warrick left. We still went on vacations, we went to the markets, we had family time. Not once did I see her break down after the man who promised to spend forever with her decided that forever was too long and he had better things to do with the rest of his life. Well, the other day she finally broke down in front of me. After thirteen years, she cried over this man on my shoulder. And while I was hoping that I would never be hit with a love like that, I was happy that she finally showed me how his leaving had hurt.” Dez turned from her unblinking stare at the ceiling. “Isn’t that fucked up?”
Victoria shook her head. “Not every love ends up like that, you know?”
“Yeah. Some end up worse.” An image of Ruben walking away came unbidden to her mind.
“I didn’t realize that you were such a cynic.”
“I’m not.”
Victoria made a noise of skepticism and settled more comfortably against the pillows. The scent of her was close and warm, sun-blushed sex that came from her hands and between her legs. Dez suddenly remembered that Victoria hadn’t been satisfied. She kissed the other woman’s hands and invited her without words to come closer and straddle her relaxed body. Victoria came, smiling. “You don’t have to do this, you know.”
“I know.” She pressed Victoria’s palm to her lips, smelling herself on those soft fingers, watching as above her she unwrapped a slow, teasing smile while the sun shone through her hair, haloing her in gold. Her breasts, framed in the neckline of her dress, trembled and came lower.
Dez released her hand. “Take off your clothes.” Victoria’s coy smile hinted at a refusal, but she sat back on her heels, unzipped, and pulled the sundress over her head, revealing a utilitarian black bra and the flesh of her belly, the subtle rise of her ribs under butterscotch smooth skin. An elegant movement of her back against her bed released her from her white half-slip.
“The bra and panties, too.” Dez’s voice was thick with want.
“Those you have to come get yourself.”
Dez smiled and reached for her. The vision came, pulled in by the tether of her fingers, soft in the dark underwear and smelling of the afternoon sun and tangerines and Dez’s pussy. With the ease of long practice, Dez unsnapped her bra and tossed it aside. Now, Victoria hovered over her, waving her thick, tempting nipples above Dez’s mouth, just out of reach. Her thigh slid over and between Dez’s, her arms made indentations on the bed near the taller woman’s ears.
“I’m here. Now what?”
The tease. But Dez knew how to get what she wanted eventually, even when she was flat on her back and feeling lazy and horny at the same time. Her hands traveled the length of Victoria’s back, cupped the ass in their panties and pulled her up and closer. Perfect. The breasts came, all her warm skin came, snuggling against her face and she licked the brown sugar swells of flesh. She took the nipple between her teeth, heard Victoria moan above her, softly, reluctantly even. Dez loved breasts. It was her shame and her delight. Everywhere she went she stared like a schoolboy at half-mast at all the breasts that bounced, jiggled, swayed, and sailed by. After all these years of looking, she just might have found the perfect pair. Her mouth made hungry suckling noises as it explored its newly found treasure.
Victoria tossed her head back and hummed in pleasure as her entire body vibrated above Dez. Her smile was pure temptation. Dez maneuvered off the black panties, then sighed, riding happily through the feeling that all the rewards of heaven were heaped on her. Victoria made herself more comfortable, kneeling over her, offering her breasts to Dez’s mouth and her wide open pussy, wet and succulent, to her hands. But she didn’t touch it, she was having too much fun watching Victoria’s arousal and the groans she made from just having her breasts played with.
So damn beautiful.
It didn’t take long for her to realize what Dez was doing and take matters in her own hands, straddling her lover’s belly. She sat down and started rubbing her wetness on Dez’s hard belly. Her pussy was both soft and rough on Dez’s skin. She groaned from the distraction of wanting it on her mouth, to feel those bristly hairs under her nose, the slippery cuntflesh around her tongue. Victoria laughed and arched her back, pushing her breasts more into Dez’s face and sliding her pussy in long strokes on her belly.
“Do you know how badly I want to eat you right now?”
“Apparently not badly enough. Your mouth is in the wrong place.” She wiggled and slid up Dez’s body again. Her mouth went slack with sensation. Dez grabbed her ass cheeks, held them wide, and slid her fingers between her flesh and Victoria’s body. Victoria hissed as the fingers moved inside her.
“Yeah, it is.” But she liked to delay her own pleasures.
Instead she fucked Victoria slowly with her fingers, watching her move above her, hands anchored on Dez’s shoulders as she massaged her clit on Dez’s belly.
Her mouth went dry staring at this woman. At the deep inhalations that lifted her breasts to heaven, her face beatific in its concentration on pleasure, the black hair between the legs, the fat clit peeking out, intent on its mission of bliss. She could watch her all day and not get tired of the sight. Well, maybe not all day. She abruptly took her fingers away and, with a hand firmly on Victoria’s ass, flipped them over on the bed.
“I’m suddenly not so lazy anymore.”
She hitched Victoria’s knee high on her hip bone. Victoria chuckled, then arched her neck as Dez’s fingers slid inside her again, deeper. “Hm, I’m very happy to hear that.”
Then she couldn’t talk, she couldn’t seem to catch her breath, couldn’t stop coming with Dez fucking her, legs spread wide on the bed, Dez’s fingers in her mouth, sucking on them as her pussy sucked on the fingers of Dez’s other hand, pulling them deeper with each spasm. She floated down the peak of her come. Dez pulled her fingers from Victoria’s mouth now, dragged them down her chin, to her throat. Sweating and limp with hair clinging to her face and mouth, Victoria rolled over and stared at the ceiling. Dez’s heart beat deep and loud in her chest, keeping time with the throb between her legs. She wanted to touch again. She wanted to come again. But she loosened her thighs and leaned back in the bed to watch her lover instead. Her mouth was slack and full, beautiful in the aftermath of her orgasm. Dez had never seen a more desirable or delectable woman. Victoria stirred, then turned to look at her.
“Is it true what Derrick says about you?”
Dez watched her with lazy eyes. “It depends. What does my handsome and talented brother say about me?”
“That you . . .” she smiled, pressing the backs of her fingers to her mouth, and turned again in the sun. “That you’ve had many women, many ways. That there’s nothing you don’t know about sex.”
“Damn. I didn’t know I had it like that.” Dez had to laugh at her brother’s exaggeration. What was he doing speculating about her sex life anyway?
“I think he’s a little jealous of you sometimes. Even when you were away he couldn’t stop talking about you.”
“And my sex life, too, apparently.”
Victoria looked delicate and young, barely like the thirty-six-year-old that she claimed to be as she stared at Dez from behind the curtain of her hair. “I’ve never been very adventurous. The women I’ve been with have been a lot like Derrick, I’m a little ashamed to say.”
Not unexpected, though,
Dez thought, tracing the fine skin over Victoria’s ribs with her thumb.
“They’ve been very reliable. Very sweet. Good in bed, but nothing—” she blushed. “—nothing to scream about.”
“And you think I’ll be any different?”
“So far, you have been.” She rolled over on her stomach and looked beyond Dez to the window. “You make me want to try things.
Dez chuckled and ran her hands over her lover’s ass. “I can’t promise you anything new, baby. I can only be me.”
“That’s all I want. I just wanted you to know that you don’t have to hold back with me. I can take it, whatever you want.”
“Really? That’s not what you said to me the other night at the bookstore.”
“That was for our first time. It’s different now.”
Dez breathed in the knowledge of her surrender. It left a pleasant feeling in her, something tingling and warm that she didn’t want to look at too closely.
“All right. I don’t think that I’ll invite you into anything you can’t handle. But if I do, I want you to tell me to stop.”
“Of course I will.” Her tone was playful as she rubbed herself against Dez.
“I’m serious. Take a safe word. Please.” Dez tried to think of the least sexual thing to Victoria, something that even in the midst of pain, she would remember. “Veronique. That’s what I want you to say, if.” She gathered a handful of Victoria’s hair and gently forced her to meet her eyes. “Understand?”
Victoria quieted. “I understand. And what about you? What word will you use?”
Dez laughed. “I won’t need one. Anything you can dish out I can take.”
“Sure of yourself, aren’t you?”
“No. Not really.” The truth surprised Dez into a moment of quiet. “Especially not where you’re concerned.”
“Good.” Victoria brushed her fingers along her sides, prompting another burst of laughter. She drew back, surprised. “You’re ticklish?”
She tickled her again. Dez’s laughter erupted, uncontrollable and deep. She knew that at any moment she could stop Victoria, could clasp her wandering hands together and imprison them against her chest. But she enjoyed the feel of the full naked breasts against her own, the slide of her skin and effervescent laughter. Victoria proved herself to be merciful and ceased her tender torture. They lay close, each breathing heavily, legs tangled together. Dez kissed her slightly parted lips. “Cancer,” she breathed against her mouth. “My safe word is cancer.”
Chapter 19

age isn’t half-bad,” Dez said, sizing up her friend as the smaller woman sauntered across Gillespie’s main stage, her Jamaican accent lost in the bluesy strains of “Me and Mrs. Jones.”
The lights sought out the tattoos curling up the side of Sage’s neck each time she turned her head. Like most things she wore, the black Armani suit and silk shirt fit her well, flowing over her muscles and taut skin.
“Shit. She’s fucking amazing.” Phil lounged back in her chair, arm spread out behind Dez as she watched her lover with a cat’s-creamed smile.
“I just can’t believe that you two are together.”
“Sometimes I can’t believe it either. She was right under my nose all these years and I had no idea,” Phil said.
The woman at a corner table in the club, the one who was the “Mrs. Jones” of the moment, flashed her gaze over Sage like the Jamaican woman was something forbidden, thus completely irresistible. Her man was oblivious.
“And this open relationship thing actually works for you?”
“Yeah, why wouldn’t it?” Her friend looked at her in surprise. “I can have any woman I want, anytime. But I also have this gorgeous, sexy beast of a woman at home waiting for me every night. We only have one rule: If I call, she drops whatever sex thing going on and comes home. I do the same thing for her.”
“I think I’d be too jealous in something like that. I like to have exclusive rights to the pussy.”
“Which is why you and I aren’t fucking.”
Dez laughed. “Too right.”
Onstage, Sage slowly dropped to her knees, spreading her thighs wide and showing off the subtle bulge of her dick.
“She is
wicked.” Phil giggled and leaned closer to the stage. Her lover winked at her.

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